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Monday, July 16, 2018

Barbara Hartwell & Geral Sosbee Interviews with Ramola D: FBI & CIA Corruption & Criminality

When Ramola first invited me to appear on her podcasts, both Geral Sosbee and I had hoped to be on an interview together. But given the level of sabotage of these podcasts, the technical nightmare created for Ramola, we have yet to try to make this happen, though I do hope that at some point we will.

Geral and I have worked together for more than 17 years, exposing the criminality of FBI and CIA, including their campaigns of persecution against political Targets, whistleblowers and journalists.

Though our personal and professional backgrounds differ widely, the counterintelligence operations against us have been very similar; in fact I have never personally known anyone whose experiences so closely paralleled my own.

I consider Geral Sosbee to be by far the most important FBI whistleblower ever to have gone public. As documented on Geral's website, you may find numerous detailed reports which give specific information and hard evidence not to be found anywhere else. I have published much of his work on this site as well.

And speaking of the FBI, I am very glad to see that they are now being exposed openly in mainstream media and that at least some of these characters, such as dirty cop and longtime Hillary fixer, Comey, and this hubristic reprobate, Peter Strzok, are in the spotlight.

Here, an excerpt from the New York Post:

"Watching FBI agent Peter Strzok battle with Congress, my initial reaction was pure anger. His repeated, arrogant insistence that he had done nothing wrong despite tons of evidence to the contrary convinced me he deserved immediate firing — if not the firing squad.

Gradually, though, anger gave way to amazement as Strzok grew increasingly combative and condescending. Given his predicament, the sneering and smirking were stupid, and yet he persisted.

Who is this jerk, I wondered, and how in the hell did he get to be a big shot at the FBI? And why are taxpayers still paying for the privilege of his malignant presence on the FBI payroll?"

Having watched the hearings, I could not agree more! What an absolute jerk! And yet, as Geral and I well know, there are many more FBI agents cast out of the same mold.

Geral has been exposing their massive criminality for decades, from direct insider knowledge, and yet it is only NOW coming out in the mainstream media?

Which only goes to show how Geral Sosbee's work, his valiant efforts in defense of liberty and unalienable rights, have been marginalized.

We are both very grateful to Ramola Dharmaraj for being instrumental in helping us to get our information to a wider audience, especially in connection to the issues of targeting whistleblowers, including by assaults with high-tech weaponry.

Thank you, Ramola. God bless you.

Here are links to the two most recent podcasts, mine and Geral's, along with Ramola's commentary.

Barbara Hartwell
July 16, 2018

Report #74: Barbara Hartwell, CIA Whistleblower on MK ULTRA Cover Ups

Focused and enlightening conversation with Barbara Hartwell, CIA whistleblower on the subject of MK ULTRA, which she reports being a victim of, a Black Ops mind and behavior control experimentation program run by the CIA illegally and without consent on thousands of Americans and Canadians, including on her as a child, very early on in her childhood and in fact before her birth, and on the cover-up operations and false narratives surrounding it, as well as very specifically, the massive CIA slander and libel operations conducted against her for decades, to dismiss her witness and testimonial about this and other matters, which she had started to publish on her website.

Born into “an intergenerational military and Intelligence family” Barbara reports that she had no choice in the matter, she was chosen for this program without her consent, a program which she says started well before 1953, the official date, via the OSS, and the Nazis, and a program which was never discontinued even though the public declaration to that effect in the '70s after the Church Committee hearings is widely accepted as definitive—just as the story that Richard Helms, then CIA Director shredded 20,000 pages of MK ULTRA files leaving no records left is also accepted as the last word on the subject, nothing but a story, Barbara says, an official Cover narrative intended to silence further enquiry.

MK ULTRA's primary aim was to create the perfect spy, notes Barbara, and a variety of unethical means such as drugs, hypnosis, psychological assault, and trauma were used to press home this intention.

Espionage went hand in hand with Exploitation; the CIA has been used to exploiting people for a variety of outcomes, she notes, primarily in harvesting of their true potential and varied talents. Especially interesting is the distinction she draws between MK ULTRA and what has come to be known as the Monarch program and the creation of sex slaves or “Presidential models” or beta programming, which has risen to public awareness through the testimonials of Cathy O'Brien and Brice Taylor, among others.

Noting that while she cannot comment on this kind of programming and does not state it does not exist, this was not her own experience, yet efforts by many, including the involvement of Ted Gunderson, top FBI agent who turned out to be a CIA spook and Containment Operative—as she has delineated in our earlier conversations—have aimed at including her in a sensationalist way in this group.

Monarch was not a CIA operation,” she says, “Monarch was not a part of MK ULTRA. That's the story that's out there.” Barbara also names Mark Phillips, widely known as the rescuer of Cathy O' Brien as per Cathy O'Brien's own declarations, as a CIA handler who sought to include herself, Barbara, in his containment operations.

Among the egregious acts of slander directed against her, Barbara delves briefly into the issue of a video interview shot with Ted Gunderson, Brice Taylor aka Susan Ford, and Chip Tatum in the late '90s for Chicago Health Television, which was never aired, but eventually floated out and remains on the Internet as a bootlegged copy arranged by John Gentry, a “sidekick of Ted Gunderson's” who had separately recorded the interviews, but never obtained her consent to publish.

This video was incorporated into Susan Ford's video titled “Mind Control Goes Public” which Barbara states is a CIA propaganda film—and projects the notion that MK ULTRA was all about sex slavery and Satanism, which she says is a misdirecting maneuver (“It makes a circus out of it”), intended to distract people's attention from “the real purposes of what this program was designed to do” and hides the real harm involved. And was all this a part of the deprecation and dismissal and discrediting operations aimed at minimizing her testimonial as a former CIA counter-intelligence officer reporting childhood exploitation as a non-consensual MK ULTRA victim and delineating what MK ULTRA was all about?

Barbara illustrates with care how various figures in the planted-media—including Doug Millar and Clarence Malcolm--assisted in this public teardown and false-narrative-creation operation, labeling her a lying “CIA Disinfo Agent” and a mind-control victim who cannot be trusted, subjects she promises to expand on further in our next, upcoming podcast.

Please support these ongoing conversations which bring alive in the current day the very important voice of a CIA woman whistleblower whose testimonial and insights are vital to the understanding of the Deeply Lawless State.

Please visit Barbara Hartwell's website for more information.

Report # 75: Geral Sosbee, FBI Whistleblower/Podcast 3: Endless and Criminal FBI Retaliation

Conversation with Geral Sosbee, FBI Whistleblower on the subject of endless, harassive, criminal retaliation by the FBI which has variously pushed this special agent and Vietnam War veteran, also college professor, judge, and whistleblower with integrity into conditions of extreme poverty, social ostracism, blacklisting, employment sabotage, COINTELPRO persecution, as well as surveillance abuse with EMF/Neurotech weaponry--being reported by thousands in the USA and worldwide--which cause sleep-deprivation, high stress, and health damage.

We discuss public facades the FBI uses in corporate, Govt media and secretive, covert COINTELPRO which essentially works as medieval, feudal persecution of targets. Geral takes us through articles and websites--screen-shares point to Web locations.

Please visit Geral's websites for more information, also see the articles at my site:

for more of his much-needed whistleblowing on the FBI. Geral's information is vital to a current understanding of who exactly the FBI is, how they operate, and why they are engaging in targeting, pursuit, persecution, and harassment of people with integrity who speak out against corruption, criminality, waste, and abuse.

Essentially, we are all being educated in the current-day corruption and criminality endemic inside this and other Justice organizations in the US. Geral's sites:

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