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Sunday, November 9, 2008

Disinformation for All and Sundry: Larry Lawson, COINTELPRO Provocateur

"Larry Lawson: a fool with a microphone...."

--Ex FBI agent Geral Sosbee, 2002

Larry Lawson first came to my attention in 2002, when I was informed by an e-mail from an acquaintance that my name was being libeled in his "newsletter", Larry Lawson News. Lawson's libel campaign against Barbara Hartwell quickly escalated and within a period of months I was reading increasingly sensational and outrageous lies about myself and just about anyone else with whom I was associated.

Lawson has been at it ever since. Just the sheer volume of his ever-proliferating disinformation is stunning. His "reports" run for many pages, complete with numerous links to other "reports" which he usually claims "prove" that Barbara Hartwell and certain others are "LYING GOVERNMENT AGENTS!!!"; "Fed Spooks"; "CIA disinfo agents".....and so on and so forth.

Who are Lawson's known associates? Just a partial list: Tim White; Brenda Negri; Pamela Schuffert; Charles Bruce Stewart; Ken Adachi; Sherry Shriner; Rosalee Grable aka "Webfairy".

Who does Lawson promote? Again, a partial list: along with the names above, Ted Gunderson; John DeCamp; Fritz Springmeier; Todd Fahey.

As to who is chosen as a target of Lawson's loony rantings (that's why we call him Looney Larry) they are too numerous to mention. A few are named in the article (below) from the Revolutionary Coalition Forum.

About five years ago, I got so tired of Loony Larry's outrageous lies about Barbara Hartwell, that I challenged him to a public debate --on radio. I said he could even choose the network and the host. The only terms I set were these: No name-calling, no animosity. Let the host moderate. Stick to a set of issues, agreed upon beforehand and argue those issues in a civilized and reasonable manner.

This idea of a debate was out of character for me, as I usually just write reports exposing those of Lawson's ilk. But I had had enough of Lawson's sensationalist lies and false accusations, and so I thought this might settle the matter once and for all.

Lawson's response was interesting: He declined my offer (with curses and blasphemes) stating as his reason that he, Larry Lawson, could not in good conscience, "stand before God in the Judgment", knowing that he had given me, Barbara Hartwell, any "publicity" for my "CIA lies".

No, he wouldn't agree to the public debate...but nonetheless, he continued to libel and slander me in print and on radio, giving me more "publicity" than almost any of his accomplices in the smear campaign -- perhaps with the exception of his lying cohort, Ken Adachi, stooge and PR shill for Ted Gunderson et al.

Then, in January of 2008, I was on the air with Michael Herzog (RBN). Michael had scheduled Andrew Napolitano as his guest, for the first half hour of the program, The American Awakening. Near the end of the segment, former IRS agent Sherry Jackson called in with some questions for Napolitano.

In my opinion (Sherry and Michael concurred) Napolitano revealed himself to be less than trustworthy when he dodged Sherry's pointed questions about the IRS and her own situation, having been set up and falsely convicted, as a result of her activism.

Michael asked Sherry to stay on the line, as a discussion had ensued about Sherry's court case. I then called in and Michael also invited me to stay on the line, and the discussion turned to government tactics to neutralize whistleblowers like Sherry and myself.

I outlined some COINTELPRO tactics, for which both Sherry and I had been targeted. Such as spreading disinformation about the target, "Sherry Jackson is still IRS" or "Barbara Hartwell is still CIA"...etc.

Not surprisingly, Sherry's experiences with government liars and evildoers showed a close parallel to my own. It was a really interesting program and we had lots of callers asking questions and making comments --all in agreement about the government's tyranny and corruption, and in support of Sherry and myself....that is, until we got a phone call from (you guessed it) Larry Lee Lawson.

As soon as he came on the line, Lawson started a loud, aggressive harangue about Barbara Hartwell. He did not even greet the host, Michael Herzog, or address him, but attempted to start a hostile interrogation about the much-touted "bogus court case against Bush in 2003", for which you [Barbara Hartwell] solicited donations......

Michael let him rant for a couple minutes, all of which was directed at me. I declined to comment and told Michael that I had already challenged Lawson to a debate; that he had refused. Lawson then became more aggressive, shouting, "Let's have the debate right now!"

Michael cut him off, explaining that this was not Lawson's show, nor had he been invited as a guest. He also suggested that Lawson could air his dirty laundry elsewhere, as it was inappropriate for him to try to take over the show for his own purposes.

After Lawson was cut from the line, I was asked by Sherry and Michael (who were incensed by Lawson's behavior), Who is this guy?!

I briefly explained that he was a provocateur and "disruptor" who had been on my case for years, but that I did not want to waste any more air time discussing the likes of Larry Lawson. Michael and Sherry agreed, and we got back to the discussion about defending Liberty, issues regarding Constitutional law and so on.

But Lawson called in again, this time using a fake name so he could get back on the air. He called himself "Gerry", but as soon as his voice boomed out over the airwaves, we all knew it was Lawson, attempting further disruption of the show. He started in again about Barbara Hartwell, but Michael was past the point of tolerance and just cut him off the line before he could disrupt the show further. As for Sherry, she made it clear that she was appalled.

