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Thursday, February 17, 2011

The Three Stooges Adachi, White, Fahey: "Who is Barbara Hartwell?"

NOTE: Here is yet another report which I discovered was mysteriously DELETED from my website, apparently by the Google Gestapo. This one is from 2009 and I'm more than happy to repost it.

And by the way, the Three Stooges, Ken Adachi, Tim White and Todd Fahey, the obsessive whackjobs, are still out there engaging in their libel fest against  Barbara Hartwell and associates....don't these pathetic characters have anything better to do with their time?

February 17, 2011  

Three Stooges Adachi, White, Fahey: "Who is Barbara Hartwell"?

The notorious government stooges (aka The Three Stooges) Ken Adachi, Tim White and Todd Brendan Fahey, in collusion for years to scandalize the good name of Barbara Hartwell, have pooled their efforts once again.

The latest result of their white-hot spite, diabolical calumny and scandal-mongering,  a smear piece titled, Who is Barbara Hartwell?, is promoted on the "Current News" section of Ken Adachi's New Age/government disinfo website, Educate-Yourself.

Adachi also provides a link to the "Xena Carpenter" website, where the smear piece was originally posted.

For the record, I haven't read this latest libel-fest and don't intend to. For the simple reason that I happen to know that it was written (under a pseudonym)  by one Todd Brendan Fahey, a psychopath; criminal stalker; identity thief; forger, using many aliases and screen names in his obsessive efforts to destroy Barbara Hartwell.

This is just a recycled version of another smear piece written by Fahey, with the same title. Only the lies have changed.....and the new pseudonym the little coward is hiding behind, "Xena Carpenter".

I also know that Tim White is one of the "sources" for this smear piece. White is an accomplice of  Todd Fahey and other criminals in the regular  dissemination of libelous falsehoods about Barbara Hartwell.

In fact, both of these loathsome freaks were criminally harassing me by e-mail, until I finally had to get rid of the e-mail address, the only way to stop them. And the last harassing e-mails I received from White and Fahey were in reference to the very same smear piece now being promoted by their comrade-in-slime, Ken Adachi.

What a of many, and not to be mistaken for anything other than what it is: Part and parcel of a criminal conspiracy against targets of the nefarious COINTELPRO.

On principle, I absolutely refuse to read anything in which this despicable character, Todd Fahey, has had the slightest involvement. Since 2004, Fahey has concocted the most outrageous lies imaginable, as well as fabricating pornographic filth which he has published in connection with my name.

Naturally, lowlife Ken Adachi exploits this opportunity to gleefully regurgitate all the libelous fabrications about Barbara Hartwell which he has been promoting since 2000, when he was tasked by former FBI chief, Ted L. Gunderson, with ruining the good name of Barbara Hartwell, come hell or high water.

Adachi (like his sleazy accomplices) is nothing more than a COINTELPRO minion and stooge, seeking attention and approval from the government operatives he toadies to, and from the public he lies to, to "earn" his living.  Just one of a gaggle of pathetic losers, misfits and G-Man wannabes...

But one has to wonder: Why would Ted Gunderson (by his own admission, "a counter-intelligence expert" who has suggested "spreading disinformation")  choose a rank amateur, a New Age charlatan, a dilettante, a pseudo intellectual and ignoramus like Ken Adachi for his primary PR shill?

Can't he do better than that? I guess not, because if there were anyone at all with at least the appearance of being legitimate or credible, and willing to take on this mission, I'm sure I would still be living in blissful ignorance of the existence of this "malicious liar and petty fraudster"  (comments by ex-FBI agent Geral Sosbee, whom Adachi has also attacked), Ken Adachi.

Gee whiz, Ted, I guess good help really is hard to find...and in this case, apparently impossible.

