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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

James F. Marino Pontificates on Sosbee and Hartwell... the Good, the Bad and the Ugly

Last month (January 2011) I addressed a smear piece written by government stooge and leftist busybody, James F. Marino, targeting my good friend and professional colleague Geral Sosbee.

And that was only the latest in a series of my reports exposing Marino, who has been on a rampage of libel against Sosbee and Hartwell since August, 2007.

But now for something different. Instead of refuting the libelous falsehoods promoted by Marino, with clear intent of malice, let's take a look at some of what Marino had previously written and promoted about Sosbee and Hartwell. 

I present these articles as evidence that Marino has since made a one-eighty degree turn from his original position of "support" for Sosbee and Hartwell.  And although Marino goes overboard with lavish praise, rather than spiteful defamation and character assassination, he is, as always, operating mostly on unfounded assumptions, erroneous suppositions, and subjective personal opinions, rather than presenting facts.

This is the kind of "support" Geral and I never wanted or needed. Marino, in typical busybody fashion, has stirred up a world of trouble with his meddling, his name-dropping and coattail riding, in his efforts to gain attention for himself and his so-called "precedent-setting case." 

So once again (tiresome as it as) it's time to set the record straight. My comments are in brackets, preceded by my initials, BHP.

From James Marino's website (April, 2007):

Some Comments From One Of America's Great Patriots -- Former CIA Operative Barbara Hartwell

A few years back I was surprised to find my article "Tortured By The FBI" posted on The Revolutionary Coalition Forum.

It was posted and edited for brevity by a woman named Barbara Hartwell, whom I had only read about through a mutually Targeted Individual whom we both knew -- a former Special Agent of the FBI by the name of Geral W. Sosbee.

[BHP: Only a few months after Marino salutes the "Great American Patriot", Barbara Hartwell, seemingly happy as a clam to have his article posted by same, Marino subsequently states:  "Ms. Hartwell also never bothers to answer to my accusation that she edited my article "Tortured By The FBI" and posted it on the Revolutionary Coalition Forum's Website without my permission."

Marino can't have it both ways. First he likes it, then criticizes me for posting it.]

Geral, a decent and humble man by anyone's measure, was forced to become a government whistleblower when he discovered corruption within the FBI. As a result his superiors in the FBI saw fit to punish him in the cruelest of ways.

Forced to suffer the subjugation of his freedom under the FBI's tyranny, he has spent the past thirty years as a target of the FBI's despicable counterintelligence tactics dubbed COINTELPRO.

[BHP: Here's where the trouble begins...

Marino falsely states that Geral Sosbee was "forced" to become a whistleblower.  In point of fact, the only thing that was "forced" was Sosbee's resignation from the FBI.  As a Defender of Liberty and Messenger of Truth, Geral CHOSE to become a whistleblower to pursue JUSTICE.

Next, Marino again claims that Sosbee was "forced" into "subjugation" to the FBI, after leaving. Nothing could be further from the truth! In fact, it was because Sosbee REFUSED to be subjugated that he reported FBI crimes and corruption while still inside the bureau; what's more, the FBI has since failed miserably in their attempts to silence and neutralize him. And knowing Geral as well as I do, the only way these bastards could ever silence him would be to kill him. And even then, his spirit will never be subjugated.]

Two decades later, Barbara Hartwell would become to the CIA, what Geral has been to the FBI since the 1970's, after she would expose massive corruption within this federal agency.

Her accounts are as equally chilling as Geral's.

[BHP: Marino, as usual, is merely speculating here, including as regards time frames. I left CIA operations in 1994 (after 25 years) and went public as a whistleblower when I began publishing my work on the Internet in 1995. Geral was forced out of the FBI in 1978 (after 7 years). 

But Marino has no way of knowing what went on, in either case, nor would he understand how Geral and I, respectively, were viewed by these government entities. My situation was different from Geral's in any number of ways, on  which I will not elaborate here. My point is that Marino's comments are not supported by facts or personal knowledge, and that it was irresponsible of him to publicize his assumptions and opinions in such a manner.      

Marino apparently believed our reports documenting the harassment, torture, and political persecution, but he would not have had access to enough information to comment on anything beyond that.]

I have done extensive research on the two of these former agents, and in my opinion you will never find two more Patriotic or dedicated Americans anywhere on this planet. Two people who tell it like it is, regardless of the consequences to themselves or their safety.

If only the FBI and CIA were comprised of people like Barbara and Geral, Americans would actually be able rest better at night, knowing that they really were being protected by these organizations.

Unfortunately, they are not.

[BHP: "Extensive research" on Sosbee and Hartwell? Marino's "research" leaves much to be desired, considering the fact that he has repeatedly and  consistently misrepresented us in his writings.

