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Friday, November 21, 2008

Hellish Criminal Harassment by Timothy Patrick White & Accomplices

Criminals in the United States government wish for my death. Failing (so far) to kill me, they do all in their power (and their resources are considerable) to make my life a living hell, and their assaults are relentless.

They have driven me into financial destitution; they have ruined my health; they have destroyed my personal/professional reputation through libel and slander campaigns. They have, using lies and insidious tactics, sabotaged my professional associations and personal relationships with family and friends, causing most of the few people from whom I might have had a reasonable expectation of receiving any support or material assistance, to either abandon or betray me.

These criminals have many hirelings (themselves criminals) whom they send out to do their dirty work of harassing, threatening, stalking, libeling/slandering any target (including Barbara Hartwell) they wish to neutralize.

One of the most aggressive of these criminals, a minion of corrupt government officials and their cronies, is Timothy Patrick White. Tim White has threatened my life, repeatedly, over a period of the past seven years. He has also publicly expressed his wishes for a "suicide."

(And for the record, I am NOT suicidal.)

This criminal psychopath, Tim White, has harassed, stalked, libeled and slandered Barbara Hartwell, and is in collusion with numerous others for the purpose of destroying my life. The damages are cumulative and extensive.

With the exception of the police in Maine, who took my statement for the record about the criminal harassment of Tim White, but told me it was a matter for the FBI, no law enforcement (including the FBI) to whom I (and others) have reported these crimes, to date, has been willing to even investigate this predicate felon, much less pursue justice for the victims of his criminal harassment and death threats.

In fact, the evidence developed by myself and others shows that some of the cops (and FBI) are actually protecting this criminal, as he has never been prosecuted for his many crimes against persons; and was allowed to flee the country, and continues his criminal harassment/stalking/threats to this day, from across the border in Canada.

This report provides only a small fraction of the documentation of the criminal harassment/threats by Tim White. I have also included documentation which shows the similar intent of some of White's accomplices, who are in collusion to persecute Barbara Hartwell and others.

Ex-FBI agent Geral Sosbee is another target of government-sponsored criminals. They seek to persecute him to the death as well. Directed-energy weapons have been deployed against him for many years, and the assaults are escalating in severity; from what he has told me of the extensive damages, his life too is being destroyed, piece by piece.

I can't begin to express the horror of all this. The irony (and tragedy) is that all Geral or I have ever done is to expose massive human rights violations by the U.S. government; defend the Constitution; and defend Liberty.

For this, we are targeted for brutal persecution and outrageous calumnies.

And there is something else I must add. As I was working on this report, I got a telephone call from a friend, Michael Herzog. Yesterday, I had posted a notice about Michael's new radio program on my website. Then, last night, Michael received an e-mail, written and distributed to many people on a list for "Liberty Tree Radio".

The author and sender of this message is none other than Tim White, hiding behind the alias "Patrick Alexander". Note that the message was also sent to Barbara Hartwell. I never received it, as I terminated my yahoo account yesterday. Why? To stop relentless e-mail harassment and cyber-stalking by Tim White and his criminal accomplices, including criminal stalker Todd Fahey, also one of the most aggressive liars perpetrating horrendous invasions of privacy and disseminating libelous falsehoods about Barbara Hartwell.

Michael Herzog has now been targeted by Tim White and the criminal cabal who direct his activities, to harass, stalk, libel and slander anyone who would stand up for Truth, expose government corruption, and defend Liberty.

Michael had already been targeted by criminals in government because of his talk shows which exposed all kinds of corruption and human rights abuses by government. They had even had his wife deported and put his daughter in jail! All this was made public by Michael, as he stood up against these outrageous violations against his family.

And Michael had the decency and integrity to stand up for me when I was falsely accused by a man by the name of Aaron James (to whom he had given much air time on his radio shows) of being a "CIA agent"; and I was also accused of being responsible for having Aaron's website taken offline.

I know where these falsehoods originated: the source was Tim White, who had gotten involved in Aaron James' case, claiming to be a "YEOMAN" who was "helping" Aaron.

Michael also stood up for me (and for Truth) when I was subsequently attacked by Tim White, who has always accused me of being CIA, and also a "CIA LIAR."

Michael is outraged (and that is putting it mildly) at the injustices of invasions of privacy and libelous falsehoods for which he has now been targeted by these criminals, including Tim White.

I won't presume to say any more, nor to speak for Michael. But when I told him I was working on this report, he gave me permission to include the fact that he has now become a target of this criminal psychopath, Tim White.

Michael forwarded me the e-mail message sent by Tim White aka "Patrick Alexander".

