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Monday, June 4, 2012

"Freedom Fighter" Chris Zucker Launches Complaint Against Barbara Hartwell

I received the following e-mail message, written by Chris Zucker, who runs a website he calls "FREEDOM FIGHTERS FOR AMERICA", forwarded to me by my friend Geral Sosbee. The message (dated June 2) was addressed to another friend of mine (identity undisclosed to protect privacy) and copied to Geral.

[NOTE: The person to whom Chris Zucker's complaint was addressed is Janet Phelan. I have added this information to the original report, due to the fact that the whole issue has since been made public. 

Janet Phelan has since accused me of being a "faithless friend"; has accused me of "attacking" her publicly. These accusations are untrue. A "friend" does not withhold defamatory information by a third party, which is what Janet Phelan did. And a truthful exposure of facts, in my own defense, against character assassination by Chris Zucker, and Janet Phelan's complicity, which was published in my report, is NOT an "attack".

In fact, Janet Phelan has shown by her actions that she had no respect whatsoever for my privacy or personal boundaries, and certainly no loyalty as a "friend": and that she is operating at best on self-serving motives, rather than on principle.  This was a betrayal of my trust, as was her subsequent (and similar) interaction with Michelle Wolven, a pathological liar and stalker who publicly attacked me with outrageous lies, and which resulted in the ending of my friendship and professional association with Janet Phelan.]  

I do not know how many other recipients there were (if any), but since Mr. Zucker took it upon himself to publicize this complaint by sending it to two of my closest friends, I cannot let it pass without a response, which I find necessary to set the public record straight.

My comments follow the message.

Chris Zucker wrote:

"I am black listed by Ms. Hartwell,
i find it humorous considering i have never had communication with her. At one time i had a blog on Geral's ning site. A problem broke out when Barbara discovered a link on my site under mind control.The link was to educate yourself. Keep in mind when i started the site, I did not know Barbara, Geral, or you. When Geral told me what the problem was with this link, i removed it from my site, Yes i have done shows with Heneghan and Webb.Does that make me a bad person? when some one asks me to do shows?
I am insulted to be listed as a bad person, by some one who has no clue of who i am or what i do. Being quick to put a label on some one is vicious and un caring. If this is the way she is i am relieved to have never had any thing to do with her, I am a real government- mob victim, regardless . And if Ms Hartwell does not recognize real patriots, perhaps she will one day look through all the hate,and the terrible things, she, like all of us are going through to find the real truth.

Chris Zucker"

I have no idea what Chris Zucker hoped to gain by sending this message out. The only thing he will gain, at least from me, is negative publicity he might have been better off without.

Zucker says he finds it "humorous" that he has been "black listed", because he has never had any communication with Barbara Hartwell. I must reasonably surmise that Zucker refers to the fact that his name appears in the HALL OF SHAME on my website. In fact, most of the names listed there are of persons I do not know, and with whom I have never had any communication. Having "communication" is not the issue and has nothing to do with my reasons for including any particular name. It is clear that Zucker makes a number of such unwarranted assumptions about my reasons for including names on this list, as well as about other issues he addresses. And as far as I am concerned, there is nothing humorous about it.

No, I have never had any communication with Chris Zucker, and this was by my own choice. In the past, over a period of years, Zucker had attempted to approach me through several known associates of mine.

For example, Zucker contacted Geral Sosbee, trying to use him as an intermediary, asking him to pass along messages to me; as I remember it, Zucker was trying to get me to "join" his organization, or some such thing, and to get involved in his radio programs.

(Geral Sosbee is my witness, for the record. Also see related articles by Sosbee, below.)

I'd never heard of Chris Zucker, so I went to his website, called FREEDOM FIGHTERS FOR AMERICA. I was not favorably impressed by anything I saw there --mostly it was just a bunch of sensationalist banner ads, and links to other websites, some of which are purveyors of  disinformation or controlled opposition; the whole site was crudely constructed and amateurish, I found no value in it, and I therefore had no interest in making contact with Chris Zucker, or having dealings with his organization.  I explained this to Geral, as well as to certain others, each time Zucker tried to make an approach through one of my friends.

I do not have a public e-mail address, very simply because I am not interested in receiving unsolicited messages from the public. In the days (before 2003) when I did have public contact info on my website, I received a flood of e-mails (hundreds each week, which I did not have the time even to read, much less answer) from readers of my site, most of which were generally "benign", but many of which contained unsolicited opinions and even worse, unsolicited advice from a horde of busybodies, relating to the issues I cover in my writings. Then of course, there was the hate mail, harassment and threats. As I have made very clear in PUBLIC NOTICES on my website, the material I publish is FOR INFORMATION PURPOSES ONLY. The readers may make of it what they will. Period.

People like Chris Zucker apparently just cannot seem to understand this, as they continue to make approaches, even when it has been made crystal clear that their communications are unwanted. This is the type of aggressive behavior I find intolerable, but unless there is another issue, I usually just ignore it.

But in this particular case, there was another issue, a very large issue, which led me to finally place Mr. Zucker's name in my HALL OF SHAME:  Zucker was promoting Ken Adachi on his website.

Ken Adachi has been running a very high-profile, massive libel campaign against Barbara Hartwell since the year 2000. In fact, he has dedicated an entire section of his website, "Educate-Yourself",  to libeling Barbara Hartwell, which he calls: "Barbara Hartwell, Founder and CEO of Liars, Inc." The damages to me, as a direct result of Adachi's hideous offensive, have been extreme, severe and inestimable.

