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Friday, September 30, 2011

Internet Troll "Angry Tim" Strikes Again!

Tim White aka White Trash

While conducting a search on an unrelated matter, I ran across a thread of messages which featured the notorious and ubiquitous Internet cyber-stalker, provocateur, trash-picker, in-your-face busybody, gate-crasher, name-dropper, whackjob, government stooge, Tim White. 

Over the course of many years, I've seen literally hundreds of similar message threads involving Tim White. Here's how the story usually goes: On a message board, a group of people are having a discussion about a particular topic, usually of a political nature (fill in the blank).

They are exchanging information and ideas, sometimes in general agreement, sometimes presenting different arguments pro or con on a particular topic. But the tone of the discussion is civil and the participants are respectful of each others' views, even when they don't agree.

Suddenly, out of comes Tim White! (drumroll, please). With no respect whatsoever for the participants in the discussion, he forces his way in and begins by insulting them with name-calling (You are IGNORANT, you need to GET INFORMED, etc. etc.) 

White then brings in completely irrelevant issues not related to the discussion, drops some names of "important" people whom he boasts are his "personal friends" (usually John DeCamp, Ted Gunderson, a few corrupt feds, military personnel, etc.) and starts harassing the participants, derailing the discussion, sowing discord, stirring up strife and ill-will.

He posts long-winded articles written by other people, insists everyone NEEDS to read certain books (the authors of which he claims to KNOW), while he continues with his bluster, boasting, name dropping and ranting.

White Trash (as his Targets call him) presents himself as if he were a walking encyclopedia of all the knowledge on every subject in the universe. Soon enough, he is challenged to actually come up with some relevant facts which relate to the discussion, instead of changing the subject and  spouting off his obviously ill-informed, subjective opinions.

Tim White then typically goes ballistic --more name-calling, name-dropping, aggression and outright lunacy (USING ALL CAPS) as he tries to defend his position, clearly desperate, thinking he can impress others by imposing himself upon their discussion and forcing his crackpot ideas down their throats.

Tim White signs all his messages with the following ludicrous declaration of his "credentials":  

"Tim White
Vietnam Vet(USAF)Concerned Citizen,Researcher,Investigator,Whistleblower"

[Note: Spacing (or rather lack thereof) is White's]

In fact, the "Concerned Citizen" Tim White is an uneducated rank amateur. He has no training and no experience in these areas whatsoever. He's simply a loudmouthed scavenger who posts other people's writings and parrots prolifically from them.

Anyway, the comments from the participants on this particular message board show they certainly got Tim White's number!  This is hilarious....

Here, I have taken selected comments from the message thread, all responses to Tim White.

Great job, guys!

September 30, 2011


To see the original:

Tim White,

If you want to have an effect on a conservative/libertarian blog you need to sound like someone who is not crazy. Your comment is full of allegations, poor English, and unfinished sentences. Add this to the excited, zealot talk and it makes you sound like a nut.

We are adults here and we use logic. There is none of that in your comment. I am telling you guys, we need to get a better quality troll around here.

I have always wondered about people like Dim Whit that post using caps. Do they strike the keys hard too like that will help make sense out nonsense? Are these the same people that believe if you say something loud enough, people will believe them?

What do you guys think?

I hope he does not carry.

Yeah, the all caps thing is distracting. I also hate it when commentators link to an argument made by someone else and ask me to debate this third party. Tim wants me to debate the author of a whole book while he sits back and watches. Thing is, I don’t take homework assignments from trolls.

What I will do, however, is debate anyone who can put together a coherent argument. I have yet to see that from Tim.

Dude, I just told you that I don’t take reading assignments from trolls. If you want to make a point, put on your big boy pants and type it up yourself. C’mon now, I know you can do it if you try.

Tim White,

You came to the wrong place. We have rules here – and they are simple rules. Come here, read what is posted, respond politely and logically.

You will get nowhere with your childish, foolish resistance to either polite discourse or baseless allegations.

You seem to have your favorite sources of information. Have you ever checked to see if they are either correct or citing others correctly?

That is what adults do.

I cannot understand your insistence on using capital letters randomly. It hurts your message and causes people like me to think you are out of control.

Too bad Angry Tim can’t put together a coherent comment, he seems to really have some grievances. I think he might be off his meds.

Angry Tim, why don’t you pick out one particular thing that has you all worked up and focus on it? Think rifle rather than hand grenade. That would really help your case.

Tim, you are aware that they using gamma radiation to probe our minds, right?

The CIA is doing it Tim. They are operating transmitters out of Vancouver, BC.

Dear Tim White,

Take some thorazine and or lithium and chill out……

Tim — you said you heard how heroin was being shipped back to the US when you were at Danang Air base. I’m curious, how much of that heroin did you and your buddy intercept?

Also – please reach down to the left side of your keyboard and tear off the “Caps Lock” key…’cause DAMN!

Heroin was being shipped back to the U.S. in the caskets of dead servicemen back in those days. He wants to pretend that he knew about it while he was there. The only people who knew about it at the time were the people getting paid. Tiny Tim is just mad because he wasn’t one of them. So now after so many years he gets to journey to the land of make believe in order to make himself look smart, thinking nobody can check his ass. The fact is that he’s a Chump and he didn’t get paid. If he knew about it he could have gotten in on it because there was plenty of money floating around to satisfy the bottom feeders. He could have used that money when he came home to start some profitable action for himself.

No, none of that was going to happen because as close as he ever got to any REAL action is just in his knack for repeating old stories he heard and putting his on spin, spit and polish on over the years that followed and because it’s a story/series of stories from so long ago that nobody can check really check them out, you can sit and listen to this shit all night as long as you are buying the Beer.

Sounds good, right?

See? ANYBODY can do it. Now I might even have to go put on my wetsuit now and see what I can come up with next.


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