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Tuesday, September 6, 2011


To "expose, disrupt, misdirect, discredit and otherwise neutralize" specific groups and individuals.
--FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover on the purpose of COINTELPRO
Oh what a tangled web they weave, when first they practice to deceive.
--Old Proverb
This report is lengthy and can be considered part of my continuing series on COINTELPRO. The last segment contains PART ONE of my report, COINTELPRO REVISITED: Targeted by a Legion of Liars.
But before I get into the tactical analysis of COINTELPRO and Psy War operations, some background information may be in order.
I am formally trained in psychological operations, and in several professional disciplines, including psychotherapy (Jungian analysis/Depth psychology); hypnotherapy; psychological profiling, interrogation/debriefing of military/intelligence personnel; as an intelligence analyst, and have worked in these capacities for more than four decades, both inside and outside of government operations.
I also have formal training in metaphysical sciences, parapsychology, seminary training in theology (specializing in pastoral counseling) and was ordained as a minister (1979) in the Universalist Church (of which I am not a member.)
I have also been a Target of all manner of counterintelligence and psy war operations for many years.  And so, I have come to know and understand these operations as well as anyone possibly could. When I speak and write about them, I speak from professional expertise and personal experience, nothing less. I know exactly what I am talking about, unlike most of those (amateurs, wannabes and Intel groupies) who have popped up on the Internet with their conspiracy theories (rather than conspiracy FACT) and second or third hand "information", which is merely parroted from other sources and/or is comprised merely of conjecture and speculation.
I began to go public, specifically as a CIA whistleblower, in 1995, a year after I broke out of the operations, at which time I started publishing my reports on the Internet. Before that time, I had been a journalist (electronic and print media) albeit still working inside CIA operations. Many of my detractors have claimed that anything I did, anything I was involved in, any interests I may have had before I got out of CIA operations, were all solely a result of  "mind control", indoctrination and/or coercion by CIA and thus have no validity. Nothing could be further from the truth!
Unfortunately, disinformation about CIA mind control abounds --and this is by design. Anyone seeking information about MK Ultra, for example, will find numerous 'exposes' citing the "Monarch" project, WHICH WAS NOT A PART OF MK ULTRA AND NOT A CIA OPERATION. Yet, it has come to be synonymous with "mind control". Then, there is the model of  "the totally undetectable mind controlled slave", promoted by charlatan Fritz Springmeier. And on and on it goes...
It is true that CIA trained and utilized me for the talents and capabilities which were 'natural' or inherent to me, but for them that is just standard operating procedure ("mind control" or not). And although I am a survivor of MK Ultra, I was not, at any time (even the worst of times), a "mind-controlled slave" or "robot". Being "under mind control" can mean many different things and there are various methods of programming. But the real and overarching purpose of CIA's MK Ultra program was "to create the perfect spy", during the Cold War Era. To that end, the operations aspired.  And although CIA was misguided in their belief that they could actually "create" a "perfect spy", they certainly were not so stupid as to believe that a mind-controlled "robot" or "slave" could possibly meet the stringent requirements for intelligence work!
But I digress...
My primary concern has always been defending Liberty and the God-given (natural) unalienable  rights of the Individual, which also happen to be protected and guaranteed under the U.S. Constitution.
Many are those (inside and outside government)  whose objective is to expunge those rights, both individually and collectively. Their goal is to gain complete control and implement a One World Government, a New World Order. And they can't possibly do that without first creating as much chaos as possible. Order from Chaos....and they want YOUR hearts and minds to help them achieve their objectives.  Co-opting hearts and minds, that is the purpose behind all propaganda. The perps want your WILLING consent. The truth is, if you don't give it to them, they cannot control you!
Counterintelligence and psy war operations are nothing new, they are as old as the hills, and have existed (in one form or another) in every civilization on the planet.
The question, at least for all freedom-loving individuals, is: What can you do about it? 
The most important answer is that you must first KNOW YOUR ENEMY (enemies).  You must know WHO they are --by name, from the baddest of the bad guys, the Kingpins, the Movers and Shakers, right down to the lowliest of their minions and stooges.  You must know WHY they do what they do. You must know precisely HOW they operate.  You can't "expose" or "fight" an enemy you don't know. The purpose of my reports is (and has always been) to provide such specific  information, based on the knowledge I have gained through many years of my own personal and professional experience. 
The information I provide (unless it is strictly personal and unique to me) is usually verifiable from other reliable sources, and I have always encouraged the readers NOT to simply take it from me, but to do their own research, use their own spiritual/intellectual discernment. I don't expect anyone to blindly take my information as the Gospel Truth.  I don't believe there is any way to know truth except by the direct perception of each individual, by what ever means.  And that, as ever, is an individual choice and endeavor.
The readers, as always, may make of my information what they will.  I do not write my reports for the purposes of engaging in discussions, arguments or debates with the readers. But it is my hope that you will find the information I offer of some value in the battle against tyranny, oppression, persecution and injustice, the crimes against Humanity and abominations to God which have become a plague on the entire world.
Lastly, you cannot fight evil by doing evil in return. You cannot fight evil by deception, by spite, by malice, by slander, by propaganda, by disseminating false information, or by bearing false witness against your enemies.  You cannot fight evil by making a scapegoat of any particular ethnic group, race, religion or gender (blacks, Jews, Khazar Jews, Edomites, Ashkenazi, etc., Women, Catholics, Muslims, etc. etc.) or by citing any such group as inherently "defective", "inferior" or "lower", especially by virtue of  "genetics."  You cannot fight evil by attempting to impose your particular set of beliefs, values or opinions on others. 
You cannot fight evil by bombing the hell out of any country where innocent  civilians and children will be maimed and killed and deemed nothing but 'collateral damage'. You cannot fight evil by declaring a "war" on "terrorism", or on "drugs", whereby the evil you claim to oppose, becomes the very evil you do under the false banner of righteousness.
Ethics, morality, love of your neighbor, cannot be FORCED by laws, religious dogma, nor by political ideologies, nor by wars of aggression. 
The only way to fight evil is with God's Law, with Truth, with Honor, and by seeking Justice:  by DEFENDING THE FULL MEASURE OF LIBERTY FOR ALL AND SUNDRY. By becoming a champion of Individual, God-given (natural) unalienable Rights. This is the true meaning of  loving your neighbor as yourself.  If you truly love your neighbor, you will DEFEND HIS GOD-GIVEN RIGHTS AND LIBERTIES, just as if they were your own, with no exceptions.
The "root of all evil" is not the love of money (though many do evil for the love of money). The root of all evil is AGGRESSION --which means to invade,  intrude, violate, transgress, trespass, interfere, control, dominate, rape, plunder, murder.  Aggression against the Privacy, the Personal Boundaries, and ultimately against the Spiritual Integrity of others, the Inviolability of Personhood.
Those who are Messengers of Truth and Defenders of Liberty cannot help but know all this, through the Spirit of Truth which lives in their hearts. They fight evil (and evildoers) not for revenge, nor for personal glory, nor for any political/religious  agenda, but rather for the love of God and the Glory of His Kingdom, no matter the earthly or worldly consequences to themselves.
By their fruits shall you know them.

