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Tuesday, January 31, 2012



Charles Bruce Stewart: "Chief Justice of the Peace for the “supreme Court of Law for these united States of America"

There are a thousand hacking at the branches of evil to one who is striking at the root.

--Henry David Thoreau

This report exposes just a few of the so-called "Christians", "Patriots" and "Whistleblowers" who purport to be activists fighting for Liberty, and who also claim to be working to free political prisoners.

I will present evidence that:

1) The "activists" in question fall into one (or more) of the following categories:  A) Government Agents, most notably COINTELPRO, who spread black propaganda and disinformation; B) their Dupes, who in fact live in profound ignorance of who is exploiting them, and why; C) Charlatans and Con Artists who are profiting from the "Conspiracy Industry".

(Yes, there is such an industry and millions of dollars are ripped off every year from unsuspecting "conspiracy buffs" who believe they are "fighting the good fight" by donating money to "patriot" causes; buying books and CDs; buying tickets to attend conferences and enrolling in seminars where they believe they will learn "the truth" from government whistleblowers and other "conspiracy researchers".)

2) That these Agents and their Minions and Stooges are, as an integral part of this operation,  attacking legitimate Whistleblowers, genuine Patriots and true Christians, as part of the neutralization campaigns of COINTELPRO.

The purpose being, in large measure, to DISCREDIT TRUTH ITSELF, while at the same time, allowing the tyranny to continue unabated, and the totalitarian police state tactics to gain an ever-increasing stranglehold over the populace.

That is why these operations are called "controlled opposition". The tyranny and totalitarianism will be "opposed", but in such a way that few to none of the actual perpetrators will ever be held accountable for their crimes, corruption and cover-ups. By the same token, the Targets and Victims will not see justice for the crimes committed against them.

Is this not what is in fact happening in this country? I'd love to see some evidence to the contrary, but from my observations, and more importantly, based on the facts, the events and the overall effects and consequences, things are only getting worse.

My usual method of exposing these operatives, dupes and shills is to simply let them expose themselves, using quotes from their own writings. This way, the contradictions, the falsehoods, the lies, can easily be spotted and refuted with the facts and the evidence. 

I'll start with one of the government stooges, one Charles Bruce Stewart. Here is a quote (2006):

"I, Charles Bruce, Stewart, as the duly elected pro-tem Chief Justice of the Peace for the “supreme Court of Law for these united States of America”, here-by solemnly affirm up-on my own personal knowledge and honor, that all of the issues of situational/fact and Law presented in this Quo-Warranto/Habeas-Corpus Criminal-Complaint document are true and correct before Almighty God; and that all Prisoners named or indicated in this same Complaint deserve to be Set Free, Immediately."

--Statement by Charles Bruce Stewart re 'Class-Action Felony-Criminal Complaint, Quo Warranto'

 Mr. Stewart published this "legal" document (see link above for entire document), from which I will include several other excerpts in this report.  First, note Mr. Stewart's grandiose claims to self-appointed authority under the law. Does anyone really believe that Mr. Stewart's "credentials" would hold up in ANY court of law?  Or that anyone, even a legitimate practitioner of "Common Law", of "Constitutional Law" or an "expert" in such, would take him seriously?
I don't think so. I myself am no expert in any kind of law, but in my opinion, simply as an observer of Mr. Stewart's activities over a period of years, common sense would dictate that anyone who would throw their lot in with him, especially allowing him to be the author of such a document, to which their name is VOLUNTARILY attached (and no indication is given in the document as to WHICH names these are), would have to be either a complete ignoramus/dupe, or someone attempting to discredit the whole of the ideas and claims which are promoted in this document.
I can certainly name one such person who falls into the "attempting to discredit" category, the late Ted L. Gunderson (November 7 1928 - July 31, 2011), FBI Chief and COINTELPRO Kingpin.
But before I get into Ted Gunderson's contribution to Mr. Stewart's legal document, here is the first portion of the document relating to the lawsuit:
[Note: I have highlighted certain names and phrases which are most relevant to exposing the true nature of this "operation".]
The Public/DeJure//Constitutional/Organic Body-Politic: “United States of America”, Ex-Rel; James Dalton, Bell; Charles Bruce, Stewart; LeRoy Michael, Schweitzer; Montana Freemen; Leonard Peltier; Yorie Von, Kahl; Irwin Schiff; Paul Andrew, Mitchell; Jack McLamb; Ted Gunderson; “Johnny Liberty”; Ward Churchill; Russell Means; Hartford Van-Dyke; Fritz Springmeier; Zacarias Moussaoui; the “Portland-Seven”; all “Branch-Davidian /Waco” fed-prisoner survivors; all Guantanamo-Bay Quasi-Military Prisoners of War; & all John & Jane Doe Civilian, & Military Federalized Puppet-State Prisoners & Supporters, 1 - 9,000,000; many of whom are listed here-in; & including 120 Prisoners in Snake-River Oregon; & all as Common-Law Advocates; Public-Prosecutors; Nation/States-Attorneys-General; Accuser/Plaintiffs.


