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Friday, July 20, 2018

MK Ultra: Firestorm of Public Controversy

"I was a very minor missionary, actually a heretic, but I toiled wholeheartedly in the vineyards because it was fun, fun, fun. Where else could a red-blooded American boy lie, kill, cheat, steal, rape, and pillage with the sanction and blessing of the All-Highest?"

--Captain George Hunter White, reflecting on his involvement in CIA MK Ultra, from a letter to fellow MK Ultra criminal perp, Sydney Gottlieb

Since April of this year I have been working on a series of podcasts with investigative journalist Ramola Dharmaraj , addressing a variety of issues, mostly related to CIA operations.

Our most recent podcast (#7) covers CIA's MK Ultra program, on which we plan to continue the discussion in future.

As a survivor of this black operation (among others), I have been writing and speaking publicly (radio, TV, lectures and print journalism) since 1995, one year after I left the operations. My knowledge of MK Ultra is based on a lifetime of personal and professional experience – and I do mean that literally. Born in 1951, to a family (both sides) of CIA/Military Intelligence, going back to OSS, my life was highjacked by the U.S. Government even before I was born.

Not only have I lived in the thick of these government operations, I have done decades of additional work, extensive research and investigations.

My reasons for the work I do are several and for me, compelling. I am a defender of liberty and the unalienable rights of the individual. I am an advocate of the most fundamental human rights, for one and all, regardless of gender, race, ethnicity, religious creed, or lack thereof, with the proviso that no one violates the rights of others.

And my primary agenda is simple: I want JUSTICE. Justice for the crimes, the atrocities, committed against me, against members of my family, against my friends and colleagues, against individuals anywhere and everywhere. More than that, justice for the betrayal of this nation by the God-hating lawless reprobates who are the enemies within the gates.

These enemies will not stop until they have utterly destroyed this nation – unless We the People stop them. This satanic cabal is hell bent on expunging our borders and abdicating our sovereignty, leaving us at the mercy of a totalitarian one world government.

No borders means no nation. No nation means no sovereignty. No sovereignty means no liberty. No liberty means no individual rights as bestowed by God Almighty, Creator of heaven and earth.

The engineers of the plot for a globalist one-world utopian government seek to usurp YOUR natural, inherent, unalienable rights and reduce YOU, a living spirit, to a mindless, soulless drone in the hive. They aim to capture hearts and minds, by any means necessary.

Which brings me to the subject of this report: MK Ultra. Capture precedes control. Capture hearts and minds, control them. Gaining control, destroy them.

All those who vehemently oppose this New World Order will say, and MEAN it, with no compromises:


The focus of this report is to address some comments, all made in reference to Barbara Hartwell and/or the subjects I cover, those aired on Ramola's podcast.

Before I get to that, here is an excerpt from a report (2013) which provides a small amount of basic background.

CIA MK Ultra Program: The Ultimate Evil

As a general rule, I avoid reading stories about MK Ultra, or watching videos. First of all, my hyper-sensitivity makes it extremely painful and I don't need additional trauma in my life. Secondly, I recognize that many of the stories (told in print and on video) are created by the government, as propaganda and/or disinformation. This holds true for much of the testimony of those claiming to be "victims". Some are genuine, but I have found that many others are not. Some are simply repeating what they have been "programmed" to say, or believe; some are mentally unbalanced persons seeking public attention, who were never involved in MK Ultra, but perhaps were abused by unrelated perpetrators; some are outright liars, shills for the government.

And it's not as if I need any of the "information" presented by these sources – the vast body of reliable information and evidence I have compiled has come from many years of my direct personal/professional experience and investigations.

Speaking strictly for myself, in order for me to consider a case of CIA MK Ultra mind control genuine, I would have to either personally investigate the case, which usually takes years, and includes interviewing and/or debriefing the victim; or, I have to see material evidence which confirms what I know to be true about the methodology, the protocols, the ways and means the perpetrators utilize. I have never claimed to be an "authority" on mind control, nor have I ever been personally involved in any way in perpetrating mind control, while inside CIA (until 1994) or afterward.

However, among my most fundamental areas of expertise are counterintelligence operations; psychological profiling/debriefing and counseling of military/intelligence personnel, and analysis of intelligence. Moreover, I have debriefed quite a number of MK Ultra victims/survivors (mostly Special Forces involved in CIA black ops and CIA agents) over a period of many years, as well as counseling them as a Christian minister. I have never been involved in any form of standard "deprogramming" either as a subject or in a professional capacity.

As to my publishing of related information, I write and speak only about what I know as fact from personal/professional experience; there is no speculation involved. Much of my early training was under MK Ultra, but that was the limit of my involvement – as a victim.