Excerpt from FBI Chief Ted Gunderson's Letter to Larry Flynt
[Copied from original document]

December 21, 1998
Larry Flynt
Flynt Publications


I. Counter Intelligence Operation
Organize a select group of trusted, loyal Americans to operate an effective legal counter-intelligence operation. The goal of a counter-intelligence operation is to educate and, in some instances, to disrupt the enemy by mailing anonymous letters to selected individuals and groups in order to create distrust and paranoia. Another goal is to furnish disinformation and create confusion. I was a counter-intelligence expert in the FBI and I am aware of numerous techniques with which to work towards this goal. I wish to emphasize we will not conduct any criminal or illegal activity, nor violate any laws. All activities would be legal. There are other techniques than can be used, in addition to anonymous letters, i.e., telephone calls from public telephones. Disinformation can also be spread on radio and television talk shows.
[NOTE: See my reports on Ted Gunderson, COINTELPRO and related topics for detailed  documentation and evidence of precisely such tactics.]
Ted Gunderson (November 7, 1928- July 31, 2011) served in the FBI from 1951-1979. He worked directly under J. Edgar Hoover in the official operation known as COINTELPRO (acronym for Counter Intelligence Program), which began in 1956.
From the time of his retirement from the FBI in 1979 until a few months before his death, Gunderson was running "unofficial" COINTELPRO, as well as a protection racket and containment operation, primarily aimed at former military/intelligence whistleblowers, also journalists and activists.
The containment operation and protection racket, in a nutshell, works like this: The manipulators who run the operation throw out a dragnet with which they plot to "capture" those with a genuine background in military/intelligence operations, who have left the operations (usually damaged and outraged by what they have endured and witnessed), and who are deemed likely to blow the whistle (break the Code of Silence), or who have already begun to go public about their experiences and what they know.
This is one form of damage control whereby those persons who could blow the cover off black operations can be held in check. The plan is to "contain" those persons by offering the support, backup and resources of the network (either covertly or overtly, depending on the person/situation), while pressuring the inductee to place the desired "spin" on the information to be divulged to the public; and also withholding information which could, according to the manipulators in charge, compromise "National Security." (This is sheer  nonsense --the only agenda is to protect the evildoers from being exposed.)   
Protection is offered to those who comply, those willing to spout the party line, which always involves a smoke screen or side show, some form of misdirection to divert attention from the real purposes, the actual nature, the true facts of the operations in question. In such a way, a 'controlled opposition' is formed. While they claim to be "fighting" and "exposing" the Powers-that-Be (NWO, Illuminati, etc.) they are actually providing some degree of "truth" (in an edited version, a nebulous overview and/or peppered with lies) while the nefarious operations continue behind the scenes.
Aside from his professional cronies, Ted Gunderson had a large (but fragmented and loosely organized) network of followers and minions, most of whom were amateurs he exploited for his own ends.  Some were PR shills who promoted his 'Intelligence Reports' and touted Ted Gunderson as a heroic figure and Patriot Icon (Ken Adachi, who runs the New Age/government disinfo site, Educate-Yourself is one such shill).  As a result of this propaganda campaign, along with his involvement as an investigator in many high-profile cases, including murders, missing/exploited children, sex-trafficking and CIA MK Ultra victims, Gunderson was widely recognized as a leading authority on these topics and gained celebrity status, even in the mainstream media (mostly TV shows and tabloid newspapers) from which he developed an international following.
However, anyone who has been able to get past all the media hype and taken the trouble to do the most rudimentary research on Gunderson's track record, will see that NOT ONE of his cases ever brought an actual perpetrator to justice --the perps either went free, or had already been apprehended by the Law (those Gunderson claimed to be "innocent"). Gunderson inserted himself into many high-profile cases, offering his services, often just showing up at the scene uninvited, and then proceeded to "investigate". He was known especially for his vehement assertions that "Satanists" were responsible for the crimes, even when there was no evidence whatsoever to back up his claims, and even when the evidence clearly pointed elsewhere.  Gunderson, using the 'Satanist Defense', thus served as a Spoiler on many occasions.
As for my knowledge of the exploits of Ted Gunderson, I speak from direct personal experience, not speculation. I knew Ted Gunderson well, as a professional colleague and personal friend, and worked with him from 1997 until 2000, when I broke off my association with him after learning that he had been involved in a number of crimes and cover-ups which I could not in good conscience sanction.  Some of this he admitted to me, and some I found out through other reliable sources.  
It would have been different had Ted sincerely repented and come clean to the public, becoming a legitimate whistleblower, but unfortunately that was not the case. Instead, he continued the cover-ups and protected other criminals who were his cronies, especially former government officials and FBI/CIA operatives, some of whom I knew personally, others not.
Subsequent to disassociating myself from Ted, I found it necessary to conduct my own thorough investigation, as I had become a Target, not only of CIA (due to my defection and whistleblowing, which long preceeded my association with Ted), but then also of Gunderson's operation, which at certain points intersected with factions of CIA. What a convoluted mess!
For more than a decade, I had an adversarial relationship with Ted Gunderson. During this time, we had no direct contact, though he attempted contact with me (in the form of letters by post and telephone calls, none of which I responded to) on several occasions. He also sent various emissaries to attempt to make contact with me (some of whom were mutual acquaintances, some not.) When Gunderson's efforts to draw me back into his operation failed, he then began to put my name out to the minions in his network as someone who was to be discredited and neutralized.
I should make it clear that I never knowingly or willingly participated in Ted's COINTELPRO operation. During the time I worked with him, on cases, in media and on the lecture circuit, I believed in his integrity, and because he always treated me with respect and kindness, I had no real reason to be suspicious of him, at least not on a personal level. In short, he was trying to manipulate me into doing things "his way", which in certain cases he temporarily succeeded, but ultimately, failed.
Of course, I had a strong bias in his favor which prevented me from being objective in my assessment of Ted personally. But I had no such bias when it came to some of Ted's associates, whom I met in the course of working with him. 
