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Thursday, August 23, 2007

Political Persecution in New Hampshire


I first came into contact with William Miller when I called Ed Brown to offer what support I could in January, 2007. Bill answered the phone and I spoke with him at some length and I gave him contact information so he could keep me updated on the situation in Plainfield.

I lost contact with Bill for awhile, due to the fact that he had left the Browns' home (as both he and Ed explained to me) as per Ed's wishes. Though I heard both sides, I won't presume to speak for either Ed or Bill; however Bill has made a public statement (which is posted on my site) regarding his position on this matter.

Then, Bill's e-mail address was sabotaged by the feds, a tactic I have become quite familiar with over a period of many years. This too, was made public (on my site and others) in a special report written by Bill Miller.

I later learned, from speaking many times with Bill by phone, some of the deep background connected to the larger picture --and I came to understand at least some of the reasons why Ed Brown had been targeted by the feds, long before the "federal income tax" issue was used to go after him.

This targeting by the feds also applies to Bill Miller; and certainly not only connected to his former association with Ed Brown. Bill is a former Constitution Ranger; was a Desert Storm paratrooper who spent four years in the U.S. Army and who has seen firsthand much of the corruption going on inside military and intelligence circles. He has also taken action in investigating and exposing it, spanning a time period of at least a decade and a half. Bill has plenty of training and from my observations, has the talents and the instincts of a top-level intelligence operative.

Bill has furnished enough factual information and evidence to me (much of which is documented) since January to earn my endorsement of his credibility, integrity and honesty.

One of the cases Bill is investigating is that of the murder of Phil Castora. Regarding this, I have personally read many of the documents of private investigator Dottie Castora (aka Lafortune) and have published some of them on this website.

Since relocating to Maine permanently in 2003, I have become increasingly aware of the web of political corruption in the greater Maine-New Hampshire area. And Bill Miller has been the most reliable of sources, having furnished much documentation, which I will continue to publish on this website, as more information becomes available.

Recently, I had the opportunity to meet with Bill and his mother, Marie Miller, when they came up from New Hampshire to visit me at my home in Maine.

And there was a compelling reason why I wanted to meet Marie Miller. Bill had told me that when Ed Brown first asked him to drive from Florida (where he had relocated only late last year from New Hampshire) in January, to make the stand with him at the beginning of the "siege" on the Brown property, that he sent some people over to Ed's house to provide backup until Bill could get there. When I asked Bill whom he had sent to Ed's, he told me, I sent my younger brother and my Mom.

Your Mom? I was surprised, to say the least. How many elderly widowed grandmothers would have the grit to make such a stand? And remember, this was at the beginning of the situation, when Ed Brown was there alone, with no backup!

Marie expressed her admiration for Ed Brown, because of the stand he has made. She also knows firsthand about the kind of courage it takes to make such a stand, knowing that she may be risking her life in doing so. Just as her son has done; and it's important to state that Bill would have stayed with the Browns, had Ed Brown wished him to.

After meeting and talking with Marie Miller, I came to understand her dedication to the cause of Liberty. For one thing, she came straight out of Nazi Germany, where, at the age of six, she witnessed some of the madness and mayhem. Her grandfather had been part of the resistance to Hitler.

Marie and Bill also recounted how their family had been targeted by corrupt feds and police in New Hampshire, a situation which continues to this day. Please see Bill's reports on this website for an overview.

The Brown case has certainly become a cause celebre for many defenders of Liberty across the nation. It has also, unfortunately, escalated the persecution being directed at anyone who has been a "supporter" of the Browns; or who may be involved in actions to defend Liberty and Individual God-given rights and Sovereignty; and to stand against tyranny (including judicial corruption.)
I should also add that the Browns' stand has attracted many hangers-on, "camp followers" and grandstanders, including "alternative media" talk show hosts and editors of websites who are clearly exploiting the situation for their own financial gain and/or ego-gratification.

Then as always, there are the gaggles of attention and approval-seeking useful idiots posting on message boards all over the World Wide Web, in so-called "support" of the Browns, who don't bother getting the facts straight before hitting the "SEND" button and who only end up muddying the waters with their ignorant and incendiary commentaries.

Naturally, all this is exploited by the mainstream, government-controlled media. Their objective is to misrepresent Brown "supporters" (former or current) as "terrorists"; "anti-government militia extremists", and son on and so forth.

