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Friday, August 10, 2007

Correcting Misinformation & Retracting Recommendation: James Marino

The mass of men lead lives of quiet desperation.
--Henry David Thoreau

This report is one I was hoping I would not find it necessary to write. But considering the fact that misinformation is being disseminated, I have had no choice.

This concerns misinformation being regularly promoted in the form of erroneous assumptions, misstatements of fact and general inaccuracies about Barbara Hartwell and certain others (some of whom are my friends/allies); specifically being reported by James Marino, owner of a website called 9-11 The Mother of All Black Operations.

I should preface my comments by saying that I believe Mr. Marino basically "means well" and that I see no indication that there has been any malice intended toward myself or others. Nonetheless, this misinformation is damaging and I must set the record straight.

In a typical example, in one report, Mr. Marino states that former government agents Barbara Hartwell and Geral Sosbee have been "forced to lead lives of quiet desperation."

"Quiet desperation"?

Nothing could be further from the truth! "Quiet desperation" is the province of cowards and fools, those who feel themselves to be powerless against the forces who would oppress/enslave/tyrannize, etc.

Speaking for myself, I am (and have always been) a hard-core freedom fighter, and very vocal in defending Liberty, Individual Rights/Sovereignty as bestowed by God. That has been my main focus in life, as far back as I can remember, beginning in childhood. Anyone who really knows me can attest to this fact, certainly including my friend and professional colleague Geral Sosbee.

And although I've been a journalist for over 30 years (including most of the time I was still inside CIA), my activism has not been limited to the written word. I have always backed up my words with action and I have never been afraid to face the perps (government or other) directly or do battle with them, even on their turf. This is a matter of honor and always will be.

The same, in terms of honorably standing for Liberty and against tyranny, can be said for ex-FBI Geral Sosbee. In fact, I have discussed this issue with Geral and he too finds this statement completely inaccurate and disturbing, as well as insulting. No "quiet desperation", ever, in either case.

Mr. Marino is clearly "editorializing" and rather than sticking to the facts, he is merely expressing his subjective personal opinions, which in a number of his statements, misrepresents the truth and places the people he is writing about in a "false light".

I don't have the time to include every such false statement made in Mr. Marino's various reports and commentaries. Suffice it to say there have been quite a few, regarding myself and others.

But just a few more examples should bring to light the danger of making assumptions about the lives and experiences of others, especially when such inaccurate statements are made public, via dissemination on the World Wide Web.

In one such instance, Mr.Marino states that Rick Stanley (my friend and fellow defender of Liberty) was arrested and incarcerated because he just wanted the government to "ease up on gun laws."

Again, nothing could be further from the truth! Rick Stanley is unlawfully incarcerated today because he EXERCISED his God-given, unalienable, Constitutionally protected and guaranteed rights.

There are no constitutional "gun laws". The Constitution is the Supreme Law of the Land. All other so-called "laws", those which are UNconstitutional, are unlawful, and thus do not qualify as "laws".

He also stated that Rick Stanley was targeted for a "COINTELPRO sting operation". That is also untrue. He has made this same inaccurate statement about various others.

In another misstatement of fact, James Marino, in promoting Aaron Russo's film, America Freedom to Fascism, claimed that Mr. Russo was a former "insider." Aaron Russo has never been an insider, not from government or otherwise. Certainly not simply because he once had an acquaintance from the Rockefeller/Rothschild clan who spoke to him about some "insider" information. Yet that was the erroneous assumption made.

Aaron Russo is in fact simply a courageous person who did his own investigations, especially re the Fed Reserve/"federal income taxes." As a film maker whose name is well known, and who had the resources to produce his documentary, he has done a great job in bringing the truth to light about these issues. I recommend his film to the general public, especially those who have yet to learn the truth about these fraudulent and unconstitutional practices by the government.

As for those of us who were ACTUAL insiders, we have known the truth about all this for decades. Trouble was, nobody would listen when we exposed what we knew. None of us that I know of had the resources to produce such a film.

Now, things have changed. More people are ready and willing to listen. And Aaron Russo has made a tremendous contribution in exposing fascism and defending Liberty. But my point is, the way Mr. Marino presented this was as if Russo's film were some sort of "news flash" to everyone in America from a "former insider". Not so.