One such person was Doug Millar, a longtime sidekick and flunkey of Gunderson's who tried to ingratiate himself with me, but succeeded only in exposing himself as an incompetent low-level operative. Millar is a "useful idiot", but an idiot just the same, which Gunderson himself commented to me on more than one occasion. To this day, Millar continues to spread disinformation about CIA's MK Ultra mind control (including the "Monarch" garbage) and related topics; to spread libelous falsehoods about Barbara Hartwell, and to promote mentally deranged individuals, Intel groupies and  government stooges as "whistleblowers." Millar operates in conjunction with a number of the late Ted Gunderson's cronies and minions, including Timothy Patrick White, Alma C. Ott (aka "True" Ott) and John DeCamp.
Then, there was Susan Ford aka Brice Taylor, one of the "Monarch" women who was part of Ted's entourage of what I called the Sob Sisters, who told lurid and sensationalistic tales of sex slavery and satanism. Sue Ford also tried to draw me in to her circle of  "mind control survivors", attempting to manipulate me in a number of ways, in each of which she failed.  I was not about to allow my reputation, or the genuine information about my own case, to be compromised by the taint of the "Monarch" project (which was never a CIA operation, contrary to the claims of many who say that they are "exposing" it, or are simply parroting it from other sources), "sex slaves" and "satanism", none of which had ever been a part of my experiences. 
When I refused to be herded in that direction, Sue Ford began to try to discredit me. She started slandering me to conference organizers where I had spoken, telling them they should not have me back as a speaker, claiming I was  "under mind control."  Unfortunately for me, her plot to get me blacklisted from conferences worked, but in any case, she was just a minion of the handlers controlling her, which became increasingly obvious over time. 
But the last straw with Susan Ford came when, in a public lecture, she categorically stated that, "Anyone who claims that they did NOT abuse their own children is NOT a real survivor." (Meaning a "real" survivor of government mind control.)
I was outraged at this utter falsehood, which was obviously designed to tar EVERY survivor of government mind control with the same filthy brush; as well as to make excuses for those like herself who HAD abused their own children (...I couldn't help it, I was under mind control!.... and so on and so forth...). I refuted this false statement in several of my reports, but I know the irreparable damage this lie has done to many "real" government mind control survivors (includng myself) who are completely innocent of committing any such abuses.
I was sitting right there in the front row when Susan Ford made this outrageously false statement, at a conference in Daytona Beach, Florida (1998). This was just one of a number of  'party-line' positions adopted by those who were part of the "Monarch" side-show to spread disinformation about CIA's black operations, including MK Ultra mind control.
Susan Ford, in collusion with Ted Gunderson and others, later made a propaganda video called Mind Control Goes Public, which consisted mostly of "lectures" by Susan Ford, but which also included a television interview of  Susan Ford, Ted Gunderson, Barbara Hartwell and Chip Tatum (former CIA agent/whistleblower) by Chicago Health Television. This interview followed a seminar presented by all of us, called Insider Secrets of Government Corruption.
For more information on Susan Ford, see:   
Gunderson's PR shill, Ken Adachi, later wrote several smear pieces attacking Barbara Hartwell, falsely claiming that I was "not invited" to this conference, and that "Brice Taylor" (Susan Ford) and Ted Gunderson "allowed" me to "sit in" for the seminar and TV interviews. This is an outrageous lie!... just one of many promoted by Ken Adachi.  
Here are the facts:  1) I was INVITED to the conference (where I had spoken once before) by the organizer, Dean Stonier.  2) Chip Tatum was the person who had planned the seminar, and he INVITED me, along with Gunderson and Ford, to present with him there.
Ken Adachi has absolutely NO BUSINESS even commenting on any of this. He was NOT THERE. He does NOT know me, nor anything about my professional background or experiences. He knows nothing about my association with Ted Gunderson, or with anyone else.  Ken Adachi is a malicious and aggressive busybody who continually oversteps his bounds and sticks his nose in everyone's business, for the sole purpose of "defending" Ted Gunderson, Alma Ott, John DeCamp and any others for whom he serves as a lackey and shill. When he has no lies he can parrot, he simply fabricates his own lies.
[NOTE: Among these individuals interviewed, Chip Tatum was the only person who had a true understanding of my background and experiences, including  involving CIA mind control.  He had been badly damaged by CIA himself (especially by George H.W. Bush) and spent two years incarcerated in "Club Fed", having been wrongfully convicted of  "treason." At no time did he try to manipulate me for any agenda, but clearly saw my dilemma and tried to help. He also knew some of my CIA relatives. In 1998, Chip left the country for good. There have been reports that he was murdered in Costa Rica, and other reports that he is still alive, but no evidence (at least not that I have come across) to know one way or the other. The last I heard (1999) was a message from a mutual friend that he was alive. Nothing after that.] 
The interview taped by the TV station was never aired, due to its incendiary content (details of political assassinations and the like, which exposed CIA black operations, The Bush Crime Family and their cronies, etc. etc.) However, a minion of Ted Gunderson, one Jon Gentry, a videographer who tagged along with Gunderson at conferences, had made a simultaneous bootleg tape, which was turned over to Sue Ford for inclusion in her Mind Control Goes Public video.
I never signed a release for Jon Gentry, Ted Gunderson, Sue Ford, or anyone else to use the tape of my interview. (Neither did Chip Tatum.) I was not even aware at the time that it was being taped by anyone other than the official TV crew.  The ONLY release I ever signed to use the video of my interview was with Chicago Health Television. Period. Yet Susan Ford, Ted Gunderson, Jon Gentry and others connected to them sold this bootleg version in every venue imaginable, through the mail and on the Internet (including David Icke and Amazon), complete with copyright violations and exploiting my testimony in the process, and naturally, I never received a penny from the sales.
Worse, Gunderson's minions (including Clarence Malcolm, hiding behind a stupid screen name, "The Fifth Seal") later posted this video to You Tube, using it to attempt to discredit me by isolating a portion of my testimony and labeling the part where I appeared: "Barbara Hartwell, CIA Plant" on Mind Control. Links to this video have been plastered all over the Internet, and it is among the top listings in a Google search for my name.
Anyone who watches the video, Mind Control Goes Public, produced by Susan Ford, should be aware that the content and "spin" of this video grossly misrepresents Barbara Hartwell; misrepresents CIA's MK Ultra mind control program, and misrepresents other genuine survivors of such programs. Viewers beware!
Government stooge and malicious liar, Ken Adachi, who served as the primary PR shill for Ted Gunderson for more than a decade, heavily promotes Susan Ford on his website and has used her as a "source" for many of his libelous falsehoods against Barbara Hartwell, for over a decade,  claiming that I am a "CIA disnfo agent",  "mind-controlled robot", and "liar", among many other slurs, including those fabricated by his accomplices, other government stooges who were longtime flunkeys of Gunderson. These psychopathic perpetrators include predicate felon Tim White (aka Patrick Alexander aka George Mateski); White's accomplices in stalking/harassing Targets, Pamela Schuffert; criminal stalker, forger, identity thief, Todd Brendan Fahey (aka "Xena Carpenter"); Larry Lawson; Brenda Negri (aka "James L. Choron"); Don Nicoloff; Alma C. Ott (aka "True" Ott).