But I find it strange that he could be singing the praises of Sosbee and Hartwell, and then, only a short time later, begin spewing out venom against us. Why?  Simply because we finally reached the limits of our tolerance for having our names exploited by an amateur busybody who was hoping to ride our coattails to promote himself and his "case".]  

Twenty years ago, I had no idea that I would ever find allies in two former FEDS, both of whom were fighting everyday of their lives just to survive the vicious attacks being meted out to them by the US Federal Intelligence community.

[BHP: Marino is deluding himself. Speaking strictly for myself, I never considered James Marino as any sort of "ally". As far as I know, neither did Geral Sosbee. I don't know Marino, he doesn't know me. I've never even exchanged as much as an e-mail with him, nor have I ever spoken to him.]

That was long before I knew about the myriad lies that this government had used to steal our Constitutional Republic out from under us. Lies which destroyed our freedoms under the pretense of protecting us from terrorism; lies which would forever change the American landscape and its citizenry.

It was a time before I knew what the NSA was, or that it had the ability to illegally track people of their choosing by targeting the electromagnetic fields which surround their bodies; something that would make them unwitting prisoners of these satellites, and something that I would eventually end up dedicating my life to exposing, knowing full well that it would become the most important thing that I would ever do in this lifetime.

Decades later I would learn that I had become the longest documented satellite prisoner in United States history, and targeted for nonconsensual human experimentation for nearly three decades.

[BHP: More melodrama from the self-aggrandizing Marino. Note that he displays this bogus claim about himself in bold red type.  And I've never liked the phrase, "satellite prisoner". It is suggestive of a self-defeating attitude in which the "prisoner" simply resigns himself to being victimized.]

While Geral and Barbaras' accounts would make for a very compelling movie ( or even a documentary), it's one that will never make its way to the Silver or Television screens in this country, because Sosbee and Hartwell have enough disturbing information in regard to both of these alphabet agencies, to collectively bring them to their knees.

And for this they are forced to live out their lives in quiet desperation, as the New World Order nears completion, and right under the noses of an unsuspecting American people.

[BHP: Here we go again....Marino's wild speculation about what Sosbee and Hartwell are "forced" to do. In fact, this insulting comment was the last straw, as far as Geral and I were concerned. Only a coward or a fool would allow himself to be "forced" into "quiet desperation" by some government rat bastards from CIA or FBI.]

Yet both still manage to conduct themselves in a professional manner, while the miscreants who have sworn revenge, seek out every possible venue in which to wage their vigilante style psychological warfare attacks on them.

To say that what they are being put through is unfair is a gross understatement of the situation. Living in a hellish nightmare is a better description.

And I certainly empathize with both of them. In fact I more than empathize with them, because I know first hand what it is like to have the FBI covertly deploy its malignant protocols against me, while attacking those around me in a psychotic campaign to decimate my life. I have said in the past that Adolf Hitler would have been proud of the FBI, since it espouses his doctrine of ruthlessness and inhumanity, and with such reckless abandon that it can only be completely understood by those who've experienced it first hand.

And both Barbara, Geral, myself and a great number of other Americans also targeted for these anti-American abuses, have certainly done that. So much so that our experiences quite literally mirror one another's in an eerily familiar and frightening way.

I have done my best to support both of these courageous people as much as I can, given the adversity that I face each day of my life. And I will continue to do so for as long as I am able to. However, I do believe that my days are now numbered, given the directed energy attacks that I am routinely subjected to, by these modern day Nazi's and their technocracy.

Barbara's Website: Barbara Hartwell V.S. The CIA.

[BHP: The name of my website is "Barbara Hartwell Vs. CIA".  Marino can't even get that right.]

Now, let's move on to Marino's glowing report promoting Geral Sosbee's website.

Re: Sosbee vs. FBI

This is an excellent Website which chronicles the harassment (going back over 30 years) that a former FBI agent has endured at the hands of the FBI and its modern day COINTELPRO tactics, for blowing the whistle on several agents in regard to a case where they commited perjury and suppressed evidence.  He even includes the case information on the site.

And there will be numerous perps attempting to attack his credibilty, probably even infiltrating this site to do so.  A common tactic to discredit truthful accounts of government crimes.

Paul Wolf should find this site of interest since it is one of the best documented cases of the FBI's COINTELPRO tactics ever created.

That it's coming directly from a former agent makes it an indispensible tool for those researching the FBI's criminality and its COINTELPRO operations.

Sosbee is a wealth of information in regard to the FBI's covert tactics and the rampant criminality occuring within this organization.

I personally found the site so important that I sent Geral a check to help keep it running.  You may want to do the same.

[BHP: See link to article on Marino's smear piece on Sosbee, and compare the two articles.]

And now, this commentary which was posted on Geral Sosbee's news log.

