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Friday, January 27, 2012

Never a Slave: MK Ultra Disinfo Exposed

It has been a tremendous source of distress, as well as frustration, that I continue to see such a large volume of ever-proliferating false information and outright nonsense about Barbara Hartwell published on the World Wide Web. I think it's safe to say that anyone who has been a Target of such an assault on his/her good name and personal/professional reputation would feel similarly.
The sources for this false information are many and varied, but primarily  consist of organized libel/slander/propaganda campaigns fomented by government agencies whose objective is to discredit and neutralize the Target (in this case, Barbara Hartwell).  These campaigns are based on a core of fabricated black propaganda and supplemented periodically with additional false information, which is then disseminated far and wide by a large but  loosely organized network of minions and stooges of the government's  operatives, including COINTELPRO.
The network consists of a bunch of rank amateurs, who fancy themselves "researchers" or "journalists", but are nothing more than garden variety snoops and busybodies, seeking attention for themselves at the expense of those targeted for their libelous gossip and scandal-mongering.
This COINTELPRO disinformation network utilizes many websites, from the smallest blog you've probably never heard of, to the largest commercial enterprises in so-called "alternative media".
Much of the false information (in the forms of misinformation, disinformation, libelous/slanderous falsehoods, black propaganda, etc.) pertains to CIA's black operations and the MK Ultra program, both generally, and specifically, as to my personal involvement in these projects. For my purposes here I will focus on setting the record straight in regard to just a few of the most common public misconceptions (based on absolute falsehoods, twisted versions of factual events, etc.) which I have found to be circulating on the World Wide Web for many years. 
Regarding MK Ultra: the government hired an army of spin doctors, apologists, disinformation specialists, and "deprogrammers", all liars and manipulators, with the objective of  "containing" the survivors, especially those who made the decision to speak out about what they had been subjected to at the hands of the Nazi scientists/doctors and their pals at CIA.
My first reports, exposing just a small part of what the U.S. government had done to me, were published on the Internet beginning in 1995.
In 1997, I made a public appearance at the Global Sciences Congress in Denver, Colorado, where I was invited to speak by the organizer, Dean Stonier.  At that time, I chose not to make a public admission of having been CIA, for a number of reasons, some stemming from a lifetime of indoctrination in the Code of Silence. Even when the programming has been broken, the Code of Silence can still be a strong deterrent in speaking openly (and especially, publicly) about one's experiences.  And of course, due to the Crime and Punishment protocol adhered to by CIA, I had been "punished" one way or another, each time I spoke out.
[The punishment for speaking at Global Sciences came less than two weeks later, in an incident of extreme harassment. A military fighter jet was deployed to fly (so low and so loud, it was enough to wake the dead!) over the roof of a 'safe house' where I was staying. The incident was covered up by the FAA, to whom I made complaints, and then later made public (including on the Jeff Rense radio program) not by me, but by a group of misguided busybodies and amateur researchers, who twisted the truth by claiming that the incident was meant to "target" their little UFO group for "exposing alien abductions".  This had absolutely nothing to do with why the incident occurred, but how typical. Once again, the truth of government harassment against Barbara Hartwell is obscured by a silly sideshow which promotes a false explanation. Shame on you all, including Jeff Rense!] 
But anyway, my silence on that particular subject didn't stop certain individuals from perceiving the truth about my background. One such person, present at the conference, was Gene "Chip" Tatum, a career military/CIA operative and whistleblower who had gone public after having been convicted of "treason" (telling the truth about certain CIA black operations)  and spending two years in "Club Fed" for his "crime".
Chip approached me after the speaker's meeting which preceded the conference, where we all introduced ourselves and each gave a brief summary of the topics on which we would be speaking. My own introduction was brief, and I stated that I was a journalist and would be speaking about "government harassment" directed against me for "exposing corruption", but I didn't elaborate much on that, at least not in the meeting. 
