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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

EXPOSED: Libel, Slander, Harassment by Busybody/Stalker Michelle Wolven

Michelle Wolven began her attacks of libel/slander on Barbara Hartwell after I appeared as a guest on Dr. Antonella Carpenter's radio program, The Medical Conspiracy. Wolven has now escalated her attacks by harassing known associates of mine, and by sending a libelous letter to the station manager of Orion Talk Radio. Wolven also continues to post libelous falsehoods on the Internet.
[See letter below and refutation of Wolven's libelous falsehoods against Barbara Hartwell.]
I was invited as a guest by Dr. Carpenter, as a former intelligence professional (CIA)  and  counterintelligence expert, after she had heard me describing COINTELPRO tactics on another broadcast (same network, Orion Talk Radio), Against the Wall, hosted by James Freeland. My purpose in coming on the show was to outline the methodology used to neutralize a Target, in this case Dr. Carpenter. Dr. Carpenter subsequently invited me back, for a total thus far of five (5) programs.
I was told that any previous efforts by Dr. Carpenter and associates to get assistance/backup in addressing this issue had come to naught. Those who were approached declined to get involved and/or made derisive comments, in effect marginalizing Dr. Carpenter's very serious concerns and/or calling them ridiculous.
In truth, Dr. Carpenter's concerns are very real and she has been under siege for years by those who wish not only to shut down her business, Lase Med Inc., but to ruin her financially and destroy every aspect of her life.
Make no mistake: This is the objective of a COINTELPRO neutralization campaign: Destroy the life of the Target.
Unfortunately, there are very few people who actually KNOW anything about counterintelligence operations, and fewer still with any kind of expertise on the issue, or direct experience as a high-profile Target. There are many who claim to "know", but in fact, don't know what they're talking about; there are also those who may actually  "know", but are themselves government shills involved in the campaigns against Targets.
At the request of Dr. Carpenter and her staff, I researched her technology and was able to arrive at a basic understanding of her treatment protocols for cancer patients.  I also have a personal interest, as a number of people close to me have died, NOT as a result of cancer per se, but due to the aggressive cancer treatments of radiation and chemotherapy. And as a human rights activist and a Christian, my concern extends to humanity at large.
After doing my own research, as well as having lengthy conversations (off the air) with Dr. Carpenter and her associate, Randy Simmons, I have reached the following conclusions:
1) Dr. Carpenter is a legitimate practitioner of an effective and revolutionary treatment, which given the chance, could help millions of people afflicted with cancer.
2) The cost of the treatment is only a fraction of what a person would have to pay for radiation and/or chemotherapy, which usually ends up killing the patient, sooner or later.
3) Dr. Carpenter has been targeted for a neutralization campaign because she is deemed a threat to the vested interests of the "Medical Mafia", Big Pharma and associated parties.
Before I ever appeared on Dr. Carpenter's show, I asked pertinent questions and listened to her testimony about what had happened to her, her family and associates as a result of having been targeted. I also read the legitimate  documentation published online, as well as searching out the libelous/slanderous commentaries directed against Dr. Carpenter.
The more I heard, the more I read, the more research I did, the more I recognized the standard tactics of COINTELPRO, directed at Dr. Carpenter and associated persons. 
1) Libel/slander campaigns designed to discredit Dr. Carpenter, personally and professionally via character assassination, defamation, and by promoting malicious falsehoods about her treatment, as well as about certain patients she has treated.
2) Harassment of Dr. Carpenter and associated persons by telephone, by stalking (as well as cyber-stalking), including by agent provocateurs and hirelings working for those who engineered the campaign against Dr. Carpenter.
3) Invasions of privacy, including public exposure of private facts, with intent of malice; trespassing on private property; unlawful surveillance of home/office.
4) The planting of 'Moles' tasked with spying/extracting information, with malicious intent, to be used against Dr. Carpenter and associates.
5) Targeting any person (including now Barbara Hartwell) who has stepped forward as an ally and advocate of Dr. Carpenter, working with her to expose the operation being waged against her.
Michelle Wolven, operating in collusion with other enemies of Dr. Carpenter, including Bob Criscuolo, has now targeted Barbara Hartwell for libel/slander, harassment and invasions of privacy.
And these reprehensible characters are hereby warned that they will pay the consequences for their malicious attacks. 
