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Monday, March 14, 2022








"I don't see much future for the Americans ... it's a decayed country. And they have their racial problem, and the problem of social inequalities ... my feelings against Americanism are feelings of hatred and deep repugnance ... everything about the behaviour of American society reveals that it's half Judaised, and the other half negrified. How can one expect a State like that to hold together?"

 – Adolf Hitler

"If Satan himself, with all of his super-human genius and diabolical ingenuity at his command, had tried to create a permanent disintegration and force for the destruction of the nations, he could have done no better than to invent the Jews."

 – Willis Carto, Editor of American Free Press

"They have always been practicing their cannibalism and ritual murders."

"The Jews, they are bad people, they are not of a good bloodline."

"The Holocaust hoax is the biggest hoax on humanity."

Reggie Fashbaugh, promoter of numerous Jew-haters, on The Jews, from a discussion on a podcast, March, 2022


I have chosen these quotes from individuals which clearly exemplify the vile propaganda which Jew-haters arrogantly disseminate. It is interesting that these individuals each have made the claim of being Christian. (Yes, even Hitler.)


Note that all these statements are absolute and all-inclusive of “The Jews”. All statements condemn “The Jews”. All statements lump “The Jews” into one unmitigated, categorical group. “The Jews” are bad people. “The Jews” could have been invented by the devil. “The Jews” are an object of hatred and repugnance. “The Jews” are automatically damned by the very “bloodline” of their ancestors.

Here are some questions to consider:

What could possibly be the motivation for the above statements?

What kind of person would be in agreement with these statements?

What arguments (if any) could provide justification for these statements?

Is it possible that true Christians, those who carry the name of Christ, could actually believe and promote such statements?


And of greatest significance, what kind of actions/events would result from large numbers of believers in such statements?

I think it is reasonable to conclude that true believers in/promoters of these statements: 


1): Are motivated by hate, plain and simple. 


2): Would have to be very ignorant and/or deceived by false doctrines and/or operating under some form of psychopathology. 


3) Could present no arguments (logical, moral or otherwise), which could possibly justify these statements. 


4) Are not true Christians, who could never make such statements or utter such egregious blasphemy.

Now, to the last question: Those with eyes to see and ears to hear (which include all true Christians guided by the Holy Spirit) already know what kind of actions/events take place when rabid Jew-haters gain influence and take control of a society. Just as we know beyond a shadow of doubt that the Holocaust happened, and just as we know that there can never be any excuse which could justify the tyranny, the torture, the genocide, the absolute demonic evil which spawned it, plotted it and carried it out. That, in the estimation of any reasonable, decent, honorable person (Christian or not), the Holocaust would be considered an irrefutable fact.

Here is a brief excerpt from a previous report, which gives an overview of my personal experience in my battle against Nazis and Jew-haters.


I have personally been in trench warfare, as well as spiritual warfare, against Nazis and their advocates, since early childhood. As an unknowing recruit into CIA's MK Ultra program, I was subjected to mind control programming and genetic engineering, designed by Paperclip Nazis to “create the perfect spy” during the Cold War era. Joseph Mengele, the infamous Angel of Death, visited my childhood family home in Northern Westchester County, NY, during the 1950s. And, for the purposes of this report, that is all I will say – except that I am far from ignorant (of which I have often been accused by Jew-haters) of either the Big Picture, or the gory details, of the hideous objectives of the Nazi war machine and the massive damages (aside from the genocide) done to millions of innocent people –Jews and non-Jews alike.

In this report (one of many on this website) I have provided links to a number of older reports which expose the heinous propaganda promoted by Jew-haters, past and present.

From my perspective, this issue is not about Zionism; it is not about the State of Israel; it is not about the state of affairs in the Middle East. It is about the evil that arises among those in the populace who allow their minds to be captured, and to live in thrall to the doctrines of devils. It is about HATE, plain and simple.

Over a period of many years, I have been a witness to the propaganda campaigns against “The Jews”, psychological warfare waged by groups and individuals, quite a number of which claim to be Christian. But their brand of “Christianity” turns the Bible on its head, while negating the Gospel of Jesus Christ. By my observations, the majority of the Jew-haters also claim to be 'patriots'; they have thus tainted the true basis of Biblical Christianity, in which a majority of sincere American patriots believe.

On a regular basis I have encountered the Jew-haters, as they always seem to pop up in connection with Christian and patriot groups with which I have been affiliated. My policy is always to expose them and shun them. I do not engage them in arguments, nor do I take the bait they throw at me, when they claim they have all the “evidence” of a massive Jewish conspiracy, the “Jew World Order”. I refuse any dealings with them. No quarter asked, none given.




The next item is an excerpt from an article by the late Barry Chamish, author and talk show host on First Amendment Radio, on which I had been a guest several times in 2011-2012, on psychological operations and counterintelligence, areas of my professional expertise.

I have edited it for clarity and brevity. I do not necessarily concur with this research, nor is this an area of my professional expertise. I only provide this as a counterpoint to the views of those Jew-haters who make various claims about “bloodlines”. As always, I suggest the readers do their own research, as there is no substitute for those seeking the truth.