I will include only the header and the opening paragraph of Tim White's libelous message, just to make it clear that White's intent is to malign and discredit Michael Herzog. But I refuse, on principle, to have any part in disseminating the outrageous lies promoted by Tim White.

And his invasion of Michael's privacy (same as White and his accomplices have done to me) by trying to twist information about Michael's personal/private business is utterly despicable and detestable.

Tim White's Libelous Attack on Michael Herzog

From: Patrick Alexander
Date: Thu, Nov 20, 2008 at 8:06 PM
Cc: Barbara Hartwell

"This is a public warning for anyone who deals with "Michael Herzog".His full name is Michael Thomas Herzog and he is a DESPICABLE CHARLATAN, FRAUD, LIAR, CON-ARTIST, who abuses the law to his advantage. He uses a UPS/MAIL BOXES Etc drop box with the address of...  [DELETED] End of excerpt.

This is very typical of one of Tim White's attacks: Completely false accusations, throwing derogatory epithets at the target which have no basis in fact.

I know Michael Herzog to be an honest person; someone with the courage to seek Truth, and to stand up for what is right. This criminal, Tim White, is as always, way out of line, and coming out of left field in launching his attack.

Michael Herzog, like Geral Sosbee, is a Knight in Shining Armor. Which is precisely why he is being attacked.

Enough said. Now let's take a look at some of Tim White's previous attacks and the libelous falsehoods he promotes about Barbara Hartwell.

As for the rest of the documentation given here, the writings of the criminals speak for themselves. Please forgive the obscene language used by Tim White; but it is my policy to copy his harassing messages in their original form, no editing, as evidence.

Barbara Hartwell Percival
November 21, 2008

Ken Adachi Attacks Barbara Hartwell & Defends Tim White

From Educate-Yourself website, 2004

More "facts" About Ted Gunderson from Barbara Hartwell:CIA Victim, CIA Asset

"Editor's Note: This information [A report by Barbara Hartwell, 2004] was forwarded to me by Tim White, one of Barbara Hartwell's many editorial victims who has been pilloried and savaged by her in past 'Hartwell Reports' over the internet for the grave sin of offering assistance and support to retired FBI Special Agent in Charge, Ted L. Gunderson. In fact, anyone who associates with or helps Ted Gunderson on any level, is automatically branded by the venomous Ms Hartwell as a stooge, flunky, roady, toady, spook, co-spook, etc., (take your pick, her list is practically endless) of the dark Double Agent Gunderson." [End excerpt.]

Harassing Message from Tim White to Barbara Hartwell

Date: Wed, 23 Nov 2005 01:04:26 -0000
From: "phantom469366"



Geral Sosbee's Message to Tim White re Harassment of Barbara Hartwell

"To Tim White: You have a filthy mind & corrupt heart. To vent your venomous fumes call me."

Posted on Vietnam Veterans on the Net Yahoo Group (defunct)

Predicate Felon/Criminal Stalker Tim White's Preface to Open Letter from Ted Gunderson to Barbara Hartwell


[link to letter on Educate-Yourself, website of Ken Adachi]


Tim White,Viet Nam Vet(Air Force)Concerned Citizen"

Comments from Ex-FBI Agent Geral Sosbee
"Barbara- gunderson is like a fire ant- he stings good but then he has nothing left to support his tiny vision.

His statement [Gunderson's accusation re Barbara Hartwell, in his open letter, 2005]: "There are no alumni in the CIA. Once a CIA agent, always a CIA agent. If you attempt to get out or expose them, you either go to jail or you die"... the rule, but you are proof that he is wrong; the same applies to me and the assassins of the fbi who are trying to kill me in the only cowardly manner they know. My question for gun is why he does nothing to expose the crimes against Humanity that are currently on going; and further, with his vast experience as a fbi chief, why he has not confessed to the world of his many crimes against the American people.

Anyway, the battle goes on. I am hit nightly with directed energy and the punks continue..."

Excerpt from Open Letter to Ted Gunderson from Barbara Hartwell

Two of the persons you have named, with whom you have chosen to ally yourself, certainly leave much to be desired, in terms of moral character, spiritual integrity and intellectual capacity. In my opinion, they are virtually bankrupt in these areas. I refer of course to Tim White and Ken Adachi.

As you must know, I consider them both to be despicable on general principles, as well as to be fools and stooges of the lowest order. And since these individuals (among many others, who may be relevant in the issues being addressed here) have been publishing false and libelous allegations against me, many of which are outrageous in nature; and have been engaging in malicious character assassination against me for the past four (4) years, they will be held accountable by me and certain others whom they have maligned, libeled, slandered and/or harassed.

