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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Open Letter from a Retired LAPD Officer Re CIA Corruption, Guns & Drugs

NOTE: I don't know what the hell is going on here...

In checking the links to articles posted on this site, I have found that certain ones have been DELETED for no apparent reason. Google has sent me only one "formal complaint" (completely bogus) filed by the "Xena Carpenter" website (Todd Brendan Fahey and Tim White, using the pseudonym "Xena Carpenter".) 

Google came down with their axe and just DELETED my report exposing these criminals.

Here's another report (2001) which I found had been mysteriously DELETED. If Google (and their pals at NSA) want to keep playing this game, be my guest. This is a great article by my friend Ed Schooling and I'm happy to have the chance to repost it.

February 16, 2011



Consider this an open letter to the corrupt criminal cabal, and those conditioned dupes in CIA, ATF, DEA, FBI, LAPD, military, and other agencies.


The suspects who conduct the harassment toward whistleblowers will not change by us publishing this info (harassment) and pleading with them to understand that we are American patriots who love this country.

It just shows a sign of weakness in their eyes on our part.  No I believe we need to say in response to harassment such as, with interference with phone and email, etc.

"So what ass......... Keep it up... you will just make us more determined to keep up the battle for freedom, and someday you will get yours."

What goes around-comes around is surely true.  Nearly everyone one of the key people in LAPD (Los Angeles Police Dept.) who harassed me while on LAPD when I was blowing the whistle on illegal CIA drug running, gun smuggling, kidnapping of teen age girls, drugging them and forcing them to prostitute for VIPS aboard your yachts in Marina del Rey, California, crimes of murder, attempted murder of a police officer/detective, using Florida law enforcement in conspiracies to commit murder (whacking your own men) money laundering, bilking investors of savings and loans, and much more; those key LAPD supervisors and corrupt detectives got theirs in various ways.

Such as one was beaten up badly in Hollywood while with his girlfriend, a few others were bilked out of about $100,000 by other corrupt white collar criminals, but that is what they get for accepting bribes from Mafia.

Still others had their own marriage suffer badly when it was exposed (by me) they were using prostitutes at LAPD parties.  Others who attended these parties were local FBI and DEA agents.

Yes, I was there too...just to take all of your names for my later report!  Hope I didn't cause you cops and agents too much anxiety.  You should not spit into the wind...or have messed with me.

What...oh yes I almost forgot that's when I received death threats from peers and superiors and the threat from one CIA operative... Let's see, my transcript of those threats seems to indicate over thirty threats and by name!

You ignorant fools could never figure out I was taping our conversations so many times. And for you good guy FBI agents, I thank two who will remain unnamed, who instructed me as to how to turn so called illegal evidence, including tape recordings, into legal evidence. Thanks guys-it did work at least for part of my purposes.

Regarding my many allegations, others, including very high officials, were at least forced to retire earlier than they had wanted...due to my allegations.  Can you believe that one high official in LAPD had the audacity and was so ignorant, that he had flyers put up all over the city announcing his retirement party at a known Mafia hotel/restaurant!  Someone eventually advised him to change it to somewhere else since I had already made allegations about LAPD officials covering up Mafia crime, naming various names including this official.

I thank my honest immediate superiors who wrote in my annual rating reports that "He is second to no one in investigations."  Wasn't that difficult to explain to the public when you (corrupt high officials) attempted to discredit me.

I believe that I rattled some cages from LA to Washington, D.C., possibly as the most stubborn and tenacious flea on the dog's back.  I don't regret anything.  I only suffered for six years and then won my lifetime tax free disability pension along with six years back pay. I thank the ass........ for allowing me to pay cash for my farm/ranch after that six year wait which woke me from my Robocop state!

And no, neither Mike Rupert nor Mike Rothmiller of LAPD were crazy when they charged LAPD and CIA of being in bed together in running drugs internationally and other crimes.

