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Tuesday, August 14, 2007


" least Geral Sosbee has some class -- something you'll never have."
--James F. Marino, slur against Barbara Hartwell

"The word, 'class', refers to the honor of association with those of spiritual greatness, courage and strength of character. Any 'class' that may be discernible in or attributable to Geral Sosbee emanates from his privileged friendship with great persons such as Barbara Hartwell."

--Geral Sosbee

  Geral Sosbee wrote:
"The following statements by James Marino regarding my friend Barbara Hartwell are false, mean-spirited, and ill considered; the remarks should be retracted (along with an apology) now:"

"Hence it is all the more disturbing that Barbara Hartwell would attempt to undermine my work. And this is indicative of what I have been reading about her on myriad other Websites."

Predictably, like so many others who pretend to know far more than they do about the issues being addressed here, and whose writings blatantly exhibit their own ignorance, James Marino has now embarked on a rampage of libel against Barbara Hartwell.

In a report dated August 10, 2007, I made some simple statements of fact regarding the dissemination of misinformation about myself, my friend and professional colleague, ex-FBI agent Geral Sosbee (about which he has made it very clear he is in agreement with me) and others on his website; and I requested that Mr. Marino remove my previous endorsement of his website, which was prominently displayed in bold type in the sidebar of his site. This endorsement was written BEFORE I became aware that he was misrepresenting quite a few expositors of government corruption in a false light.

I also made it clear that, having discovered (over a period of months, after looking further into the material posted on his site) that I am in vehement disagreement with Mr. Marino's politics (as outlined in my two previous reports); and that I could not in good conscience endorse a website which promoted government disinfo websites, such as Educate-Yourself, that of government stooge and malicious liar, Ken Adachi, who has been running a vicious libel campaign against Barbara Hartwell for the past six (6) years.

Ken Adachi is part of a criminal conspiracy in which a number of such people have been in collusion for years; including to target legitimate whistleblowers for harassment, persecution, and libel campaigns which include government-sponsored black propaganda.

On his website (to name just a few of the criminal conspirators) Adachi features people such as ex-FBI agent Ted Gunderson, ex-officio COINTELPRO, de facto COINTELPRO; Tim White, career criminal, predicate felon, stalker, who had made numerous DEATH THREATS against Barbara Hartwell and others; Todd Brendan Fahey, criminal stalker, identity thief, blackmailer.

Why in hell would I endorse Mr. Marino's website when he is providing links which promote my enemies?

And, ironically, who are part of the very COINTELPRO operations Mr. Marino claims to be "exposing".

Yet Mr. Marino's obnoxious aggression in attempts to justify his foolishness and bottomless ignorance now takes the form of aligning with one of these criminals, namely Ken Adachi. Here, he uses Adachi's epithet, "The Merchant of Venom" to describe Barbara Hartwell.

Mr. Marino is now parroting the very type of COINTELPRO black propaganda he claims to oppose in attempts to discredit Barbara Hartwell. He thus now defines himself as just another "useful idiot".

Here are some excerpts from Mr. Marino's latest libel of Barbara Hartwell, which he has added to his original post. My comments are in brackets, preceded by my initials, BH.

Good Riddance -- I Retract My Former Support For Barbara Hartwell Learning First Hand Why One Person Refers To Her As The Merchant Of Venom

"I'm just glad that I never sent her a dime in donation fees; something I actually considered doing at one point. And she is clearly is disinforming the public when it comes to the FEDS' attacks on myself and my Family -- something which continues to happen in the present day. She has no idea what they have put us through so how dare she presume to know otherwise?! And Barbara has done all of us an enormous injustice by making her crude and ignorant comments."

[BH: I've never heard of anything called a "donation fee". But I don't accept "fees" for my work. I only accept donations in the form of Christian charity, otherwise known as "love gifts". But I too am glad he didn't send me money. If he had, I'm sure it would only have increased his self-righteous boasting about his previous "support."

I am "disinforming" nobody. And I have "presumed" to know nothing whatsoever about Mr. Marino, his family, or what their experiences have been.

Mr. Marino has publicized his claims about his own case, but his personal claims about "the FEDS" were never the issue of concern to me. He was the one who brought this irrelevent argument up by ASSUMING (falsely, I might add) that my purpose was to "undermine" his "work".

Anyone may see this by simply reading my first report. In my second report, I addressed this issue ONLY in response to Marino's fallacious arguments about this very subject.]

"And yes Barbara, like you, I am entitled to my opinion. I expect this will bring on yet another rant, so go ahead and waste your time. I am through wasting my time where you are concerned. Perhaps there is more CIA left in you than you imagined. As for my comments in regard to the NSA's illegal spying on my person and myriad others, I stand by them. John Akwei's information in regard to satellite based remote neural monitoring is for real and this agency is illegally spying into the homes of a great number of Americans, as well as subjecting us to mind control experimentation. Your Website has never once mentioned any of this or even John's lawsuit against the NSA. I wonder why something of such importance to the American people is not mentioned on your site given that you CLAIM to be a government whistle blower?