Then, there was a comment about Bob Schultz of We the People. James Marino stated that Schultz "threatened" to go on a hunger strike. The fact is, Mr. Schultz DID INDEED go on a lengthy hunger strike and quite possibly could have expired from it.

Mr. Marino's comments often minimize and/or trivialize the actions of Liberty activists and thus misrepresent what they really stand for. In my opinion, Mr. Marino needs to get the facts straight and gain a true understanding of the issues he addresses before reporting on them.

I first heard of James Marino (2005) because he had been in contact with my friend Geral Sosbee, and had written some reports including both our names in connection with the persecution being directed against us by the FBI/CIA et al.

The reports I saw beginning at that time contained no misinformation, they merely seemed supportive of myself and Geral Sosbee. And we both appreciated it.

But it is important to state that James Marino does not know me personally. I have never met him, spoken to him, nor even exchanged e-mail with him.  

Consequently, the only factual information Mr. Marino could have access to about Barbara Hartwell would be that contained in my own reports on the Internet (from 1995-2007.) Yet he has presumed to speak about me (and even for me) using nothing more than false assumptions, conjecture and speculation about my background, experiences, and even my feelings.

If Mr. Marino truly wants to "support" others (including myself and Geral Sosbee) he should stick to verifiable facts which come directly from the sources, using their documented writings. Or perhaps he might just post the reports written by those he wishes to support or promote and leave the readers to draw their own conclusions.

For a short time, I had a link to Mr. Marino's site posted on my website, Barbara Hartwell vs. CIA. I removed it several months ago, after I realized that a great deal of misinformation (including speculation, conjecture, false assumptions and the like) was being promoted there, about myself and others (including but not limited to the above examples).

It was also disturbing to me that my name was often included in Mr. Marino's personal accounts of the harassment he claims he is targeted for, when in fact, judging from his reports, there are few similarities regarding the tactics --or even the purported REASONS for the persecution.

Anyone who wants information regarding my own case (including the specific types of persecution directed against me and the reasons for being targeted) needs only to read my reports. They may make of them what they will. My reports are for information purposes only. 

I don't engage in communication with the public, nor do I discuss the issues with anyone publicly on message boards or via e-mail groups. Neither am I interested in "feedback" from readers about my writings. For this reason, I do not have a public e-mail address.

I do not know Mr. Marino. I do not know his background (professional or otherwise); nor do I have any idea WHY he has been targeted. I've never seen anything in his reports which explains this to the readers. I certainly was willing to give him the benefit of the doubt, but I would need much more information in order to assess his situation and to determine what I believe to be true.

But there were also other reasons why I decided I could not in good conscience continue to endorse this website.

Mr. Marino has promoted certain individuals, such as Barack Obama (I hope I don't need to comment as to why this guy is bad news!); Ken Adachi's website, Educate-Yourself (Adachi is a government stooge/shill for ex-FBI agent, COINTELPRO Ted Gunderson, a malicious liar who has libeled Barbara Hartwell and Geral Sosbee for years); Sherry Shriner (government stooge and liar, nutcase who has libeled/slandered Hartwell and Sosbee); Walter Bowart (con man, scam artist, who stole $100.00 from Barbara Hartwell in 1998 in a mail fraud operation and has stolen same from many others). And these are only a few examples (none of whom are legitimate or credible) of who is being promoted on this website.

Mr. Marino has also promoted the United Nations, via "appeals" to the U.N., in the form of petitions to be signed by "activists". The U.N. is among the most dangerous criminal organizations in the world --to anyone who loves Liberty and values Individual Sovereignty, that is, as well as National Sovereignty. The U.N. has absolutely NO BUSINESS interfering in the lives of Americans. They have been a collectivist, communist organization from Day One and are just another tentacle of the NWO Octopus. Perhaps Mr. Marino is unaware of this, but in any case, "appealing" to the U.N. is NOT something I would ever suggest for anyone, for any reason. They're the "baddest" of the bad guys --in spades!