Ken Adachi, clearly lacking any legitimate, accurate or truthful "sources" for his nine-year (and counting...) libel campaign against Barbara Hartwell, has resorted to scraping the bottom of the barrel...again.  Adachi will publish anything and everything he can get his grimy hands on, no matter how bizarre, no matter how outlandish, how ludicrous, how utterly appalling, and no matter how questionable the source, in his desperate attempts to discredit Barbara Hartwell.

Adachi has no interest in facts (never has, never will) nor has he ever troubled himself to seek out the truth about any matter involving Barbara Hartwell. No, Adachi gleans all his "information" from others of his ilk: malicious gossips,  liars and busybodies, all government dupes, all of whom have an axe to grind. He slavishly parrots the lies he is told, incorporates these outrageous falsehoods into his own "reports", and claims he is "educating" the public about Barbara Hartwell.

And for the record, over the years, some of the "sources" Adachi has tried to pass off as "credible" in his libel campaign against Barbara Hartwell, include the following individuals:

Timothy Patrick White (hides behind many aliases and screen names) aka "Patrick Alexander" aka "George Mateski": predicate felon; career criminal; drug-trafficker; criminal stalker; extortionist; bi-sexual transvestite; child porno collector; sex pervert/predator (including targeting children); fed informant/snitch; psychopath.

Todd Brendan Fahey: (hides behind many aliases and screen names): criminal stalker; identity thief; forger; blackmailer; porno-monger; sex pervert/predator  (including targeting children); scamster; grifter; psychopath.

Pamela Schuffert: criminal stalker; grifter; fed informant/snitch.

Brenda Negri (hides behind many aliases and screen names) aka "Ranger Rick" aka "James L. Choron": criminal stalker; sex pervert/predator; identity thief (including impersonating federal agents); fed informant/snitch; psychopath.

Larry Lawson: criminal stalker; fed informant/snitch; government disinfo-monger extraordinaire.

"Brice Taylor" aka Susan Ford: "Monarch sex slave"; government disinfo-monger.

What a marvelous bunch of folks!  Their credentials and bona fides are unimpeachable! At least according to the standards of "journalism" adhered to by Ken Adachi....

Here's Adachi's latest. I have removed the links, as I refuse to promote the trash by these despicable liars. My comments are in brackets, preceded by my initials, BHP.

From Ken Adachi
January 27, 2009

Who is Barbara Hartwell? (January 27, 2009)

I received an e-mail on January 22, 2009 with a web site link from someone who wanted me to see the photos he had obtained of low level CIA internet agitator Barbara Hartwell's residence and the sponsorship that Hartwell has received from one [name removed]

[BHP: The "someone" who e-mailed Adachi is none other than Todd Fahey. The e-mail address (below) is one of many used by Fahey to harass targets. As for the monstrous invasions of privacy in publishing photos of my house, along with my private street address, the criminals Fahey and White have been soliciting additional criminal harassment/stalking by like-minded scum criminals for years. Solciting crimes is a crime in and of itself. One that Ken Adachi has been aiding and abetting, in collusion with these criminals.

As for Adachi's claim of "sponsorship", here is more wild speculation on his part; as usual, parroting the fabrications of Fahey, White and their accomplices. And naturally, they drag the name of another person about whom they know nothing into the smear piece.]

After confirming that the sender was not the two timing, back stabbing, Jack of All Deceit, Low Life known as Tim White, I agreed to post the link on Current News

[BHP: But of course Adachi "agreed" to post more libelous falsehoods about Barbara Hartwell. Why wouldn't he? After all, nobody could accuse him of having an iota of discernment or integrity...he publishes anything he can get, as long as it smears Barbara Hartwell.

But the pompous fool, Ken Adachi, evidently does not realize that Tim White is a "source" for this libelous piece of trash concocted by Todd Fahey. And considering the fact that Adachi promoted, defended and supported Tim White (including financially, by his own admission) for years, as an accomplice in the libel campaign against Barbara Hartwell (and aiding and abetting in White's criminal harassment, stalking of targets, etc.) it seems a little strange that he is only now seeing Tim White for what he is. But then, Adachi isn't the sharpest knife in the drawer. Adachi and White: Two peas in a pod.]