But before I get to refuting Wolven's published efforts to defame the good name of Barbara Hartwell, I think it will be useful to give a general profile of the Busybody/Stalker (B/S), which accurately describes Wolven, Criscuolo and their ilk.
The Busybody/Stalker's primary M.O. is AGGRESSION.
The psychopathology of the B/S is made evident by the fact that s/he has absolutely NO respect for the privacy or personal boundaries of others.
The B/S will overstep bounds with impunity, every time; they will shamelessly snoop, pry, invade, intrude, harass, and stalk anyone they have designated as a Target.
The B/S operates with aggression, trying to force their will (and their viewpoints) on others.
They will goad, browbeat, strongarm, push, shove, pressure, bulldoze, steamroll, trespass, and will stop at nothing to obtain their objective. And rather than recognize their behavior as wrongful, despicable and dishonorable, they will more often than not actually boast about it.
(I'll browbeat them into doing my will!  I won't take NO for an answer!  I'll FORCE THE TRUTH on them! screeches the Busybody/Stalker.)
But then, this is exactly the type of useful idiot exploited by the professional  engineers of a counterintelligence operation.  They stay in the background, plotting against the Target, while the B/S stooges and minions scream bloody murder in their attacks on the Target, making a public spectacle of themselves. 
The B/S are amateurs, none too bright, and thus can be easily led to do the dirty work (as I've remarked many times, Dirty Deeds Done Dirt-cheap) of those who will actually reap the benefits of neutralizing the Target.
To begin, here is a brief commentary posted by Busybody/Stalker Michelle Wolven:
Barbara Hartwell to Antonella Carpetner, HMMM got one fraud helping the other, any surprise? Regardless of who the person on the line really is CLAIMING to be Barbara Hartwell on the Lase Med InC. conspiracy FREAK SHOW does not matter, what matters are that you have 2 conspirators working together to send a message out to the viewers that is CRIMINAL! Why would an ex-CIA abused victim want to put her neck on the line for a crazy arrogant woman who she doesn't know and didn't get the full story from. RIGHT!!!! I AM STILL WAITING FOR YOUR CALL MS. HARTWELL!
First, Michelle Wolven accused Barbara Hartwell of "using a fake name" and "telling fake stories", claiming I am really a "family member" of Dr. Carpenter.  Her stupid claims were refuted by hard evidence, and she was exposed as a liar and a fool, so she now claims it "does not matter" who the person is, because the person "CLAIMING to be Barbara Hartwell" is a "fraud" and "conspirator".
Well, first of all it matters to me, seeing as I am the REAL Barbara Hartwell, not an impostor.  Secondly, I am conspiring with no one. I am a law-abiding person, have no criminal record and I do not engage in criminal behavior of any kind.
Michelle Wolven doesn't know what the hell she is talking about. She has NO idea what "story" I got or did not get; she has NO idea what I have or have not discussed with Dr. Carpenter. Michelle Wolven does not know me. She has no access to any information I have not made public, and she never will.
As to her asinine question, "Why?" I don't answer questions from nosy, pushy busybodies, so keep wondering, you low-grade moron.
Still waiting for my call?  Where in hell did this half-wit, Michelle Wolven, ever get the idea that I would be calling her? Is she delusional, as well as merely stupid? I have no intention of calling her, no reason to call her, no interest in calling her. So, I guess she will be WAITING until hell freezes over.
Next item: Michelle Wolven's libelous letter to the station manager of Orion Talk Radio. My comments follow.
Subject: URGENT!! READ! The Medical Conspiracy Radio Show
Dear Orion talk Radio,
I was hoping to find a contact other than an email, but couldn't.  If you could , would you mind calling me today about the Medical Conspiracy Radio show/ Lase Med INc. / Antonella Carpenter?