The Militarized/Provisional/Legal-Fiction/Foreign/Private/Corporate/DeFacto/ “UNITED STATES GOVERNMENT”, aka, the: “UNITED STATES”; the “Federal Reserve Banking System”; & all of their Usurping CoIntelPro, MK-Ultra, Government & Non-Government Office-Holders; & Including but not limited to: DeFacto Officers: Attorney-General: Alberto Gonzales; President: George W. Bush; various Federal Judges, many in the 9th Circuit & Portland District Courts; & all Co-Conspiring John & Jane Doe DeFacto Federal Judges, Legislators, DoJ, FBI, BoP, USMarshal, IRS, CIA, NSC, & Military Officers; the “Correction Corp of America”; the “Bank of International Trade and Settlements”; & All Co-Conspiring DeFacto-Federalized Puppet-State, County, Local Municipal, & Private Corporate Officers: 1 - 500,000, many listed here-in; & Including All Natural & Fictitious Persons Conspiring in the Constitutionally-Lawless & Aggressively-Militaristic Arrest, Prosecution,&/or Coercive-Terrorizing of Any of the above or here-in named Co-Plaintiffs; whom Conspirators are acting as a “Federal Maffia”, from with-in their Lawlessly-Expanded & Nazi/Fascist “Federal Zone”; All as Accused Treasonous-Conspirator Defendants

Felony Criminal-Complaint;

“Nation/State-Ex-Rel”, & In the Nature of:

as recognizable through the US Constitution, at Article 3 Sec 2.1, 2.2, & 2.3; & Article 3 Sec 3; Amendments 1, 6, 7, 9, 10; & in the US Code at Title 28, Sec 528; & Alleging:


Endangering “National Security” Multitudes of Kidnapings, Assaults, Racketeering, Obstruction of Justice, Conspiracy, Malfeasance, Abuse of Public Office, Official Misconduct, Perjury, Anti-Trust Monopoly, Coercion, Terrorism, Misprision of Felony, Misprision of Treason, & including a “Pattern of Behavior” which constitutes a literal Multitude of Other Lawlessly Trespassing & Aggressive War-Crimes. In Amendment to James Dalton Bell’s Civil Complaint of Racketeering, as Filed under Case # 02-1052 in Portland Oregon Federal District Court; & numerous other pre existing federal complaints as further specified here-in.
With Demand for the Issuance of Writs Of Habeas Corpus on Behalf of Bell & All Other here-in-named Lawlessly-Imprisoned & Honorably-Patriotic Religious/Political-Prisoner Co-Plaintiffs.

Action at Law

Trial by Jury Demanded

Case #: _______________

Well, Mr. Stewart, you've outdone yourself in your assertions of Treason committed against "We the People", but it's clear that you haven't a clue who the real perpetrators are.

Back to Ted Gunderson. Here, a piece of evidence which will certainly serve as a "word to the wise" and which should be "sufficient" in establishing Gunderson's true purpose in his participation in this lawsuit.

[Note: Gunderson's own written words are in quotation marks. I have highlighted certain words for emphasis.] 

