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Wednesday, August 8, 2007

More Crime Reports From Ex-FBI Whistleblower Geral Sosbee


NOTE: Here are two recent reports from my good friend and professional colleague ex-FBI agent Geral Sosbee. I have known Geral for six years, and as FBI/CIA whistleblowers we have worked together to expose the crimes, corruption, tyranny and treason of these agencies, as well as the hirelings, minions and government shills who report to them, directly or indirectly as the case may be.

I can corroborate Geral's experiences re corruption in the medical field, as outlined in his first report. I too have been subjected to numerous abuses by the medical profession (CIA related) throughout my entire life.

When attempts were made on my life via electromagnetic/exotic weaponry, I nearly died on several occasions. Yet I refused to be taken to a hospital as I knew that CIA might well have people in place to finish me off.

Over a period of years, I have suffered brutal electromagnetic attacks which resulted in the following injuries and illnesses (only a partial list): severe and unbearable pain in my head; violent/projectile vomiting; heart symptoms (I have a congential heart condition); knocked unconscious; laser cuts/burns; hit with directed-energy "bullets".

I should make it clear that these attacks were not any form of "experimentation" or "testing" of weaponry. They were assassination attempts. I know for a fact that the same applies to Geral. Both Geral and I are high-profile targets of these out-of-control intelligence/law enforcement agencies.

In fact, I have incurred massive damages because of these relentless assaults, resulting in permanent disabilities, for which I cannot even get medical care, due to financial destitution, also engineered by these government criminals.

I can only thank God for the angels who surround me and who have saved my life more times than I can count. I know they're with Geral too, I have seen them in the spirit.

I have had to remove the links given in Geral's posts, so please go to Geral's News Log (the original posts) for all links:

Also for more information see Geral's website:

Geral Sosbee is one of very few people reporting these atrocities whose credibility I can completely and unreservedly endorse. What he is reporting is accurate, factual and true. He does not speculate; he does not make unwarranted assumptions. There is no conjecture here, only solid facts backed by hard evidence.

Please take the time to visit Geral's website and see the links connected to his reports.

Barbara Hartwell
August 8, 2007

6 Aug 2007

The purpose of this report is to attempt to focus attention on the fbi's (and the cia's) use of doctors (both MD, DDS, PhD and other health care providers) to torture and possibly kill Targets. The topic is somewhat difficult to address because misdiagnoses, mistakes and honest errors, might inappropriately in some instances account for (or obscure) certain medical atrocities which are intended to leave the patient dead, maimed, or insane. Few patients dare to criticize their doctors (or other health care providers) for fear of retaliation, or for fear of being labeled 'psychotic'. Thus, the following information may best be considered as an alternative view to popular acceptance of human error as the cause of death (or prolonged illness) in some patients. All scenarios mentioned below represent the actual experiences of this writer.

The fbi and the cia often use a variety of tricks to torture or kill the targeted patient. Many psychiatrists, for example, are directly in the employ of the intelligence agencies and provide the fbi and the cia with a medical or psychiatric report that is completely fabricated in order to institutionalize the Target. An example of this can be found in the medical charts of patients seen by Waldman, M.D., of New York. In such cases,the fbi and the cia conduct psychological operations on the Target who then shows symptoms which the doctor falsely asserts are not inconsistent with psychosis; further , the intelligence services then feed the doctor (in a kind of 'ex-parte' frenzy)false or misleading data which cause the already predisposed doctor to pre-judge and even pre diagnose the patient.

In another example, the patient reports to the doctor that he has a small growth on his right testicle; the doctor (after receiving an fbi fabricated and inflammatory rumor) then records on the chart that this patient must have the right testicle removed. On the day scheduled for the surgery, the patient sneaks a view of the medical chart and notices that someone has changed the record to read, " today's procedure is the removal of the left testacle." The patient then runs for his life, consults two additional doctors and confirms that neither testicle contains a malignant growth and that no surgery is indicated. This incident occurred about twenty (20) years ago and the patient is doing fine with both testacles in tact.

