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Sunday, September 18, 2011

Government Stooge James F. Marino Pontificates on "CIA Disinfo Agent" Barbara Hartwell and "New Hope" for America, Barack Hussein Obama

It was only a matter of time: Government stooge Alex Studer is now promoting the libelous falsehoods of yet another of his fellow stooges, James F. Marino.


Congratulations, Marino!  You've got another useless idiot, just like yourself, as an ally for your smear campaign against Barbara Hartwell.

In this "headline feature" on Lab Virus, Studer promotes James F. Marino, who is, as usual,  parroting other stooges, namely Todd Brendan Fahey (aka "Xena Carpenter"), Tim White, Ken Adachi et al. The very same stooges regularly  parroted by Alex Studer. (What a surprise...)


Here's a question: Why do these stooges all parrot one another's malicious  lies?  The answer is simple: The problem is, the stooges are not in possession of any FACTS about Barbara Hartwell. Nor do they have the slightest bit of EVIDENCE to substantiate their many outrageous lies and smears. 


What to do? Trot out the same old, same old government-sponsored accusations: Call me a "CIA disinfo agent", and "FBI shill"....just keep slinging the same old mud, parroting the same old lies... 

[Note:  Over the past few years, some of the stooges have been assigning a false name to Barbara Hartwell, and have added additional lies to their repertoire in connection with it. As usual, I have removed all false names and obscenities  used by the stooges.  And for Stooger's (Studer) edification, this "piece" (of trash) written by James F. Marino, which he gleefully seized upon, is not at all "recent", but was in fact written years ago. Leave it to Stooger to get everything wrong. ]

Here,  the "headline" on Stooger's Lab Virus:


"CIA Disinfo Agent Barbara [false name removed] Hartwell Also Exposed As A Lying FBI Snitch Who Aids & Abets The FBI COINTELPRO Against This Author

The Truth About This Lying Con Artist Who Conveniently Leaves Out Any Information Which Proves That She Has Lied About Her Background While Conning The Public Out Of Money -Barbara Hartwell Is Incarnated Evil"

These second "headlines" were written by James F. Marino,  promoting the lies of the demonic duo --psychopaths,  forgers, identity thieves, blackmailers,  criminal stalkers and porno freaks, Todd Brendan Fahey (aka "Xena Carpenter") and Tim White.  

And contrary to the claims of the stooges, there is absolutely NOTHING (among their many, many lies, which has ever "proved" anything at all about Barbara Hartwell, including that I am a "liar".

I have never, at any time, "lied" about my "background".  Any and all information I have furnished in my public reports is based on facts; as for any information I have chosen to make public, the readers (including the stooges) may, as always, make of it what they will. 

The stooges are grasping at straws in their pathetic attempts to demonize Barbara Hartwell, claiming they are "exposing" me as "CIA disinfo agent".
James Marino, after being exposed yet again in one of my reports, has attacked Barbara Hartwell,  but just as I predicted, is too cowardly to actually NAME the Target he is attacking. Instead, he refers to "FBI psychopaths" and the like.

Here, just a few of his moronic comments, in response to my recent reports exposing COINTELPRO and its minions and stooges, and James F. Marino in particular.

"Editor's Note: Another of the FBI's psychopaths (there are many) recently started the false rumor (there are many of those too) that this author was not only a campaign worker for Barack Obama in the last presidential campaign, but that I had also donated a large sum of money to his campaign fund."

"As usual, the FBI's rumor mill, which its provocateurs claim is based on facts, is usually based on either a perversion of the facts, or an outright deception. In this particular situation, the allegation appears to be in regard to another James Marino who has made several donations to various political candidates."

"Perhaps another James Marino donated to Obama's campaign, however, there is no listing for this that this author was able to locate. It's more likely since Obama's photo is listed at the top of the Website, that the disinfo shill who circulated this false rumor simply saw Marino's contributions and the photo of Obama, without actually bothering to check the names on the list of contributions.

That, or the shill knew that this author had made no financial contributions to Obama, much less worked for his campaign, yet in the interest of disinformation circulated this false rumor anyway.

Moreover, according to the following Website, this particular James Marino lives in Bakersville, California. This author does not. Perhaps these FBI shills need a lesson in geography, amongst other things."

No, I don't need any "lesson in geography". Here is what was listed:

James F. MarinoNew York State. Donation of $285 to Presidential elections [Obama]  2008,  Democrat

Furthermore, I never stated that Marino was a "campaign worker" for Obama, only that he "campaigned" for Obama, by endorsing him in several of his articles. 

"The U.S. Federal Government does not want the general population in the United States learning that for the past several decades there has been a satellite tracking system in place which is capable of both targeting and tracking the unique electromagnetic signature of each person's body, thus branding them as little more than heads of cattle."

