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Sunday, March 27, 2022

Reggie Fashbaugh of TINY HEARTS BRIGADE: Advocate or Agitator?












Be ye not unequally yoked together with unbelievers: for what fellowship hath righteousness with unrighteousness? and what communion hath light with darkness?

And what concord hath Christ with Belial? or what part hath he that believeth with an infidel?

2 Corinthians 6:14-15


On March 17, in a screeching stump speech delivered on a podcast, Reggie Fashbaugh, who aggressively touts herself as an “advocate” for victims and survivors of “trafficking”, urged all those listening to take the law into their own hands and execute some mob justice:

Rather than advocating for gathering peacefully and lawfully outside the hospital where the child was being held, holding signs, FREE BABY CYRUS, which large groups of protesters had done, Fashbaugh screamed:

"They think they're awake but they're not awake!"

"They're murdering that baby!"

"They're NOT going to free Baby Cyrus! They're NOT going to free Baby Cyrus!"

"We need to go get that baby from these monsters!"

"I have been asking people to help me. Nobody wants to help me. Nobody wants to stand in the face of these monsters!"

She went on to arrogantly admonish her audience:

"Stop the shit! Stop holding signs! Get your asses where they need to be and open your damn mouths and start doing some warfare. Take that baby from them!"

The hysterical tirade continued:

"I can't get there. I tried. I have no men that want to help me go down there. I'm willing to sacrifice. Make yourselves uncomfortable. Wake up, they're coming for your children!"

Before this particular outburst, Reggie Fashbaugh had been making her usual absolute proclamations on the case, such as, that the child would be stolen and never returned to his parents! That the child would be killed!, embellishing her proclamations with all manner of dire predictions, as if she, Reggie Fashbaugh, were the ultimate authority, the sole expert preaching the gospel truth on the subject matter.

For those who haven't followed the case, see this website for a timeline and accurate, factual details, free of the wild speculation and fear-mongering by those of Fashbaugh's ilk:


For those interested in the facts, here is a statement posted on the official website on March 17, 2022:

We are going to uncover what is really going on and we are going to launch our offensive against these corrupt tyrants at the Department of Health and Welfare in peaceful PRAYER AND PROTEST today!

It is made abundantly clear that the family of Baby Cyrus is NOT calling for hysterical mob actions, based merely on the speculation and know-it-all, holier-than-thou, subjective opinions of those such as Reggie Fashbaugh.

A few days later, this statement was posted on the website:

However, for now, we just want to celebrate the blessing of having Baby Cyrus back with his parents. Only through Jesus Christ and his mercy and by your constant, unceasing prayers and support, have we been able to witness this miracle!

The child was in fact returned to his parents, contrary to Fashbaugh's dire predictions.

But here's a question: What might have happened if an unruly mob of vigilantes, led by the likes of Mrs. Fashbaugh, had actually stormed the building and attempted to “take the child” by force?

How, exactly, did Mrs. Fashbaugh expect that the child could be “taken” from the kidnappers? Naturally, she doesn't say. It was all just sob-sister hysteria and hot air.


Did she really believe that the child could be safely returned to his parents under such a lawless, foolhardy plan?

No way in hell, mayhem would assuredly have followed. Participants in the mob would be arrested, possibly even shot by the police. And the devil knows what-all else would have resulted, though it could not possibly be anything but the worst of bad news.

And in such a chaotic and ill-considered plan, what of Baby Cyrus? What would be most likely to happen to him?

Any reasonable person who would support the family, based on Christian principles and leading by the Holy Spirit, knows the answer to that question.

Here's my question: Who does Reggie Fashbaugh think she is? What would give her the right to lead a mob of vigilantes to “take” someone else's child by force in a totally lawless manner? And this, against the clearly stated wishes of the family!

Fashbaugh clearly displays the behavior of a grandstanding provocateur, devoid of reason and logic, fueled by unbridled subjective emotion, overstepping her bounds, aggressively and disrespectfully intruding into the lives of others without the slightest by-your-leave.