Ted Gunderson's Published Proposal to Deploy COINTELPRO Tactics

Excerpt from Ted Gunderson's Letter to Larry Flynt [Publisher of 'Hustler Magazine' and 'Barely Legal']
"December 21, 1998
Larry Flynt
Flynt Publications

I. Counter Intelligence Operation
Organize a select group of trusted, loyal Americans to operate an effective legal counter-intelligence operation. The goal of a counter-intelligence operation is to educate and, in some instances, to disrupt the enemy by mailing anonymous letters to selected individuals and groups in order to create distrust and paranoia. Another goal is to furnish disinformation and create confusion. I was a counter-intelligence expert in the FBI and I am aware of numerous techniques with which to work towards this goal. I wish to emphasize we will not conduct any criminal or illegal activity, nor violate any laws. All activities would be legal. There are other techniques than can be used, in addition to anonymous letters, i.e., telephone calls from public telephones. Disinformation can also be spread on radio and television talk shows."
Ex-FBI Agent Ted Gunderson Solicits Porno King Larry Flynt for COINTELPRO
Now, let's take a look at some excerpts from Charles Stewart's legal document:
 "....there is a far-reaching CoIntelPro style of a Conspiracy in place amongst corrupted agents of the Federal Government who are acting out-side of their constitutionally-lawful scope of authority to cause significantly violent and war-like harm to the American People."
Secondarily; this complaint is focused on the active Cointelpro policies of “Picking-Off Leaders” who have been raised up by natural/organic body-politic spiritual process, perhaps even in the minds of many of us “at the hand of God”.

Mr. Stewart makes references to COINTELPRO throughout his document. But he is clearly woefully ignorant about the true nature of these operations; as well as about the longterm involvement of one of the "plaintiffs", Ted L. Gunderson, in COINTELPRO, both under the official auspices of the FBI (under J. Edgar Hoover) in his capacity as an FBI Agent; and in his de facto capacity, in the years since his "retirement" from the FBI until his death in 2011.

His comment on "the hand of God" is particularly ludicrous, considering some of his sources.

More from Stewart's document:  
"Ted Gunderson is a retired prominent Officer in the “Federal Bureau of Investigation”, aka: the “FBI”. He shares a web page with Jack McLamb, & other prominent constitutionalist/patriots here: And he hosts his own web page here:      [link defunct]

"Ted Gunderson has been the most senior agent in charge of the Los Angles FBI Office between the years of 1977 to 1979. In his role as an FBI supervisor, Gunderson has had over 700 persons under his command, and he has operated a $22 million annual budget. Mr Gunderson has well documented the very evil which faces the American people. He knows well that this evil has saturated what modernly passes as “Federal Government”.
Mr Gunderson knows well the need for such bold steps to be taken. Gunderson himself has been the target of harassment from corrupted Federal officers. Gunderson has had his home busted into, and has had his files, a tape recorder, and cellular phone stolen there-from, has had his life threatened, has been shot at; all quite probably by terrorist agents of the parasitical blood-sucking private/corporate/ empire defacto-federal government, all similar to that described above by co-plaintiff Jack McLamb. These statements are listed in the Sworn “Affidavit” of Ted Gunderson, along with his statement that “the Government is acting with Satanists”; in relation to Gunderson’sinvestigations on behalf of a “Client” of his, who had asked Gunderson for help in inspecting a Satanists' cult located on the East Coast. Gunderson’s “Affidavit” is here:

[link defunct]

The affidavit referenced by Mr. Stewart included Ted Gunderson's testimony against Barbara Hartwell, in which he (ironically) claimed that I am part of a "government disinformation program."  Gunderson also wrote a letter to (then) Attorney General John Ashcroft in which he made similar false accusations  against Barbara Hartwell and other legitimate whistleblowers.

"Further; “The Franklin Cover Up; Child Abuse, Satanism, and Murder in Nebraska”; is the name of a Book by a former State Senator of Nebraska named “John DeCamp”. Gunderson was invited to investigate these claims, and he has verified them through his own first-hand knowledge. His general account of this effort is here:

[link defunct, as Ted Gunderson DOT COM has been taken offline.]

"As can be seen in that lengthy web-page; “Satanism” as well as DeFacto Government Sponsored “MKUltra Mind Control” is a quite prominent concern there-in. And although those activities in them-selves do not constitute Common-Law/Constitutional Crimes; literal hundreds of murders and assaults which are so well documented through the DeCamp and Gunderson testimonies, do constitute Common-Law Constitutional Crimes.