Note that Marino suddenly now switches from his usual "brain fingerprint" to parrot the term I used, which is "Frequency Signature". Marino does this all the time. Whenever his ignorance is exposed, he scrambles to correct himself, modifying his terminology just enough that he thinks it will escape notice.

"As always, caveat lector (beware of what you read) is recommended when dealing with the Internet rumor mill, which is a breeding ground for false speculation, amongst other things. Moreover, the FBI is notorious for circulating false rumors; especially when it involves crimes which the FBI's agents have committed against private citizens. In such instances one can expect the FBI to fabricate evidence, pony up false witnesses, and even rely on the use of coercion to control those who can expose the FBI's oftentimes outrageous criminality."

In actuality, Marino is the one "speculating", not Barbara Hartwell (whom he's too cowardly to NAME).

"Hartwell also states that this author supports Barack Obama, which is another of the myriad lies which this CIA mind controlled puppet promulgates. One must also wonder how much the FBI pays this lying snitch to take part in its attacks on this author."

"Myriad lies"?

Okay, Marino, you cowardly little pretentious poseur, enough already!  You want to talk about LIES?  Let's do that.  YOUR lies, that is, in denying your "support" for the usurper "president" Barack Hussein Obama.

Here are just two of several articles written by James F. Marino, which clearly show his SUPPORT of Obama. The first was posted on Marino's website before the election (May, 2007). The second was posted on his website just after the election (November, 2008).

As for the gross ignorance shown by James F. Marino, on the character, the  qualifications, the true background and nature of Obama; on Hillary Clinton (who was ALWAYS a political crony of Obama), and just about every issue imaginable, on which he pompously pontificates, I won't even bother to comment --except to say that Marino's unadulterated stupidity speaks for itself.

Marino is a belligerent ignoramus, which is the worst kind. Someone who tries to DEFEND his INDEFENSIBLE position.  Again, Marino is simply parroting what he has heard and read about Obama from other sources, and obviously swallowed, hook, line and sinker.

But why try to cover it up? Why lie about it? Why blame Barbara Hartwell, after the fact, as a "CIA disinfo agent" and "liar", rather than just admitting to his own complete lack of knowledge and understanding, and his gross ignorance, in his support of Barack Obama?

The point --and the ONLY important point, is that Marino LIED about having supported Obama.

Here, the evidence.


Hillary Clinton Already Looking To Propagate LIES About Barack Obama

In what should come as no surprise to anyone who's familiar with Hillary Clinton or her covert attempts at character assassination, her latest target is Senator Barack Obama. Some recent disinformation was circulated on the Internet claiming that Obama was looking to hide his Muslim heritage from the American people -- a clearly libelous tactic. And another article had the Republican right wingers using their black propaganda tactics to destroy both Obama's and Clinton's chances at a run for the White House before they began. However, in this author's opinion, Clinton and her campaign staff are more than likely in on this subterfuge, even if the Republicans are going along for the ride.

For starters, Senator Obama is a Christian. Yet the Clinton camp could not wait to seize on this opportunity to impugn the character of a man whom some are calling an African American version of the late John F. Kennedy. It's clear that many Americans see Obama as a breath of fresh air in the political realm and are looking to learn more about him.

Others have criticized his lack of political experience -- that he's not one of the typical Washington crowd. In this author's opinion, that is a good thing. Americans have far too many hacks in Washington as it is, who exist to play the political game by catering to special interest groups while maintaining the status quo to ensure that things remain as they are. Senator Clinton is just such a politician -- a political shark who's better at talking the game of politics than she is in actually using her position to affect positive change in this country.

She has once again jumped on the health care bandwagon as her political platform just as she did during her husband's administration, and will be as equally unsuccessful (should she become the next president) as she was in the 1990's, when her campaign for health care reform failed miserably.
If there is a bright light in the Democratic Party, it is Barack Obama. Americans may well have a rising star in this straight shooting Hawaiian native -- and not just because of his celebrity status as of late. Senator Obama has already proven himself to be a brilliant orator; a man who appears to have as fine a handle on this country's problems as he does in regard to Congresses' less than stellar performance over the past several decades.

And the voters can be sure that Obama earned his education the old fashioned way: he worked hard for it
. Not like George W. Bush, who was accepted to Yale simply by his family's Skull & Bones legacy.

The real issue is can Senator Obama win the presidential election in 2008? Americans are at a pivotal point in their history, suspecting the Bush Administration of at the very least a lack of candor in regard to the attacks on 9-11, and in a worst case scenario, complicity in treasonous acts against them, through the orchestration of these terrorist acts.
Barak Obama comes along at a time where this country is no longer just asking for positive change, but vociferously demanding it. Is he another John F. Kennedy? It's too soon to say for certain, but perhaps in time he may prove to be even more dynamic than the man who oversaw Camelot was in the early 1960's.

Senator Obama may offer Americans a chance at a new beginning, and the ability to clean up the cesspool that this government has become
; something that Hillary Clinton clearly does not.

