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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Down to the Crossroads: My Strange Encounter with the JBS

NOTE: This evening, while I was checking the links to articles on my website, I found that this report, written in 2004, had been mysteriously DELETED from the archives. This has happened before, but to my knowledge only one other report, one exposing the "Xena Carpenter" website, had been purposely deleted by Google, due to a bogus complaint made by the criminals Todd Brendan Fahey and Tim White (the demonic duo) who are using the "Xena Carpenter" site to libel Barbara Hartwell and others.
Unfortunately, due to the limitations of this "blog" site, there is no way to get a report back into the archives once it has been deleted. Since I will not allow Google or their so called "Blogger Team" to continue interfering with this site, I have to repost this report on the front page.
Screw you, Google Gestapo and your criminal NSA partners in censorship!
February 15, 2011
I went down to the crossroads, fell down on my knees.
I went down to the crossroads, fell down on my knees.
Asked the Lord for mercy, Said save me if you please.
I went down to the crossroads, tried to flag a ride
I went down to the crossroads, tried to flag a ride
Nobody seemed to know me, everybody passed me by.
--lyrics by Robert Johnson
I had always, for my entire adult life, felt an affinity for the John Birch Society. That's  because the JBS stands for the same things I believe in: Limited Constitutional Government. Liberty. Individual rights, natural rights as bestowed by God and guaranteed under the U.S. Constitution. Rule by law, Constitutional law, that is. One Nation under God: A government of the people, by the people and for the people.
I've also had a number of friends over the years who were members of JBS, and who spoke highly of the organization; yet I did not accept their invitations to join. No mystery there: By nature I am a lone gun. I embrace no form of political orthodoxy and don't wish to be limited by the regulations set up by any group; nor do I wish to deal with the politics of group dynamics. The way I see it, that's just the way God made me. Who am I to question His infinite wisdom?  
I am not a team player, never was, never will be. I don't criticize those who are, since God creates all kinds of people to live in this world and I believe each of us has our own place in the scheme of things. Maybe I've told you more than you need to know about this aspect of myself, but in order to fully grasp the import of my experiences with the JBS you may find it useful to have a little background.
In the autumn of 2003, I changed my mind. Not that I suddenly became a "joiner" after these many years; but I decided to make an exception to my normal policy and join the JBS. My reasons were pretty simple. I had moved to Maine from New York state earlier that year. I didn't know a soul and had no family or friends nearby, those closest to me living over 300 miles away. I was also  exhausted, trying to recover from a year-long bout of acute illness; and so tired of always fighting my battles against the tyrants alone. Most of my former friends and professional colleagues had abandoned me or betrayed me for various reasons, mostly because I refused to compromise my principles, or allow myself to be exploited by a political agenda that was not my own. I had no resources, financial or otherwise, with which to continue my work investigating and exposing corruption and criminals in government. I was more alone than I had ever been in my life. 
The JBS, I thought, would bring me into contact with people who had common interests and priorities: namely fighting FOR liberty and AGAINST the New World Order (whose agenda is to expunge that liberty from the lives of all U.S. citizens, as well as from the lives of all persons around the globe.) I thought perhaps I'd find some like-minded people with whom I could work toward a common goal. As it turned out, was I ever wrong!
I'll explain why in just a moment. But it is very important that I qualify that statement. I did meet ONE person, a man named Frank Nulton, a member of JBS, and the only person I have met whom I can honestly call a true friend (even to this day) since moving to Maine. I met Frank through a mutual acquaintance named Mike, another JBS member who had learned of my CIA background and my work as a whistleblower and investigative journalist when he was hired to do some construction work on my home.
In fact, Frank was the person who recruited me into the JBS. Frank is 77 years old, a veteran of the Navy (Lt. Commander)  who had also served as a miliary/intelligence liaison. Frank and I had much in common and we had  quite a few long talks about my own personal background with CIA; about military/intelligence operations and about my current situation. He well  understood that I had been targeted for a neutralization campaign and that I had been harassed and persecuted for many years, ever since I broke out of  CIA's black ops in 1994. He thought the JBS would be good for me, maybe provide some backup, and vice versa. I hoped he was right and looked forward to getting involved.
Although Frank was not the nominal head of the chapter (this was a man named James Duclos) from what I observed, Frank seemed to be responsible for most of the work and the meetings were held at his home. He was clearly dedicated to the principles expressed by JBS and to the Society itself. Frank also told me he was terminally ill; was not sure how long he had to live; and expressed his desire to do as much as possible to make sure the local JBS chapter was left in good shape after his passing. I was heartbroken to hear of this, because I have a love of Frank that I can only compare to what a daughter would feel for a father. Frank has also done all in his power to help me in any way he could.