And don't let Adachi fool you into believing Tim White was NOT one of his primary "sources" of "information" on Targets, especially Barbara Hartwell.  Adachi is now attacking Tim White, but he's also pretending that White was never a minion of Gunderson and DeCamp, to spread lies and disinformation about Targets, to perpetrate hoaxes, all of which Adachi was involved with up to his yellow eyeballs, and which he splashed all over his website and disseminated elsewhere --in close and direct collusion with Tim White.
[I have voluminous evidence of all this in my files, some of which you may find in my reports on this website.]
But back to Ted Gunderson. When I began to realize that Ted was not at all what he appeared to be, and that I had been unwittingly drawn into yet another operation (which was the last place I wanted to be!) I was devastated. It was very difficult for me to walk away from Ted, because I loved him as if he were my own father. I had lost my father at a fairly young age (I was only 25 when he died) and in many ways Ted reminded me of him.  The piercing wit, the abundant charm, the love of (or maybe I should say "addiction" to) risk, and the enjoyment of more than a few cocktails. (The Cocktail Hour with Ted Gunderson was quite an entertaining experience. We had a special toast to which we raised our glasses: "Here's to the TRUTH and to kicking some ass!" Sadly, the "truth" was nowhere to be found in Ted's COINTELPRO operations.)
Ted would most often try to herd me into doing things HIS WAY. He was always trying to boss me around, and I often had to remind him, I'll thank you to remember that you are NOT my commanding officer!  It was easy to see that Ted was used to giving orders, and from what I observed, the grovelers in his entourage (of which I was never a part) seemed to just follow blindly, never questioning anything he said or did.
Near the end of my association with him, when he saw that I was not cooperating with his agenda, he would sometimes call me and make statements such as, "They want you dead, Barbara". (Big news flash!) He also told me that he had "arranged for retaliation" if a hit was put on me.
But as I told him (just as I had told others who tried this kind of fear tactic on me), Thanks but no thanks, Ted.  I don't want or need this kind of "protection". Let them take their best shot, and I'll take my chances on my own.
By 2000, I had broken off all contact with Ted Gunderson. I still remember the last telephone conversation I had with him. He was trying to persuade me that I was making a big mistake in trying to handle certain situations on my own; he had accused several of my associates of being "CIA plants" (they were not); and told me I should never trust certain individuals in my own family because they were CIA (that part may have been true, but in any case I was estranged from them anyway, for obvious reasons).
By this time I had seen the writing on the wall, and I was not going to allow anyone to derail me, compromise my integrity, or stop me from going after the bad guys on my own terms, no matter the outcome. The liars, manipulators and tyrants at CIA had stolen my childhood, done irreparable damages to me and my family, and in fact co-opted most of my life, and I wanted nothing more than to see the truth exposed and justice served.
I was crying when I hung up the phone, having said, I'm sorry Ted, I love you and wish you well, but I'll never see you again. Which, as it turned out, I never did. 
By early 2001, Ken Adachi (aka Peter Boudreau) had been sicced on me by Gunderson, to begin his libel campaign, which continues to the present time. And a few months later, in August of 2001, career criminal Tim White was sicced on me.  I was contacted by an "associate" of Tim White, calling himself, "Tim Hall".  As I later found out, Hall's real name was Daryl Sturgis, career military, Army Rangers, CID and one of the top snipers in Operation Phoenix. (His C.O. was General John K. Singlaub, some of whose soldiers I had profiled and debriefed after the Vietnam War,  both "inside" and "outside", and who just happened to be a notable crony of Ted Gunderson.) 
Sturgis e-mailed me, saying a person named Tim White had "important information" for me.  I'd never heard of Tim White, and at the time, I didn't connect him to Ted Gunderson. That came later, after a series of events which left no doubt of a criminal conspiracy.
[See my Denver Connection series of reports (2002-2003) for more information.]
I wrote back to "Hall", asking for his bona fides, which he promptly sent me. But just one day after I received the e-mail from Hall, Tim White was arrested for drug-trafficking.  The "important information" via Tim White and "Hall" aka Daryl Sturgis, turned out to be a purported death threat. They claimed that a "CIA assassin"  was coming to kill me.  As it turned out, the threat was completely bogus (like every other piece of "important information" that ever comes from Tim White, as those who have been targeted with this ploy know all too well). When I tracked down the so-called "CIA assassin" (he was former Special Forces, not CIA) myself and confronted him directly, I found out the truth.  Ironically, the man Tim White claimed was planning to kill me later became my bodyguard. Just another fact which puts the lie to any "information" coming from Tim White.
Fed snitch Tim White, who made a deal with corrupt feds and cops in Denver, was released from prison, having served only 5 months of a four year sentence.  And has been harassing, threatening, stalking and libeling/slandering Targets (including Barbara Hartwell) ever since....but then, that was the nature of the "deal".
But I wasn't the only Target to have Tim White sicced on me, by Ted Gunderson and his cronies.   The list of Targets, over a period of years, has included dozens of individuals, and certainly anyone who has had any association with Barbara Hartwell. My friends, my family, my professional colleagues, talk show hosts who interviewed me, anyone at all who might support me, promote my work, or endorse my credibility.
[Quite a number of these Targets have contacted me and/or published my reports exposing Tim White and his accomplices. See reports on this website for details.]
The stalking, harassment, threats, libel and slander by predicate felon Tim White have continued unabated to the present day. Over the years, more accomplices have joined him in perpetrating offenses (both civil and criminal) against Targets. One accomplice in particular, a criminal psychopath named Todd Brendan Fahey, teamed up with Tim White (2004) and this demonic duo uses a website called "Xena Carpenter" to run libel campaigns against Targets. 
"Xena Carpenter" is also an alias used by Todd Fahey, one of many this despicable coward hides behind to do his dirty work of libeling his Targets.  This "Xena Carpenter" website bears a striking resemblance to that of Ken Adachi's Educate-Yourself. Same type of New Age/government disinformation content, same idiocy and buffoonery, as well as outrageous lies about Targets, same monstrous invasions of privacy, same aggressive busybodies and malicious liars...same old, same old, same old...
[Note: Todd Fahey was also at one time (his college years) a flunkey for John K. Singlaub, which he has boasted about as if it were something to be proud of. Singlaub was involved not only in Op Phoenix but Op Gladio as well, an International terrorist operation, which utilized Manchurian Candidate soldiers, just as did Phoenix. The government stooges, Fahey and White, will defend the bad guys no matter what they're involved in, and dropping their names apparently allows them to share in the reflected "glory". How twisted is that?]
