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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

COINTELPRO Jew-Haters: Spotlight on Clay Douglas & The Free American

NOTE: For more than a year, I have been sharing my documentation of many years of investigations, research and professional/personal experience with investigative journalists Dr. Leonard Horowitz and Sherri Kane.  They have graciously reciprocated by providing me with their own documentation and personal testimony regarding their experiences.
What's it all about? In a word, COINTELPRO. The official COINTELPRO was implemented in 1956 by FBI director J. Edgar Hoover. The acronym stands for COunter INTELligence PROgram.
 Remember the motto of COINTELPRO, from the infamous J. Edgar Hoover: "Neutralize them".
There are hordes of ambitious amateurs on the Internet who claim to be "exposing" COINTELPRO and related FBI/CIA operations.  They also claim to be "exposing" legitimate, professional  journalists and whistleblowers, including Horowitz, Kane and Hartwell. These amateurs are mostly government stooges who serve as minions: gofers, errand boys and town criers, to spread the false information about their Targets, furnished by government operatives, far and wide.
But there's a serious problem with the material promoted by these amateurs: you can't "expose" operations or individuals about which you are glaringly ignorant. These useful idiots, armchair warriors and keyboard commandos  apparently think they can compensate for their lack of knowledge, experience and expertise with aggressive verbal assaults against their Targets, especially  including racial slurs and false accusations of being government agents. These stooges are a-dime-a-dozen, penny ante provocateurs with negatively inflated egos, fueled by paranoid fantasies and delusions of their own importance.
 Most notable is that the SAME cast of characters continues to turn up, year after year, going back for well over a decade, and the SAME perpetrators are attacking, harassing and persecuting  a small number of legitimate expositors of crimes and corruption. 
 And I must say that Len Horowitz and Sherri Kane have done as excellent a job as I've ever seen in investigating and exposing the unvarnished truth about these COINTELPRO operatives and their minions. Their no-nonsense, uncompromising and courageous stand against these liars, charlatans and mountebanks is exactly what is needed to put these people out of business and shut down their Psy War against true patriots, whistleblowers and activists, those willing to stand for Liberty no matter the consequences.
 A few days ago I received a series of e-mail messages from Sherri Kane, who was rightfully outraged at the audacity of radio talk show host Clay Douglas, who e-mailed her, promoting a series of interviews with Jew-hater John Kaminski, and also soliciting donations to support his operations of promoting anti-Jewish propaganda.
 Excerpt from Clay Douglas newsletter:
"Every time you do nothing to help the cause of freedom and justice you help the very enemy whose only goal is your total enslavement and destruction. Every time you fail to spread the TRUTH of what is really happening you become part of the enemy’s propaganda machine. Every time you fail to support those who are fighting on the front lines and risking everything for your benefit you are giving aid and comfort to the enemy. You may think that all is lost, but you couldn’t be more WRONG! Just ask the people of Nazi Germany, or Communist Russia…these “monsters” can be defeated and have been many times before….it just takes good people like YOU to help!"
Here is Sherri's response:
Clay Douglas,

We know you are a white supremacist pedophile protecting, CIA\FBI\NSA COINTELPRO agent provocateur, activist infiltrator that works for the church of satan, Michael Aquino and the late Ted Gunderson.

You spread lies about my partner Dr Leonard Horowitz after he confronted you because you ripped him off. He paid you 900 bucks for an ad in your publication and you took his money and never put his ad in.

When he saw you at a conference and confronted you, you had the nerve to call him anti-semitic names. Then you had the audacity to spread around stupid, disgusting lies that he shape shifted in the elevator, which your COINTELPRO cronies spread around to discredit Dr. Horowitz, a true hero.

All because you are a coward and could not stand that he called you on your theft. Now you have the nerve to put us on your mailing list. You and your cronies have been exposed! I hope you all rot in hell, foremost for your crimes against children! Take us off your list you bottom feeding piece of low life crap!

