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Friday, January 10, 2020


On December 25, 2019 a link was posted on Twitter by Karen Stewart to this article:


Reply to Ramola!244&ithint=file%2Cdocx&authkey=!AI2C_iKGRLJIttI

Included in the article was this false accusation against Barbara Hartwell:

"Thoughtful responses” - like sending me a screen shot (of my tweets) attributed to Barbara Hartwell, letting me know “they are watching me” and another screen shot of a tweet where I laud peace-making where possible and Ramola herself denigrates it as “a tweet from God” showing her contempt for peacemakers and perhaps the Judeo-Christian God?"

I refuted this falsehood, among others, in this report:



Subsequently, more false accusations were issued, which I proceeded to refute in a second report:



It is important to state that although others were also falsely accused, aside from Ramola, against whom the defamation was primarily directed, not one of them was named, but ONLY Barbara Hartwell. It is also important to state (once again) that I am NOT personally acquainted with these unnamed persons with whom I am accused of being in collusion, nor have had any contact with them.

Then, there is the fact that I am not involved, nor ever have been, in what many (including Karen Stewart) call the “TI Community”. I am not a member of any of their groups. I do not participate in any of their activities. I am not in contact with any of these persons, nor do I endorse, promote or support their various agendas, which they claim are for advocacy for “Targeted Individuals”.

As I have stated many times, in my considered professional opinion, these groups are controlled opposition, containment operations and protection rackets, infested with government operatives and their minions and stooges.

I have exposed quite a number of these individuals, by name, especially those who claim to be “leaders”, for exactly who and what they are, as a warning to others; on principle; and to refute the many false claims, as libel and slander, which they have fabricated and/or parroted against Barbara Hartwell and others among my friends and colleagues, including –but certainly not limited to –Ramola D.

In brief summary, some of the false accusations made by Karen Stewart against Barbara Hartwell were:

That I had sent an e-mail to Ramola and (unnamed) others, which contained an entry from Karen Stewart on Twitter, for the purpose of letting her know she was being “watched”.


That I and others were part of a “mob”, and “pack of self-centered immature dimwits”.


That “Ramola outs Barbara / out of the blue.”


On January 6, 2020, yet another false accusation was launched by Karen Stewart against Barbara Hartwell and Ramola D, which I must, on principle, and in my own defense, refute and counter with facts.

Copied from Twitter:

"#PATHETIC NOTE: When you have to “donate” money to a third person to libel someone on their nothing site, with whom you blew your friendship, to pretend it is independent criticism, that is definitely the definition of pathetic. Lol!!! TI Chronicles Soap Opera. Thank you “C”."

Note that no names are used in this entry. This, after my name was previously the ONLY one, in addition to Ramola.

But the meaning is clear to anyone who has been following this recent smear operation against Ramola D and Barbara Hartwell.

Ramola posted this on Twitter, in reference to this latest:

"Sadly, #KarenStewart's smear-operation-without-cause continues. Appalled to see this tweet sent to me today where she seems to level #PureLibel agnst. CIA Whistleblower Barbara Hartwell's independent analyses, rebuttals on her highly valuable info/analysis/record-keeping site."

This is undoubtedly the worst, and most outrageous public accusation yet to be made by Karen Stewart (at least that I have seen.) I am now accused of taking a “bribe” to “libel” her. Ramola is accused of giving me a “donation”, of “buying” my services, as if I were nothing but some mercenary, some whore, some hired gun.

WRONG. DEAD WRONG and not to be tolerated. I am NOBODY's hired gun. I speak strictly for myself. I say what I mean and mean what I say.

And my website, according to Karen Stewart, is a “nothing site”.

My website (in various forms) has been online since 2000, and my work previously published on the Internet since 1995.

Because of the factual information, backed by evidence, exposing government corruption, crimes, conspiracies and coverups; because of NAMING NAMES of criminals, liars, traitors, reprobates and scumbags, all published on this “nothing” site, I have suffered some of the most hellish persecution ever known to be perpetrated against any government whistleblower.

I have been threatened with lawsuits by CIA agents, by FBI (including JTTF), by former FBI agents, by former senators, and by those calling themselves “federal whistleblowers”.

