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Thursday, June 7, 2012

Neo-Nazi Mike Delaney Spouts Off on "Patriot Jews"

--Michael Delaney from Prothink 

On Saturday, June 2, Janet Phelan and Barbara Hartwell were guests on Truth Talk News, hosted by Howard Nema. Our topic was Nazi Propagandists in the Patriot Movement.
To listen to the 3-hour special report:
A Neo-Nazi named Mike Delaney ("Heil Hitler!"), among the most reprehensible Jew-haters/Hitler supporters, was one of a few whose vile propaganda was exposed on this program. Delaney, whose websites promote Adolph Hitler as a "noble warrior for truth" and tout Nazi war criminals as shining examples of moral rectitude (no, I am not joking), uses the name "Zion Crime Factory", by which he is actually addressed on talk shows.  The hosts who interview Delaney do not call him by name, nor does he ever volunteer his name.
("My guest today is Zion Crime Factory": Quote from Deanna Spingola, Nazi pimp)
Why is this, you might ask yourself?
There can only be one reason for this: abject cowardice. Only a spineless coward finds it necessary to hide behind some ludicrous handle like "Zion Crime Factory". Aside from that, any person not willing to stand up and identify himself has ZERO credibility. As for the talk show hosts who would aid and abet Delaney's cowardice (as well as give him air time in support of his despicable views) they are, at the very least, calling their own credibility into serious question.
Nazi Pimp: Deanna Spingola
The first I ever heard of Mike Delaney was a few weeks ago, after I posted a report exposing a woman named Maggie Roddin, who hosts a program called The Unsolicited Opinion, on RBN and Orion Talk Radio.
(See links below for related reports.)
Nazi Pimp ("I call a spic a spic") Maggie Roddin
It came as no surpise to discover that Roddin was a promoter of the likes of Delaney and his Zion Crime Factory. In fact, I first found the connection by placing the words "Maggie Roddin" and "Jews" into a Google search. Bingo! A wealth of Jew-hater propaganda...
Any reasonably intelligent, discerning person who has ever listened to Roddin's sleazy spiels will recognize that she is nothing but a useful idiot, a squawking parrot of the views and party-line positions of professional propagandists, all the while boasting how she is "waking people up to the truth".  I've never heard as much as one original thought or concept coming from this woman's loud offensive motor-mouth.
In fact, Roddin does little but spew meaningless secular humanist platitudes ("Life isn't fair", "there's no free lunch in life", "it is what it is", "you have to earn what you get in life", "life is all about challenges" etc. etc.) and whining, "I can't take it anymore!" 
I must admit that I literally cannot stand (it makes my skin crawl) the sound of Roddin's voice. She has the grating nasal whine and low-class hick accent of a truck-stop waitress in some godforsaken backwater...(sounds like Syracuse or Buffalo, NY to me, judging from the accent), and I have had to force myself to listen to some of her shows in order to gather the information I need to further expose the propaganda (and propagandists) she is promoting.
Roddin speaks to her audience in a condescending and presumptuous manner, as if they were children in a kindergarten class, as if her designated role is to "educate" the listeners and ("redistributing the truth, one word at a time"...) enlighten them by spoon-feeding her pearls of wisdom about "life" (a word she uses ad nauseum while spouting off her mindless aphorisms). She actually calls the listeners "Kiddies" or makes moronic statements like "Listen up Kids!"
Roddin actually boasts about how she is going to "goad" or "browbeat" people into her "truth", as if  raw aggression would win the support she seeks.
On one show, a caller confronted Maggie Roddin about her own ignorance regarding the subject matter she was addressing. This caller, unlike so many of the "radio groupies" who call in to hold forth for their 15 minutes of fame,  actually had some useful information to relate. On that day, Roddin had no guest, and the show consisted only of a silly, boring, long-winded monologue about the nature of "life".
But did Roddin even give the caller a chance to speak his piece? No, instead she attempted to shout him down in a pathetic effort to cover her own lack of knowledge and understanding of the issue. The caller was not even allowed to finish a sentence, before Roddin broke in, accosting him with her crude verbal assaults, firing the same stupid questions at him.
Finally, he said to her, "Well, if you would stop interrupting me, I might be able to answer the question."
Roddin's response? She screeched: " Listen Kid, this is MY show! I'M the host!
I wonder, why bother to take callers if they are not allowed to speak? Not if they don't agree with Maggie Roddin, that is, who brags about being a champion of "free speech".
When another caller tried to reason with Roddin, she kept repeating the same line, over and over, like a robot, not allowing him to get a word in edgewise.
Finally, she angrily demanded:  WHY did you call in to this show?!  
He said, "Well, I was hoping that at least some of your listeners were brighter than you are."
Amen and amen!
I think that about sums it up...Maggie Roddin is far from the sharpest tool in the shed.
Which brings me to Roddin's little pal, Mike Delaney of the Zion Crime Factory.
Apparently, Delaney was listening to our Nazi Propaganda show, on which he was being exposed, and decided to chime in with a response.
He sent this message and link via skype to Howard Nema:
3 "Patriot" Jews Do A Video Podcast About How Appalled They Are People Are Waking Up To Jews/Hilter/nsdap/HoloHOAX
Michael Delaney: zionazis, LMAO
Michael Delaney: what a crock
Michael Delaney: how much longer do you think these charades going to last?
Michael Delaney: jewish conspiracy theories, pathetic
It doesn’t get interesting until 16:45 but feel free to listen from the beginning, please keep barf bag nearby)
Chalk this up as a victory because all these JEWISH controlled dissent factions out there are losing ground thanks to people like you, ZionCrimeFactory, myself and others. It was simply delightful to hear them gripe and moan (OYVEH!) about how many people with in the “Patriot movement” are coming around to the REAL truth. They try their best to spin it but they, and those of us have have studied these topics (in the 10′s of millions now), know full well their time has come to an end soon for spreading lies and deceit. History has caught up with them and they feel the burning happening. You know they are complete con artists because they refuse to even try to refute any of the information documented so well on our sites and simply try to play on your emotions and not intellect. We have the numbers, for them they should feel so lucky that so many people who know about this information remain fearful and silent, because if not, the groundswell would overcome this Jewish yoke on western society and be done by tomorrow morning.
This is the admittedly former CIA psy-op wench’s website and corresponding article:
Thanks for the promotion, Delaney, now we'll get more listeners. 
Well, evidently Mr. Delaney isn't much brighter than his pimp, Maggie Roddin. As a matter of indisputable fact, I am not Jewish. (And yes, I have the geneaology charts, fool.) 
So calling me a "Patriot Jew" isn't going to hold water. But you don't have to be a "Jew" to stand up against the EVIL that is racism; the ABOMINATION that was Nazi Germany; the DEVIL incarnate that was the madman, Adolph Hitler.
Nor do you have to be a "Jew" to recognize the blatant stupidity and the shameful cowardice which runs rampant among those of Delaney's ilk.
And don't call me a "wench", you Nazi scumbag! 
CIA has been chock full of Nazis since Day One --I unfortunately have decades of experience in my personal war with these rat bastards. I've become a Nazi hunter by necessity, by choice, and as a matter of integrity and honor. And so, unlike you and your moronic pals, I know precisely whereof I speak. And I will continue to fight you and your murderous, miscreant accomplices until the day I die.
Justice for Victims of the Nazis!
Barbara Hartwell Percival
June 7, 2012 
Coward Number 1:

