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Friday, January 15, 2021


A woman using the name “Penny Shepard” has been engaging in multiple offenses against Barbara Hartwell, since 2019.

This offender uses a number of websites and various social media platforms as a venue, including Facebook, Twitter and a site she calls Shepard Entertainment.


Invasions of Privacy

Injurious Exploitation

Malicious Defamation

False Light

Intentional Infliction of Emotional Distress

Public Harassment of Barbara Hartwell and Known Associates

I do not know this woman, and had never heard of her until I found the name of Barbara Hartwell as a subject of sensationalist exploitation on various social media sites and later on a website she runs, Shepard Entertainment. I do not know if this is her actual name, but having no other way to identify her, I have used it in my reports exposing her multiple and continuing offenses, described above.

Upon finding my name grossly exploited by Shepard, I also issued public directives that she cease and desist from the use of my name. To date, those directives have been disregarded, and she has not only continued to perpetrate these grievous offenses, she has escalated them, and done so in collusion with several accomplices.


Shepard has engaged in wild speculation, while exploiting my name, also exploiting the names of some of my family, friends and colleagues. By doing so she has promoted a plethora of false information, damaging to my good name and professional reputation, in addition, monstrously invading the privacy of and defaming all named individuals, including Barbara Hartwell.

Shepard has promoted outrageous defamatory falsehoods, fabrications and vile accusations, using the name of Barbara Hartwell, in connection with various other individuals. Among these absolutely egregious false accusations are: “Barbara Hartwell is CIA.” “Barbara Hartwell is a member of the Church of Satan.” “Barbara Hartwell is a Satanist.” “Barbara Hartwell is a demon”. “Barbara Hartwell defends Satanists.”

Shepard has promoted many sensationalist false stories and made extravagant claims about herself, which include the subjects of CIA, MK Ultra, Satanic Ritual Abuse, well-known public figures, such as Hollywood actors, politicians, government whistleblowers, satanists, Nazis, etc. in which she has maliciously and fraudulently inserted the name of Barbara Hartwell, making false claims of my involvement, and involvement of certain of my family, friends and colleagues, with these individuals.

Shepard has publicly and aggressively harassed certain of my colleagues, using messages and posts on social media, attempting to extract private information, and to make contact with Barbara Hartwell (unwanted by me), and using the false pretense of familiarity by calling me by my Christian name, when she does not know me. When her efforts failed to make contact, she then began to promote additional falsehoods, continuing to exploit and defame my name, along with the names of those she attempted to use as intermediaries.

Shepard has exploited and defamed the name of Barbara Hartwell in connection with material she poached from certain of my friends/colleagues, where my name was used in articles by these individuals, with my permission. She then added her own fabrications, wild speculation and outrageous lies, to promote a totally false, fraudulent and defamatory picture, known as False Light. In doing so, she also injuriously exploited and defamed the names of these individuals.

Shepard has also exploited and defamed the name of Barbara Hartwell in connection with individuals with whom I am not acquainted, making fraudulent “connections” which do not exist, and never have existed, and promoted outrageous lies about events, which never happened.

Shepard has used material on her website and social media, without proper attributions, so that the reader cannot identify the source, and then fraudulently connected this material to the name of Barbara Hartwell, while misspelling the names of individuals cited.

Shepard has designed and promoted images, using photos and screenshots, including from my website, Barbara Hartwell Vs. CIA, which grossly misrepresent, exploit and defame the name of Barbara Hartwell. She has plastered these defamatory images all over social media, including Twitter and Facebook.

Shepard has solicited the further exploitation and defamation of the name of Barbara Hartwell, by engaging in malicious gossip on social media, promoting false information, whereby other aggressors of her ilk have expanded the defamation campaign, thus increasing the damages to Barbara Hartwell.


Penny Shepard does not know me. I have never, at any time, had any contact with this woman, nor will I ever. She does not know, nor has ever known, any members of my family, nor any of my friends or colleagues (including those deceased). I have no mutual acquaintances with this woman.

I have no reason to believe anything she has ever publicly stated about herself, in any venue, or related to any subject or issue. I attribute ZERO CREDIBILITY OR LEGITIMACY to this woman, nor to any person who supports, endorses or promotes her in any way, or who is an accomplice to her offenses against persons. All known names of accomplices are immediately added to the HALL OF SHAME on this website.

Furthermore, I state with absolute certainty that there are NO commonalities, similarities, connections or links of any kind whatsoever, past or present (and certainly not future), as regards the life, history, background of Barbara Hartwell and this uttterly despicable, aggressive fraud, liar, scavenger, gate-crasher, Penny Shepard. NOTHING which has ever been promoted by Penny Shepard has anything whatsoever, in fact, truth or reality, to do with Barbara Hartwell. All such claims are entirely baseless, false and fraudulent.