And the relation between Satanism, MK-Ultra Mind-Control practices, and “Criminal Activity”, is extensively documents by the accompanying here-in testimony of co-plaintiff “Fritz Springmeier”. And we the co-plaintiffs listed here-in, demand that this “Supreme Court of the Unites States” take this entire matter under very serious and expedited consideration. The DeCamp and Gunderson testimony clearly places all of these concerns on a “National/Federal Level”, and this is all way too serious to be processed by lower-level local Federal District Courts. This conflict is of such significance that lower-level pawns are not worth confronting over these issues. The Illuminati/Satanists have way too much influence through-out the entire system of American Federal Government system in order for those Few Courageous Americans who are probably being placed on the above-described “Red List” for Genocide/Extermination, to waste their valuable energies in attempting to save the American Nation form Treasonous “Hostile Take-Over”."

See my reports on this website re Gunderson, DeCamp and the Franklin Coverup. Mr. Stewart has swallowed the Franklin story, hook, line and sinker, just as he has all the other claims of these criminals.

As regards Gunderson's true involvement with satanism, he married satanist Diana Rively, the ex-wife of Anton LaVey, founder of the Church of Satan, in 1998. Gunderson denied the marriage, but doing a search of the key words will produce evidence furnished by Barbara Hartwell, also exposed by investigative journalist Sherri Kane.

But let's move on to Leonard Peltier. Peltier's name is included in Stewart's document, though I have no way of knowing if it was by his own choice. My additional comments follow this excerpt.

"Leonard Peltier

Amnesty International considers Leonard Peltier a political prisoner who should be "immediately and unconditionally released. Nelson Mandela, Rigoberta Menchu, the U.N. High Commissioner on Human Rights, the Dalai Lama, the European Parliament, and countless others have called for his freedom.

The point is that because of this small number of elitist power-mongering parasite-class White People (men and women); Atrocities such as that which is even now being committed against Leonard Peltier continue to be committed against the Native American People. Here-under; and with at least some Justification; All White-People are Slandered. And this partially-Justified Slander against White People Will Continue until Leonard Peltier is Released from Prison; and fundamental changes are instituted to respect the Self-Governing Sovereignty of the Indian People."

It is a well known fact that the leaders of the American Indian Movement (AIM) were targeted by the FBI's CONTELPRO. For details and evidence see:

At the time of the "Incident at Oglala", in 1975, Ted Gunderson was still in the FBI and operating in his "official" capacity of COINTELPRO. I have reason to believe that Gunderson was directly involved in the conspiracy against the AIM and Leonard Peltier.

In support of that belief, I will share some of my own testimony, which could be considered "anecdotal", were I a witness in a court of law. The readers, as always, may make of it what they will.

In 1998, I was at a conference with Ted Gunderson, which was held in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, where we were both speakers. One evening, I went out to dinner with Ted.  We were in the cocktail lounge waiting for a table, and we were discussing some issues that came up at the conference.

Ted usually "took the side" which blamed the FBI for its corruption, but when I brought up the case of Leonard Peltier, he became defensive and agitated.  I had told him that I was a longtime Peltier supporter, and explained about some of my efforts to have him released, as he is innocent of the charges and wrongfully incarcerated.

Ted, instead of being his usual "charming" self, barked at me: "He belongs in prison! He killed two FBI agents!"

I tried to discuss this with him, arguing the facts of the case, with which I was very familiar, due to years of my own research. But Ted was adamant about Peltier's "guilt" and I finally gave up trying to persuade him otherwise.

At the time, though his comments upset me, I didn't fully realize the significance. It would be at least another year before I had enough evidence to reach the conclusion that Ted Gunderson was COINTELPRO, but this incident stands out in my memory for obvious reasons.

But whether or not Ted was directly involved in the conspiracy against Leonard Peltier, his heated comments speak volumes about his true loyalties.

As for Charles Stewart, his remarks about "justified slander" are ludicrous. No slander is ever justified, else it would not be slander. But again, he is his usual clueless self about COINTELPRO and the loyalties of at least one of his fellow "plaintiffs". 

Here's more from Mr. Stewart on COINTELPRO:

"...Ward [Churchill] is profoundly aware of how the corrupted/illegitimate federal government agents complained of here-in operate. More particularly those evil/corrupted federal government agents continue to operate their “COINTELPRO” program of leadership extermination; even though it has been formally out-lawed by the US Congress."