Remember the name that helped expose your crimes,

Sherri Kane
After reading this, I was so outraged that I wrote a brief account of my own dealings with Clay Douglas. I e-mailed it to Sherri and Len with permission to post it, but then decided to post it myself.

In 2000, Clay Douglas contacted me out of the blue. I'd never heard of him (or his 'Free American' radio show and magazine), but at the time I had a public e-mail address on my website. (Barbara Hartwell DOT COM)
He invited me to be a guest on his radio show. I did a lot of radio interviews in those days, but was very selective about which invitations I accepted. I told him he could call me and I would be willing to speak to him, then decide if I wanted to be a guest on his show.
In my first phone conversation with him, he was very friendly, said he admired my work, etc. etc. He also sent me a huge stack of magazines (Free American) by post. The one thing that should have made me suspicious was his response when I brought up my former colleague, FBI Chief Ted Gunderson. I asked him, Do you know Ted Gunderson? and what do you think of him?
Yes, he said, he knew Ted, and said, "I like him!" I then explained that I had recently broken off my association with Gunderson due to "irreconcilable differences", but didn't go into too much detail, except to say that I had evidence that Ted was COINTELPRO, rather than a "Patriot Whistleblower", as he advertised himself.
Clay didn't make a big deal about any of this, so I let it drop. I agreed to be a guest on his radio show and we set up a time and date.
As I later discovered to my dismay, the whole thing was engineered as a set up. Clay Douglas lured me onto his show for one reason only: to attempt to discredit me. From the moment I got on the air, his previous affable, friendly demeanor was replaced by an aggressive, argumentative and combative attitude towards me.
Clay Douglas, instead of conducting the interview in any normal way, made it into a hostile interrogation, an Inquisition. He was rude and derisive, and did not allow me the opportunity to even respond to his rapid-fire questions, but rather just started yelling at me and cutting me off repeatedly in mid-sentence. After about fifteen minutes of this (including one commercial break) I'd had enough!
I told Clay Douglas (on the air) that I was not about to continue this "interview" in a hostile environment, and that unless he changed his disrespectful attitude I would break off the connection. At this point, he shouted, "How do we know you're not a CIA disinfo agent?!  That's what I think! I think you're a CIA disinfo agent!"
At that point, another commercial break was coming up, and he timed his performance accordingly. He shouted, "Let's get rid of her! Let's cut her off right now!" The next thing I heard was the dial tone.
I've no doubt that Clay Douglas used the rest of the broadcast to trash the name of Barbara Hartwell, which was reported to me by several friends who had continued to listen after I was summarily ripped off the air. I don't remember exactly what was said (as reported by others), but I'm sure he just repeated what Ted Gunderson (his longtime crony and ally) had told him to say: Barbara Hartwell is CIA. Beware! Don't trust her! Don't believe a word she says!...and on and on in this vein...
Shortly thereafter, I heard Clay Douglas on another broadcast, where he was interviewing Mark Phillips (A REAL CIA disinfo/containment agent and mind-control handler) and Cathy O'Brien, his mind-controlled puppet. The discussion included more trashing of Barbara Hartwell, claiming once again that I am a "CIA disinfo agent".
I had never had any direct contact with Mark Phllips or Cathy O'Brien. I only knew that they too were involved with Ted Gunderson and his containment operation/protection racket.  In fact, Mark Phillips had previously (circa 1998- 1999) been harassing me by e-mail. He made his approach by trying to get me to contact him, claiming he wanted to "help" me. Next, he tried to give me unsolicited advice about what I "should" and "should not" be making public about my case. I ignored the first couple of e-mails, then finally responded by telling him, in no uncertain terms, that I did not want or need his "help" or advice, and to mind his own damn business, stop the harassment and leave me alone!
