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Thursday, August 23, 2007

More Libelous Misdirection Against the Browns

From Bill Miller

Friends of Liberty

What follows is an article in today's Foster's Daily Democrat, re: "Some supporters have left the Browns."

First of all, here I am reporting far and wide on a matter of murder, accomplice to murder and cover-up of murder, that has boatloads to do with a multi-state, local-to-federal trail of corruption and cops covering for cops, judges covering for cops, the US Attorney Clolonutono ignoring the cover-up of a murder, to which the Chief of Police in Farmington is an obvious accomplice before the fact...

And all these people can report is that the Browns have lost supporters, quoting me in a very limited fashion and out of context?!!!!

Do you see how thoroughly biased the reporting is?

This is the same Foster's Democrat which brushed right by the fact that the Chief of Police in Rochester clearly used his influence to aid his son in getting off the hook for rape...the Foster's that I alluded to in my article on Federal Badjacketing, that is on, the same Foster's that refused to acknowledge much less follow up on, my very well documented case of multi-"jurisdiction" police collusion in waging a campaign of state sponsored terror against my widowed mother, during my absence in Texas, as a means of politically motivated vendetta against me, all of which is in a federal lawsuit that actually was headed to trial at one point. ("not legitimate," of course, because if you do not have credentials like: cop, city councilman, dirty little federal mole...).

The Portsmouth Herald has also refused to act on any of this information.
They are too busy libeling the Browns as "tax evaders."

The federal court, marshals, Colontuono, etc, are ignoring all of this corruption, while investigating Brown supporters.

Furthermore, lumping me in with some weakhearted fairy liberals or whomever these "supporters,": might be, some guy who caved to the IRS, is libelous bolshoi, so there.

William-Dexter, Upon the Lands of the Confederation united States of America and Perpetual Union, Expressly Reserving All Rights
Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Some supporters have left the Browns

CONCORD, N.H. (AP) _ Some hardcore supporters of Ed and Elaine Brown, who were convicted of tax evasion and have refused to turn themselves in, are now keeping their distance.

In the more than six months since the Browns, holed up in their home, were convicted, they have hosted an ever-changing cast of supporters from across the country.

Some relationships have come to a bitter end: The Browns have squabbled with bloggers, radio hosts, and several spokesmen and assistants.

"Brown has ignored, on many occasions throughout the years, the good council (sic) of some valiant, focused, hard-working freedom fighters whom, unfortunately, exemplify a larger spiritual vision, and a more finely tuned sense of balance and reason than does Brown," said a recent e-mail from Bill Miller, an ex-military exercise trainer who left the the Browns' fortress-like home in February.

Doug Kenline, a blogger who set up a Web site dedicated to news about the Browns and who interviewed them for audio Webcasts, was rejected by Ed Brown; Brown had learned that Kenline's wages were being taken by the IRS to cover unpaid back taxes, the Concord Monitor

"I'm not talking any more to people who aren't going to stand up for the lawful laws of this land," Brown said in an Internet recording of the conversation in which the two parted ways. "People can be slaves, and I'm not going to associate with them any more."

David Ridley of Keene, a member of the Free State Project, said Brown told him to leave, in part because he disagreed with Ridley's pacifist views.

The Browns still have supporters, however, including Jim Hobbs of Phoenix, who lives in a trailer on the property and helps screen visitors, and Danny Riley of Albany,
N.Y., who was arrested and detained by marshals in June, after he stumbled on a surveillance unit while walking the couple's dog, the Monitor reported.

U.S. Marshal Stephen Monier, who is charged with arresting the Browns, said Tuesday that his office is continuing to investigate those who aid and abet them. So far, the marshals have not charged any supporters with crimes, he said.