Reasonable individuals, like Bill Miller, who deal in facts and who are solidly committed to defending Liberty, Individual Sovereignty, God-given rights, etc. are unfortunately in the minority. And I say this based on many years of dealings with countless people who claim to be "patriots", "freedom fighters", etc. etc. Most, I have eventually learned, have their own agenda, political, religious or otherwise and when it comes down to the bottom line: Defending Liberty, they are nowhere to be found.

Bill Miller recently made a public statement:

"I am William Miller, known in some circles as a defender of Liberty, and known as one of the closest supporters of Edward-Lewis and Elaine: Brown.
I do hereby officially state that I am not to be known as a "supporter," nor associate of Edward-Lewis:Brown."

And Bill has given an explanation for his position. (See Ed Brown and "War Rhetoric" on this site.)

As for myself, the only "support" I have been able to offer for Ed and Elaine consists of publicizing their case on this website; and praying for a peaceful and just resolution. And I do "support" them, on principle, for the following reasons:

They are not criminals, nor have they broken any laws. THERE IS NO LAW requiring them to pay "federal income taxes."

They have shown the courage of their convictions to make a stand for Liberty.
They are not the aggressors in this situation. The government drew "first blood", at least in a figurative sense. The Browns are defending themselves, their home and their private property, which they have every right to do, certainly under God's law.

They have harmed no one, committed no acts of violence.

And speaking of violence, I should make it clear that I myself do not condone or support the use of violence, unless as a last resort IN SELF DEFENSE, and in defense of those who might be under my protection, or being attacked with violence by an aggressor.

And just so it's clear, Bill Miller has stated (publicly and privately, to me) that he also hopes for a peaceful and just resolution and that he made his best efforts in this regard, while still directly involved with the Browns' case; and that he has no intention of using violence against anyone. Bill, like myself, believes in SELF DEFENSE and not aggression, nor gratuitous violence.

I state this because I am aware that there have been recent events of great concern to Bill and his family. These events are also of great concern to me.
The latest, reported to me yesterday morning by Bill, is that a a cruiser from the Barrington Police Dep't has been parked for at least three days at the Farmington Police station. Several witnesses have noted it, as well as the electronic equipment inside the vehicle.

Also yesterday, I received a report from Bill that a silver Toyota Maxima, bearing government decals/markings had been seen cruising past the Miller home (apparently in surveillance mode) seen by several family members.
Tuesday evening, at his request, I posted another of Bill's reports on this website, regarding the issues being discussed here. Wednesday morning, I found that an e-mail to Bill had been returned to me as "undeliverable". This has been happening to me with increasing frequency for months. I have been unable to send e-mails to certain individuals, including Bill Miller.

The various persons whose e-mail addresses are being sabotaged to prevent communication with me are:

1) ex-intelligence/military, involved in investigations of the issues outlined here

2) investigative journalists

3) Those who want to offer some form of concrete support

I have also had at least one recent instance of postal mail (including a money order sent to me by a friend) being sabotaged, as the envelope never reached me. As for other such postal sabotage, I would never know, unless the person communicated by either phone or e-mail, and told me to expect something by post. Since my e-mail and phone numbers are never made public (for my own privacy and protection) it certainly reduces my chances of receiving any financial support through donations from the public.

Since for many years, I have been a high-profile target of a neutralization campaign, my communications (including e-mail) have often been sabotaged and derailed.

This is part of the Psy Op to isolate and alienate the target from friends and colleagues and thus prevent mutual support.

I have great concern for Bill Miller and his family, after hearing his testimony (and that of his mother, Marie Miller) and reading his documentation, some of which is posted on this website. It appears to me that these "multi-jurisdictional task force" types are moving in and may try to set him up for a false arrest, or worse.

Consider the fact that several newspapers in New Hampshire (including the Concord Monitor) are now escalating their libel campaigns against the Browns, and using Bill Miller's name; consider that U.S. Marshal Steven Monier says he is "investigating" Brown supporters; consider that Bill Miller has a longtime track record of investigating REAL crime and corruption; and recently of assisting Dorothy Castora (aka Lafortune) in investigating and documenting her case re the murder of her husband, in New Hampshire.

I will continue to post updates as they come to me, and meanwhile, I have a message for the criminal element inside the U.S. Government, any and all of those who are persecuting the Browns, the Millers, myself, my family, and other true defenders of Liberty:

When the people fear the government there is tyranny. When the government fears the people, there is liberty.

--commonly attributed to Thomas Jefferson

It's time for all you people who took an oath to defend the Constitution, against all enemies foreign and domestic, to start DOING THE RIGHT THING, instead of "just doing your job."

Liberty or Death. Don't Tread on Me.

Barbara Hartwell
August 23, 2007