Frank at first suggested that given my background and my expertise in areas such as psychological operations and electronic/print media, I might be someone the JBS would find of value as a local chapter leader; also as a former "insider" who could share some of my firsthand knowledge of how insiders operate with members of the Society. After all, the "Insiders" are the very people the JBS is pitted against. 
Being a good Christian and the kindest man I have ever known, Frank was also sincerely concerned about my financial situation, since he knew that I have no source of income; no pension; no medical insurance; and am "not eligible" for disability benefits nor even Social Security, due to my covert history as a "non-official-cover" (NOC) operative.
I have no official employment history, since I never held a "regular" job but worked instead mostly through CIA front companies. CIA denies I ever worked for them (what they do with most NOCs who leave the service, especially on bad terms) and yet they persecute me for going public as a whistleblower on their black operations. Figure that one out. They must spend hundreds of thousands of dollars a year, just trying to neutralize me. That money could support me easily with plenty to spare. But the primary agenda of CIA, as anyone who has ever worked for them can tell you, is only to protect themselves and their own nefarious operations. They will lie, cheat, steal and even kill, anything it takes to neutralize a person who has been deemed a "national security risk"; or a "rogue operative" considered to be "beyond salvage".
I explained to Frank that although I certainly needed the money (JBS pays a stipend to chapter leaders) that I was not capable of being reliable at any regular "job" even if it was part-time, due to serious disabilities, a result of the abuses perpetrated against me by the U.S. gov't while involved in the CIA ops; as well as permanent injuries from  "arranged" car crashes (I refuse to call them "accidents" as they were anything but); and chronic illness from other such assaults, as with the "non-lethal" weaponry my adversaries deploy against me; or poisonings and druggings which occured over a period of years.
But even though I was not capable of taking on a paying position with JBS, I still wanted to work with them in any way I could, as much as my time and the state of my health permitted. The first JBS meeting I attended was in January 2004 at the local chapter, Greater Biddeford-Saco. Frank had arranged for me to be a speaker there to address the topic of the CIA black ops in which I had been utilized under NOC for 25 years of my adult life (1969-1994) mostly in psychological operations. Frank said he was hoping to recruit new members to join the small JBS chapter and thought such topics would generate some interest.
At that first meeting, I was introduced to the attending members of the local chapter of JBS. From my first brief impression, they seemed like sincere people, real patriots interested in engaging in activism to defend our Constitutional rights. I think most of them probably were/are. But there was one man I met whose sincerity I would soon call into question and whose inappropriate and unprofessional behavior was eventually  responsible for my decision to withdraw from my association with the local chapter of JBS, in less than six months. That man, a Mr. Lee Bouton of Biddeford, Maine, has now been appointed as the new leader of the Greater Biddeford-Saco chapter of the JBS.
I learned that Lee Bouton was not new to JBS, but had rejoined the organization in January 2004 after a lapse of 30 some-odd years. The day after my first contact with him at the JBS meeting, I received an e-mail from him telling me he had enjoyed meeting me and hearing my talk on the CIA and expressing interest in learning more about the topics I had addressed. He also said he was looking forward to working with me as part of the local JBS chapter. But, unfortunately I soon realized that Mr. Bouton had designs on me which had nothing to do with the John Birch Society.
I exchanged a few e-mails with him and spoke with him on the phone. He began to make various offers to help me; the first of which was to construct some electronic equipment to measure energy frequencies around my home. I had mentioned during my talk at the JBS meeting that I and some of my colleagues (former intelligence, military and law-enforcement personnel) had been hit with electronic weaponry. I agreed to this offer of help, but made it clear that I did not want him to spend too much of his time (and certainly not money) on this project. 
I also warned him that it had been my experience that anyone attempting to assist me in any way would become a target as well, usually only of low-level harassment; still I did have the "duty to warn" him of such a probability and did not want to be held responsible for any such problems he might incur. He claimed to be unworried and said he would "take the risk", since he wanted to "do the right thing" by offering his "support" to me.  The electronic project never materialized, since his attempt to construct the equipment failed. I thanked him for trying and told him to please just forget about it; it was not that important; and besides I did not have much free time to get involved in the process which would be involved.