Tim White perfectly exemplifies the type of rank amateur exploited in these COINTELPRO operations. He is an aggressive psychopath, a G-Man wannabe, a stoolpigeon/snitch and Intel groupie with delusions of grandeur who fancies himself a "player".  Anyone who is (or who has ever been) in collusion with Tim White, in any way, can absolutely, positively be identified as a person with ZERO credibility, ZERO morality, ZERO integrity, whose malicious purpose is to attack legitimate whistleblowers, journalists and activists for their own material/ego gratification.
Naturally, there are a number of other government stooges of the ilk of the demonic duo, White and Fahey, who parrot the same libelous falsehoods against Targets and link to the websites (including Educate-Yourself and "Xena Carpenter") promoting the outrageous lies about Barbara Hartwell and others.
One such stooge is a delusional whackjob named James F. Marino (who has boasted that his website gets --and I quote-- "21 MILLION page views per DAY". Even Glenn Beck doesn't get that many hits, in a month!). Marino has a malicious vendetta against Barbara Hartwell and former FBI agent Geral Sosbee, simply because we refused to tolerate his interference, his aggression, his name-dropping,  gate-crashing and coattail-riding, attempting to get attention for himself and his "case" (which is nonexistent) by exploiting our names.  Marino, like Ken Adachi and all his fellow stooges, is an obnoxious  busybody and belligerent ignoramus, who just can't seem to mind his own business. He posts links to Adachi's and "Xena Carpenter"'s websites and parrots their lies (some of which are contradictory) about Barbara Hartwell, word for word, then spices it up with his myriad paranoid fantasies, such as that Hartwell and Sosbee are "FBI/CIA disinformation agents" and "LIARS."  (Sound familiar?)
Then, there is Alex Studer (his Targets call him Stooger, with good reason!), a relatively recent addition to the gaggle of  government stooges, cast right out of the same mold as all the others.  Stooger uses Ken Adachi, Tim White and "Xena Carpenter" as  "sources" for his "war" (his word) on Targets, most notably Barbara Hartwell, Dr. Leonard Horowitz and Sherri Kane. Stooger is yet another aggressive busybody, and the primary PR shill for Alma C. Ott (aka " True" Ott) whose every thought, word and deed he slavishly parrots.  Studer, a racist, white-supremacist Jew-hater (following in the footsteps of his mentor, "True" Ott) sells NUKE ISRAEL Tee shirts,  obviously proclaiming genocide as the "final solution" for the Jews.  I guess that doesn't matter to Studer, since the Jews in question are those pesky "Khazarian, Ashkenazi Edomites", whom,  according to Studer and Ott, are the "seed of Cain", the spawn of Satan, and probably don't deserve to live. Who cares? Kill 'em all and let God sort 'em out!
Stooger's website is just another copy-cat version of Ken Adachi, promoting charlatans and quacks like "True" Ott, who use false credentials (in Ott's case, "PhD" and "N.D.") to inflate their  importance and to hawk their propaganda and their wares.
Another government stooge is Craig Oxley (not an American), who runs a website called The Unhived Mind. Oxley is another longtime accomplice of Tim White, also using White (as well as "Xena Carpenter" aka Todd Fahey) as a "source" of "information" on Targets, including Barbara Hartwell, Leonard Horowitz and Sherri Kane. Oxley's website was taken offline due to violations of terms of service.
Here is just one example of the white supremacist ideology of "Christian Brother" Craig Oxley.
"The destruction of the white nations via the immigration of black foreign beings into our once great Nations. Crime rates rocketing whilst our Countries get Africanized, meaning violence and sexed up with disrespect and zero order and morality. Examples of this is the gun/gang crime of Gunchester & London. The dramatic rise of rapes in London which is a usual happening in third World, Africa. The Knights of the Virgin Mary IHS want the destruction of the white race as we're the only race which is a threat to the power of the Knights of Malta. They want a mulatto ridden set of lands easily controlled by military dictatorship like Africa."
Sherri Kane made a formal complaint to Oxley's server, based on his aggressive libel, slander and invasions of privacy against her, Dr. Len Horowitz and other Targets, including Barbara Hartwell.
It just so happened that the specific "terms of service" prohibited such material as the above racist, white supremacist garbage. While investigating Sherri's complaint, the administrators of the ISP were able to determine that Oxley's material violated the terms of service when Sherri sent them the material above, which had been included in one of my reports.
Do ISPs have the right to determine terms of service? Yes, as private companies, they do. If Oxley wanted free rein to promote his white supremacist ideology, to incite hatred and bigotry against blacks, "Khazar Jews", and to libel his Targets with outrageous falsehoods, to invade their privacy with impunity by publishing UNLISTED, PRIVATE information, such as street addresses (Barbara Hartwell's included), and to solicit crimes against Targets, then he should have chosen a server which would not have held him liable for such offenses.
The same holds true for Alex Studer, of Lab Virus, who, in collusion with "True" Ott, and others, posted a stolen video recording of Sherri Kane and Leonard Horowitz, which had previously been used as a threat of blackmail against Horowitz and Kane by Horowitz's ex-wife, Jaqueline Lindenbach, and which was turned over to the enemies of Horowitz and Kane (Alma Ott, Alex  Studer and Tim White) by RJ Hampton, a former employee of Horowitz.
This was a monstrous invasion of privacy, and was determined as such (along with being stolen property) by the Word Press server which previously hosted Studer's website, Lab Virus. His site was taken offline for violations of terms of service, and with good reason.
These malicious violators can cry, Censorship! until they are blue in the face. But that does not give them the right to INVADE THE PRIVACY of others. Ken Adachi was also involved in posting links to the stolen blackmail videotape. His site was also suspended for violations of terms of service, though it has since been restored by the server.  As always, Adachi called Sherri Kane a "liar", as he calls anyone who is righteously outraged by his offenses of aggression and diabolical calumny against Targets.
But the real issue comes down to this: What kind of persons would, with intent of malice, exploit a stolen videotape, grossly invade the privacy of others, willfully cause emotional distress, and attempt to discredit their enemies using such a tactic? Only the lowest of the low, unprincipled persons who are totally devoid of all honor, all morality, all integrity.
Speaking of one such person, here are excerpts from an article written by Alma Ott, in which he attempts to justify the unjustifiable, his gross offenses against Horowitz and Kane.
"In a similar vein, DVD TAPED EVIDENCE OF KHAZAR SHERRI KANE’S ATTEMPT TO BLACKMAIL SEX PARTNER LEN HOROWITZ ON CHRISTMAS DAY, 2010 BACKFIRES ON HER AS THE TAPE IS RELEASED TO THE GENERAL PUBLIC FOR HONEST DISSEMINATION!  No extortion demands were ever made against Kane or Horowitz, no “blackmailing” – just freedom of information and honest journalistic posting of TRUTH.    Khazar Kane then attempts to “spin” this as an “attack against her” by the troop of fantasy “cointelpro” enemies “stalking” her.  How deranged and warped is THAT??"