I have been the Target of a long-running, massive defamation campaign, for more than two decades. This, on high-traffic, commercial sites specializing in government disinformation.

I have had several attempts on my life, which include arranged car crashes, leaving me seriously injured and permanently disabled.

I have received credible death threats, which forced me to leave my home and seek temporary sanctuary.

I have been driven out of any home I had, repeatedly, and forced to spend a total of 2 years and 8 months in motels, with my possessions in storage. No landlord would rent to me, because of the false information/black propaganda disseminated against me, posted on the Internet by my enemies in CIA, FBI et al.

I have been driven to total financial destitution, so that I had no reliable source of support, and only barely survived on charity from Christian churches and donations from supporters of my work, posted on my “nothing site”.

I have lost nearly everything I owned, including most of my possessions and my house in Maine (the only real home I ever had, in which I invested everything).

I have had to go hungry, when I could not afford to buy food, and was forced to sell many of my possessions, and go to the Salvation Army and other food banks for the poor, rather than starve.

I have been driven to homelessness, where I was literally cast into the street, when there was not a soul who cared enough to help me.

I have been poisoned, drugged and assaulted with directed-energy weaponry.

I have been stalked by psychos, on foot, in vehicles and by cyberstalkers, harassing me by e-mail, as well as telephone harassment.

I have been harassed by helicopters and military jets, flying directly over some of the homes where I lived, violating FAA regs, for purpose of attempted intimidation.

SWAT teams have been deployed against people who tried to help me, who were threatened to “stay away from Barbara Hartwell”...or else.

Several of my ex-military bodyguards have had their lives threatened, and received “friendly warnings”, which unfortunately for me, caused them to abandon me, rather than stand up for the truth, which was exposed by me and published on my “nothing site”.

So, Karen Stewart may think I have a “nothing” site. But those persecuting me for the content of that site, and threatening me to REMOVE that site, in attempts to silence me and stop me from exposing them, have a very different view.

And NEVER ONCE have I allowed them to intimidate me, no matter what they threatened. My “nothing” website is still online, and will be until God sends the chariot to take me home.

And NEVER ONCE have I taken a bribe, for any reason, though the bad guys have certainly attempted to co-opt me for such purposes. As I have proved by my actions, over many years, I will never compromise with evil. I would rather die on my feet, standing for the truth, and in pursuit of JUSTICE, than live on my knees, in submission to tyrants.

And as God is my witness, that will never change, no matter what.

As for Ramola, she is one of very few people I have ever known who actually offered me the support I need (including material support), with no questions asked, no strings attached, no quid pro quo. She personifies the true meaning of friendship. So, to accuse her of bribing anyone to libel others is absolutely sickening and a gross injustice.

So, if Karen Stewart really thinks she can discredit me (for whatever agenda) by such truly “pathetic” means as grossly insulting my honor, making false accusations and fabricating absurd stories, peppered with “LOL”, as if it were some kind of joke, it might behoove her to think again.

In Outrage & Disgust,
Barbara Hartwell
January 10, 2019

Saturday, January 4, 2020


Again, I must set the record straight on additional public comments from Karen Stewart (KS), posted on Twitter in reference to my report of December 27, 2019.

KS posted a screenshot of my report, marked up with red pen, along with the e-mail which she falsely claimed was “attributed to Barbara Hartwell”, in her article, Reply to Ramola.

As I have already stated, the e-mail (containing the screenshot of KS's entry on Twitter) did NOT originate with me, and therefore CANNOT, in point of fact, be “attributed” to me.

As I later learned, it was sent by Ramola, TO me, and I did not even receive it the first time it was sent.

Ramola has corroborated this FACT here:

"As a consequence of hacking, MY pvt emails to friends, incl. MY screenshots of KS's appalling tweets, were deliberately sent to #KarenStewart inst. of who I'd addressed my email to".

This may come as a news flash to some, but I have no control whatsoever over hackers, who regularly intercept both outgoing and incoming e-mail, as they have done for many years. Apparently it was sent to KS by these hackers, in an attempt to sow discord and stir up trouble – at my expense, so that I would be falsely accused of an action I did not take and blamed for something over which I had no control.

This is SOP for counterintelligence operations, a fact of which KS evidently has limited knowledge.