Were it possible, had I had the resources or support (which were, and to date, are, entirely lacking) I would have filed a lawsuit against Ken Adachi and his criminal accomplices long ago, not only for libel, but also for monstrous invasions of privacy and criminal harassment.

This loathsome character, Ken Adachi, began his campaign against me at the behest of the late FBI Chief and COINTELPRO Kingpin, Ted L. Gunderson, after I broke off my professional association with Gunderson in 2000 and began to publicly expose the crimes committed by Gunderson and his FBI/CIA cabal. Adachi is, to this day, a part of the same criminal conspiracy, though Gunderson has passed away.

(See reports on this site exposing Adachi and accomplices.)

Adachi's "sources" for the libelous material on his website are without exception, government stooges and shills, scum criminals and demonic liars, of the same ilk as Adachi himself, all lackeys and minions of Ted Gunderson and his COINTELPRO.  Ken Adachi (aka Peter Boudreau) unfortunately has a high-traffic website and the defamatory material issued against Barbara Hartwell has totally permeated the Internet, coming up on the front page of any Google search for my name.

Just a few of Adachi's "sources" (whose filthy and outrageous lies he also has been publishing and promoting for over a decade) include: Timothy Patrick White, career criminal, predicate felon, fed snitch, psycho-stalker, sex pervert/predator, child porno freak; Todd Brendan Fahey, criminal psycho-stalker, forger, blackmailer, identity thief, sex pervert/predator, porno monger; Pamela Schuffert, criminal stalker ( and accomplice of Tim White in stalking of Janet Phelan); Susan Ford aka Brice Taylor, promoter of  "Monarch" disinformation; Larry Lawson, criminal fed snitch; Brenda Negri aka James L. Choron aka "Ranger Rick", career criminal, fed snitch.

So, when anyone promotes the website of Ken Adachi, this lying scumbag, this purveyor of  government-sponsored disinformation and outrageous libel against legitimate whistleblowers (including Barbara Hartwell), that person (in this case, Chris Zucker) is aiding and abetting a criminal conspiracy against Barbara Hartwell.

And that person will therefore be named in the HALL OF SHAME. 

Here is some evidence: Former FBI agent/whistleblower Geral Sosbee, also a Target of Ken Adachi and his criminal  accomplices, posted the following on his Ning site, 'FBI & CIA ARE TERRORISTS'.


The following was written against the most noble and inspirational Freedom Fighter on earth, my best friend and closest ally, the wonderful Barbara Hartwell.

Links to the verbal assaults on Barbara are found at:


The  data shown below on Barbara (including smears on her character) are excerpted from:

John DeCamp Seeks Barbara Hartwell's Address to Serve Libel Lawsuit   

From Ken Adachi, Editor

April 25, 2005

"It was bound to happen. Barbara Hartwell, the most viscous and libelous slanderer currently residing on the planet, is finally going to be sued for libel."

Geral posted this after he contacted Chris Zucker, then a member of Geral's Ning network, and made it clear that he did not want to have further  association with any person who was promoting the demonic liar, Ken Adachi, whose outrageously libelous falsehoods against Barbara Hartwell had resulted in extreme damages.

Zucker states:

"Keep in mind when i started the site, I did not know Barbara, Geral, or you. When Geral told me what the problem was with this link, i removed it from my site."

This statement is inaccurate. In fact, Chris Zucker does not know me at all, nor has ever known me; furthermore, it is irrelevant. The fact of the matter is that he was promoting Ken Adachi's false and libelous information. And contrary to his claim that the link was removed, after Geral informed him of the offense, it was not.  According to Geral, Zucker at first ignored several of his  messages, as if they were of no importance, and then said he would "think about it". 

When the link still had not been removed, Geral then sent the following message to Zucker:

Date: Tue, 08 May 2012  

From: Geral Sosbee 


Please remove all of your material from the site, or save it on a disc. You are not allowed to post here anymore because of:

1) your support for a person [Ken Adachi] who verbally assaulted me on line and who engages in vicious slander against my friend Barbara Hartwell

2) your not responding to my last message on this subject
Chris Zucker wrote:

"I am insulted to be listed as a bad person, by some one who has no clue of who i am or what i do. Being quick to put a label on some one is vicious and un caring. If this is the way she is i am relieved to have never had any thing to do with her, I am a real government- mob victim, regardless . And if Ms Hartwell does not recognize real patriots, perhaps she will one day look through all the hate,and the terrible things, she, like all of us are going through to find the real truth."

I listed Chris Zucker in my HALL OF SHAME for one reason only: His promotion of a demonic liar and his government disinformation website, and the accompanying further damages to me, my friends and allies. If  Zucker is "insulted" that is his problem and none of my concern.

Perhaps if Zucker took the trouble to check his "sources", before he promotes them, he could avoid being exposed for his indiscretions, which are harmful to others.

Furthermore, I have no interest in "who" Zucker is, or what he does, never have, never will. That's his business and has nothing to do with me. I know all I need to know, and that is enough to know that I want no dealings with him.

For this, he calls me "vicious"?

Well, how dare you, Mr Zucker!  You promote this lowlife scumbag, Ken Adachi,  who is part and parcel of a government-sponsored criminal conspiracy, and now you blame me for your own ignorance and stupidity?

And if you consider yourself a "real patriot" and "freedom fighter", you are certainly entitled to your fantasies, just don't drag my name into the mix.

I certainly don't need unsolicited advice from people like you to "find the real truth". You don't know what the hell you are talking about, so please take your whining act somewhere else, to someone who cares.

Barbara Hartwell Percival
June 4, 2012


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