I've no doubt the family of Baby Cyrus would be thanking the Good Lord that “nobody would help” this officious meddling busybody to enact such a stupid plot, if they ever got wind of it.




Now, to the next item. I have repeatedly observed Reggie Fashbaugh speaking about an organization called TINY HEARTS BRIGADE. I have watched one video of an event (May, 2021) sponsored by this group, at which Mrs. Fashbaugh was a speaker.

That was the extent of what I could find, outside the site itself, which has been online for about one year, as far as I could tell, the same amount of time the organization has existed.

Mrs. Fashbaugh is apparently some sort of administrator, though her name is nowhere to be found on the website, nor are any other names given. So, anyone who visits the site has no way to know who runs it, or with whom they would be dealing should they “join”, as the public is invited to do, or to whom they are sending donations, which are solicited on the site. By my standards, “anonymous” persons running an organization have ZERO credibility.


The Tiny Hearts Brigade is a non-501(c)(3) ministry. We do not use your donation for personal income, but to provide direct support for victims, many of whom are on the run and have little-to-no way to support themselves. We also use donations to cover travel expenses and support campaigns and marches to bring awareness to child trafficking and abuse.

Any donations are strictly for this mission and to help support victims who are struggling and in need of healing, basic necessities and resources for their healing. We do cooperate with other trusted groups and the victims who approach them as well. Again, it is going to take a “Village” mentality to end this evil and we cannot trust popular large groups claiming to “help” in this epidemic. We know what we do and who we vet and trust.” [Emphasis mine, BH]

First, Tiny Hearts Brigade claims to be a “non-501(c)(3) ministry.” What exactly does that mean? There is no “non-profit” designation, so why bother to state this?

Secondly, “it takes a village”, the infamous Marxist quote from Hillary Clinton. If this is not a glaring red flag, I don't know what is!

As for the so-called “popular large groups” mentioned as being untrustworthy, I've no doubt they are referring to organizations such as Veterans 4 Child Rescue, run by Craig Sawyer, who have a track record of ACTUALLY not only rescuing children, but also putting the perpetrators behind bars, where they belong. And all names of perpetrators arrested and convicted are publicly EXPOSED, as a matter of public record.

Then , there is the fact that Reggie Fashbaugh has taken it upon herself to profusely slander Craig Sawyer, falsely claiming him to be a “fraud”, to anyone who would lend an ear.

Now, another statement from the website:

"Tiny Hearts Brigade was founded by the One True God and is guided by the Holy Spirit."

Considering the content of this website, and those so-called “experts” promoted on it, along with the blasphemy regularly spewed by Reggie Fashbaugh, a Jew-hater who claims that, “The Jews, they are bad people, they don't come from a good bloodline” and that, “The Holocaust hoax is the biggest hoax on humanity”, I must say that in my opinion, the Holy Spirit gave no guidance whatsoever. As for the “One True God”, it would be anyone's guess which “god” she serves. It is certainly not the God of the Bible, the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, nor His Son, our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

Another statement on the website:

"The most important element will be UNITY! This global evil network and cabal is united and functioning as such. It is time to rise above ourselves, our needs and our years of programming. Put all your religious and non religious differences aside and unite for one cause."

Here we have a typical ideology common to leftists, but certainly NOT to God-fearing Christians. UNITY, at any cost!


Do not bother discerning the spirits, whether they be good or evil, Godly or ungodly. No matter that the “differences” are so extreme that you would “unite” with any reprobate who comes down the pike. Yes, indeed! “UNITE” with Jew-haters, promoters of doctrines of devils, frauds and mountebanks. It's all for “The Cause”.

Next statement:

"It is going to take an ARMY of construction workers, accountants, soccer moms, football coaches, public speakers, bakers, butchers and every blue collared God fearing abled body to be that Village."

That “Village” again. It takes a Village! And the recruits to this ARMY are all blue collar “workers”. Sounds like something out of the Communist Manifesto. Let the Proletariat arise!