Still, the blame attributed to me involved a personal decision by KS, in drawing a false conclusion, making an unwarranted assumption, and then making it public, thus damaging my reputation on a false claim.

In any case, the statement by KS, included in the e-mail, was made PUBLICLY on Twitter, and was thus available for all and sundry to see. No accusation of  “snitch” or “watcher” or other such epithets could possibly carry any weight, at least with anyone who understands how such operations work.

In the screenshot of the e-mail posted on Twitter by KS, she marked it with red, adding the name HARTWELL, in caps.

So now, she fabricates her own “evidence”, in an attempt to validate a false accusation? Again, the name Barbara Hartwell was not in the e-mail, nor was the e-mail sent TO anyone by me.

Then, she cooks up another false accusation:

"Love that Ramola outs Barbara / out of the blue. And anyone not doing Ramola’s bidding suddenly becomes “a plant” too who slanders her slander."

There was never any “outing” of Barbara Hartwell, by Ramola, or anyone else. This statement is as absurd as the original accusation of “snitch”. And, for the record, I have accused no one of being a “plant”, related to this situation. Nor could I ever be accused, by any reasonable person interested in facts, of “doing Ramola's bidding”.

The statement that KS “loves” this so-called “outing” of Barbara Hartwell speaks volumes, and shows that there is most certainly a negative bias, with no relevance to facts.

And it gets even more absurd, with this statement from KS:

"Note, Ramola is cyberstalking me by email as well, showing Barbara and mob are “watching me” on Twitter by emailing Screen shots. “Vee vill make you comply!” Keep it up, dimwits."

I have no reason to believe this accusation, that Ramola is “cyberstalking” Karen Stewart. I have seen no evidence of any such actions. I have only seen Ramola responding publicly to defamatory statements, in her own defense.

And now, I am also accused of being part of a “mob”. How this could possibly be concluded from any of my actions could only be a testament to the illogical, subjective perceptions of a person whose beliefs are determined not by the objective observations and assessment of FACTS, but rather by a propensity to ignore facts, and to distort facts, for some agenda, which I will not presume to name.

Furthermore, I have never in my life had any intent of, nor taken any action, which would be for the purpose of coercion against anyone, in a Nazi-esque manner, to “comply” with anything. Nothing could be further from the truth. This is the height of absurdity, as is labeling me a “dimwit”.

Lastly, this:

"Have done THREE interviews telling non-target audiences about the Targeted Individual plight in December 2019 alone. Yet a pack of self-centered immature dimwits wants to attack & attempt to discredit the ONLY NSA Whistleblower SPEAKING OUT AT ALL much less CONSISTENTLY for TI’s."

It is not my concern how many interviews Karen Stewart has done, or in what time frame. As stated many times in my reports, I am NOT INVOLVED in the so-called “TI Community”, nor have commonalities with those reporting as such. As also stated, for the record, I consider these “TI” groups to be involved in containment operations/protection rackets, which do not operate for the benefit of any individual who is actually seeking to find the truth, or pursue justice against the perpetrators targeting them for various crimes.

None of this has anything to do with me. For the record, I have never once “attacked” Karen Stewart, nor am I involved with any so-called “pack of self-centered immature dimwits”, nor could any of my words or actions ever be reasonably construed as such.

And why is it that my name (along with Ramola's) is the ONLY one ever mentioned, among this so-called “mob” or “pack”, which could only mean a group?

More to the point, I DO NOT KNOW the persons accused of being part of this "mob", with whom I am accused of being complicit in “attacking” or “discrediting” Karen Stewart.

I don't join groups and have never been a team player. I am extremely selective in my associations with others, personally and professionally. So, in fact, I am being portrayed as if I were the the polar opposite, labeled with all the odious characteristics I despise, and which I stand against – in individuals, or political entities. Truly beyond absurd.

I remain, as I always have been, an independent investigator, intelligence analyst and journalist, a CIA whistleblower. My reports are FOR INFORMATION PURPOSES ONLY. The readers may make of my reports what they will.

These attempts to discredit me, by accusing me of being a “snitch”; of being part of a “mob”; of being a “self-serving dimwit”, are completely baseless and, as always, only reflect on the accuser.

Again, I repeat:

By their fruits shall you know them.

Barbara Hartwell
January 4, 2020