Next, I received an invitation from Mr. Bouton to attend a political meeting in Portland, a gathering of "conservatives" interested in discussing strategies for local political affairs. I told him I was not interested in joining any such groups; but agreed to attend one meeting, only because my friend  Frank Nulton would be attending as well, representing the JBS.  I said I would not mind coming along and checking it out.
The meeting turned out to be a bad joke, at least for me. There were no real "conservatives" in attendance; not that I saw. None except perhaps myself and Frank. There were, however,  representatives from a certain faction of the local Republican Party (Lee Bouton is a card-carrying Republican)  whose only purpose was to run an aggressive local campaign for the re-election of George W. Bush. Another man, from an allegedly "conservative" group, The Heritage Foundation,  proudly told the attendees of how "the Grand Daddy of conservatism", William F. Buckley Jr., had been the keynote speaker at one of their recent functions.
After this speaker finished his spiel, I had a comment I found it very necessary to make. I told the man that Buckley was anything BUT a conservative. That in fact, he was NWO all the way, a phony conservative who was more of a communist than anything else. This was something I had known for over 30 years; but I cited JBS President John F. McManus's book: William F. Buckley Jr., Pied Piper for the Establishment, as a reference and asked if he had read it. He admitted he had not. I then reminded him --and everyone in the room-- that REAL "conservatives" DEFENDED THE CONSTITUTION  and individual rights, as bestowed by God.
A brief, uncomfortable silence ensued. Then, on to other topics!.... Lee Bouton, who had been appointed the secretary for this "conservative" political group, finally changed the subject. He said nothing to back me up, but just stood there looking embarrased at my challenge to the Heritage man. Frank Nulton, in fact, DID back me up about the nature of "conservatism" and also suggested they all get a copy of McManus's book and read it. He also left some JBS literature for those at the meeting. Later, on the way back in the car, Frank said to Lee: "That's why I like to take Barbara along. She goes for the jugular!"
Shortly after this meeting I attended with Lee and Frank, Lee began to make more offers of "help". I had told him, in casual conversation, that I was in the process of having work done on my house; but being seriously disabled, I was unable to do any strenuous  physical labor myself. He volunteered to assist me, claiming that he had lots of free time, being retired, and that he himself was "in superb health". I thought this odd, since he had previously told me he was "retired on full disabilty from the U.S. Postal Service." I thanked him but declined his offers. By this time, I could tell, from his overly solicitous, fawning  behavior and some of the comments he made, that he had more than just a casual interest in me as a fellow JBS member. Not wanting to encourage that interest, I was not about to accept any such offers.
Another offer from Lee Bouton came in the form of an invitation to join yet another political organization he was in the process of forming called Search Committee for [fiscally responsible, or something close to that] Candidates. He actually offered me a paying position as a "coordinator" of this new entity. I explained (once again, I guess he didn't hear me the first few times) that I am DISABLED. 100% disabled, as determined by examination from a medical doctor. I explained I could NOT be reliable in carrying out the duties of such a position. And also, that it was not something I was the least bit interested in. As I had explained during my talk at the JBS meeting, my work involves investigating and exposing gov't corruption and crimes at the highest levels, NOT being a paper shuffler or PR gal for a local political group.
Next, came the invitations to lunch. The only one of those I had accepted was a few days after we went to the "conservative" meeting. I accepted Bouton's invitation, mostly because he had  volunteered to give me a ride to the motor vehicle bureau to switch my license to the state of Maine. I am blind in one eye (another disabilty caused by abuse from CIA)  and have trouble driving in unfamiliar territory. I didn't want to be rude and saw no harm in it.
During lunch, we discussed religion. I told Lee that I had been going to Frank's church, the Christ Episcopal in Biddeford, on those Sunday mornings when I was able to get there (that disability again). I explained that I had been raised an Episcopalian, and had baptized my son in that church; but did not consider myself a member of any organized religion (except being a basic Christian, a believer in Jesus Christ). That I enjoyed going to different churches and that I had a liking for the Baptists because of my love of gospel music.
Oddly enough, it turned out that there was a Baptist minister sitting with his wife at the next table. He came over and introduced himself, saying he could not help overhearing the conversation. I asked the minister where the church was located and for a card and phone number and said I'd try to visit his church sometime. Lee grabbed the card from the table and pocketed it, though I was the one who had asked for the contact information.  After the minister said goodbye, Lee immediately seized the opportunity to say: "Well, WE can go to the church together." He kept using the word "we".... as if "we" were some kind of item; or as if he just assumed I would want to go to church with him. I was polite, but said I'd probably go on the spur of the moment sometime alone, or with my son (who also likes the gospel music).
