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Thursday, June 28, 2012

For the Record: A Message on Privacy & Sovereignty:

The previously unnamed individual in this report, to whom Zucker addressed his complaint against Barbara Hartwell, and who also contacted stalker Michelle Wolven re a similarly libelous complaint against Hartwell, is Janet Phelan. Please see the two follow-up reports titled Trafficking with the Devil, Parts 1 & 2.

Trafficking with the Devil: Re Janet Phelan, Chris Zucker, Michelle Wolven, Ken Adachi

Trafficking with the Devil: PART 2

I recently posted a report which exposed a complaint launched against Barbara Hartwell by one Chris Zucker.  Zucker had sent the complaint to at least two of my known associates/friends, which made his complaint public, whether he recognizes this fact or not. In any case, I was not going to just let this go without addressing it, as I had done nothing wrongful to anyone, including Zucker.

"Freedom Fighter" Chris Zucker Launches Complaint Against Barbara Hartwell

It is important to mention the fact that I DO NOT KNOW Chris Zucker. I have never, at any time, had any contact with him. However, the two associates (at least those I know of) to whom he sent his complaint were acquainted with Zucker, and he had tried to use them as intermediaries on many occasions in relation to me, trying to contact me, in which I made it clear that I had no interest.

One of these individuals is Geral Sosbee, who out of loyalty to me, and as a matter of principle, forwarded me the complaint from Zucker. The other individual (who shall remain nameless) chose not to do so. Out of respect for this individual's privacy, I did not name this person in my report.

My report was very simply an attempt to set the record straight about certain persons, including Chris Zucker, and a longtime enemy of Barbara Hartwell  and Geral Sosbee, Ken Adachi, a PR shill for the late Ted Gunderson, and diabolical calumniator, who has been running a massive libel campaign against Barbara Hartwell for well over a decade. Zucker was promoting Adachi (and by extension Adachi's accomplices, including Tim White, Todd Brendan Fahey and other psychopaths and demonic liars), and thereby making himself an accessory to the libel campaign against Barbara Hartwell. For this reason, I added his name to my HALL OF SHAME.

Geral Sosbee had a full understanding of this situation and acted accordingly, by removing Chris Zucker from his networking site and banning him from further posting, which action he took on principle.

Unfortunately, the other individual to whom Zucker's complainst against Barbara Hartwell was sent did not "agree" about this matter, as she explained to me after I had posted the above report. I made it clear that the issue had nothing to do with her, that she was entitled to her own opinions, but that it was not her business, and that it was my prerogative to defend myself and my good name against anyone who took it upon himself (namely Chris Zucker) to attempt to defame me by sending such complaints to known associates of mine.

I was then informed that Chris Zucker had continued to send such complaints to her, after I had posted my report, but I was not made privy to the content of these complaints (just as she had not  sent me the original complaint); I was told only that Zucker was "upset". This was not my concern, as I explained. 

But I was also told that she had answered Zucker's complaints by telling him that it was a matter of "divisiveness" that had caused the "problem". She therefore misled Zucker as to the truth of my position, and also attempted to exonerate him from his actions at my expense. No one has the right to appoint herself as an intermediary for me; I speak for myself, always clearly and I mean exactly what I say. I don't care who likes it, and who doesn't.

In an attempt to set the record straight with her, I made it very clear that "divisiveness" was NOT the issue. That it was very simply a MATTER OF PRINCIPLE.  Also, I repeated that the issue had nothing whatsoever to do with her, that she was not involved in any way, except for the fact that she had been a recipient of Zucker's complaint against Barbara Hartwell (which she had chosen not to share with me, but continued to discuss with Zucker.)

I explained that there can not be any kind of "divisiveness" between people who DO NOT KNOW EACH OTHER, and who have never had any contact whatsoever. There cannot be a divisive" effect between people who were never connected in any way to begin with. Nor had I ever been connected in any way to any organization, group or collective which involved Zucker.


Geral Sosbee, of course, understood this completely, and wrote this message:

"Barbara- I blocked all email from Chris Zucker because I do not care to entertain his comments against either you or me. In my last message to Chris I wished him well and I stated that I have no animosity toward him. I dropped him from Ning because of his careless postings on his site (and on my Ning) of links to persons who slandered you and who engaged in a kind of psyop against you. I repeatedly brought all of these concerns to his attention, but he casually dismissed my concerns. Anyone who attempts to malign you, as Chris did recently in his message about your hall of shame (listing Chris) page, is no friend of mine. I have nothing to do with such personalities.

As you know I am under great strain here and no end is in sight; I endure the pain as best I can, and I try to eliminate from my contatcs anyone who drains me of my time and resources such as Chris did."

I am in a similar situation to what Geral has described. I am under assault on a daily basis (one way or another) and I am in constant pain due to severe  injuries inflicted upon me by the government, which resulted in serious longterm/permanent disabilities, for which I cannot afford treatment. Any form of stress exacerbates the disabilities and increases the pain. I therefore do not allow myself to get into "conflicts with people".

I mind my own business, and I expect others to respect my privacy and personal boundaries by minding theirs, and not intruding into mine.

But this is not where the issue ended. Subsequently to this situation, a busybody/stalker named Michelle Wolven, who had targeted me for harassment and libel, due to my support of Dr. Carpenter and associates of Lase Med Inc., began to contact a number of known associates of mine, in attempts to spread libel and slander against Barbara Hartwell as well as Dr. Carpenter.

Everyone Wolven contacted ignored her and disregarded her messages, except one person.

Wolven made a call to the same individual who received the complaint against Barbara Hartwell from Chris Zucker. I received an e-mail, stating only that  "Michelle Wolven called me. Get back to me when you can". 

 The next day (not having had a chance to contact her) I was shocked to receive another e-mail stating that I should "disregard" the previous message, that she "went ahead" and called Wolven back.

"Went ahead" and called Wolven back?  This is completely unacceptable. And it has already stirred up a world of trouble.

I sent a message in which I tried to make this clear, asking her in future to please DISREGARD messages from such persons trying to get into my business; in addition to attempting once again to explain that the issue with Zucker was NOT connected to any sort of "divisiveness" and could not be compared to other issues which had been brought up; that it was NOT her business to discuss me with anyone (Zucker, Wolven or any other person).

I unfortunately received a somewhat arrogant response which showed that there was no understanding whatsoever of my concerns, and that apparently this individual has no respect for my privacy or personal boundaries.  All other associates/friends of mine who were the recipients of such intrusive and defamatory messages against Barbara Hartwell refused, on principle, to respond or to discuss me or my business. Rather, they forwarded me the messages and and left me alone to handle it as I saw fit.

So I find it important to state for the public record:
I am not a team player. My business is nobody's business, except my own. I am not a socialist, a communist, nor a collectivist. I am not a secular humanist, nor do I tolerate the psycho-babble which negates the sovereign rights of the INDIVIDUAL.  I do not make my decisions by consensus, nor do I allow anyone else a "say" in the decisions I make.

There is no "divisiveness" in my life, very simply because I do not traffic with the devil, for any reason, at any time. 

I am a Sovereign Child of God. And as such, I do not allow busybodies to meddle in my business. Ever. Period. Case closed.
Barbara Hartwell Percival
June 28, 2012

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