Are any professionals (God-fearing as they may be) then excluded from “The Cause”?

Now, let us take a look at some of the individuals and websites promoted on the site, who purportedly offer “educational” material and “expert testimony”.

My comments exposing these characters follow each name/website.


Robert David Steele, deceased (Charlatan, con man, Jew-hater, who heavily promoted the government disinfo operation called QAnon. Promoted the idiotic lie that there are “Slave colonies” on Mars, where children have been “trafficked”. Promoted New Age gobbledygook, along with fantasies on “outer space”, ITNJ.)

Sacha Stone (New Ager, charlatan, Jew-hater, ITNJ)

International Tribunal for Natural Justice aka ITNJ (Organization promoting many frauds, including Fiona Barnett. Robert David Steele and Sacha Stone, principals.)

Fiona Barnett (Fraud, liar, part of a huge disinformation operation, fake Christian who has damaged true Christians with vile slander and libel, including Craig Sawyer, and the late Russ Dizdar,)

Eyes Wide Open by Fiona Barnet (A Survivor of SatanicRitual Abuse and MKUltra Programming)

Cathy Fox (Runs sensationalist website, promotes numerous frauds, liars, false information on MK Ultra.)

Cathy Fox blog (Cathy Fox)

Timothy Shelley (Charlatan who promotes a plethora of false info on MK Ultra, including "Monarch", never a CIA operation, and many frauds, liars, mountebanks who deceive the public for monetary gain and ego gratification.)

Fighting Monarch (Timothy Shelley)

Erik Karlstrom (Jew-hater extraordinaire, promotes “Jew World Order” and his fellow Jew-haters, who actually are fans of Adolf Hitler, promotes false info on MK Ultra.)

Gangstalking Mind Control Cults dot com (Erik Karlstrom)

Real Raw News dot com (Disinfo site which promotes false info on non-existent “raids” by Navy Seals rescuing children, and other crackpot conspiracy theories.)

Fritz Springmeier (Fraud, charlatan, fake Christian, false prophet, predicate felon who claims he was a “political prisoner”, when convicted of bank robbery, white separatist, promotes false info on MK Ultra and “Monarch”, never a CIA operation, makes money selling his books and tapes, deceiving millions of people.)

The Illuminati Formula Used to Create an Undetectable Total Mind Controlled Slave by Fritz Springmeier & Cisco Wheeler

Bloodlines of the Illuminati by Fritz Springmeier



I first heard of this woman about a year ago, when she appeared on a daily podcast which I occasionally watched. From the first moment I saw and heard her, I was appalled. I found her to be loud, aggressive, abrasive, pushy and boastful, promoting herself as an “expert” and authority on the subjects of child trafficking, MK Ultra, satanic ritual abuse. She claimed to be an “advocate” for victims and survivors.

She would repeatedly boast, I've been doing this for thirty years! But what is “this” that she speaks of?

And what are her credentials? Does she even have any? I have yet to find anything online which would clarify what those might be. The website, TINY HEARTS BRIGADE, does not even name her, nor anyone else affiliated with her.

The only material on the website consists of promotions of individuals and their websites, of those I know, by many years of my own investigations and professional experience, to be frauds, charlatans, those who themselves promote a plethora of false information on the issues on which she is attempting to claim some sort of knowledge and expertise. I have exposed these characters, providing evidence to substantiate what I have uncovered in my thorough investigations.

Are these her “sources” for what she claims to know? Apparently they are. And if this is the case, then her obvious lack of factual knowledge is shown to be the result of following and parroting the charlatans she herself promotes.


Far more significant, and of greatest concern to me, is that Mrs. Fashbaugh appears to have deceived a number of others, with her purported “expertise”. She is attempting to recruit others, and even claims she can provide “training” for them.


She claims to be involved in a “deliverance ministry”. Does “deliverance” involve promoting propaganda to persuade her followers to be Jew-haters? To engage in lawless mob “justice”? To adopt false doctrines which negate the Gospel of Jesus Christ?