"Why do you so intently seek to HIDE its content, while instead engage in TELLING PEOPLE EXACTLY WHAT THEY SHOULD BELIEVE ABOUT IT?????   You narcissistic, mentally deranged CLOWN!"

"Can’t you see through this imposter, folks?  What exactly is he and Kane so afraid of?  Horowitz should be honest with everyone, and post the DVD himself!    No – instead, H and K block Mr. Studer from publicly posting it, though he has permission to do so from the producer/owner of the DVD – Ms. Roxie Hampton!  Why is the truth being blocked and hidden?  Because both H &  K are clearly the worst kind of hypocrites, and the TRUTH is simply not in them!   They obfuscate and hide the truth, while claiming to champion it. HYPOCRITES!!!  How SICK!!"

"Kane and Horowitz – your Khazar “Bloodline Brethren” have done the same thing with 9-11 – which was COMPLETELY a MOSSAD operation designed to enrich Israel and destroy the evidence trail of at least $2.3 TRILLION USD WORTH OF WEAPONRY embezzled by Israeli Citizen, Khazar Rabbi, Pentagon Comptroller, Dov Zackheim and company to Israel.   Your Cult of Khazarian Killers skillfully hide and spin the TRUTH.  I for one am sick and tired of it.   Since the days of Cain, the Luciferian seed of Cain (Kenites) have been murdering innocents to get gain.  And so it continues to the present day.   Your Gig is up – you are EXPOSED."

Note how Alma Ott, as usual, uses the specious "Khazar Jew" accusations to label (and libel)  Horowitz and Kane, and drags in unrelated, uninvolved third parties, and other irrelevant events, which have absolutely nothing to do with the issue at hand. He cites his completely subjective and flagrantly biased opinions about a purported bloodline ("the seed of Cain") he claims (with no evidence whatsoever) to be that of Horowitz and Kane, and uses that to bludgeon them with "guilt by association".

He had previously accused Sherri Kane of being "Ms. Mossad", a ludicrous allegation which has absolutely NO BASIS IN FACT, and which clearly demonstrates his own ignorance, if in fact he believes this himself; but which is more likely to be part of his smear campaign against Sherri Kane, who has exposed him for the charlatan and demonic liar he is.

Then he tries to equate "TRUTH" with the willingness to allow gross violations of privacy by malicious individuals, for the purpose of their own gain by doing harm to their Targets.