Many who tout themselves as "authorities", "experts" and "deprogrammers" are planted among groups of mind control victims/survivors by the government for the purpose of "containing" the victims; some are merely charlatans eager to make a name for themselves, while bilking the clients (most of whom have been driven into poverty by their untenable circumstances) for their own gain. In any case, these unprincipled scavengers function not as true advocates or supporters of the victims, but rather as the latest handlers, who do additional damage to the already traumatized victims, and rather than helping them find the truth they are searching for, lead them astray by feeding them falsehoods.

There are a number of individuals who claim to be "exposing" CIA MK Ultra. Some claim to be "survivors", some claim they are "researchers". Some are legitimate, many are not. But in my considered professional opinion, as a survivor of MK Ultra, and as former CIA, trained in psychological operations, much of the information being "exposed" is government disinformation, widely disseminated on the Internet, often as part of a containment operation/protection racket.

The individuals who have been drawn into this net (aside from government agents/handlers) are a mixture of genuine victims/survivors (most of whom have not broken the programming), and government shills, all of whom, however, are following a "script" written and sanctioned by the government. This is why most of the "stories" sound so much alike, a 'cookie cutter' presentation, and there is little variation among individuals.

Consider, for example the so-called "Monarch" project. Monarch was never part of MK Ultra, never a CIA operation. There is no legitimate documentation of Monarch, nor any trustworthy, credible sources, not that I have ever encountered anywhere. Yet Monarch is promoted far and wide, cited as the standard government mind control operation under MK Ultra.

End excerpt

Now, to addressing selected comments, which come from the podcasts with Ramola. First, it is important for me to say that I personally do not solicit comments or questions from the general public. That is at the discretion of the person who owns/runs a website, or video channel or any other venue.

In cases where I choose to address these unsolicited comments from the public, it is usually because I think it will be useful or helpful to clarify my own information and the positions I hold; and/or because I find it important to refute falsehoods in connection with my name and/or the general subject matter, and to set the record straight. This I do only in my own reports, published on my site, not in the comment sections.

I do not engage in discussions, arguments or debates. As always, the reading/listening audience may make of my statements, which are for information purposes only, what they will.

All persons making comments who are using pseudonyms or screen names are considered by me to be “anonymous”. I do not attribute credibility to any person whose identity is hidden behind a screen name, or first name only, no matter what they have to say.

All that being said, on to the first anonymous comment.

"She says "it's not aliens, it's demons." Horse shit. She's pushing Operation Bluebeam and Aquarian Conspiracy crap. It's not aliens or demons, it's the CIA. They're using "demon" crap to frighten people who believe in God. They made my father see "demons" in his home when he had cancer, they terrified him. She's a Christian minister? I pity her flock. She must be terrifying them. Poor things."

On this issue, the anonymous commentator has made statements which are apparently based on speculation or false assumptions.

I am ordained as a Christian minister (1979). However, I am not a pastor of any church, nor do I have any sort of “flock”.

And no, my statements about demons do not come from “Operation Bluebeam or Aquarian Conspiracy crap”. I am familiar with these, through my own investigations, going back to the 1980s, but they bear no relevance to anything I have ever stated on Ramola's podcasts, or elsewhere.

Anyone who is a genuine Christian, who believes in God, who has accepted Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior, anyone who has the Holy Spirit, will certainly know the reality of demons. Many Christians today are adhering to a false gospel, as many pastors are not preaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ, but rather some form of New Age counterfeit, the doctrines of devils.

Any Christian who wants the truth needs to read the Bible, from cover to cover, Genesis to Revelation. Read the non-canonical extra-biblical texts. (Book of Enoch, especially.) Then decide for yourself if demons are real.

Now, on a seemingly related issue, this. Again, no identification of a person, only a screen name, Contact-Times.


"Look - if you think we're the only life in the Universe - you don't deserve to look into wider issues of (above) govt corruption.... Get over your hang-ups and "little green men" - it's so 1950s. ;-) (My feedback usually gets deleted here - despite being sane, humorous and supportive in wider context)"

It appears he/she is addressing me, rather than Ramola. These statements bear no relevance to anything I have ever actually said on Ramola's podcasts. “Hangups” and “little green men” were never mentioned by me; that is just stupid. I simply stated my opinion that the so-called “aliens” are not extraterrestrial, but rather interdimensional, and that they are demonic entities.

And who is he to decide what I – or any other person, for that matter-- should “deserve” to look into? How utterly arrogant and absurd!

Now, here comes this character, identifying herself (or perhaps himself, who can tell?) only as Rita. She has shown up in the comment section of Ramola's podcasts, repeatedly, accusing me of being a “CIA disinfo agent”. She gushes with praise for Ted Gunderson, John DeCamp and Alex Jones, an obsequious toady to these liars.