After that day, I realized it would not be wise to agree to any further social contact outside the JBS meetings. Lee Bouton clearly had some sort of ill-advised "romantic" notions  about me, which I had done nothing to encourage; and had not the slightest interest in encouraging. To me, he was a fellow-JBS member, an acquaintance, nothing more. And I did not appreciate his attitude of over-familiarity and the exaggerated courtliness he displayed toward me.
More invitations to lunch continued to arrive by e-mail. Each time, I politely responded, thanking him but saying that I did not have much free time these days and if that changed, I would let him know. But any topic of e-mail that was addressed (on my side, always some political business or other) he immediately turned into some way to "volunteer" his "help" because he said he would enjoy spending some time with me. He even volunteered to drive me across the country to visit a friend!
At this point I politely explained that I could not possibly accept such an offer from a man I barely knew; and that I was used to having a professional bodyguard when I made any long trip. Now, this was starting to get creepy. Why in hell would he offer to be a driver for a woman he barely knew? When I posed that question to him (as well as explaining it would cost him money for a motel room, and he would have to wait around for me until I was ready to make a return trip) he said he would enjoy taking a "road trip". Very, very strange, by my way of thinking.
Next, was his "confession" that he had been "hoping to meet someone like you [me]" for a long time, after having explained, in great detail, that he had been divorced for many years. At this point, I made it very clear --politely but firmly-- that he was barking up the wrong tree and that I was NOT interested in any such social relationship with him. He said he understood and  wouldn't bring up the subject again. But he did.
Shortly thereafter, on Feb 13, I got a quasi-Valentine card, which declared his "admiration" of me (allegedly for the stand I had taken against CIA) and also mentioned in the message, "on the day before Valentine's Day". Now, if that is not some sort of romantic overture, I don't know what is, especially since I had made it VERY clear that he was wasting his time with me. I was annoyed by this "Valentine" but figured I'd just ignore it. Most men would have gotten the "hint" by now, especially after they had been bluntly told I was not interested in these personal overtures.
But alas, Lee Bouton STILL evidently did not "get it". Only a few days later, he sent an invitation to me by e-mail to go to the movies with him. Once again, I politely told him, No thank you, and I explained that this sounded like a "date". I made it very clear I was not interested in "dating" him.
But did Lee Bouton drop his pursuit of this misguided notion? No. Now, he started asking me WHY I was not interested in "dating" him. Still trying to be polite (it was a major effort!) I told him that was none of his business; that he should not be asking intrusive personal questions like this. I told him his behavior was inappropriate; that he should respect my personal boundaries. That I considered him an acquaintance from JBS, nothing more. Still, he would not let it go. Now, he tried to psychoanalyze me! Unbelieveable. And he added, "Hey, can't blame a guy for trying ".  I told him, yes, actually, I CAN and DO "blame a guy for trying" after I had made it clear his advances were not welcome.
But I finally blew my top and lost my temper when Lee Bouton accused me of being "discourteous" to him. In fact, I was simply being honest and blunt. I am a straight arrow and it is my nature to be honest and blunt. He said I was treating him like my "enemies", rather than as a "friend" . I then told him, Look, you don't want to KNOW how I treat my enemies, believe me. You would not want to BE my enemy. And I don't know you well enough to consider you a "friend".
He kept on with his questions, actually trying to INTERROGATE me about my personal life and my reasons for not being interested in a social relationship with him. He also provided long-winded explanations about his "personality quirks" (which I saw rather, as his psychopathology) in which I was not the least bit interested.  All I wanted was to be left alone.
The final straw was when he sent me by e-mail, what I can only call a "micro-analysis" of the "situation", in which he attempted to blame ME for his own foolishness; violations of my privacy and personal boundaries; and his overall completely inappropriate behavior. It seems Mr. Bouton thought, or rather falsely ASSUMED, that just because I was an unmarried woman (I had provided no other information about my personal life, and he only knew that because he found out I lived alone) I was "fair game" for his romantic advances. And that if I were NOT interested, he actually  seemed to believe I was obligated to explain why! How utterly intrusive. How obnoxious. And how unprofessional, especially as directed toward an acquaintance whose only common ground was a membership in the same chapter of the John Birch Society.