In yet another possible example of fbi macabre influence of a medical team with regards to the targeted patient, note the following scenario (which occurred in El Paso, Texas):

The patient is diagnosed with and set for surgery for a deviated septum; the procedure is successful, but after the patient exits the surgery room and regains consciousness, a new and potentially deadly challenge confronts him. A member of the nursing staff (or an fbi operative on the scene)re-writes the instructions for the care of the recovering patient. The original chart reads that no solid food is to be given to this patient for the customary time period (usually about 12 hours following surgery);the new, re-written instruction reads, "full meals are to be given the patient immediately". The problem then erupts as the patient eats the food, vomits all that he eats and nearly suffocates on his own fluids because he has no open air passage for breathing. The nasal passage is completely sealed off and stuffed following the surgery (for the deviated septum) and as the patient vomits, he cannot breathe.

I will spare the reader additional examples of fbi and cia manipulation of medical staff (designed to torture or kill the Target); I invite you to post your own experiences of this nature for educational purposes. You and I may help save lives by discouraging the torturers and assassins at the hospitals from continuing their devilish trade; at the same time we may suggest to all patients the need to have an intelligent and courageous friend at the side of the patient for as long as possible during the medical procedure/surgery.Note that during my most recent hospital visit (see my reports on the fbi fabricated kidney stone in my person) an unidentified health care provider actively assisted me by monitoring all procedures in my case to insure that I not be tortured or killed. This person is truly a Guardian Angel.

7 Aug 2007


The USA continues to be at risk of imminent terrorist attack in part because the fbi and the cia obsessively continue their criminal, covert, and inhumane assaults on people worldwide.

From Brownsville, Texas
August 7, 2007

As I have documented on my website the fbi and the cia conducted criminal operations against my person from about 1998 to the present time, 24/7, worldwide, without cessation, without the slightest hindrance from Congress, the Courts, or the legal system. See my letter dated August 9, 1999.

Also note that in March of 2001, I reported that, due to fbi and cia corruption and incompetence, the United States faces a dangerous crisis with respect to intelligence failures.

In 1999, I reported fbi and cia crimes to the United States Attorney in Honolulu, Hawaii.

Then, I filed a lawsuit in the United States Court in the year 2000.

I pursued all legal channels to report gross incompetence and corruption in the fbi and the cia, as reflected in the appeal dated July 9, 2001.

Then, in the same month I filed the Writ to the U.S. Supreme Court, again detailing the gross abuse of power and criminal operations committed against my person by the fbi and the cia. See the Writ and see the implications of the denial of the Writ at [see above links]

The U.S. Supreme Court had my Writ under consideration at the time of the 911 attack on the United States; the high court subsequently denied the Writ on 10-1-01.

Throughout the entire period of time during which the 911 terrorists planned and executed the attack on the United States, the fbi and the cia were running covert criminal operations globally, 24/7, in efforts to silence me from reporting their crimes. Not a single government official, not a single judge, and not a single representative of Congress commented on the fbi and the cia criminal operations as one of the causes for the attack on the country.

Further, in about 1998-1999, the FAA discovered through its own intelligence operations that Bin Ladin and al Qaeda posed a hijacking threat to the United States; the FAA also stated that the FAA was aware that a part of the plot on 911 included the "...possibility that the terrorist group might try to hijack a commercial jet and slam it into a U.S. landmark." See 911 Commission Report, page 632, published by Barnes and Noble, 2006.[ Members: Kean, Hamilton, Ben-Veniste, Kerry, Fielding, Lehman, Gorelick, Roemer, Gorton, and Thompson].

The conclusions to be drawn from the sorry record of inaction by the government (vis a vis 911) are in part that the officials are afraid (for a number of reasons)to directly hold the fbi and the cia responsible for their criminality and incompetence that led to 911; that the secret and criminal fbi and cia attacks on citizens of the USA are not subject to any government oversight, even when the national security is threatened by intelligence failures, especially as such failures are attributable in part to fbi and cia obsessions to silence (or force into suicide) certain whistle blowers (and others) who seek to stop these hideous agencies from a continuation of their worldwide commission of crimes against Humanity, as well as other high crimes and misdemeanors.

Finally, nothing has changed in the fbi and the cia concerning their obsessive continuation of criminal offenses which I have outlined over the past decade.

The failure of our leaders to address these issues signals to the world that the United States of America is a nation in decline and that the civilization that permits the atrocities advanced by such low minded and homicidal groups is failed.