Chip walked up to me and stated, So, I see you're 'one of us'. When I made no reply he said, CIA, that is.  Since I saw that he meant no harm, or disrespect, I asked, What makes you say that?
He laughed and said, It's written all over you. It's the way you speak, what you say, and especially, what you don't say. He added more of his astute  observations about my general appearance, behavior, etc.  I wasn't offended by what he said, as I too have the particular form of 'radar' which allows me to perceive such things, but I did wonder if he had any previous information on which to draw his conclusion.
This conference was also where I first met FBI Chief Ted L. Gunderson, whose lecture topic was "27 Years in the FBI: THE REAL TRUTH".
Now, here comes the interesting part of this story. My invitation to speak at the conference was arranged through a mutual friend in NYC who was a regular attendee at the Global Sciences in Denver.  It was a sort of "last minute" deal, and I was told that I would be a "mystery guest" whose appearance would not be advertised beforehand, as the brochure listing the speakers had already been printed.  When I spoke to Dean Stonier on the phone, I was told that my speaking slot would be determined by whether or not another speaker, Ted Gunderson, would be present.  As I understood it, if Ted wasn't able to make it to the conference, I would be given his place on the schedule, but if he did show up, Dean said he would find a way to include my lecture in the program, no matter what.
This was the first I ever heard of Ted Gunderson. One of the false stories circulating on the Internet is that Ted Gunderson was my "handler" while I was inside. Not true. The truth is, I first met Ted at the Global Sciences Congress in 1997, shortly after I first heard his name mentioned by Dean Stonier.
Subsequently, I developed a personal friendship and professional association with Ted Gunderson. I worked with him for roughly three (3) years, including on the lecture circuit, radio and TV interviews, and in various investigations.
I broke off my association with Ted Gunderson in 2000, after a series of events which made me realize that Ted was not who he claimed to be, a "whistleblower", but in fact a COINTELPRO operative (just as he had been while serving in the FBI), whose purpose was not exposing "THE REAL TRUTH" but rather, containing the real truth, along with anyone (including myself) who was exposing it.
There came a time when looking back on it, I realized that Ted Gunderson had in fact been planted on me for just that purpose, though to his dying day he promoted the false story that the opposite was true.
Long story short, I refused to be "contained" by Ted and his cronies, several of whom also approached me with offers of  "help".  Among those I have previously exposed in my reports are CIA agent Don Stacey; low-level penetration agent and Gunderson factotum, Doug Millar (a real idiot!); CIA agent Mark Phillips (promoter of "Monarch" and handler for Cathy O'Brien); Susan Ford (aka Brice Taylor). There are others whom I have not named, but they are not relevant for the purpose of this report.
One of the worst offenders in spreading outrageous lies and malicious libel against Barbara Hartwell, for more than a decade, is Ken Adachi (aka Peter Boudreau), who served as the primary PR shill for the late FBI Chief  and COINTELPRO Kingpin, Ted L.  Gunderson. This useful idiot, Adachi, came out of the woodwork to begin his long-running (it continues to this very day) libel/slander campaign on his website, 'Educate-Yourself', shortly after I broke off my association with Gunderson.
It is important to state the fact that Ken Adachi does not know Barbara Hartwell. He has never had any form of contact with Barbara Hartwell. Most of what Adachi thinks he knows (in reality, nothing at all) about Barbara Hartwell has come from the outrageous lies furnished by Ted Gunderson himself, who had a huge stake in discrediting me after I broke off my professional association and personal friendship with him, and also by Sue Ford aka Brice Taylor, a promoter of the "Monarch" project, who did all she could to discredit me when she saw I was not going to join up with the Sob Sisters' Sex Slave and Satanism disinformation campaign.  
Then there are Adachi's other "sources", also minions and stooges who were under the control of Gunderson, such as predicate felon, career criminal, drug-trafficker, child porno freak, fed snitch Timothy Patrick White (aka Tim White aka Patrick Alexander aka George Mateski); fed snitch, fed impersonator, identity thief, Brenda Negri; fed snitch, identity thief, forger, plagiarist, blackmailer, Todd Brendan Fahey, just to name a few of the worst of the lot. 