In what might have been the "last straw", Mr. Marino expressed "sympathy" for the Virginia Tech murderer, becoming an apologist for a monster, citing the possibility that he may been a "targeted individual" i.e. stalked/harassed.

All I can say is, if the people had been ARMED, lives could have been saved by just one bullet with the perp's name on it!

In summary, I must state that I am in vehement disagreement with many of Mr. Marino's personal opinions, beliefs; with his politics, and with his general world view, as presented on his website.

I do not want my name connected to this website and I hereby respectfully request that Mr. Marino REMOVE all material using my name.

As to the reason why I had no choice but to confront these issues, Mr. Marino has been reposting an endorsement I wrote for his website BEFORE I was aware that he was engaging in speculation and promoting misinformation (even if unintended) about myself and others.

Furthermore, since Mr. Marino stated that he was a regular reader of my website (and took reports from my site and posted them on his own, often adding his commentaries), I believe he had to have been fully aware that I removed the link to his website months ago.

As well, I must reasonably assume that he knew that I had removed all reports which made reference to Mr. Marino and those which included his comments/writings.

In fact, on the very same day that I finally removed all the reports, Mr. Marino reposted one of them on the front page of his website, less than an hour later. I don't see this as a "coincidence".

It was my prerogative to remove the link to his website, and all reports which referenced him. He should have respected my decision, and it should have been obvious to him that for whatever reasons, I did not want any association with his writings or website.

Instead, he has now posted what appears to be a PERMANENT link on the sidebar of his site with my statement recommending his website.

I hereby RETRACT this recommendation (given below, as posted by James Marino). I do NOT endorse this website, nor any of the material on it.

For Mr. Marino to post this, in light of the fact that he KNOWS I have removed all material and links connected to him is an act of disrespect and aggression.

I have no malice in my heart against him and I sincerely wish him well. But if he truly wants to "support" targets of government persecution, or to "expose" this persecution, then he needs to start dealing in facts; to stop making unfounded assumptions, including that all cases are like his own; to learn the difference between "civil rights" and God-given rights as protected and guaranteed under the Constitution. To stop promoting the United Nations. To stop being an apologist for evildoers. And most importantly, to respect the personal boundaries of others, as I'm sure he would like his own to be respected.


["I would also like to thank James Marino, another person who has been targeted for many years of persecution by FBI. Jim has posted many comments in support of both Geral and myself, over a period of years. I have perused Jim's website and have found many articles which I believe are valuable in educating the general public about electronic harassment and government mind control operations. Jim also writes his own reports about the persecution being directed at himself and others. I recommend Jim's site, especially for targeted individuals from all walks of life who may want to learn more about the government's M.O. and tactics." -- Barbara Hartwell Former CIA (NOC,Psychological Operations) Government Whistle Blower]

James Marino responds: "You're welcome Barbara -- and thank you for endorsing my Website. I have documented as best as I am able to, the outrageous violations of my civil rights and more importantly my Family's, by FBI/NSA and more recently DHS agents under the color of law. As a long-term target of COINTELPRO and the NSA's illegal and unethical "mind control" operations, my site has much to offer in the way of exposing these crimes against humanity. Your average American thinks that the FBI in particular is an agency loaded with good Americans who are honest professionals who are better than they are. If they only knew the truth. However, to learn the truth about the US Intelligence community when you are a former operative or someone who's been targeted by them, comes at a very high price, since you now understand the complete fraud under which they operate (a secret police force like Hitler's former SS or the former KGB) -- something they do not take kindly to. Your information on CIA crimes continues to benefit those whom are willing to hear the truth -- sadly, most are still not ready to -- their loss. Furthermore, when you have agencies -- for instance the NSA -- using its audio/visual satellites to illegally and remotely spy on millions of Americans without their knowledge or consent, it portends the fascistic nightmare that is yet to come in the United States. A Hellish situation which as it continues to unfold, grows more imminent by the day. The situation is what it is and it's not going to improve until the American people understand what this government is covertly doing to them. At least some of us know the truth about how these satellites are used to spy on, torture and manipulate the minds of those whom these agencies illegally target. And for the time being that's going to have to be good enough."