In the case of Tim White, he has perpetrated criminal harassment and even made death threats against me and others (some in writing) for which I have hard evidence, in the form of documentation, including: court documents furnished by a plaintiff, Doreen Bishop and her attorney, Warren Edson; material (e-mail messages, letters and reports, both private and public) written by Tim White; transcripts of criminal phone harassment (which continued after he received several directives to cease and desist) for which I have audiotapes; and/or the testimony of firsthand witnesses to these harassing and threatening calls. Some of the aforementioned has already been admitted as evidence in a Denver court.

Tim White Threatens Barbara Hartwell (2005)

From: Tim White
To: Barbara Hartwell
Cc: Larry Lawson; Todd Fahey; John DeCamp; James Rothstein; Ken Adachi; Ted Gunderson
Sent: Thursday, December 22, 2005 3:18 PM
Subject: Personal and Public Warning to Barbara Hartwell: WE ARE COMING FOR YOU

"SOOOO typical of you-eh,BABBLES.Can't seem to EVER get your "open letter" to the party you are attacking,huh?Still and always will be a coward that has tangled with the wrong group of people.Just wait till an investigation of YOU-deary,draws out just WHO is running you.YOU are a complete and utter waste of skin that will be stripped bare in a REAL court of law-not the fantasy one in your hollow skull.The folks up in Maine are most definitely aware of what you REALLY are and when John DeCamp ramps up his case-you will be trying to find the smallest possible crack to hide in-cockroach.The reality IS that YOU have engaged in a CEASELESS campaign against ME and it has been the case since December of 2001-fully 2 1/2 YEARS before I even had my FIRST email address and started to post my counter attack against you on the internet.YOU are as liable as John DeCamp thinks you are as is your mind controlled cohorts-say,how is your current programming goin',huh Babbles?You wanna dance?Then LET'S DANCE.You will be most sorry having crossed swords with me and those that are in my corner.

Tim White,Viet Nam Vet(USAF),Concerned Citizen"

Public Directive to Tim White: Cease and Desist Criminal Harassment (December, 2005)

To All Witnesses:
Please see the latest threats and harassment from Timothy Patrick White (e-mail below.)

Tim White has been issued formal public warnings and directives to CEASE AND DESIST from his criminal harassment of Barbara Hartwell.

This harassment began in 2001 when White contacted me with bogus death threats, accusing an innocent person of making threats against my life.

White continued his harassment of me by telephone until I finally changed my phone number in 2003 to stop his harassment. The criminal harassment by Tim White escalated to death threats against myself and others, including Stew Webb, Al Martin, Doreen Bishop, Rick Stanley.

Please save this as evidence of Tim White's criminal harassment. This is a PRIVATE e-mail address. Tim White has no right to be sending his harassing e-mail to this address or to any address, as he was ordered years ago to CEASE AND DESIST. This will be printed and taken to the police as more evidence.

Considering the fact that Tim White has threatened my life, and continues his harassment and threats, I will now get a restraining order against him from the court in Maine.

You, Tim White, are hereby ordered, once again, to CEASE AND DESIST from this criminal harassment. This is the first and only message by e-mail you will ever receive from me. It is a warning and a directive I advise you to take seriously.

I will now change my e-mail address to prevent you (and any of your criminal cohorts) from harassing me further. I will be seeking your arrest and prosecution for death threats, continuing over a period of years, as well as other forms of criminal harassment.

Barbara Hartwell

Tim White Threatens Barbara Hartwell, Rick Stanley, Stew Webb (December, 2005)

From: Tim White
To: Rick Stanley ; Stew Webb; Barbara Hartwell

Cc: John DeCamp
Sent: Wednesday, December 21, 2005 1:27 PM
Subject: Re: Fw:NICE "TRY" IDIOTS

"Just wait till all you ASSHOLES see what's coming your way from John DeCamp.Keep believing your own lies(all of them) 'cause it'll be that much sweeter when you get this right between those beady eyes.Hey,ASSHOLE SHITHEAD WEBB-think I don't know your NEW address?Delusions of yours(pl) will be thought of while both of you are in PRISON-stripped of ALL ASSets-no transferrence of asset title is of any use,ASSHOLE Stanley.As far as YOU-IDIOT Stanley,your big mouth got you in DeCamps' libel and slander lawsuit and with recent updates-it's moving forward-SOON.Keep thinking this is not so.......all of you will be doing the mantra,"it's only a dream,it's only a dream" but that will very shortly change to,"OH SHIT!!!,IT'S TRUE"!!!

Tim White,Viet Nam Vet(USAF),Concerned Citizen"