Who Is Barbara Hartwell? 

(You can contact the sender at the following e-mail address: kyraspycat@gmail)

[BHP: Again, the e-mail address belongs to Todd Fahey, the coward who hides behind many aliases to harass, libel and engage in cyber-stalking.]

I told this fellow that I have zero interest in Hartwell or anything she has to say or write about, including whatever slam pieces she might make up about me. Tim White, posing under the name of "Patrick Alexander," tried to sucker me into responding to a slam piece that Hartwell wrote about me a few months ago. I not only had zero interest in reading it, but I had no intention of responding to it, and giving that slithering CIA snake some readers that she could not otherwise obtain on her own. I checked her internet traffic stats at and found that she had an overall internet ranking of somewhere around 7 million; that works out to roughly 3 readers a week.

[BHP: If Adachi has "zero interest" in Barbara Hartwell, why then does he continue to spend so much time libeling me? Why continue with his "current news" posts?

3 readers a week?  Totally absurd. I have to wonder how that could be possible, considering the fact that the "profile views" alone (per day, not per week) number many more than that. And the readers would have to visit the site before they could click on the link to the "profile".

Can't Adachi think up something more believable than this?] 

I've already invested enough time between the years 2000-2006 exposing Barbara Hartwell and her fellow mind controlled, CIA smear artists like Stew Webb,  who were doing their best to discredit a real constitutional patriot and a genuine American by the name of Ted L. Gunderson,  former FBI Los Angeles Bureau Chief.

Ultimately, Hartwell's outrageous lies finally caught up with her and those many internet sites, like Rumor Mill News, which used to routinely post her garbage, fell away like so many leaves in a November gale in New England.

[BHP: Rumor Mill News is a New Age/government disinfo site, just like Educate- Yourself. And there were no "outrageous lies" involved, at least not coming from me. I resigned my posting  privileges on RMN due to selective censorship by the editor, Rayelan Allan. She then tried to cover herself by accusing me of being CIA!...just like Ken Adachi. How tiresome it gets...]

Today, Hartwell desperately seeks readers for her concocted swill so she can justify her pathetic life as a CIA tool of disinformation and rancor (I could say as much about Tim White), but the readers are no longer there, despite her efforts to make up ever greater fantasies about Ted Gunderson, or me, or anyone else who has a reputation on the internet that she can parasitize and in so doing, elevate herself from the sewer which she normally inhabits.

[BHP: Adachi has no idea how many readers I have. As usual this stooge just parrots what he's told to say. But my writings are far from fantasies, especially  regarding Ted Gunderson and his stooge, Ken Adachi. And if Adachi wants to talk about a sewer, he needs to look closer to home. He promotes porno-mongers, sex predators, stalkers, identity thieves, blackmailers...the lowest criminal scum on the face of the earth. Who does Adachi think is buying into his malicious lies?]

I've had a few people contact me over the years who had sent large sums of money to support freeloader Hartwell, only to have Hartwell do a 180 on them and heap redicule and scorn upon her former benefactors because they began to recognize that she's a pathological liar and deceptionist of the first order. That's what she was trained to do as a two bit MK Ultra mind controlled slave; a role she has played to perfection, so far.
Ken Adachi

BHP: What "people"? Naturally, Adachi doesn't name them. And as usual, Adachi is spreading malicious gossip about what he thinks he knows. Adachi knows nothing.  And furthermore, any dealings I have had with people who donated money to me were between me and the donor --and none of  busybody Adachi's damned business.

Again, just the usual regurgitated trash from malicious liar Adachi, slinging the same old mud, parroting the same old falsehoods about the "mind controlled slave." It seems this is Adachi's answer for everything. No facts, no truth, no evidence...nothing but the government-sponsored black propaganda he parrots slavishly, year after year.

How could anyone with an ounce of intelligence or discernment take this buffoon seriously?

Barbara Hartwell Percival
January, 2009