I told Lee Bouton that I did not intend to discuss it any further, but expressed my concern that this inappropriate behavior on his part might make me feel uncomfortable working with him at JBS. He said he would "keep a respectful distance" from me. Fine, wonderful, I do that, if that is what makes you happy. But then, he changed his mind again and said that now, HE would feel uncomfortable having ANY dealings with me. At this point, after wasting so much of my precious time trying to get this guy off my case, I told him: Enough already! This is absurd and a waste of my time. Do not contact me on this matter again.
Well, that seemed to settle things. This last e-mail exchange took place in February. Lee Bouton did not contact me again. But there was a serious problem: After that time, NOBODY from the JBS EVER contacted me again, at least not as regarded upcoming meetings or activities. I had found out, from another member who stopped by my house to pick up a check for snow plowing, that there HAD been activities of JBS, and meetings. Only I had not been invited to attend them. When I asked him why he thought that was, he shrugged and said, You'd have to ask Lee. Ask Lee? Why would I have to ask him?
By this time, I was angry; in fact my blood was boiling, and with good reason. I was also disgusted with Lee Bouton, knowing that his misguided and manipulative behavior (for which he'd tried to attach some of the blame to me) had to be part of the reason I had not been invited to any more JBS functions. Maybe Bouton felt "uncomfortable" being around me.
I have no idea what --if anything-- he told the other members about me.  So I called Harold Shurtleff, the JBS Regional Field Director in Massachusetts, and explained the situation to him. I told him that I had joined the JBS in good faith; that I had paid my membership dues; I had subscribed to their magazine, The New American. I was also receiving letters from the JBS "home office" in Appleton Wisconsin, urging me to participate in various campaigns of the JBS and asking for money to support these campaigns. I told Harold: Well, I'd be happy to participate, that's why I joined. But the local chapter does not seem to want my involvement. I also told Harold about Lee Bouton and his inappropriate romantic advances and explained that I believed Mr. Bouton was trying to "take over" the local JBS, as evidenced by his aggressive behavior and that every time I talked To Frank Nulton, after that time, Frank was telling me about the new ideas for activities Lee Bouton was coming up with for the JBS chapter, none of which I was ever asked to participate in.
So, I finally asked Harold if perhaps there was something else I could do for JBS, which would not require me to work with the local chapter. Harold, knowing of my background in electronic media/radio and TV production, suggested I might try to contact some local cable TV stations to find a slot for JBS videotapes. I said I would be happy to do just that. But when I pursued this suggestion, guess what? Lee Bouton had already been there, done that.
No one from JBS bothered to inform me of this. I later discussed it with Frank, whom Bouton had been working with on this and other JBS projects for the whole time frame in which I had been cut out of all JBS meetings and activities. I was told that Frank and Lee were taking a certification course for TV production (something I had been certified in since 1987, as the host and producer of a cable talk show in Connecticut). Naturally, this was Lee Bouton's idea.
Finally, I gave up. I e-mailed Harold Shurtleff and explained that everything had been fine, that is, until Lee Bouton started to "take over" the local chapter.  But that I saw no point in wasting my time with a JBS chapter where I clearly was not wanted.
Several months went by. I had more or less given up on JBS. Then, last week, I received a personalized form letter from Lee Bouton, with his name in large fancy script at the top of the page, announcing his appointment as the "new leader of the Greater Biddeford-Saco chapter of JBS." It was filled with slick, empty political rhetoric about the great things he was planning to do with the JBS.
So, I wrote a formal open letter to Mr. Bouton (with copies to Frank Nulton and Harold Shurtleff) bluntly explaining my reasons (as outlined here, but not in as great detail) why I no longer wished to be a part of the local chapter of JBS, due to his appointment as the new "leader'.
Here are some excerpts from the last part of my letter to Lee Bouton:
"Nonetheless, I do not intend to give up my membership in JBS --not at this time, unless I am asked to resign my membership. I still believe in the stated purposes and intents of the JBS and I stand in solidarity with them. But I do not wish to be part of a local chapter where my involvement may not be wanted; where my role in JBS activities may be determined by the manipulations, personal problems or whims of the chapter leader; or where I will be treated differently because of my political views, my professional background or my gender.
My time is now being spent on forming a new organization with my friend and professional colleague Geral Sosbee, an ex-FBI agent; attorney and former professor of Constitutional law. Like myself, he is a whistleblower on gov't corruption, who was forced to resign from the FBI for defending the Constitution; and working on projects with several other former intelligence operatives. All of us are being brutally persecuted by the U.S. gov't for the stand we have taken.
