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Monday, January 23, 2012

Open Letter to Aaron James: Formal Complaint for the Public Record

Mr. James:
Since 2008 you have been waging an unjust war on the name of Barbara Hartwell with libel and slander, defamation, character assassination and outrageously false accusations.
You claim I am a "CIA Agent". 
You claim I have "targeted" you and your family.
You claim I was involved in the so-called "racial profiling" attacks against you. 
You claim I was responsible for sabotaging your website and having it taken offline.
You claim I have been in collusion with the FBI, most specifically an agent named Stephen Davis, to "target" you.
You claim I have been in collusion with John McCain to "target" you.
You claim I have accused you of being a "federal agent".
You have made these utterly false, libelous/slanderous accusations many times, in many venues over a period of more than three (3) years. You have posted your lies about Barbara Hartwell on many websites and message boards. You have shot off your ignorant lying mouth on many radio programs. You have exploited the broadcasts of several talk show hosts on which you were a guest, using them as a soapbox to slander me, and then exploited the hosts' names (including casting unwarranted aspersions on them) to further your crusade of attacks against Barbara Hartwell.
Worst of all, you have created and posted a number of lurid tabloid-style videos with a photo of me splashed across the front with the captions: 

Photo of Barbara Hartwell (1997, from Hudson Valley Magazine) 
Exploited by Aaron James to defame Barbara Hartwell
Mr. James, before I even get started in refuting your plethora of diabolical calumny, I'll say this: I am damn sick and tired of you and your malicious lies, your flagrant paranoia which has led you to target me as your scapegoat, your pseudo-intellectual diatribes, your grandstanding to get public attention and sympathy for your "case", your whining, hysterical voice, your wimpy-looking mugshot, your cowardly attacks falsely accusing me of being a racist and a government agent.
How dare you!
What the hell is wrong with you?
You do not know me, nor do you know anything at all about me. I have done absolutely nothing wrongful, nothing whatsoever to harm you or your family. And yet you have unleashed your wrath upon me for your own self-serving purposes. It is you who have targeted me, not the other way around.  Apparently, you wanted yet another enemy --so now, be assured, you've got one.   
Do you have any idea, Mr. James, the damage you have done with your vicious libel/slander campaign? When I put my name into a Google search, what do you think is the first thing that comes up on the screen?
That's right, YOUR filthy propaganda videos with my photo front and center.
Do you know how many times I have been told by people who did not know me (lawyers, real estate agents, and others with whom I had dealings of one kind or another) that after running my name in a Google search, they had decided they did not want to do business with me?
That's right, because unfortunately for me, they believed the total load of horse manure you have made it your mission to sling around all over the Internet.
Do you know how great the damages to me have been? How much time, energy and money it has cost me just dealing with the fallout from your malicious attacks?
Not only have I been falsely labeled as a "CIA Agent", but now also a racist.
FYI, Mr. James, nothing could be further from the truth, so let me enlighten you (assuming that is even possible, which I doubt).  In fact, I have spent my entire life fighting against any form of bigotry or oppression, including, but certainly not limited to, racism.  I have fought for human rights (for ALL, regardless of race, gender, age, ethnic origin, religion) and also for animal rights.  I have written countless editorials, hosted/produced TV and radio programs, done many public speaking engagements, demonstrated, picketed, engaged in civil disobedience, and even been arrested and jailed (but never convicted of any crime), all for the purpose of DEFENDING THE RIGHTS of the oppressed.
I have marched on Washington numerous times, including in protest of the Vietnam War. (I was arrested there, too, in 1969.)
In the 1980s I was a press representative for Amnesty International. Guess who were most of the prisoners I helped to set free? Black people who had been unlawfully incarcerated and in some cases, tortured.
For over thirty years, I have been an activist in support of Leonard Peltier (American Indian Movement), wrongfully convicted of murder and unlawfully incarcerated as a political prisoner. He's still in prison, and I continue my efforts to set him free to this day.
I have also been a longtime supporter of former IRS Agent Sherry Jackson, wrongfully convicted, who was a prisoner for over three years.
I promote the work of other black journalists and pastors on my website.