All of these individuals are pathological liars and psychotic stalkers (cyber-stalking, stalking in vehicles and on foot), and all made threats of violence, and even death, against their Targets.  I should know, as these demonic minions have for many years considered Barbara Hartwell Public Enemy Number One.  And all are operating out of an obsessive personal vendetta against Barbara Hartwell. Why? Because I have exposed them all as criminals, stooges, G-Man wannabes and psychopaths.
Adachi's accomplices in this massive libel/slander campaign, primarily run from his website, 'Educate-Yourself' (but also disseminated far and wide), each  contributed their own pseudo-reports and slam pieces, all making outrageously false claims about Barbara Hartwell.  The most prevalent claim being that I am a "CIA disinfo agent", and/or that I am "under mind control" by CIA.
This was Ted Gunderson's linchpin in his attempts to discredit Barbara Hartwell and it has been promoted by Ken Adachi, ad infinitum, ad nauseam, for well over a decade. It has also been parroted by many ignorant people, none of whom know anything at all about Barbara Hartwell. Most of these wannabe-pundits hide behind silly screen names --how typical, for that is how cowards operate.
And although I have thoroughly refuted most of the outrageous lies and character assassination promoted by Ken Adachi et al with the truth and the facts, the lies have taken on a life of their own via the Internet grapevine, parroted ad infinitum, ad nauseum, by scores of ignorant busybodies and stooges of Adachi's ilk.
Over the years, I have ignored most of the libelous falsehoods and disinformation spread all over the Internet, on literally hundreds of websites and message boards. Who could find the time to address and refute it all?
However, from time to time (tiresome and time-consuming as it is) I find it necessary to expose at least some of these idiots and set the record straight.
Following is just a small sample of what's out there. My comments are in brackets, preceded by my initials, BHP.
"This video exposes the government's mkultra mind control program. Ted Gunderson, FBI(ret.), ex-black ops operative Chip Tatum, and two former MKULTRA mind control slaves, share their stories of government atrocities. This video was supposed to air on TV in Chicago, but was pulled to never see the light of day. Some time after this was taped, Barbara Hartwell(one of the ladies in this video) was exposed as a plant. She was attempting to infiltrate Gunderson's life to eventually discredit him."
[BHP: Here's a portion of the notorious video, Mind Control Goes Public, produced by Susan Ford aka Brice Taylor, originally taped by Chicago Health Television, an interview with Barbara Hartwell, Chip Tatum, Ted Gunderson and Susan Ford.
Susan Ford and Ted Gunderson violated the copyright, pirating this video, in collusion with a videographer and Gunderson minion named Jon Gentry, who made an unauthorized simultaneous taping of the interview. I signed a release ONLY for Chicago Health Televison to use my interview, and NOT for Gunderson, Ford or Gentry.  The video has been used as a disinformation tool, and most notably, to attempt to discredit Barbara Hartwell. I have found countless versions of this tape, accompanied by headlines such as "Barbara Hartwell CIA Plant", etc. 
In the version above, note that I am lumped in with Susan Ford and called a "MK Ultra mind control slave". In fact, I have never been any kind of "slave", nor have ever called myself such a thing.  This "slave" nonsense is promoted by Susan Ford, who claims to have been a "sex slave". It has also been heavily promoted by charlatans like Fritz Springmeier and Cisco Wheeler, as well as Doug Millar and others.
As usual, the name of the idiot who wrote the text message, also stating, AS IF IT WERE A FACT, that Barbara Hartwell was "exposed as a plant", is not given.  Whoever you are, you are a low-grade moron. I do know that one of the Gunderson shills who wrote this type of crap, under various idiotic screen names (such as 'Truth Ranger') is a criminal named Clarence Malcolm, Ted's sidekick for about seven years. You can go straight to hell, Malcolm, you and the Trojan horse you rode in on!
Next, we have another useful idiot by the name of Joshua Copeland.  In a forum connected to 'Freedom from Covert Harassment' (another group of liars, stooges and shills headed by Derrick Robinson), I found this piece of gossip about Barbara Hartwell:
Joshua Copeland Says:

