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Tuesday, July 3, 2018

PUBLIC NOTICE for Barbara Hartwell Vs. CIA

I recently published a notice and personal message on this site (June 2018) pertaining to my policies regarding contact information, donations to support my work and the purpose of this website, Barbara Hartwell Vs. CIA.

This last was one of many, over a period of years, several of which are posted as a permanent feature on this site in a special section at the top left hand column, titled NOTICES & Vital Info, where I ask that New Readers Please Begin Here.

In all these notices I have clearly explained, in considerable detail, what these policies are. But for some reason, these notices are being ignored or disregarded by the readers of this site.

I would think that any sincere person who is really interested in my work and finds it to be of value would take the time to read these notices and to honor them.

I don't know what it will take to make this any clearer, but I suppose there is no other way but to continue posting these notices, tiresome as it is.

So here, once again, are my policies.

This site is for INFORMATION PURPOSES ONLY. It is designed to be an archive of my work. The readers may make of my reports what they will. Period.

I do not run an 'interactive' website. I do not run a public forum for discussion or debate. I do not solicit comments from readers via this site, or in any other venue. I do not answer questions about the work published on this site.

I am aware that in certain cases, such that my work is published on other sites, that the editors of those sites may have a comment section. I understand that this is the common practice on the Internet, but I must make it clear that I personally have nothing to do with this. If I happen to find comments which are defamatory or contain false/fraudulent information, I will sometimes refute them and expose the offenders ON MY OWN SITE in a report, but most often I simply ignore them. My time is precious and unless it is necessary, for my own reasons, I don't waste it on such pursuits.

I do not have a public e-mail address, nor is it listed anywhere on the Internet. Anyone who wants to contact me for any reason may easily do so via my postal address:

PO Box 22
Rhinebeck, NY 12572

I do not use social media. I do not join online groups, message boards, or e-mail lists. I do not post my reports, nor comments, on any site but my own.

I am not a joiner, not a team player, not interested in interactions with the general public.

I do not use intermediaries. Over many years, people have tried to contact me indirectly by asking that messages be passed to me (by e-mail or otherwise) by editors of sites where my work is published, by talk show hosts on which I have been a guest, or by 'known associates'.

Many people seem to assume that these messages will reach me, and/or that I will respond to them. Again, I DO NOT use intermediaries. The one way to contact me is directly, through my postal mailing address. If this is too much trouble, then I can't imagine it is all that important to the sender. I also consider this to be intrusive to the party who is expected to pass these messages on.

I do not offer private consultations. I have repeatedly posted notices about this. I ask readers to please not send me case files, legal documents or personal testimony regarding such issues as government harassment, targeting of various kinds (including by directed energy weaponry), requesting investigations, consultations or other assistance, pro bono or for compensation. Yet, these letters continue to arrive at my PO Box.

I am not affiliated with any groups or organizations which address such issues or offer such services, professional or otherwise.

My telephone numbers are PRIVATE and UNLISTED.

This also has been stated many times in my notices on this site. Recently, I received a voicemail from a person I do not know. I have no idea where he got access to my private, unlisted number. It was a message about him being “targeted”, and something about “donations”.

I don't know what this person wanted or expected, but he had no business contacting me via my private number, no matter how he managed to acquire it. I do not accept unsolicited phone calls from persons who have not been given the number by me. This is an invasion of my privacy and not to be tolerated. If this continues, I will have to take some action to prevent it, but meanwhile I direct this person (and any others who may have gotten unauthorized access) to LOSE my private number, post haste.

Lastly, I do accept donations by post, but I no longer solicit them from this website. All donations which are given in the spirit of Christian charity or love gifts, no questions asked, no strings attached, to be used at the sole discretion of Barbara Hartwell, are gratefully accepted and greatly appreciated. I do not make quid pro quo arrangements, such that donations “buy” some of my time, or affiliation, etc. etc.

I certainly hope this clears things up. I ask those who are truly interested in my work to please respect my wishes, as stated here and in other notices on this site, and to respect my personal boundaries, as delineated by me, and my right to privacy, just as I respect the same of others.

Thank you for your consideration.

Barbara Hartwell
July 3, 2018