Now, this anonymous coward, this belligerent ignoramus, decides to chime in again with this:


"We can all vet publicly. I say like Gerald Celente at [link removed] says politics is show business for ugly people "think for yourself" and buy gold."

What this has to do with anything I've said on the podcasts, I have no idea. It is totally irrelevant. As for thinking for yourself, it is very obvious she does not. She only parrots what others have said and cites them out of context.

And here, another character, who does not identify himself, responds to Rita:

Dan O:

"Rita, Ramola clearly hasnt done thorough research on Hartwell because I have been watching this saga with Hartwell and everyone else for 15 years and Ted has arsenic poison and I advise everyone to be very wary and check out the other point of view concerning her. There is so much controversy with her. BTW I am being told that Ramola has hidden quite a few of my comments, now hows that for someone who demands the truth and her right to speak out, well I have my right to Ramola. You cannot have it both ways, well I guess you can if thats what you are like."

So, there is controversy. So what? There is always controversy over any issue, this is not unique to my work.

He (or perhaps, she?) then accuses Ramola of “hiding” his comments. He demands his “right” to speak out. He is obviously of the mindset that Ramola is required to provide him with this “right”. As the administrator of the venue, it is her choice to allow him (or anyone else) to air his views – or not. But that does not stop him from speaking in any number of other venues.

Next comment from the anonymous coward, Rita:


"David Icke is a Premier trusted Cultural leader exposing deep state and teaching self empowerment. Why, academic question- Why would Hartwel want to smear Icke. Answer she was and is an old cia operation."

Now, she accuses me of “smearing” David Icke. So, according to this presumptuous fool, because I have stated my opinion about a well known public figure, whom I consider to be a charlatan and a propagandist (based on many years of investigations) this means I must be “an old cia operation”.

What could she possibly know about any CIA operations? What are her sources? As usual with these pretentious characters, who love to shoot off their mouths without identifying themselves, she is clueless.

Since she names David Icke as a “Premier trusted Cultural leader” (trusted by whom, that is the question), then the devil knows what other New Age gobbeldygook she subscribes to. Maybe she also believes in alien lizard people, who are masquerading as human, and that Jesus Christ did not exist, as claimed by Icke. Last I heard, this snake oil salesman was charging $10,000 (and that was back in the 90s) for his public lectures.

And just to make it clear on what I base my opinion, I have read his books, not because I would ever give him one red cent of my money, but only because they were given to me by persons who asked for my analysis of the material. I read. I analyzed. I drew my own conclusions.

I have also heard him speak at a conference on “mind control”, in Atlanta, Georgia (1997), where Ted Gunderson (a crony of Icke) was also a speaker. I was there on a press pass. Ted introduced me to Icke, at a restaurant where we were having dinner. I must say I made haste to depart from his company, and limited my words to hello and goodbye. Emphasis on goodbye.

So much for David Icke, the “teacher of self empowerment”, as touted by Rita.

But of course, Rita will not stop in her silly efforts to discredit Barbara Hartwell.


"Hartwell said in her first Ramola Interview "she heard from an 'unimpeachable source'" That John de Camp was " he him self was a pedophile." De Camp is a Historical corner stone in the early exposure of high government child trafficking. She heard from "unimpeachable source". Hartwell is garbage... further now Ramola is asking money to hear her sordid, sensational "confusing" "info" which is active cointelpro. I took the time to write this because I was a huge fan of Techno-Crime Fighters... credibility gone."

So now, as Rita continues defending her sacred cows (Gunderson, DeCamp, Jones, Icke) against the “smears” of Barbara Hartwell, she drags in yet another irrelevant notion: that Techo-Crime Fighters “credibility” is gone simply because of Ramola's interviews with me.

For the public record: I am not a member of Techno-Crime Fighters. I am not personally acquainted with any of its members, with the exception of Ramola. I have no affiliation with this group, nor any other organization which addresses the issues under discussion here.

So how this translates into a “credibility” issue for a group to which I do not belong and with which I am not affiliated, defies reason and logic. But then, reason and logic clearly have no place in the muddled mind of this malicious heckler, who is in possession of no facts, no evidence, no accurate information, and is too cowardly to shoot off her stupid mouth using her real name.

Here's an idea: Go back to the peanut gallery, little Miss Rita, where you may sit enthralled and zombified, and fill your mind (what's left of it) with more sensationalist trash from David Icke. You will be so “self-empowered” that you won't want to waste your time harassing legitimate journalists. Or, so one can hope...

Now, here is a legitimate question about David Icke:


"Hi Ramola and Barbara! Great work, Ladies! I came away from this one with a question that I had though. Can we get the nutshell version specifically what the disinformation is that Barbara is talking about that David Icke is passing and maybe some specific disinfo tactics being used?"