Americans are ready for a significant change in leadership. They are ready for a woman president, an African American president, or for that matter anyother person who would have in the past been considered an anomally in such an influential position, simply because of the narrow mindedness which has pervaded American politics for far too long.
What we need first and foremost is excellent leadership -- something that we have not had in a very long time.

The following article covers the Clinton campaign's attempts to attack Senator Obama's integrity as well a the Republican's role in the aforesaid. I doubt that he will allow himself to get mired in such dirty tactics, and will instead seek the high ground throughout his campaign to gain the Democratic Party's nomination.

[Pro-Obama article Marino touts, not included.]

I wish him well and look forward to an opportunity in which to vote for him in 2008.


Barack Obama's In -- George W. Bush Is OUT! FINALLY! President-Elect Obama Makes History!

After eight years of the most corrupt government in U.S. History, George W. Bush and the PNAC criminal syndicate that have run the United States into the ground are finally about to exit the White House.

Under the PNAC controlled Bush Administration, Americans have witnessed their own government perpetrating terrorist acts against thousands of their own people, two illegal wars orchestrated for the express purpose of stealing the oil of two other nations, while undermining our own Constitutional Republic, and empowering the U.S. Intel community with unprecedented and unconstitutional authority; authority which they have wantonly abused in the most wicked of ways.

President-Elect Obama offers us new hope that some of the injustices perpetrated by the PNAC/Bush criminal syndicate can be redressed under his tenure as President.

Barack Obama deserves the chance to make this country a better place for all Americans; not just the wealthy elite who've enjoyed these benefits all along.
In my opinion, Ron Paul would have been the best choice for President, however, he was far too candid in his desire to put the criminal and privately held Federal Reserve System's counterfeiting syndicate out of business, which made him unelectable.

With Barack Obama, middle class Americans will now have the chance to improve their lives; albeit after a long period of transition in which to undo much of the precedent setting damage caused by the criminal PNAC/Bush regime.

As for his detractors, Obama would have to work extremely hard at being the disaster that George W. Bush and his cronies have been.

Hopefully, he will battle the New World Order and its Totalitarian agenda; something Bush and the PNAC have aided and abetted for the past eight years.

At the very least, Obama offers an opportunity for the middle class in this country to get a fair shake for the first
time in this country's history. And one of the first issues that President-Elect Obama should address is to reopen the Church Committee hearings in order to review the unprecedented number of complaints against the U.S. Intelligence community, which have occurred during the Bush criminal regime; complaints which include being illegally interrogated and tortured by way of satellite tracking systems like the NSA's Echelon.

Part of making America a better place is to put a leash on this community of hi-tech New World Order predators who've set new precedents in violating our rights under the color and cover of law.

Constitution raping thugs who belong in prison for their crimes against humanity.

As for George W. Bush, it has been eight years of sheer hell with this Illuminati lunatic and his cadre of neo conservative (neocon) Nazi minded criminals. And it will be a pleasure to see them all gone for good. Unfortunately, they will never receive the sentence for the treasonous and murderous crimes that they have committed with complete impunity, however, they cannot avoid their ultimate Karmic fate. And neither can those criminals within the U.S. Intelligence community who've also committed such crimes with complete impunity.
To Ex-President Bush:

All I can say is don't let the door hit you in the ass on your way back to Texas. At least you're Texas' problem now, and no longer ours. Good Riddance!

In November, 2008, Marino wrote the previous glowing report about Obama (which he actually tried to deny having written).

But shortly thereafter, in January, 2009, Marino suddenly changes his position (like the weathervane he has proved himself to be) and criticizes those who elected Obama! (a criticism of HIMSELF, as it turns out). Note that Marino NEVER even got a clue that Obama was INELIGIBLE for the presidency to begin with, as he is NOT a natural born citizen.



"When one also takes into consideration the fact that he has now chosen Hillary  (White Water/Vince Foster) Clinton to be his Secretary Of State, as well as the former head of the New York Branch of the criminal counterfeiting Federal Reserve System, to be the head of the U.S. Treasury (America From Freedom To Fascism fans will understand the tragic irony in this), one can only hazard a guess as to how far into Barack Obama's Presidency it will be before those who resoundingly elected him to the highest office in this country realize that he probably has more pressing issues on his plate, than those of the hoi poloi common folk who are by a large margin the majority who inhabit the United States."

There you have it: EVIDENCE that James F. Marino is not only a government stooge, an ignoramus whose position shifts with every wind that blows, but also a hypocrite and liar, attempting to cover up his own ignorance and stupidity by blaming others --most notably Barbara Hartwell-- whom he claims is a "CIA disinfo Agent", "FBI provocateur" and "evil incarnate."

Government stooges: By their fruits shall you know them.

Barbara Hartwell Percival
September 18, 2011


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