"She [Barbara Hartwell] is trying to discredit real victims of gang stalking (mind control). The stuff really does go on, but most of the reading material and people you find on the web are people saying they are TI’s (Targeted Individuals, who are victims of gang stalking) but they (Sue Ford, Barbara Hartwell, et al) are actually govt related, doing their best to discredit real TI’s by acting like cranks."

[BHP: Again, Barbara Hartwell is for no good reason lumped in with Sue Ford, and accused of being "gov't related" and "trying to discredit real TI's". First of all, I have never claimed that I am a "victim of gang stalking".  He also equates this "gang stalking" with mind control, which has nothing to do with anything I have ever stated in any of my reports.  Who the hell is this Joshua Copeland, shooting his mouth off about someone he does not know? Just another stooge, trying to get attention for himself by parroting the lies he reads on the Internet.]

Another idiotic website which is promoting outrageous lies about Barbara Hartwell is:

Iconoclast Radio
Under the title, "Conspiracy Kooks and Con Artists", my name is included, with a separate pseudo- report: 'Who Is Barbara Hartwell?'  By Liz Carpenter
This is the same pseudo-report which is posted on the "Xena Carpenter" website, where no author is credited. Now, suddenly, lo and behold! we have this "Liz Carpenter" coming out of the woodwork claiming to be the author.
But the real author of this libel-fest is one Todd Brendan Fahey, the lowlife coward and obsessive whackjob who has been hiding behind the "Xena Carpenter" alias (one of many) for years in order to promote his outrageous lies about Barbara Hartwell.  Also in collusion with the "Xena Carpenter" site is predicate felon Tim White, Fahey's other half of the demonic duo, a pair of criminal psycho stalkers who have been operating as a tag team since 2004. Michelle Ray, yet another bubble-headed buffoon, busybody and belligerent ignoramus from Denver, has also frequently chimed in with idiotic comments about Barbara Hartwell. [See reports on this site exposing this bunch.] 
Then, I found this:

Yet another anonymous coward with no name. On the sidebar of this website is posted this list:


Barbara Hartwell

Sue Ford aka Brice Taylor

Cathy O'Brien

Paul Bonacci

Kathleen Sullivan

[BHP: Once again, I am falsely designated as a "Slave" and my name gets lumped in with others who have absolutely nothing to do with me, my background or my experiences.  I find it especially offensive that this anonymous coward would link my name with Paul Bonacci, of all people. Paul Bonacci is a lowlife criminal  perpetrator who was involved in the abduction, drugging and rape of Johnny Gosch, and who benefited from his crimes by being awarded a million dollar settlement, from which his attorney, John DeCamp, another criminal and liar who has targeted Barbara Hartwell, also profited.]

And as if this were not bad enough, the writer also made a separate post using my name:

'Barbara Hartwell has a new blog connected to her old blog'

"Barbara Hartwell, one of the survivors if mind control who was part of the group who came out in the 90s, seems to have a new website which is an extension of her earlier work, her original blog.

As you know I spent little time trying to figure out who is a disinfo agent and who is not, becuz I do not have the resources to do thorough investigation.

I usually take what’s usable from each activist and try to find truth or at least formulate something useful for my readers and my own case as well.

Each person brings something useful.

Gunderson had posted a piece of information that was invaluable to me years ago and may have saved my life being targeted. Hartwell has mentioned things in her research that were experiences I had no one else seemed to mention or deem significant.

Yet, both of these people have claim against each other for being disinfo agents.

What is someone in my position supposed to think?"

[BHP: How about you just try THINKING, period, before you shoot your mouth off?  No, I was not "part" of any "group", and certainly not connected with the individuals you name here.

Whoever the hell you are, how dare you!  You don't know me and you don't know what the hell you are talking about.  So in future, leave my name OUT of your  ignorant commentaries.]

Next on the list: WIDE EYE CINEMA

More anonymous cowards here, this time using my name in an article titled:
'Got Shills?'

This article purports to expose various "shills", all called "operatives" in Types, from Type 1 to Type 6.  Barbara Hartwell has been categorized as: "Type 5 Operatives (Nazi Paperclip shills)"

No further information or any explanation is given by the anonymous idiot(s), only photos of the various "shills" and "operatives", including Barbara Hartwell and links to their websites.

For more idiocy see:

Next in line:


Again, no name was given in connection with this website, but I managed to track down one Bill Ryan, who is apparently the owner. Why don't these people ever give out their names? What's the problem?