As for people saying that you continue to be a disinformation agent (since your claim to having broken free of the CIA years ago), I have no idea if this is true of not. However, I will no longer rule it out."

[BH: Marino keeps stating that he is through wasting his time. He has changed this same post, over the past few days, adding to and editing it, even changing the title (the latest, with Adachi's phrase, being given above), each time saying it is a waste of his time. Why then, does he keep at this?

As for myself, I do not consider it a waste of my time to refute his libelous remarks --tiresome, yes, but necessary on principle. Because when it comes to defending the Truth, I'm all business. Mr. Marino evidently finds the truth to be offensive, but that's his problem, not mine.

In his apparent desperation to defend his own position, Marino now resorts to the old standby: accusing Barbara Hartwell of being CIA. Very predictable. That's what almost all of these fools say when they are confronted with their own ignorance and arrogance and told they will be held accountable for it.

Yet again, Marino brings in a topic which is totally irrelevant to the issue at hand: a lawsuit by John St. Clair Akwei. For Mr. Marino's edification, I've been aware of the case since it first became public. What's his point here?

It is none of Marino's business what I choose to publish on my website. I don't answer to him, nor am I required to explain myself.]

"And as far as writing responses to people's comments, at least Geral Sosbee has some class -- something you'll never have. Moreover, most of your rants are complete nonsense. As for your criticisms regarding libel, take a good look through your two recent posts in regard to your attacks on me and my Website, and you will find plenty of your own. Your stating that I must have known that you removed the links to my Website as I posted your comments. How do you arrive at this conclusion? Are you so important that people plan their entire days around what you do? Perhaps the CIA also trained you to be a clairvoyant when they were teaching you to be disinfo artist? It sounds to me like you are the one who's guilty of conjecture here."

[BH: Mr. Marino's lovely 'class' comment has already been addressed by Geral Sosbee. Thank you, Geral, from the bottom of my heart. I have no further comment.

Again, Marino continues with his tiresome assumptions. But actually, he did get one thing right, albeit by accident: In fact, I am clairvoyant, but not because I was trained to be by CIA. That's a gift from God, a "gift of the spirit" I've had since childhood. The training only enhanced my natural talents. In fact, my talents in the 'paranormal' realm, what some might call supernatural, was one of the ways I was utilized by CIA. I haven't written much about this, simply because I am far more concerned with defending Liberty than with providing background information on myself.

But the comment about the "disinfo artist" is way out of line. Mr. Marino's unmitigated stupidity is truly astounding.]

"I also wonder if there is not some other underlying factor in her removal of my posts that she is not talking about? Something that might give me better insight into how the FEDS routinely trash my reputation as part of their long-term COINTELPRO against me? However, only Barbara knows that."

[BH:Keep wondering, Mr. Marino. If you are really as intellectually challenged as you appear to be, you'll be wondering a long, long time.]

"In regard to morality, what can you say for federal agencies that use satellites to spy on Americans within the privacy of their own bathrooms and bedrooms? Agencies that have a history of lying about everything they do; even the most horrific crimes ever documented. Like it or not you once worked for one of these agencies Ms. Hartwell. And they appear to have taught you well."

[Mr. Marino appears to be obsessed with spying in "bedrooms and bathrooms". He has blathered on about this ad nauseum in his many commentaries. But why connect any of this to me? Personally, I have had no problems with this particular form of "spying" being directed at me, nor have I ever participated in any such lowlife activities.

Why a cheap shot like this? Speaking of 'class', Marino has about as much 'class' as a cubic yard of dirt.]

"Like the US Intelligence Community, Ms. Hartwell simply leaves out the information that does not suit her purpose. That is the same as lying. And yes, I know that she will probably read this as soon as it gets posted. I do find it necessary to update my posts from time to time and so do many others. After all, we can't all be as perfect as Barbara Hartwell. As for lying, she is an admitted disinfo agent for the CIA who lied professionally while employed by them. So she is in no position to criticize anyone else. And as for her criticisms regarding my moral compass and those of others, I cite the following quote: "people who live in glass houses shouldn't throw stones." People reinvent themselves all the time and it appears that Ms. Hartwell is attempting to do the same. Hence her holier than thou attitude."

[BH: "An admitted disinfo agent for the CIA"? Nowhere have I ever "admitted" to such a thing. Now, Marino has really gone off the deep end. How much nastier can he get?

If anyone needs to "reinvent" himself, perhaps Mr. Marino might benefit from giving it a shot.

1) He could stop talking about people and subjects on which he is appallingly ignorant.

2) He could actually do some research and start dealing in facts, for a change. Perhaps he could start by hiring a fact checker, as he seems incapable of gathering his own factual data.

That way, he might avoid exposing himself as a pretentious and presumptuous fool, a pompous windbag and an aggressive ignoramus.

3) He could get a clue about who's who and what's what when it comes to disinformation, COINTELPRO, "sting operations" and the like, before he presumes to tell the public that they can "educate" themselves by reading his website.

Go for it, Mr. Marino! It's never too late to "reinvent" yourself.

Barbara Hartwell
August 14, 2007