James Marino wrote:

Barbara, you and Geral are an inspiration to myself and a myriad of TI's who've had their lives destroyed by the US Intelligence community. You have done and continue to do your country and your fellow Americans, a tremendous service, by exposing some of the most disturbing and outrageous crimes against humanity ever documented.

I seriously doubt that most Americans can even begin to contemplate what you have both suffered at the hands of these villains. Nor would I want them to have to, given that in order to truly understand it, one must quite literally lose just about everyone and everything in one's life.

May your strength never wane and your hearts always be as courageous and compassionate as they are now.

In deepest respect,

Jim Marino

And another...

21 Nov 2006 by Jim Marino

Re: Barbara Hartwell Is Back

Glad to see Barbara now has a blog of her own. Between the two of you exposing their crimes on the Web now, the CIA and FBI are going to have their hands full.

Best of luck to you both.

[BHP: Here, Marino seems to be suggesting that this "blog of her own" is something new and wonderful for Barbara Hartwell. In fact, I had a "real" website (Barbara Hartwell DOT COM) online since 2000, and had to take it down in 2004 because the government hacked into the domain name search and the information stated there was that my website was owned by: "1600 Pennsylvania Ave." I only got the "blog" site because I couldn't afford to purchase another domain name, web space, nor to pay a webmaster.]

13 Dec 2006, by Jim Marino

Re: Sosbee Hartwell

Actually, I have no doubt that both Geral and Barbara are telling the truth about rampant criminal activity within the FBI and CIA, as well as the rest of the US Federal Intelligence community. I not only believe it, I backed up my sentiments by putting my money where my mouth is, having sent Geral a sizeable check to help defray the costs of his Website. As far as I am concerned, he is an American Patriot (as is Barbara) and deserves any support that he is given -- financial and otherwise.

When a former federal agent exposes crimes at the level that Geral has every American citizen should be listening to him, since he is describing the complete decay of a constitutional republic within the USA, and its replacement by a fascist cabal. Barbara's accounts of her experiences within the CIA are no less chilling and should be heard by every American citizen.

As a long-term government target of non consensual human experimentation I can say with absolute certainty that the satellite based remote neural monitoring that these federal spy agencies (the NSA in particular) are guilty of is a crime against humanity and a direct threat to the American people and the Bill Of Rights and the constitutional republic on which the United States was founded.


We've covered some of the complimentary writings of James Marino (however misguided), so now let's move on to......


Here are just a few comments and titles of articles posted by James Marino, that is, after Marino realized that Geral Sosbee and Barbara Hartwell were not going to tolerate his coattail riding, his meddling, his gross misrepresentations of us and his exploitation of our names.

No comments from me are necessary....

Barbara  Hartwell -- CIA/FBI Lying Fraud Accuses This Author Of Being A Government Stooge -Hartwell Is A Pathological Liar

 CIA Disinfo Agent/ Incarnated Evil - Barbara Hartwell  


The FBI Uses Barbara Hartwell In An Attempt To Get This Author's Blog Deleted

Hartwell is a miscreant's miscreant - a lowlife thug who is still doing the Intel community's dirty work for them and collecting a paycheck for it...

"Disinfo Barbara - Queen Of The Smokescreen"

What her detractors long ago realized about her, is that Barbara Hartwell is a puppet whose "strings" are clearly being pulled by her Intel handlers. Which is why no one in the alternative media trusts a word that she says any longer, and shunned her long ago. A smart move, since they also understand that Hartwell is dangerous, and still maintains ties to some very unsavory characters within the Intel community.

Barbara Hartwell an agent of Satan and Incarnated Evil

The cesspool of an organization that she hails from speaks volumes in regard the training that its agents undergo.

Given the harassment that I continue to experience at the hands of the FEDS, I would find it of great interest to know if they have contacted both Geral Sosbee and Barbara Hartwell to utilize these two in the psywarfare harassment campaign being waged against me.

As for God Given Rights, not every person on this planet believes in Ms. Hartwell's God. There are many who do not. So in making such an assumption Ms. Hartwell automatically assumes that every person does so. This is at the very least erroneous if not arrogant on her part.

[Marino quoting "Xena Carpenter" aka Todd Brendan Fahey]: "Xena said,
February 17, 2010 at 10:10 pm

".... Hartwell is a vicious...lying bitch who has nothing better to do than to sit on her lazy whore ass all day, harassing patriots on the net."

And there's plenty more where that came from....

But it's time to wrap up this report. I'll end by saying that as long as James F. Marino continues to promote his libelous falsehoods about Geral Sosbee and Barbara Hartwell, as long as he keeps on display the lurid headlines defaming our names, I will continue to expose this pretentious, cowardly little fool. 

Barbara Hartwell Percival
February 15, 2011