Alma Ott and his ilk, it is abundantly clear, have NO RESPECT WHATSOEVER for the personal boundaries of others, nor for their God-given RIGHT to privacy.

It is NOBODY'S BUSINESS what Sherri Kane, Leonard Horowitz, or anyone else are discussing, or doing, or arguing about, in the PRIVACY of their own lives! Just because an unprincipled scumbag like RJ Hampton had possession of the videotape (and LIED about having erased it) does not make it right for her or her accomplices to invade the privacy of others and make their personal lives a topic for public consumption.

Ott has the audacity to call Horowitz and Kane "hypocrites", as if defending their RIGHT TO PRIVACY were a crime.

Aggressive busybodies like Alma Ott, Alex Studer, Tim White and Ken Adachi, might as well just join the TIPS program, or the "If you see something, say something" Citizen Spy Surveillance Campaign. Their offenses are no different and violate one of the most fundamental God-given rights of the individual: THE RIGHT TO PRIVACY.

I have friends and colleagues, targeted by COINTELPRO, who have expressed their frustration in their attempts to expose COINTELPRO, because the insidious nature of these operations makes it extremely difficult to convey to the average reading/listening audience in the general public (who we hope to educate and warn) what is actually going on.  We don't need to preach to the choir, we need to deliver the message in a way that anyone can understand.  
The main problem I have found in exposing COINTELPRO is that there are many people who write/speak about COINTELPRO who are disseminating false and misleading information. These individuals can basically be divided into two groups:
1) GOVERNMENT AGENTS (professionals) who are actually part of CONTELPRO and the 'controlled opposition'. They knowingly spread false information (government-sponsored disinformation or 'black propaganda') for the purpose of covering up the TRUE nature of COINTELPRO and the identities of its operatives; as well as with the objective of discrediting legitimate whistleblowers, journalists and activists who are EXPOSING the government operatives. These operatives KNOW the truth, but LIE to cover up the truth.
2) GOVERNMENT STOOGES, DUPES, LACKEYS (amateurs) who are exploited by the operatives to spread the COINTELPRO propaganda. Most of these individuals spread false information about COINTELPRO simply because they have been duped by the operatives into believing it themselves. They simply parrot what they've been told, or read or heard, but they don't know the first thing about what they are talking about. 
For anyone who actually KNOWS what they are talking about (whether from professional training, experience, expertise or simply diligent, objective  research) these amateurs (stooges) are easy to spot. Here, just a couple of indicators to watch for.
One way to identify a stooge is that he is NOT CONSISTENT in what he reports. The stooge will contradict himself on a regular basis. Because they do NOT know what they are talking about,  because they are in possession of no actual facts, a pattern of reporting contradictory information  will emerge.
When exposed or challenged about these contradictions (no matter how glaring), the stooges will usually ignore the rebuttals, and quickly move on to another topic, and/or attack the Target with an unrelated issue.

I have found that stooges are, without exception, busybodies. They do not have the slightest respect for the right to privacy or the personal boundaries of others. Thus, they can be spotted by their monstrous invasions of privacy. They will post PRIVATE information on their targets, such as street addresses; they will exploit anything they can get their hands on (private communications) and will spread gossip about the personal lives of others with purely malicious intent.
This report was written in January 2006. It is divided into two parts, both of which are posted separately on this website. PART ONE (given below) describes the nature of the operations.

This report addresses several issues related to COINTELPRO-style operations.

COINTELPRO (counter intelligence program) was initiated in 1956 under FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover. A similar program, Operation Chaos, was run by CIA during the Cold War Era.

Today, these programs continue, though under different names and operations, with various federal agencies involved in their web of deception, skullduggery, black propaganda and carefully-crafted disinformation.

Their overarching agenda: Mainly to neutralize and/or discredit legitimate government whistleblowers who have come forward with truthful, accurate, factual information which is damaging to the criminals who have overthrown the U.S. Government from within. These criminals have subverted the United States Constitution; they are operating in collusion with a cabal of elitist plutocrats worldwide, to implement a totalitarian One World Government, otherwise known as the New World Order.

Though this brief overview is common knowledge to all well-informed individuals, what most do not understand is the inner workings of the criminal conspiracy connected to COINTELPRO, whose agents have infiltrated ALL levels of government; ALL activist organizations; ALL political parties, coalitions and PACs.

You name it, they've infiltrated it. I have yet to see an exception and don't expect I ever will. In fact, the main reason there is no real difference between the Democrats and the Republicans, though they each may outwardly promote a different agenda, is because both parties are controlled from above by the same cabal which runs the criminal conspiracy.

The criminal conspiracy is completely pervasive and functions like a well-oiled machine. The architects of the conspiracy are nearly "bullet proof". Their position at the pinnacle of the hierarchy is so far removed from --so far above-- the government officials, intelligence operatives, law enforcement personnel, military personnel, and the rank-and-file government employees and civil servants who simply "follow orders", that obtaining solid evidence against the movers and shakers of the Global Elite is a Herculean task. So it's no surprise that they are known in intelligence circles as the Olympic Cartel.

But for those persistent and dedicated investigators and independent intelligence analysts, there are ways to beat the system; to unravel the web of corruption. Starting at the top is not an effective method. We start where we have easy access to verifiable information and where collecting evidence is only a matter of time, effort and investigative legwork.

And for those whistleblowers and activists such as myself who have been targeted by the criminal conspiracy, we begin by focusing not on the higher levels of government operatives giving the orders, but on those tasked with carrying out the orders. Just as in the drug cartels, though it is already known who actually runs them, criminal investigators often start with the low-level street dealers, gathering evidence, and work their way up to the drug lords from there. It is often just a matter of connecting the nodes in the web and developing the evidence as the investigation progresses.

Now, it is important to understand the concept of "plausible deniability". Quite simply, this means that the conspirators and liars running the COINTELPRO-style operations set up a little insurance policy to protect themselves; a contingency plan in case their criminal operations are exposed. They can then DENY any involvement or wrongdoing which might implicate them in the conspiracy.

How do they do this? One way is to use lowly minions to do their dirty work: those who have no official status within the government, from whom they can easily distance themselves if their plans go awry. The minions fall into several categories by which they can be identified.