I am extremely concerned because they have taken a crazy and dangerous turn in their tactics. That, having a fraudulent person claiming to be ex-CIA who was tortured used as a sex slave and mind control weaponry.  She claims to be " Barbara Hartwell".  I don't know who she really is nor do I care, what I do care about is her dangerous language that she is using on the air and on her supposed Blog spot which can be found here:
There are crazy people out there, who follow this women who claims to be Ms. Hartwell , they could be unstable and dangerous could like she claims , have been sexually abused etc. Ms. Carpenter has Barbara Hartwell coming on the Medical Conspiracy radio show now 4 or 5 times saying that she is now " MY ENEMY" because I am the enemy of Ms. Carpenter of Lase Med Inc. who has a dangerous and fraudulent laser that she uses on desperate cancer patients. This is WAY OVER THE TOP!! You are allowing Ms. Carpenter to put my family in danger by enabling this crazy woman!! This is not responsible journalism, it is not free speech to target someone like this.  I understand that Ms. Carpenter's business is hurting , well good!! She should be in jail for fraud right now ( not sure what the status of the police investigation is either as they can't tell).
 In case you didn't know, Ms. Carpenter is not a medical doctor as she portrays herself to be.  In fact, she has recently scrubbed her site of any mention of this. SHe is committing a terrible act against humanity. My friend and young mother of 6 children went to her for treatment and is now dead due to listening for way too long that her cancer was dead! It was never dead. In fact we have reason to believe that her laser may actually spread the cancer . Please watch my youtube video here is the link: This video was the beginning of my work to make sure the world knows what she has done and to hopefully stop her and have official criminal charges placed against her, I am not alone other patients families have contacted me and we are all outraged that she is still in business, harming desperate cancer patients.
I am now letting you know that the Medical Conspiracy show is being reported for violations against the FCC.
Complaints are being made regarding fraudulent advertising ( calling Ms. Carpenter a "dr." when she has no medial credentials) claiming to have a cure for cancer and treating desperate cancer patients illegally with it!
Further we are making complaints for using our personal information, naming people who have died from her treatment like Cynthia Babecka and Robert Criscuolo's wife. Using my name without my permission , attacking my reputation by accusing me on air of working with antiabortion people to kill doctors, being paid by some " medical conspiracy, establishment" to go after her and her fake treatment, etc.
What she is doing is not only against the laws of our country ( practicing medicine without a license , maybe you should insist on seing her degrees ) but she is betraying community standards and trust.
I THINK YOU NEED TO BE AWARE OF THE FOLLOWING!! ( posted at the bottom of the email)
Your radio station is allowing her to further her fraud and lure desperate cancer patients to her. Have you seen any of her " clinical trials"? Or visited her fake office located in a business park?
Have you actually met IN PERSON one of her "cured" patients? I HIGHLY DOUBT it!
YOU HAVE A RESPONSIBILITY TO THE AMERICAN PUBLIC.....It is not just Americans that hear the show either, you are responsible for her reaching people in Canada and overseas.
I urge you to take a serious look into this, and look forward to your response back,
Michelle Wolven
Michelle Wolven wrote:
"That, having a fraudulent person claiming to be ex-CIA who was tortured used as a sex slave and mind control weaponry.  She claims to be " Barbara Hartwell".  I don't know who she really is nor do I care, what I do care about is her dangerous language that she is using on the air and on her supposed Blog spot which can be found here:"
1) Michelle Wolven is again dead wrong.  My real, legal name is "Barbara Hartwell". It appears on all legal documents, all licenses I hold, as well as being my byline in my published reports. I am not a "fraudulent person" in any way, shape or form, nor have ever been.
2) Although (not a mere "claim", but an established fact) it is true that I am ex-CIA, I have NEVER, at any time, in any of my writings, nor on any radio/TV programs, nor in any speaking engagements "claimed" to have been "used as a sex slave".  This is a preposterous statement by Wolven.
And in point of fact, my background with CIA never at any time included such a thing. I was involved strictly in intelligence work. Period. Case closed.
I have no idea where Michelle Wolven came up with such an idea, or why she would fabricate such a lie, but considering her general stupidity, and some of the other idiotic comments she has made, it's not surprising.
And what "dangerous language" is this imbecile referring to? She doesn't specify, so it's anyone's guess. In any case, since I have the God-given right to freedom of speech, I will say what I please, when I please, and I don't give a tinker's damn what this stupid, aggressive busybody Michelle Wolven thinks about it!
Michelle Wolven wrote: 
"There are crazy people out there, who follow this women who claims to be Ms. Hartwell , they could be unstable and dangerous could like she claims , have been sexually abused etc. Ms. Carpenter has Barbara Hartwell coming on the Medical Conspiracy radio show now 4 or 5 times saying that she is now " MY ENEMY" because I am the enemy of Ms. Carpenter of Lase Med Inc."