Well, who do you think this describes, Mr. Stewart? Don't you get it yet?

"In their book on Cointelpro, Churchill and his co-author Jim Vander Wall, documented in their introduction that the FBI has formally designated that the purpose of their “CoIntelPro” program, was to “‘disrupt and destabilize’, ‘cripple’, ‘destroy’, or otherwise ‘neutralize’, dissident individuals and political groupings in the United States”. Churchill went on to document that that CoIntelPro process had been formally “denounced by congressional investigators as being ‘a sophisticated vigilante operation’”.

See Ted Gunderson's letter to Larry Flynt for the tactics described here.

"This thorough documentation of the FBI’s Constitutionally-Lawless “Targeting” of Leaders of Dissident Movements is applicable in the cases of co-plaintiffs Bell, Schweitzer; Peltier; Kahl; Schiff; Gunderson; Van-Dyke; Springmeier; Van-Hove; Moussaoui; the “Portland-Seven”; and the “Branch-Davidians. These people were either Leaders in their movements, or they were critically important Supporters of those Leaders. All of them except Gunderson are presently in defacto Federal Prison as the Direct Result of this treasonous “Targeting”.

All EXCEPT Ted Gunderson are in prison? Now what do you think that means, Mr. Stewart? See if you can tax yourself and figure it out.

Next, Charles Stewart turns his attention once again to the topic of  MK Ultra and "mind control", yet another subject on which he is glaringly ignorant. And naturally, he promotes charlatan Fritz Springmeier (aka Victor E. Schoff aka Arthur Alexander Jr.) the main proponent of the "total mind controlled slave".

“The Illuminati Formula Used to Create an Undetectable Total Mind Controlled Slave”.

"Fritz Springmeier has been targeted to be railroaded into prison by the Satanically controlled MK-Ultra drones and handlers in the Federal Executive and Judicial Departments; all because of his above described profound insight and leadership in exposing the evil forces behind their vampire-like efforts to suck the life-blood out of the body-politic of the American People."

But let's move on and take a look at some other writings of Charles Stewart. The excerpts given are from of one of my reports.


The Stalker: A Tale of Demonic Persecution

Sherri Kane wrote:
White similarly harassed ex-CIA agent, Barbara Hartwell, who reported, "White made a deal with criminal government operatives and law enforcement personnel, for a get-out-of-jail-free card in 2002. . . . [He] seeks out any and every high profile whistleblower, patriot or investigator he hears about, reads about, or otherwise learns about."

One of Tim White's longtime accomplices is Charles Bruce Stewart , who calls himself  "Brother Chuck", one of the fraudulent "Christian Brothers" who attack legitimate whistleblowers and journalists on a regular basis.  Stewart read Sherri's article and as usual, decided to chime in, in defense of his pal, Tim White. 
CBS [Charles Bruce Stewart] Comment:

"Tim White is a hothead; but he is also one of the most advanced conspiracy-researchers & confronters of evil on the planet. Tim White sometimes does attack people who do not deserve it, but most of the time he is "Right On the Money". I have not seen the evidence in this controversy between Ms Kane & Mr White, but I know Mr White very well, & I do not know Ms Kane at all, & I am inclined to believe that Ms Kane is in error in her accusation against Mr White here."
CBS [Charles Bruce Stewart] Comment:

 "Ms Hartwell is a devil-worshiping forked-tongued lair [liar]. I have had many interactions with Ms Hartwell over the years, & she has consistently been on the side of disinformation, subversion, & evil.  Giving credit where it is due, much of her general account about the evils of the present government are true, but remember that the most skilled disinformation artists know well how to fold fatal lies in between numerous truths, & this is Ms Hartwell's modus-operandi, & anyone who says different is a liar. Conflicts between Mr White & Ms Hartwell have been on-going for decades, & each have their own camps of supporters, & I am in Mr White's camp of supporters. If Ms Kane is really pure of heart in her composition of this article, then she has made a fatal-error in supporting the position of Ms Hartwell in her article here."