So let's get one thing thing straight: I am NOT a racist.  I do not have a racist bone in my body! And I have never "targeted" anyone of any race for "racial profiling", nor been involved in any such operations. That is despicable and it is equally despicable of you to accuse me of such a thing!
Now, to your other false accusations:
You claim I am a "CIA Agent". 
FALSE.  I broke all ties with CIA in 1994. Period. Case closed.
Perhaps you are one of those many ignorant people who believe, "Once a CIA Agent, always a CIA agent. WRONG.  But in your case I happen to know where you came across this false notion: Your pal, Timothy Patrick White. Tim White was the "source" for this false information, and you even admitted as much in your own writings. So, you were simply parroting the lies of Tim White, accepting them at face value. How stupid of you, and how shameful.
FYI, Mr. James, Tim White has been harassing me for well over a decade. He calls me "that CIA BITCH", as well as other epithets too filthy for publication. He also claims I am a "CIA Agent" who was sent to "target" him. What a coincidence...
Tim White is a career criminal, a predicate felon, and most notably, a fed snitch. He made a deal with the feds in 2002 for a get-out-of-jail-free card. His end of the deal was to harass, stalk, libel and slander patriots, journalists and whistleblowers, those of us who are exposing the crimes and corruption of the government. And his list of targets is a mile long...
Tim White has ZERO credibility among legitimate people and is notorious for his stalking and death threats. So, since this lowlife psychopath is your "source", I have to wonder how stupid you could possibly be to attribute any veracity to anything he says.
You claim I have "targeted" you and your family.
I never heard of you, Mr. James, until you were a guest on a radio talk show (RBN), a station I used to listen to on a regular basis. I called in to the program not to "target" you, but because I was outraged by the story you were relating, that is, about how you had been targeted for racial profiling.
I did nothing but sympathize with you at the time, but considering your subsequent response to my sincere concern for your plight, I have nothing but contempt for you.
You claim I was responsible for sabotaging your website and having it taken offline.
Where you came up with this idea, I have no clue. I am not any kind of hacker, far from it. My knowledge of computers and electronics is extremely limited. But more to the point, I would have no reason to want to take your website offline, because I never had any reason to "target" you to begin with. So, I can only surmise that this malicious flight of fancy emanated from Tim White as well.
You claim I have been in collusion with the FBI, most specifically an agent named Stephen Davis, to "target" you.
Wrong again. FYI, Mr. James, I have no dealings with the FBI, except, that is, to occasionally call to report criminals like Tim White. And I never heard of Stephen Davis until I saw my name connected to him on your website. I have never met the man, never spoken to the man, never had any contact with the man.
You claim I have been in collusion with John McCain to "target" you.
For the record, I do not know John McCain. Never met him, never spoken to him, never had any contact with him.  And considering what I think of him, being a traitor and all, I never, ever will.
You claim I have accused you of being a "federal agent". That falsehood, too, is plastered all over your websites and videos.
Now, Mr. James, you have really gone off the deep end. I never accused you of being any such thing. Here is what I ACTUALLY said in my reports: That you were an ACCOMPLICE of Tim White, "the fed snitch". And that is all I ever said. I never accused Tim White of being a fed agent either. He's a G-Man wannabe and government stooge, nothing more, and I certainly have never made such a statement.
As for you, Mr. James, you ARE an accomplice of Tim White, in your libel/slander campaign and your persecution against Barbara Hartwell.  THAT is "targeting", in case you are even more mentally challenged than I thought.
But here's the bottom line in all of this: If you do not REMOVE all of your libelous/slanderous garbage from the Internet, I will be making formal complaints against you with any servers you use and I WILL LEGALLY attempt to get your sites taken offline.
I will be also making a formal criminal complaint against you as being in collusion with the criminal conspiracy which has been persecuting me for many years, including stalking, criminal harassment and death threats. Tim White has threatened my life, has solicited additional crimes against me by like-minded thugs, and  all this has been well documented, as well as reported to various police departments and the FBI.
And in case you wonder, I have evidence galore.
I have had enough, Mr. Aaron James!  I consider you nothing more than a lowlife piece of sub-human gutter trash. 
May God's Justice be visited upon you.
Get the hell off my case. NOW.
Barbara Hartwell Percival
January 23, 2012
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