The whole incident was ludicrous, but then, that is what these provocateurs intend to do: Make serious issues into a circus, to derail anyone who is exposing the truth about government corruption and tyranny.

And tragically, both Sherry Jackson and Rick Stanley are now both wrongfully and unlawfully imprisoned. Why? Because they stood up for Liberty and spoke out against tyranny.

I certainly hope that Mr. Lawson will be able to "get his house in order", and prepare himself to "stand before God", as his harassment of --and false witness against-- messengers of Truth seems to me to be working against him....

By their fruits shall you know them.

Barbara Hartwell Percival
November 9, 2008

From The Revolutionary Coalition Forum, July, 2005

Commentary by Barbara Hartwell

Here is a little "test" regarding the designated "targets" of Larry Lawson. Some commonalities among us. Just something to think about...

Let's start with some of the targets here, listed by Rick Stanley: Stew Webb; Barbara Hartwell; John Perna; Carl Worden; Rick Stanley.

1) A "high profile" individual, having a name that is usually recognizable.

2) Uses his/her real name on Internet posts, not attempting to hide behind a screen name or "anonymous".

3) Has a "track record" of exposing government corruption, crimes, political chicanery and skullduggery.

4) Bases his/her reports on facts; names the names of criminals/perps/provocateurs, etc. Demands evidence from others for corroboration of facts as well as furnishing it.

5) Is consistent in sticking to solid principles, year in, year out. Believes in moral absolutes. Defends the God-given, unalienable rights of the individual.

6) Is a defender of the Constitution of the United States of America, against all enemies, foreign and domestic.

7) Has a "no-nonsense" attitude in standing up against police state tactics, from law enforcement officers right up to the crooks in the White House, and everyone in-between.

8) Demands accountability from public servants/government officials.

9) Has bona fides (of one type or another) which establish legitimacy.

10) Has a previous (often long-standing) record of harassment/persecution by criminals in government and their hirelings and minions. May have been falsely deemed "enemy of the state"; "terrorist"; "enemy combatant"; "high-profile subversive" and so on....

What type of person are we looking at here? Seems to me we're looking at a person who may be considered a serious "threat" to the status quo of corrupt government, the New World Order, Communism, Socialism, Fascism, global tyranny and totalitarianism.

It also seems to me that anyone who would target such an individual for harassment, stalking, slander, libel, bashing and attempts to demonize and DISCREDIT that individual, has an awful lot in common with the corrupt government officials who also are desperate to DISCREDIT silence, neutralize that individual.

So, you decide. Analyze the facts and draw your own conclusion. Is Loony Larry just a "lone loon"...or is it possible he is part of a larger "network"?

If so, what kind of network could this be?

Think about it.

Thank you for your consideration.

Barbara Hartwell

STANLEY NOTE: Thought you might enjoy Barbara Hartwell's response: Loony Larry has his lies, and the rest of us that he attacks, just have the truth. Not even fair is it? He doesn't measure up. When is the government going to pull the plug on the ineffective attacks against patriots? Time will tell.

Have you considered the Revolutionary Coalition yet Carl? Every person counts.We are 535 activists now across America, "Defending our God given (natural), unalienable, Constitutionally protected and guaranteed rights". Uniting Americans. That's about all we have left now...

Response from Carl Worden

Barbara makes an excellent point here. It is a fact that Lyin' Larry has attacked those who demand the truth and verification before launching a story or article to their readers. Those stories always tend to make the current federal government look bad, and only because the facts can be independently verified! I every case, Lyin' Larry Lawson emerges to discredit those careful writers.

I've been fooled a couple of times by hoaxes that I passed on, and in every case, I notified my readers that I screwed up. But here's an interesting point: In those cases, I was never challenged by Lyin' Larry Lawson! The only times Lyin' Larry has attacked my information is when it was verifiable and true.

Now what does that tell you?

Carl F. Worden
Liaison Officer
Southern Oregon Militia

STANLEY NOTE: I can't speak for Perna, Webb, Hartwell or even Carl Worden. I must say that I don't have any problems with any of them. I have never had Perna on my show. I have had Stew Webb on my show before. Barbara Hartwell was scheduled to be on my show and the last two shows were canceled including her hour and Larken Rose. Both high profile shows were canceled and my show is without a network now. I have been negotiating with several networks and plan on making a decision on the radio show by the end of the month.

The Revolutionary Coalition is a fast growing Coalition. We network among like minded patriots. Once in a while a snake like Loony Larry signs up to disrupt the forum. We took care of that. He doesn't disrupt anything anymore. I have been banned by him though, at a group that he moderates .. I did not ban Loony Larry. I have handled other group moderators the same way, who are heavy handed banners from forums. I have not banned them as they have done to me, but I have moderated them heavily.

God bless.

LIVE FREE or Die! Liberty in our Lifetime!
Rick Stanley