What "crazy people"? The only crazy people who "follow" me are the busybodies and psycho  stalkers, people like Michelle Wolven.  No doubt, she is "unstable", and in fact, if she continues to harass me, it could become dangerous --for her that is.
Again, there have been no "claims" of "sexual abuse", at least not by me, nor connected to me in any way.
As for being an "enemy", yes, I consider Michelle Wolven exactly that, same as I would consider  anyone who libels, slanders, harasses, stalks or attacks me in any way, or my friends and associates; and any busybody who tries to stick her nose in my PRIVATE business. And it would certainly behoove you to keep that in mind, Ms. Wolven.
Michelle Wolven wrote:
"You are allowing Ms. Carpenter to put my family in danger by enabling this crazy woman!! This is not responsible journalism, it is not free speech to target someone like this"
Michelle Wolven now accuses Barbara Hartwell of being a "crazy woman".  Apparently, like most busybody/stalkers, she projects her own flaws and psychosis onto her Targets.  I have not "targeted" anyone. On the contrary, as always, I am DEFENDING myself (and my friends and allies) against the whackjobs like Wolven who have targeted me.
As for accusing me of  "putting her family in danger"? How dare you, you rabid psycho-stalker freak! I don't know your family, I don't know you (thank the Lord!) and have absolutely nothing to do with endangering anyone. 
YOU and YOU ALONE are responsible for whatever consequences may come to you or your family, as a result of your malicious harassment of others.
And what would Michelle Wolven know about "responsible journalism"? She's no journalist. She's nothing but an uneducated, semi-literate housewife, she has no professional background of any kind. But aside from being a legitimate journalist (for over 30 years), I DO have freedom of speech, as a God-given right, and I will not allow the likes of Michelle Wolven to obstruct that right in any way.
Michelle Wolven also promotes many lies about Dr. Carpenter in this letter. It is not my place to address those lies, but I do find it necessary to say this:
Michelle Wolven writes and speaks about subjects on which she has no knowledge whatsoever. She also makes false accusations and allegations against Dr. Carpenter and associates. Wolven has no professional background or training as any kind of  "doctor", nor as a scientist. And yet she continually spouts off her ignorant claims, AS IF she were some kind of expert, on a subject she knows nothing about. How very typical...
Which is why I have called her a belligerent ignoramus. Wolven knows nothing about cancer treatments, so she has no business commenting, especially when she is libeling a person who DOES have a doctorate, who IS a scientist, and who HAS the knowledge and expertise in her field.
Lastly, another moronic commentary by Michelle Wolven.
Michelle Wolven wrote:
"So this is who Barbara Hartwell is and claims to be!!! She claims to be a " journalist" and a Christian yet she NEVER even took the time to get the story!?? Right Barbara, we believe you!! Oh I am sure there is a real Barbara Hartwell out there who is trying to get her story out there. She is real and will gladly cash any checks sent to her by mail!!! She won't mind a bit. But I highly doubt a real " Journalist" would make assumptions without taking the time to interview ANYONE and get their story. Nice try for a woman who claims to be a Christian Journalist! Why are you acting like this is YOU who was hurt, Ms Hartwell? YOU starting taking this PERSONALLY from your very first interview , pretty odd don't you think?
First of all, do not ever call me by my Christian name, Busybody Wolven. You don't know me and you never will.
Again,  as usual, Wolven makes unwarranted assumptions which have no basis in fact. She knows nothing whatsoever about what I did or did not "take the time" to do, or get. In fact, I have spent many hours of time in my research, and have reached my own conclusions, based on FACTS and EVIDENCE, which Wolven clearly considers unnecessary and irrelevant.
I personally, do not "make assumptions", ever, on any subject.  But more to the point, I don't answer to loudmouthed busybodies who attack me with libel and harassment, I simply EXPOSE them. So keep taunting me, keep it up and see where it gets you, fool.
And no Wolven, actually I don't take checks. If you were not so terminally  stupid, you would have seen that on my website.
But then, since according to you, I am using a "fake name" and "telling fake stories", and am really a "family member" of Dr. Carpenter, I don't really exist at all, do I?
That being the case, you have nothing to worry about.
Barbara Hartwell Percival
June 20, 2012

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