Here we go again with the ubiquitous Ken Adachi, and his sleazy pal, Don Nicoloff, another notorious liar known to spread libel and slander about Barbara Hartwell:

Incoming Planet Psyop & more; Ken Adachi, ZS & Don Nicoloff in a radio interview

"The first part of the interview is about the topic of TED GUNDERSON. If you do not know about TED let me enlighten you. He was in a High Position in the FBI and left to become one of the most famous WHISTLEBLOWERS. He followed the leads on Satantic Rituals and Murders of children, The Franklin Scandal. Ted in under attack from Sherry Cane who has launched in destroying Ted by writing slanderous articles along with Barbara Hart well. She contacted Ted in 1987 and she asked for help saying she was a MK ULTRA slave. He helped her with money etc. Ted Gunderson is a decent man who has tried to help USA by bringing to to the attention of the people cases like – the framing of Jeffery McDonald Murder Case by the military. Like many other stories he wrote about, made videos and documentaries about many secrets in the Black ops. Now Ted is under attack by Sherry Cane and she is trying to destroy Ted in the llth hour of his life. He is being taken down."

[BHP: No author is credited for this piece of libelous garbage either. Is it Bill Ryan?  Is it Ken Adachi?  Is it Don Nicoloff?  Or some other anonymous moron who enjoys spreading lurid gossip about people they do not know?

Whoever you are, fool, I'll set you straight right now.

1) I, Barbara Hartwell, did not "contact Ted in 1987".  As stated above in this report, I did not meet him until 1997. I did not "contact" Ted. I simply made his acquaintance at a conference where we were both speakers.

2) At no time did I EVER claim I was a "MK Ultra slave". Not to Ted Gunderson, not to anyone else. This "MK Ultra slave" bit is really wearing thin.  Is there no end to the chain of idiots who seem to feel compelled to repeat this lie?

3) Ted Gunderson's "help" with "money", in the entire time I was associated with him, was limited to a check he mailed me for $100.00. 

Whoopee! Let's break out the Dom Perignon!

4) Sherri Kane (NOT "Sherry Cane", you moron) did not try to "destroy" Ted Gunderson. In fact, Ted Gunderson's COINTELPRO gang attempted to destroy Sherri's partner, Dr. Len Horowitz, by putting out false information about him and attempting to set him up (that was Ted's specialty). All Sherri Kane did was EXPOSE THE TRUTH about Ted Gunderson and his gaggle of minions and stooges. And I give her credit for doing a great job!

And you want to "enlighten" me about Ted Gunderson? Try enlightening YOURSELF with the facts before making your uninformed proclamations.

But since I found this site, Project Avalon, which is also exploiting my name, I might as well take a moment to say what I think of this pair of buffoons, Bill Ryan and his partner, Kerry Cassidy.  I've seen a few of their videos, which I happened upon when conducting some research.

They are a couple of New Age nincompoops who promote the "ascension" garbage ad nauseam, and other such gobbledygook, and their guests are mostly a bunch of shills like Benjamin Fulford, David Wilcock and others of their ilk. 

Their interview style is so amateurish (especially Cassidy) that even when they have a guest who is actually a legitimate whistleblower and a credible source of information (I've seen a few), the information is not allowed to flow naturally, but is constantly interrupted by non sequiturs and aggressive questions which seem designed to throw them off the track, rather than to bring forth the information which would be of most interest to the audience.

If their agenda is in fact to discredit those they interview, then they're certainly doing a good job. (But then, most of the New Age whackjobs who appear on the program can easily discredit themselves, as soon as they open their mouths.)


Lastly, I find it necessary to address the issue of some of the people who continue to write to me with their comments and questions on MK Ultra and related topics. I do not have a public e-mail address, for the simple reason that I am not interested in discussing my work, my writings or my personal/professional  business with the public.

True, I have a public website, but aside from that, I am a very private person.  I only want to be left in peace.  I am a true recluse, by nature and increasingly, by my own choice.  If you've read this far (and certainly if you've read much of what's on my website) then it should be clear how I feel about my privacy, which I guard fiercely. Aside from that, I am not a "social" person by any means. The extent of my "social life" is Christian fellowship at my church.