Which I hope I have answered, at least in part. I would only add that doing your own research is the only real way of reaching a conclusion. And that applies across the board, to the credibility of anyone's work, including mine.

Next, these comments from a person, Karen Romero, who appears to be using her real name and who also appears to be sincere.

Karen Romero:

"Mark Phillips died. I think a few years ago. He was Cathy Obrien's husband. He was DoD. He was not CIA nor DIA. However, he did work with both of those despicable acronym groups. Senator Byrd was Obrien's handler, not Mark Phillips. I was not a fan of Mark Phillips. However, Cathy Obrien is a different story than what Barbara is saying. Whether you call it Monarch or not she was abused in the most horrendous ways by the United States government. She did get total memory recall after her mind was intentionally fractured in despicable and unGodly ways. I really like Barbara, but I respectively and lovingly disagree with her about the Monarch program. Whether it was or wasn't a part of MK Ultra matters not. What does matter is Cathy Obrien and so many others were abused in the worse ways."

At the time of the podcast where I spoke of Mark Phillips, I was not aware that he had died. I later learned he had died in September, 2017. However, my statements stand. I was speaking historically, from my own experience and investigations.

I do not know what sources Ms. Romero is using, so I do not know if these statements are accurate. I should also make it clear that I do not consider either Mark Phillips or Cathy O'Brien to be reliable sources of information. Thus, I do not consider any of the information from their books (if that is the source) to be trustworthy.

The information I covered on the podcast in reference to Phillips and O'Brien, is only a fraction of what I have collected, based on a number of reliable sources.

As I stated, based on my investigations, it is my belief that Mark Phillips was in some way connected to CIA. I also have reason to believe that Phillips was in fact O'Brien's handler, whether or not there were others, as claimed by Ms. Romero. I stand by that statement as well.

As I stated on the podcast, Mark Phillips began sending e-mails to me some time in the late 1990s. I had never heard of him, nor Cathy O'Brien.

I did not elaborate, except to say that he was harassing me with unsolicited advice and that it was clear to me that his agenda was to attempt to draw me in to his containment operation, as I later learned he had done to a number of others.

What I did not state was that the e-mails were signed by both Phillips and O'Brien. Therefore, I hold both responsible for the content, despite the fact that in my opinion, Phillips was the instigator. If she was going along with him, for whatever reason, I still hold her accountable.

I no longer have the e-mails as evidence, but I do know what was said. As part of the unsolicited advice, I was encouraged to contact them, AS IF I needed their counsel, which I most certainly did not. I was also told what I “should” and “should not” be speaking of publicly. Especially, the government harassment against me, which I had exposed. How dare they!

I responded one time and one time only. I told Mark Phillips to mind his own business and stop his attempts to interfere with me. Cease and desist. Period.

That did not stop him. He continued harassing me by e-mail, then boasting about court cases they were involved in, claiming that I had no evidence for my case (how would he know?), and attempting to interrogate me about my case, trying to bait me into a response.

I do not respond to harassing e-mails, nor do I engage such aggressive persons in arguments. Except to direct them in no uncertain terms to cease and desist from such harassment.

Ms. Romero states:

"I... disagree with her about the Monarch program. Whether it was or wasn't a part of MK Ultra matters not. What does matter is Cathy Obrien and so many others were abused in the worse ways."

She is free to disagree, that is her prerogative, though her claims hold no weight with me. However, it DOES matter, a great deal, to me, because promotion of Monarch has been so damaging to genuine survivors of actual CIA operations under MK Ultra. Facts matter. The truth matters. As does the fact that the Monarch program is being falsely advertised as a CIA operation under MK Ultra.

That Cathy O'Brien was abused, I have very little doubt. But that is not the point. That does not give her, or Mark Phillips license to publicly taint genuine MK Ultra survivors of real CIA operations by tarring them with the brush of sex slaves and satanism.

I speak solely for myself, based on my own personal and professional experience. My name has been irrevocably damaged by the claims of the many promoters of Monarch, including Phillips and O'Brien.

There is no commonality and I am outraged by the extremely damaging false and defamatory information directed against me, for more than two decades. I intend to continue to fight these liars, these charlatans and shills, to clear my name of any and all outrageous falsehoods, or die trying.

Now, if anyone is still wondering why I do not have a public e-mail address, wonder no more.

I love peace and quiet. I am the most introverted person imaginable and a true recluse. I belong in a monastery in some remote location, no Internet, that would be fine with me. Some cats would suffice for company. That would be heaven on earth...

But here I am, still thankful for the blessings God has given me, for His saving grace, and praising His Holy Name.

Anyone who is truly interested in my case may find hundreds of reports available on this site. It is all free. Take it or leave it. Believe it or not. Make of it what you will.

Barbara Hartwell
July 20, 2018