A generation ago, correspondence between a Spanish rabbi and the King of Khazaria a thousand years ago led to a series of books about a Jewish state that stopped the Muslim armies from capturing Europe. In a burst of Jewish pride, the authors told of a central Asian royal court that converted to Judaism, defeated the Islamic armies and saved Europe, just to its west.


But one book, The Thirteenth Tribe by Arthur Koestler, took the thesis a step further and speculated that the fall of Khazaria in the 11th century led to a mass migration that created Ashkenazi, or European, Jewry. To Koestler's delight, his speculation became a hit book in America.

Just so we know, Koestler was a rather inconsistent thinker. He was at times a communist, an anti-communist, and ended his career as a New Age author. But one philosophy stuck with him; in the '30s he moved to Israel and remained a Zionist all his life. He would twist in his grave if he saw how American anti-semites had twisted his ruminations. They view Koestler as a prophet of Jew-hatred and his book as belonging in the second tier of theocracy just behind the Bible.

According to them, since the Jews are not God's chosen people, instead are proto-Turks masquerading as Jews, we have no historical claim to Israel because we have no right to call ourselves Jews. Thus, only Sephardim are the real thing. What is planned for them in the future is never stated, but the Ashkenazim are fit for extermination, though only the most vicious of the lot openly say so. But the lines aren't hard to read between.


These anti-semites look for any excuse to attack Israel and her allies and sometimes the rationales are plainly absurd. They have no love for Arabs either but use Israel's war on Gaza as the latest in a long line of useful whipping boys. Any excuse that's handy will do. Never mind that the Arabs don't buy into the Khazarian nonsense; they back them because they're fighting Jews even if they are ignorant of Koestler's holy truth.

In the past, I have rarely mentioned the American far Right and its new Khazarian ideology. Here is a rare example from my book Save Israel:

This caller insisted that 95% of Jews are actually not descended from Abraham but rather of a Medieval Turkish tribe called the Khazars.


"Do you think," I asked, "that if 95% of Jews were from Khazaria we would have forgotten that? Jews have long, exact memories and we know where we were. If it was in Khazaria we wouldn't have forgotten it. And if we were Khazars, Yiddish would be a Turkish-based language, which it is not. I don't think there are any Khazarian words in Yiddish. The Khazarian royal court did convert to Judaism, mostly for political reasons, but the Khazar people didn't or we would have remembered it."

Back then, I didn't think debunking Jew hatred was worth my energy. Today, I have an argument that should put the argument to rest forever, though I know a good hater never gives up.


To the rest of us: As for Khazarian nonsense, Google Jewish DNA. You will find that Sephardic and Ashkenazic Jews share the same DNA markers, Cohenim have the same DNA traits in all nations, and not a drop of Khazarian blood is found anywhere.

See this clip:



Now, another excerpt from a previous report, this one by JBS leader John Perna, addressing the flagrant falsehood promoted by Jew-haters.


NOTE: I've taken this commentary by John Perna from a message board. John's analysis is right on the money. I am so very tired of hearing the lies promoted by so-called "holocaust deniers".


Some of these same people promote hatred for "The Jews", constantly scapegoating entire groups of people, simply by virtue of their genetic/racial/ethnic origin.


Some examples of this Hate-The-Jews mentality are also given below.


How many people does someone have to murder, before he is evil ?

What is the relevance of pondering if it was one million, two million or six million?


If someone killed your whole family, wouldn't that be too many?


It was more than Charles Manson Killed.


It was more than Richard Speck Killed.


It was more than John Wayne Gacy Killed.


It was more than Jack the Ripper Killed.


It was more than The Boston Strangler Killed.


I have a film, which was made by the U. S. army, after we marched into Germany.


It was made of one of the SMALLER concentration camps.


It is interesting to me that the only people, who say the holocaust did not happen, are the same people who say that everything that is wrong in the world, is the fault of "The Jews".

When they quibble about the NUMBER of people murdered, they demonstrate that they do not accept the idea that ANY NUMBER of murders is an abomination.

I am sure that if THEY were to be the intended victims, ONE would be too many.

All this debate about "how many" shows one more thing quite clearly:


Holocaust evidence includes:

Hundreds of motion pictures, including some made by the U. S. Army, on VE day.

Hundreds of confessions from actual participants.

Thousands of photographs.

Physical evidence by the truck load.

Mountains of corpses, both buried and unburied

Hundreds of thousands of eye witnesses, including American and British soldiers.

Reams of recorded court transcripts.

"Facilities" that still exist, including gas chambers and crematoriums..

Thousands of tattooed survivors.

Hitler's own ministry of propaganda would not have imagined that they could make this crime disappear.




This report has addressed two primary topics: bloodlines of “The Jews”, as cited by Jew-haters, and the Holocaust, as often denied and/or minimized and/or misrepresented by Jew-haters.

It is my contention that those whose opinions and viewpoints are based not on logic, not on factual information, not on actual historical events, and not on the moral absolutes, the Christian principles, which should guide the actions of every individual who carries the Name of Christ, but rather on a twisted hatred of “The Jews”, are a menace to society. They should be shunned, and they should be exposed, so that others are warned against them.

They are those who say they are Christians, and are not, but are of the church of Satan.

For the love of God, don't allow them to unleash Hell on the rest of us. 

Barbara Hartwell

March 14, 2022



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