But most importantly, they are all considered expendable. They are expendable, because in the final analysis, in the Big Picture, they are deemed inconsequential nobodies by the powers-that-be.

[ALERT TO READERS, added November 17, 2006:

One (or more) of the COINTELPRO minions (not mentioned by name in this report) have taken this report and posted it on various websites, selectively DELETING certain parts of the report. One site on which I found that certain portions had been deleted was Liberty Forum.

I did not post this report on that site myself (the "source" was named as The Revolutionary Coalition message board, on which it was originally posted by Rick Stanley) and yet I found my name there as the purported "poster".

Below, in bold type, is one entire subheading of this report which was totally deleted, COINTELPRO MINIONS:EXPENDABLE HIRELINGS. Certain portions of another subheading, EXPUNGING LOYALTY, DESTROYING LOVE, were also deleted by this malicious "cut-and-paste" forger, specifically my comments on Jesus Christ and the importance of spiritual love in defeating evil.

I should also mention that one of the most despicable of these government stooges, criminals and provocateurs, a psychopath by the name of Todd Brendan Fahey, has for years been perpetrating identity theft and forgery (including of the "cut-and-paste" variety) among other crimes, against Barbara Hartwell; ex-FBI agent Geral Sosbee and others.

In fact, Fahey was banned from Liberty Post in 2004, for libel, stalking, and for obscenity --fabricating pornographic filth in connection with my name. However, Fahey is known to use many aliases and screen names, by which he gets back into the forums from which he has been banned. In the "comments" section of Liberty Post, after this report, I noted that one of Fahey's many screen names (which being the coward he is, he has a habit of hiding behind) was listed.

I also find it interesting (and typical) that this DELETED subsection describes Todd Fahey to a "T". Criminal; stalker; psychopath; drug abuser; porno-monger; pathological liar; COINTELPRO minion and "spook wannabe". This creep is the lowest of the low, even among his fellow government toadies.

Fahey has also, in the past, "edited" the material of certain writers (including Barbara Hartwell) without permission and has notably REMOVED all references to Jesus Christ or anything of a Christian nature. By his own admission, he is not a Christian and has claimed that talking about Christ makes a person "sound too religious". Aside from the fact that Fahey has no right whatsovever to tamper with the work of others; nor to appoint himself as the arbiter of the religious beliefs of others, it is clear that there is a more sinister motive for him to DELETE all references to Christ. I'll leave it to the readers to figure that one out.

I have included this so that the readers may see for themselves a case in point of the tactics used by these government stooges and liars.]


1) Criminals

Those convicted of a crime (or known to be involved in criminal activities) who wish to make a deal for a Get-Out-of-Jail-Free card by becoming snitches; and/or by targeting the former intelligence/law enforcement personnel or others who have become government whistleblowers.

2) Activists/Amateurs/ Wannabes

Members of political activist groups, or individual activists, many of whom are merely dupes, hoodwinked by the covert government operatives (who pose as patriots, especially organizers or "leaders") and are drawn into their web with (false) promises. The operatives often choose those who are ambitious amateurs; "wannabes" (those with no training, expertise or background in intelligence work, law enforcement or other disciplines) and appeal to their egos to give them a false sense of "importance" --when in reality they are merely stooges being used for a government-sponsored agenda.

3) Drug Abusers and Psychopaths

Some individuals from this third category may also fall into the first two. Psychopaths are particularly useful, as they can easily be dismissed by the government operatives as whackjobs, nutcases, kooks, lone nutters, etc. should they become a liability. These types are often easier to control --if they get out of line, they can simply be thrown into a mental ward with few questions asked. Now, this is not to say that the government operatives don't try to impugn the sanity of legitimate whistleblowers, in order to neutralize them --they most certainly do. But the difference is, some of those used as minions in the COINTELPRO are REAL nutcases and the operatives controlling them are well aware of that fact.

Most are also pathological liars who may be delusional; narcissistic and entertain paranoid fantasies, which are purposely fueled by the government operatives. Often the designated targets (whistleblowers) are falsely accused of various plots or crimes against the delusional/paranoid minions.

The COINTELPPRO operatives feed them such false information in order to engender a personal vendetta against the targets. A vendetta which is based on falsehoods; twisting factual information to demonize the target; and often outright lies.

There also may be an element of hero worship --worship of the covert (and not so covert) government operatives by their dupes and minions. When one of the bad guy operatives is exposed by legitimate whistleblowers, the minions rally to his defense, attacking the targeted whistleblowers for what they claim are their "unjust" accusations or "lies."

Nothing could be further from the truth. The minions have been manipulated into promoting the very lies their controllers have fabricated, and continuing the cover-up of criminal activity, be it drugs-for-weapons deals; child sex abuse; money laundering; blackmail; espionage or any other forms of criminal conspiracy/racketeering.

The primary key to using these minions to target whistleblowers is manipulation, often through behavior modification tactics. Appeal to their emotions, by which they are ruled. Flatter their egos. Make them feel "important." Make them feel like real "players." Make them believe they are "doing the right thing"; going after the "bad guys" (legitimate whistleblowers); fool them into believing they are serving "Truth"and "Justice."

Meanwhile, it's all based on lies. Usually outrageous lies, demonizing the targets (legitimate whistleblowers) with the purpose of discrediting their testimony about REAL government crimes and corruption.

Facts; logical reasoning; critical analysis: these have no place in the COINTELPRO. It is based upon a web of falsehood, spun by liars, inside a hall of smoke and mirrors.

COINTELPRO also exploits the "alternative media" to do their dirty work. Since the advent of the Internet as the major "news" venue, the level of professionalism in journalism has plummeted. These days, just about anyone can put up a blog and promote their opinions, write editorials and distribute them to be available to thousands, even millions of readers. The very same operatives who recruit the dupes and minions also rely on alternative media websites and radio programs to spread their disinformation far and wide.
Barbara Hartwell Percival
January, 2006
Barbara Hartwell Percival
Legal Defense & Research Trust
Barbara Hartwell Vs. CIA