If you are foolish enough to believe the leftist nonsense, that "It takes a Village", or that "We are all in this together", then Reggie Fashbaugh might well draw you into her web of deception. Otherwise, please take heed. 

I don't expect anyone reading this to take anything I say as gospel truth, they would be fools to do so. What I would ask any Christians who are readers of this site to do is simply to prayerfully consider what has been presented here, to seek their own guidance from the Holy Spirit, and to act accordingly.


Lastly, I should stress this all-important point: 

By their fruits shall you know them.

Barbara Hartwell

March 27, 2022




Since this report was published (March 27), the website for TINY HEARTS BRIGADE has been modified. It is interesting that some of the material which has been removed/changed is that which was exposed in my report as false, redolent of left-wing ideology, and downright-anti-Christian.

This is typical of those of Fashbaugh's ilk, which I have seen many times. When they are exposed, they scramble to scrub and/or change the material which has been cited by a professional expositor as false, or which should be cause for serious concern.

Some of the names/websites they promoted have been removed. Some of the text has been changed.

For those interested in seeing the evidence, you may read the text I copied from the website AS IT WAS (above), and then compare it to what is there now. This alone should be a red flag as to the lack of legitimacy of those running this website.

In any case, I must repeat that in my estimation, this website is NOT a legitimate source of information, far from it. Anyone searching for accurate, factual information on the subject matter will be misdirected, and this is particularly dangerous for those who are uneducated on these issues, as they will be the most likely to be hoodwinked and led down the wrong path. Far worse, genuine victims/survivors seeking help will be further damaged by being led into a web of deception.

In my considered professional opinion, including as an expert on psychological operations, a former profiler for the US government, and a Christian minister of more than forty years, this woman, Reggie Fashbaugh, is a rank amateur with no credentials, pretentiously seeking to “teach” and influence others, while sorely lacking the background and knowledge necessary for such an endeavor.

Worst of all, based on her own words, she is a rabid Jew-hater, who also promotes/supports a large number of others, some of whom actually defend Adolf Hitler. Such odious beliefs could not help but taint any message she promotes, on any subject. 


Mark my words: This woman is a liability whose presence can only be a curse to any person/group with which she is affiliated. This may sound harsh, but my level of concern absolutely warrants it. I have done my duty by issuing a warning. As always, the readers may take it or leave it, make of it what you will.

ADDENDUM 2 on the Baby Cyrus Case

This is great news!

Please see the short video which accompanies this message. I had been in contact with Diego Rodriguez, the grandfather of Baby Cyrus. I had sent him a message, on behalf of a number of other Christians, warning him of the public calls for unlawful mob action, delivered with shrieking hysteria, put out by one Reggie Fashbaugh and her followers, for which he thanked us.

Contrary to Fashbaugh's false predictions and dire fear-mongering, Baby Cyrus is indeed FREE.

The family, all of us who prayed for them, and those of us who engaged in PEACEFUL protests against the evil kidnappers, in accordance with the family's wishes, have now been vindicated.

Thank You, Jesus!

May 4th - Baby Cyrus's Case Has Been Dismissed!

We have no words to express our heartfelt THANKS and GRATITUDE for everyone involved who has supported our family!

Yes, the case is truly dismissed! It is over. The story is not over yet, as there is much more still to be settled—particularly the "resisting and obstructing" criminal cases against Marissa and Miranda—but the most important part is over! Baby Cyrus is now FREE!

This is nothing less than the grace and mercy of God! Each and every one of you were used by God to help save Baby Cyrus and we couldn't be more grateful!

We will keep you all informed with more updates shortly. For now we just wanted to give you the news!

For information about the case and continued updates, please see this website:





WARNING TO CHRISTIANS: Beware Supporters of Fiona Barnett & Accomplices

EXPOSED: Fritz Springmeier, Charlatan, Predicate Felon, False Prophet, White Separatist, Fraudulent Christian & His Lackey, Government Stooge, Howard Nemaizer