I hereby demand that Penny Shepard immediately CEASE & DESIST from all uses of the name (and related images) of Barbara Hartwell, in any venue. I demand that she REMOVE the name of Barbara Hartwell from all venues where it has been previously published, exploited and defamed.

I can guarantee, there will be serious consequences for all offenses perpetrated by Penny Shepard.

Barbara Hartwell

Stating the Truth for the Public Record

In Pursuit of Justice

Damaged as Target of Gross Exploitation & Malicious Defamation by Penny Shepard

January 15, 2021















Penny Shepard aka “Agent X” Targets Barbara Hartwell for Exploitation, Misrepresentation & Promotion of False Information

Penny Shepard, Gate-Crasher, Name-Dropper, Intelligence Groupie, CIA-Wannabe: Continued Exploitation & Defamation of Barbara Hartwell

Pathological Liar, Delusional Whackjob, Fraud, Busybody, Gatecrasher Penny Shepard Strikes Again! Injurious Exploitation & Defamation of Barbara Hartwell & Colleagues


Saturday, January 9, 2021
















Today, when checking the internal workings of my website, I found that another report I had published, exposing Katherine Horton, had been DELETED. (December, 2019)

Here, as evidence, is the title, posted in the sidebar of my archives (where it will remain, as evidence):


Here is the link:

And here is what came up on the screen when I clicked the link:

Sorry, the page you were looking for in this blog does not exist.

Anyone may verify this by clicking the link.

It is obvious that Katherine Horton and her accomplices are behind this, no matter who may have wielded the axe.

This is the second time the axe has come down on one of my reports exposing Horton. See RELATED REPORTS at bottom of page for link to this:


It is outrageous that I, Barbara Hartwell, a law-abiding American journalist, am being censored, as part of a coverup of the unlawful, utterly reprehensible –and dangerous – actions of a foreign criminal, Katherine Horton.

Recently, an article was published by Ramola D:

Secret Slander: “Dr.” Katherine Horton’s 2020 Sabotage & Defamation of Ramola D & Barbara Hartwell as She Lied to NSA Whistleblowers Bill Binney & Kirk Wiebe Exposed

Included in the article is an e-mail written by Katherine Horton, sent to Kirk Wiebe, copied to Bill Binney. This message was later forwarded to Ramola D by Kirk Wiebe, with permission to publicly disclose.

Here, an excerpt:

From: Dr. Katherine Horton

Sent: Sunday, April 19, 2020 3:30 PM
To: Kirk Wiebe
Cc: Bill Binney
Subject: Fwd: Interview Request/Fwd: Thank you!


Bill just sent me this. FYI, Ramola Dharmaraj below is the woman who broke up without warning the weekly live broadcast that my group had for over a year and a half, and then proceeded to destroy my other European projects one after the other in which I was trying to help victims. She is now working with CIA operative Barbara Hartwell who in turn is posthumously slandering Ted Gunderson, the highest ranking Intel whistleblower to come forward before your group did. [Emphasis mine, BH]

Horton here defames the name of Barbara Hartwell, as she has been doing publicly, on her various websites, on Twitter and on her videos, since 2018.


For the record, this is a false, libelous and grossly injurious statement, especially as made to former intelligence professionals (NSA), Kirk Wiebe and Bill Binney.

But now that I have this additional evidence against Horton, I will take the opportunity to refute her outrageous lies.

I have never “slandered” Ted Gunderson, much less posthumously. Gunderson was my colleague, from 1997 to 2000. As a result of my own investigations, I discovered that Gunderson had been involved in quite a number of criminal activities, shady dealings and coverups, during his FBI service, and afterward.

Just to name a few:

Gunderson sold Stinger Missiles to Osama Bin Laden (aka Tim Osman) in 1979, while still working for the FBI.

Gunderson solicited porno king Larry Flynt (Hustler magazine) for what he claimed were “legal” counterintelligence operations against American citizens. (These operations were ANYTHING BUT legal. I have the paperwork.)

Gunderson, in collusion with former senator, CIA black ops (including Phoenix) John DeCamp, engaged in covering up the Franklin child trafficking ring, under the pretense of exposing it.

I exposed this factual information, as the “Franklin Double Coverup”, beginning in 2001. In 2003, I was summarily ripped off the air, by Alex Jones, on the Genesis Communications Network, while on an interview with Jeremy Floyd (the Floyd Report). This censorship by Alex Jones (one of Gunderson's COINTELPRO cronies and media PR hack) caused Jeremy Floyd to leave GCN and move to another network. I was subsequently blacklisted from many print and radio outlets. In 2005, as I continued to expose the crimes of Gunderson and DeCamp (including that DeCamp was a pedophile), I was threatened with a lawsuit by John DeCamp, which he and his minions promoted far and wide, in a massive defamation campaign, doing tremendous damage to my name. And no, DeCamp never did sue me, as I knew he would not. He had no idea what evidence I had on him, and was not about to take the risk. But, as usual, it was my name which suffered the damages, not his or Gunderson's, as all the government stooges and toadies rallied to support them.

