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Thursday, November 20, 2008

More Attacks from Criminal Psycho-Stalkers Tim White & Todd Fahey

Today I received a harassing e-mail from the notorious predicate felon, criminal stalker, sex-pervert/predator, transvestite, Timothy Patrick White. The little coward, Tim White, hid behind one of his many aliases, in this case, "Patrick Alexander."

The e-mail was received at a Yahoo address I had kept for years, sherwood percival @ yahoo. For the past four years, I have also been assaulted on a regular basis with harassing e-mails from another criminal stalker, Todd Brendan Fahey, at this same address.

This pair of freaks have been in collusion to stalk, harass and libel Barbara Hartwell for years, and have also been publishing my Yahoo address all over the Internet for the purpose of soliciting further harassment and cyber-stalking by like minded scum criminals.

But these loathsome freakazoids might be interested to know that I terminated the Yahoo account today. I had kept this address only so I could access certain Yahoo groups, and I stopped posting on any of these groups years ago.

Enough already! At least these demonic lunatics will now be stopped from firing off their obscene, libelous, threatening and harassing messages. I have enough evidence on both of them, anyway; more would only be superfluous.

These criminal stalkers are still fabricating their malicious lies and posting a plethora of libelous disinformation about Barbara Hartwell.

They are still publishing my PRIVATE street address, and as of the last few months, the freaks have also been posting photographs of my house. These monstrous invasions of privacy are accompanied by libelous falsehoods galore; and now, they are dragging other names into their libel campaign as well.

In fact, just last week I received a harassing e-mail (at the now defunct Yahoo address) from the criminal stalker, Todd Fahey, which provided a link to a website on which one of Fahey's and White's sleazy criminal accomplices has posted a tabloid-style smear piece on Barbara Hartwell.

I refused to even look at it, as my policy is never to read anything written or posted by this psychopath, Todd Fahey; however, my friend Geral Sosbee did take a look, and was outraged and disgusted by all the libelous fabrications about Barbara Hartwell.

Here are Geral's comments:

The thug who wrote the pseudo-report obviously seeks to harm Barbara Hartwell, whom I know to be in all respects truthful and honorable; Barbara is a target of the fbi/cia goons who seek to end her life, or alternatively to ruin any prospects of a normal life ( free of torture and abuse).

The low life characters and criminals who stalk, threaten and malign Barbara are, in their misplaced hate campaign against her on behalf of the fbi/cia rat bastards, exemplary of the worst form of human intellect that exists on the earth today; their tactics against Barbara reflect their small minds and their criminal intent. They should be prosecuted for violation of a number of federal crimes.

Geral Sosbee

It is clear to me that given the nature of this libel/harassment campaign, these psycho criminals must be fabricating all kinds of lies simply because they do not have any facts about Barbara Hartwell which could possibly "expose" any wrongful or criminal actions on my part. Quite simply, I have no skeletons in my closet. I have no criminal record and have done nothing unlawful; nor is there any TRUTHFUL information which could ever even imply such a thing.

As for my PRIVATE LIFE, it is just that. Private. 

By fabricating outrageous lies about my personal life and my private business, I suppose they are hoping that if the lies are repeated often enough, they might be believed. But what would be the point?

And since the lies keep changing, apparently on their whims, they only expose themselves as liars when they contradict themselves.

I really can't understand what it is these freaks are trying to "prove". The only thing they have proved to me (and many others) is that they are psychopaths filled with malice and spite, who would do anything their drugged-up, alcohol-laced little brains can think of to destroy the life of Barbara Hartwell.

On the other hand, I and others targeted by these scum criminals have collected a large body of evidence on White and Fahey, and their accomplices. Their names are on record with the police. But since both of these little cowards are hiding out, fugitives from justice, Fahey in Southeast Asia, and White in Canada, they can't be apprehended.

But just let either one of them try to come back to this country and see how long they can get away with their criminal harassment.

I guess they have no better way to spend their time than stalking, spreading malicious lies, and distributing pornographic filth all over the Internet.

Absolutely pathetic.

Barbara Hartwell Percival
November 20, 2008