To wrap up, let me quote from your letter. You say: "What we, the informed citizens do over the next few months will determine if our fate is freedom or slavery".
I think perhaps on that matter you should speak for yourself. I certainly hope you don't speak officially for the entire JBS.  Because NO ONE is ever going to force me into slavery, nor my colleagues. "Informed citizens" and their actions --or lack thereof-- will have no bearing on my fate. There are those of us who would sincerely rather die on our feet than live on our knees. We will prove it by fighting to the death, before we will become slaves. I will be free until the day I die, because just like Patrick Henry (whom you quote in your letter) I mean it when I say: Give me Liberty or give me Death.
I wish you, and all the Greater Biddeford-Saco members of JBS all the best; success in your endeavors; and all of God's blessings.
Very Truly Yours,
Barbara Hartwell
Enemy of the New World Order Police State"
Mr. Bouton certainly owed me an apology for his inappropriate behavior; and more than that, a respectful response to my letter, with copies sent to Frank and Harold. What I got back instead was a private response with more of Mr. Bouton's passive-aggressive whining and nonsense: A qualified "apology" which attempted --once again-- to attatch a part of the blame to me for HIS intrusive  behavior. He said we should not let "personal differences" stand in the way of our work with the JBS. As if I were responsible for ANY PART of the situation he created. And making lame excuses for himself in an attempt to exonerate himself from any wrongdoing. More convoluted and irrelevant explanations, in attempts to justify himself and his untenable and unconscionable position. Lee Bouton was in the wrong. He should have admitted it, with no qualifications. Period.
By now, I had said goodbye to anger and was absolutely OUTRAGED at the effrontery and arrogance displayed by Lee Bouton. I let him know this in no uncertain terms. In fact, I gave him hell. He actually believed I "liked" his quote from Patrick Henry. To which my reply was: "You misunderstood my point. Anybody can quote him. Few will ever stand behind the words."
So, here I sit at my computer writing this report. I am more disgusted than I can hope to express. A woman 100% disabled; yet "not eligible" for disability benefits from the U.S. government. A government who is still persecuting me to this day, simply by virtue of the fact that I took a stand for Liberty against the tyrants of the NWO, a stand I have never compromised in the slightest, over many years, no matter the consequences to myself. 
I am literally dying, piece by piece, for want of medical care for the chronic illness caused by CIA with their biological warfare. I have no source of income and no future prospects. I have no one I can rely on for help, even in an emergency.  Some days, I can barely get out of bed, can barely walk. The only way to manage the pain is with aspirin, the only medicine I can afford. Yet, I keep on fighting; keep on standing up for Liberty and Justice. As I will until the day I die. With the great blues legend, Robert Johnson, I can only say; "Nobody seemed to know me, Everybody passed me by."
I have been effectively removed from involvement in the local chapter of JBS, which I joined in good faith. Why? Because of an ambitious, glad-handing political hack who has also, by the way, now been elected the new leader of the local Republican Party. But there's more, and I find this part ironic as hell: Mr. Lee Bouton is collecting FULL, that is, 100% DISABILITY BENEFITS from his low-level civil service job as a mail carrier with the U.S. Post Office. Now, he will also receive the stipend for running the local JBS. From all appearances, and from what he has told me personally,  he runs around from sunrise to sunset, actively pursuing all his political campaigns; groups and meetings. He admitted to me some time ago that he was in "superb health".
I ask you, where is the justice here? 
If this is the Brave New World of the John Birch Society -- if this is the type of "leader" that JBS truly considers qualified to head a local chapter, then I surely believe it's time for the JBS to clean up their act.
--Barbara Hartwell
June 9, 2004
I still have friends in the JBS, from all over the country. A few are chapter leaders. I also know there are many good people; people with principles and integrity, True-Blue Patriots and Defenders of Liberty and the U.S. Constitution, who are members of the JBS. Including Harold Shurtleff, whose kindness and respect I will always remember with gratitude. But especially my dear friend Mr. Frank Nulton, to whom I extend my special thanks and much love. God bless them all.
I'm sorry, for the sake of these good people, that I felt the need to write this article. But as Frank noted, when I see an injustice, I "go for the jugular". I can only hope that this article will encourage all JBS members and chapter leaders to look more closely at what may be going on inside the JBS; and that they will work to bring the Society back to the steadfast Constitutional principles on which it was founded.
Barbara Hartwell Percival
Legal Defense & Research Trust
Barbara Hartwell Vs. CIA