Nor were/are many other federal, state and local agents and detectives who have multitudes of evidence throughout America, from LAPD to NYPD of the drug running and many other crimes by shadow government cabal inside CIA, FBI, ATF, and many other agencies with corrupt, conditioned cops.

Thanks to LAPD rumor control that spread I was very dangerous, carried six guns and two hand grenades at all times  --that rumor helped keep me alive.  Hey guys it was only two guns (not to mention what was in them) but sorry no grenades, and just one other very secret weapon and the best weapon of brain!

And thanks to the CIA, when trying to recruit me, for all of the valuable 'detailed' information I received in my weeks of instructions on becoming an expert international arms dealer.

Could it be that when I finally refused to be one of you that you had me fired on trumped up charges.  Did you really think I was that ignorant that I didn't know you planned to have me, once hired, 'accidentally' dropped out of a C-130 or otherwise disposed of.

Did you think I would allow my key informant to take that cruise to Costa Rica with you so you could drop her over the side.  Yes my law enforcement intelligence partner from another jurisdiction had been documenting as to how many persons never returned from those 'day long cruises' with you.  You are so lucky to have had such high ranking corrupt friends inside U.S. Customs and ATF in Washington, D.C. to stop our investigation.  They even stopped the IRS!

Notice though that I never stopped anyway?

Thanks also to the 'real' good guys who are 'proven' un-named whistleblowers from the CIA, FBI, military intelligence, military officers-current and former, as well as other agencies, all of whom I learned much from in many fields. You have never heard of most of these men and women.

And I have not yet even written about the major crimes involving airlines, MAFIA, CIA, LAPD and massive corruption and cover up in which I have another four good guy retired FBI S/A (special agents) to back me up!

Nor have I even touched on the subject of Operation GLADIO  --commando operations in Europe in which the CIA (U.S. and allies) trained and financed European terrorists to kill multitudes of innocent people in bombings and shootings in order to frighten the public into crying out for more state security!

In the words of one Belgian terrorist whose leader reported to the CIA, "We were told to kill mostly just women and children..."  Read...machine gunning innocent women and children in supermarkets and while they were fleeing outside the market!  This was in a city in Belgium.  Isn't mind control/behavior modification wonderful?  This is all documented evidence on GLADIO.

And to you FBI, ATF, CIA, etc., agents...these U.S. commandos seriously injured federal policemen in more than one country.  The terrorists trained by GLADIO commandos killed federal policemen. Remember the three dead Carabinieri in Italy?  Maybe it will be you, your partner, or your children here in your own military, U.S. and allied commandos.

No... patriotic Americans are not the enemy  --it is your own government cabal of men who would sacrifice you and your family for their purposes.

So CIA, FBI, U.S. Army, CIA and U.S. military mind control doctors, etc., etc., you think we don't remember anything?

For John and Jane Q. Citizens of the USA and those in other countries, do you get the picture yet about the planned 9-11 New York and pentagon attacks on innocent persons, why, and by whom?

Operation Northwoods (pretext for a Cuban Invasion) was a plan that was never put into play.  However, GLADIO was operational for decades...and many innocent persons were killed.  More to come on the history and status of GLADIO.

I hope that this small piece reaches many countries and many more in America.  For I have only just begun to speak out.

More to come.

Edward L. Schooling, LAPD retired

Schooling is retired from LAPD having worked plainclothes special operations and detectives tracking criminals internationally and gathering evidence on corrupt police and federal agents.  He was also stationed in the U.S. Army in Italy, with a top secret clearance.

Note from Barbara Hartwell:

Ed is a good friend, one of the most credible and trustworthy people I know.  He has been kind enough to share much of his testimony with me, in confidence up to now.  I'm very glad he has decided to make his testimony public...and believe me, as Ed says, there's much more to come......

In a time of universal deceit,TELLING THE TRUTH is a revolutionary act. 

--George Orwell

And you shall know the truth and the truth shall make you free. 

--Jesus Christ

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