"I am sure you have been noticing another little jew game materializing over the past few years: plenty of jews are pretending to side with whites."

Coward Number 2:

"Sure, most of these jew rats are simple infiltrators doing what jews naturally do, destroying any resistance to them.

Coward Number 3:

"More and more though I am sensing a growing number of jews become very anxious about the creations of their fellow jews all around them. They seem to understand that the colored mobs will be impossible to control and that they will turn on them. It’s not that these jews have any guilt about what they have done at all, it’s just that that see that their lives are in serious jeopardy if this craziness called diversity goes on the way it has."

Coward Number 4:

"Jews can be given no safety among us under no circumstances."

 Prothink (Coward Mike Delaney): 

"Couldn’t agree more!

It’s funny how these kike “patriots” are all for freedom of speech/1st amendment when it comes to police brutality, bush-did-911, etc., but when people start calling out the Jews it’s “hate speech” and should be suppressed! These aren’t patriots, they’re communists."


Aside from pointing out the generally unmitigated stupidity of these commentators, it will be clear to anyone of even minimal intelligence who reads my website that I loathe communism, as much as I loathe the Nazis.

As far as my position on "hate speech", I don't advocate censorship of any kind. The last thing I want is to silence these people. I'd rather take the opportunity to expose them. No better way to do that than to let them hang themselves with their own words.

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