CBS [Charles Bruce Stewart] Comment:

"Un-biased reviews of the available Evidence indicates that Ms Hartwell is much more closely linked to the CIA than is Mr White.  Greg Szymanski & True Ott are both profoundly-advanced conspiracy-researchers, as is Eric John Phelps. These are the "two camps" of conspiracy researchers & whistleblowers which I mentioned above; & one of these camps is definitely controlled by the forces of the darkest evil. Readers, & Ms Kane, choose your positions carefully; an apocalyptic end-game battle is looming, & there will be no chance to take your words back & change the camp to which you have declared your loyalties."
CBS [Charles Bruce Stewart] Comment:

 "Tim White was forced to flee to Vancouver BC from Colorado a few years back(2006) because of threats against his life. All of Ms Kane's whining for persecuted patriots is slanted here in the directly on of the Hartwell camp, & it gives no recognition for the similar persecutions suffered in the White/Phelps camp. That is "Biased Reporting", Ms Kane, aka "Propaganda", Ms Kane."

The first I ever heard of Charles Stewart was when he contacted my friend, former FBI agent Geral Sosbee.  At first, CBS presented himself as a "supporter" of Sosbee, promoting his website, Sosbee vs. FBI, and calling him "FBI Hero".

Shortly thereafter, however, CBS launched a vicious attack on Geral, claiming he was "mind-controlled from birth", impugning his sanity, and trying to draw Geral into his little clique of "mind-control conspiracy theorists", which included a number of government stooges, shills and provocateurs, all of whom I consider false Christians, including Larry Lawson, Tim White, Shirley Anderson (White's then "girlfriend") Pam Schuffert et al. Stewart was also heavily into promoting the "Monarch" mind control cult of criminal and charlatan Fritz Springmeier and his associate, Cisco Wheeler.

Outraged at Stewart's unwarranted attack on Geral Sosbee, I wrote an open letter, defending my friend and colleague, Sosbee, and exposing Stewart for the ignorant and arrogant fool that he is.

See: Ex-FBI Whistleblower Attacked by Former Supporter
FBI Whistleblower Exposes Fraudulent "Christian Brother" Charles Bruce Stewart

Mr. Stewart then began attacking Barbara Hartwell by spreading the outrageous lies fabricated by Tim White, Shirley Anderson, Larry Lawson, Ken Adachi, Brenda Negri and their ilk, all of whom happen to be the minions and stooges of COINTELPRO Kingpin Ted L. Gunderson.

 CBS: "Tim White is a hothead; but he is also one of the most advanced conspiracy-researchers & confronters of evil on the planet."

Mr. Stewart is a loudmouthed, aggressive busybody and ignoramus. He has no 
idea what he is talking about. White is not any kind of "researcher", much less an "investigator" or "whistleblower", as he ludicrously boasts when signing his name to the trash he posts.  He's an uneducated rank amateur, a G-Man wannabe with an axe to grind. If Stewart's idea of a "hothead" is a predicate felon and career criminal who THREATENS and STALKS targets on behalf of the government, then he is  far more stupid or far more evil (possibly both) than I have previously given him credit for.  

CBS: "I have had many interactions with Ms Hartwell over the years..."

FACT: This is a bald-faced lie.  There have been NO "interactions" whatsoever between myself and Charles Stewart. Stewart does not know me. I have had no direct contact with Stewart, but rather have exposed Stewart on various occasions in my reports, along with his cohorts, accomplices and supporters, including Tim White.

I do not "interact" with government stooges and malicious liars like CB Stewart. It is my policy that I do not engage in conversations, arguments or debates with my adversaries. I simply investigate them, refute their lies, and expose them for the public record.

CBS: "Conflicts between Mr White & Ms Hartwell have been on-going for decades, & each have their own camps of supporters, & I am in Mr White's camp of supporters."

FACT: Tim White began his criminal harassment of me in August 2001 (before which time I had never heard of him), by promoting a bogus death threat, claiming that a "CIA assassin" was planning to murder me. The person White accused was an innocent party.

I investigated the situation, investigated White himself and then exposed Tim White as the criminal stalker , malicious liar and fed snitch he is.

If the time period between August 2001 and August 2010 (nine years, to be exact) is considered by Stewart to be "decades", then maybe he should do the math for himself-- that is, assuming he is capable, which I doubt.

And for Stewart's edification, it is not a matter of "conflicts" between Barbara Hartwell and Tim White.  In reality, there is a criminal stalker (Tim White) who has harassed and threatened a Target (Barbara Hartwell.) The Target has thoroughly exposed the criminal stalker, for felony threats, criminal menacing, monstrous invasions of privacy, outrageous libel and slander, as have a number of other targets of this psychopath, Tim White.