Phillips then tried to discredit me by creating a public brouhaha, claiming that he and Cathy O'Brien had EVIDENCE; that they had BEEN TO COURT, etc. and that I had "nothing" to substantiate my claims re CIA mind control, etc. etc. (In fact, there has never been any connection between myself and O'Brien/Phillips, who touted the so-called "Monarch" program, which contrary to their claims, was NOT a CIA operation, and NOT a sub-project of CIA's MK Ultra. Nor did my experiences have any commonality with the reports of "sex slave" Cathy O'Brien or her sometime associate, Brice Taylor aka Sue Ford, or others of their ilk.)
Clay Douglas, like the late Ted Gunderson, is a white supremacist/Jew-hater. It does not surprise me that he would be doing a series of interviews with obsessive Jew-hater extraordinaire, John Kaminski. In 2003, Kaminski called Barbara Hartwell a "mainstream Republican Zionist demogogue" and "intellectual whore" (among other epithets), accused me of being CIA (what else is new?), and spread other false information, stating that I "supported" Bush's war in Iraq and "putting bullets in the heads of Iraqi children". Nothing could be further from the truth, on any of those counts! (Kakminski also defends Adolph Hitler....need I say more?)
It also comes as no surprise that Clay Douglas would rip off money from Dr. Len Horowitz, or that he would fabricate an absurd tale of seeing Len Horowitz 'shape shift' into some sort of bizarre creature.  This idiocy has now saturated the Internet (along with all the other libelous/slanderous falsehoods about Horowitz), being promoted by the likes of predicate felon, fed snitch, psycho-stalker Tim White, and his accomplices; Craig Oxley (white supremacist who calls black people "The Lower Races"); "Xena Carpenter" (a pseudonym used by identity thief, forger, blackmailer, psycho-stalker Todd Brendan Fahey); another of White's idiot accomplices, Alex (the stooge) Studer, and Alma Ott (aka "True" Ott), a charlatan/snake oil salesman touting fraudulent credentials of "PhD" and "ND".
This loathsome crew of of rabid Jew-haters (and their many accomplices/supporters) are responsible for massive damages to many decent, honorable persons, journalists and whistleblowers, be they Jews or non-Jews. If the targeted person is not Jewish (for example, Barbara Hartwell ) they will accuse that person of being a "Zionist" or fabricate other filthy slurs. If the targeted person(s) are Jewish (such as Len Horowitz and Sherri Kane) they will be disparaged as "Khazar Jews",  "Edomites", "Ashkenazi", "seed of Cain", "spawn of Satan", etc. etc. If the Target is a woman (Barbara Hartwell, Sherri Kane and others) she is called a "slut", a "whore", and much worse. They are not only Jew-haters, but also rabid misogynists.
These characters are sowers of discord, purveyors of hate, merchants of destruction, mongers of pornographic filth, protectors of child traffickers/pedophiles, and are in fact the veritable minions of Satan, all the while pretending to "EXPOSE TRUTH", oftentimes (as in the case of "True" Ott), even in the name of Jesus Christ!
(Get behind me, Satan!) 
Anyone who challenges their twisted views, defends the honor of their Targets, refutes their vile propaganda and exposes their outrageous lies, is targeted for libel/slander campaigns, set ups, stalking, monstrous invasions of privacy, criminal harassment, and even death threats.
These lowlife cowards hide behind multiple aliases and pseudonyms to do their dirty work. They are spiritually and morally bankrupt, employing pseudo-intellectual trickery, deceit, sophistry, manipulation and social engineering to spread their black propaganda with the intent of destroying their Targets.
As far as I am concerned, they can all go straight to Hell!...where they are already heading in a handbasket.
By their fruits shall you know them.
Barbara Hartwell Percival
January 9, 2012
ADDENDUM: You may find many other names of COINTELPRO operatives and their minions and stooges (not given in this brief report) listed in the HALL OF SHAME on this website.  
Also see detailed reports on this website exposing some of the accomplices in the libel/slander campaigns targeting journalists and whistleblowers,  especially malicious liars Ken Adachi aka Peter Boudreau; Don Nicoloff; James F. Marino; Larry Lawson; Brenda Negri; John DeCamp; Doug Millar; Francine Kelly; Eric Phelps.
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