Busybodies have in many ways been the bane of my existence, those who just refuse to mind their own business and leave me alone to tend to mine.  Unfortunately, the Internet is rife with busybodies, nosy, pushy gossips and snoops who lack any sense of common decency, and who invade the privacy and personal boundaries of others with impunity. I've just described a number of them in this report.

I have put up notice after notice after notice, clearly stating: THIS WEBSITE IS FOR INFORMATION PURPOSES ONLY. Readers may make of my reports what they will.

I have such a prominent notice posted permanently on the sidebar of this website.

I have also repeatedly asked the readers to please NOT send me their personal testimony about mind control, government harassment, etc. etc.  I often get requests for pro bono assistance in these cases. As I have stated, time and time again, I am unable to provide such assistance and such people are only wasting their time by sending me these case files, legal documents, etc. I don't even have time to read them.

And yet, I continue to receive letters by post, from readers who apparently do not understand my clearly stated notices. What's more, I keep getting letters from the SAME people, who say they read my website, and yet they have not seen my notices?

One person recently sent me at least five such letters, in handwriting so tiny I could not risk straining my eyes to read them. There were also photos of some of the perps I have exposed on my website, including Todd Brendan Fahey, Don Nicoloff, Brenda Negri, Tim White, copied off the Internet, some from my own reports and others from different websites.

I don't know what the point of all this was, as there was nothing I didn't already know about these people.  She also said she thought I could help her "because you are a CIA agent".  No, no, no, I am NOT a CIA agent.  I am FORMER CIA, and that too is clearly stated on my website.

I wonder, what is it going to take to discourage this?

Then, I get letters from people who seem to think they know things about me which are in fact completely false.  These people are either making their own false assumptions, or they are simply repeating what they have read on the Internet from false sources (such as some of the liars and shills exposed in this report).

Here is an excerpt from one such letter. I won't reveal the name of this person, as I'm sure he means well, but I would ask him to please NOT send me any more of this.

"I went to your website and read. I wanted to write to you about Sue Ford being blackmailed by Henry Kissinger and George Bush. Have you ever wonder why Sue acts the way she does? Well it's because she can be put away in a mental health hospital for the rest of her life if she doesn't Blackmail others as ordered by the American C.I.A. In other words she tells everything anyone says to her. Have you ever seen the movie "The Exorcist"? that movie is based on Sue when she was only Eleven years old. Sue has the ability of telekinesis. Kissinger had Sue pumped up on L.S.D. drugs and made an audio recording of Sue talking in reverse speech. Sue also has the ability to channel spirits. Sue cannot shape shift but in the movie she does but that is disinformation. Henry Kissinger and George Bush made a lot of money off the film. Because Sue has multiple personaility disorder she will never be free from being Blackmailed by the new world order. You may want to keep this in mind when one of your friend start to talk to Sue..."

What I find most disturbing is the constant references to Sue Ford, Cathy O'Brien et al. This is just one of many letters I have received in which they are mentioned, AS IF they have anything to do with me.

I must make it clear that I have no interest in these people. I have no common background or experiences with these people. I was NOT involved in the so-called "Monarch" project, which was NOT a CIA operation. 

I was NOT ever any kind of "sex slave", nor any other kind of "slave". And I was NOT involved in any way, shape or form with these individuals while I was still inside CIA, nor had even heard of them.   

And no, I don't wonder why Sue acts the way she does. I know enough about her from my own brief and unpleasant past dealings with her, which were over a decade ago. 

Furthermore, I don't CARE why she acts the way she does. The only thing of concern to me is the extreme damages done to my personal/professional reputation by Sue Ford and her fellow Town Crier, Ken Adachi, who seems to consider his fellow busybody, Sue Ford, the "expert" on the life and times of Barbara Hartwell.  "According to Brice Taylor (Sue Ford)...blah blah blah..." "Brice Taylor says...yada yada yada..."

Neither of these people know what the hell they're talking about, their only purpose being to do as much damage as possible.

And believe me, no friends of mine would ever be talking to Sue Ford, so I don't need the unsolicited advice.

No offense meant, but in future, I think I will simply have to have these letters stamped  "return to sender".
Barbara Hartwell Percival
Never a Slave
January 27, 2012

Barbara Hartwell Percival
Legal Defense & Research Trust