In summary, Mr. Charles Stewart is a just another government stooge, a  pompous ass who knows nothing about any of the subjects (or persons) he addresses. Geral Sosbee has referred to Stewart as a "mental dwarf", and I couldn't agree more. 

CBS: "Tim White was forced to flee to Vancouver BC from Colorado a few years back(2006) because of threats against his life. All of Ms Kane's whining for persecuted patriots is slanted here in the directly on of the Hartwell camp, & it gives no recognition for the similar persecutions suffered in the White/Phelps camp. That is "Biased Reporting", Ms Kane, aka "Propaganda", Ms Kane."

Tim White, forced to flee? Maybe, but if so, the little punk was "forced to flee" out of  sheer cowardice. He's a fugitive from JUSTICE, as a result of his many crimes against persons, over many years.  How many people have filed restraining orders against him, with no satisfaction? How many restraining orders has White violated?  There is no "persecution" against Tim White. White is himself the persecutor. But I must say, I wouldn't blame anyone who wanted to punch his one-way ticket to Hell. In fact, I'd call it vigilante justice.
Get off my case, Mr. Stewart. You only continue to expose yourself as a bumbling idiot and your "support" of this career criminal Tim White leaves no doubt as to your allegiance to the "evil" of which you accuse others, most notably Barbara Hartwell.
Next, let's take a look at a more recent interaction between Charles Stewart and his buddy, Tim White. Apparently Mr. Stewart has reversed his position in his staunch support of White. Note his reference to "mind-controlled slaves".
"You are an ass-hole, Tim. I do not care if assholes are pissed at me, Tim. In fact, as long as i have known you, you have been "Really Pissed" at about 90 % of the people that you know. You are just a guy that gets "Really Pissed" over all sorts of trivial-concerns; a lot like a little spoiled-brat-kid who constantly throws temper-tantrums in efforts to get his stupid indulgent mother to give him candy when-ever he wants it. 
And i am not your stupid indulgent mother; & i am not putting up with your shit, Tim....I decide for myself what i should or should not be doing; including who is a big enough asshole that i actually enjoy getting him pissed-off at me; & i spontaneously get really pissed when-ever some asshole presumes that he has the right to tell me who i should or should not be getting pissed-off. That is what the Roman Catholic Pope does to his mind-controlled slaves.
It is not how Christian Men communicate with each other. I thought you considered yourself a Christian."
--Charles Bruce Stewart to Tim White
'Charles Stewart & Tim White in Heated Argument', on Conspiracy Watch
Here the last excerpt from Mr. Stewart's "Quo-Warranto Criminal-Complaint".
"Charles Stewart is the main composer of this “Quo-Warranto Criminal-Complaint”. Although Stewart is not presently incarcerated as are many of the others named here-in; he has suffered the indirect repercussions of Federal Corruption. More specifically, Stewart is “Terrorized” by the fact that the other numerous co-plaintiffs named here-in, can be so flagrantly & lawlessly railroaded off into prison, with-out any twinge of conscience from any member of the ugly monolithic structure of the federal executive or judicial bureaucracy, what-so-ever. If they can do this to these other honorable Americans, all with-out any pretense what-so-ever of constitutionally recognizable “Due Process of Law” then Stewart is terrified every night & day, that, any moment, some swat-team of mk-ultra mindless nazi drones will burst into his home & drag him of to some new American gulag-style prison."

Don't hold your breath waiting for those "mk-ultra mindless nazi drones" to break down your door, Mr. Stewart. I doubt they would concern themselves with a pompous fool and government stooge like you. After all, you're playing right into their hands. Maybe it would behoove you to consider the possibilty that you yourself are a "mind-controlled slave."
Why don't you grow a backbone so you won't be terrorized any more? 
Meanwhile, you could find a more productive use for your time than getting into petty sniping matches with your fellow stooges, and disseminating libelous falsehoods about legitimate whistleblowers and genuine patriots.

Barbara Hartwell Percival
January 31, 2012 
Barbara Hartwell Percival
Legal Defense & Research Trust
Barbara Hartwell Vs. CIA