In 1998, Ted Gunderson married Diana Rively, ex-wife of Anton LaVey, founder of the Church of Satan. This, I also exposed, and again was attacked viciously by his stable of government lackeys, including by predicate felons and other scum criminals who had worked a deal with corrupt feds for a get-out-of-jail-free card, by becoming snitches and were tasked with harassing, threatening and engaging in outrageous and injurious defamation against the Targets, namely Barbara Hartwell and some of my colleagues.

Gunderson was instrumental in the counterintelligence campaign against former FBI agent Geral Sosbee, who was forced out of the FBI (1978) for reporting internal FBI corruption and crimes, and for DEFENDING THE CONSTITUTION, during the time when Gunderson was Chief Inspector, and rather than investigating, ignored Geral's reports, to continue to coverup.

Gunderson was instrumental in the set up of Michael Ruppert, former LAPD, whistleblower on CIA drugs/arms running (in which Gunderson himself was heavily involved). Michael was my friend during the late 1990s, and later discovered Gunderson's involvement when Gunderson falsely named him as a “disinformation specialist” in an Open Letter to Barbara Hartwell (in which I was accused of being a CIA agent), which Michael refuted and also exposed Gunderson as a liar and criminal.

All this (and much more) has been documented, backed by evidence, which may be found in my reports on this site, Barbara Hartwell Vs. CIA, and some on Geral Sosbee's site, Sosbee v FBI.

Ted Gunderson was FBI Chief and COINTELPRO Kingpin, Hoover's second in command in counterintelligence operations against American citizens, many of whose lives were destroyed, including mine, Geral Sosbee's, Michael Ruppert's and others. And yet, Gunderson, to this day, is lauded and held up as an icon of patriotism and celebrity “whistleblower”.

Katherine Horton does not know what the hell she is talking about, regarding Gunderson, or anything else. Her ignorance is laughable, as she exposes herself a presumptuous fool, especially when her trash is heard by any intelligence professional (former or current).

Horton never knew him and is simply parroting the government-issue cover story, while engaging in wild speculation and fabricating her own additional lies about Ted Gunderson and Barbara Hartwell.

And once again, I demand that she CEASE & DESIST.

Now, all that being said, here is the actual report which was DELETED from my website. Readers who are interested may want to save it, or post it elsewhere, as there is no way of knowing when the axe may come down again.

Barbara Hartwell

January 9, 2021

PS: Katherine Horton, if still living in the US, should be arrested as a foreign terrorist, along with all her accomplices, including those who have promoted her false information, and her dangerous, injurious lies against law abiding citizens.



-Katherine Horton on Twitter

I do not know Katherine Horton. The first I ever heard of her was in March, 2018, when I became acquainted with Ramola D, publisher of The EveryDay Concerned Citizen.

Horton, at that time was a colleague of Ramola, who hosted a weekly video program, Techno Crime Fighters Forum, on her channel, Ramola D Reports.

Subsequently, after TCFF ended (August 2018), due to the regular calls for violence and murder by Horton, Horton began a smear campaign against Ramola, shortly thereafter adding the name of Barbara Hartwell.

The smear campaign has since dramatically escalated, with Horton soliciting recruits from a number of groups purporting to be advocates for “targeted individuals”, including Freedom for Targeted Individuals (run by Ella Free aka Eyerly Felder) and Targeted Justice (run by Midge Mathis).

I am not involved, nor ever have been, with any of these groups. I consider them to be containment operations, running propaganda campaigns, which also serve as a protection racket for those foolish enough to be willing to toe the party-line and defer to the “leaders”, who do not operate in service to truth or principle, but insist on communistic lockstep loyalty to the so-called “TI Community”, at any price.

Any free-thinking individual, anyone who engages in critical thinking, independent action, or stands on truth and principle, who follows facts and evidence wherever they may lead, will not only be ostracized, but viciously assaulted by the “leaders” of the “Community” and their entourage of compliant sycophants and dupes.

Katherine Horton is just such a self-identified “leader”, who has hoodwinked large numbers of people into following her, even if the path leads precipitously right down the Highway to Hell.

That being said, here are some excerpts from previous reports exposing Katherine Horton.

This is a warning, which I hope will open the eyes of at least some who actually believe that Katherine Horton is legitimate and trustworthy, rather than a merchant of false hope, a perfidious provocateur, a charlatan and liar of the lowest order.

Barbara Hartwell

Target of Katherine Horton & Accomplices

December 16, 2019

Katherine Horton lives in Europe. She runs a website called STOP 007.

[NOTE: This website was later expunged due to policy violations.]

Horton vociferously touts herself as a professional investigator and “expert witness”, working to “help” victims of intelligence agencies and secret services.

Here is a quote from a section of the website, offering her advice to victims:

"The most important point is that you do not panic whatever happens. It is natural to get scared, be shocked, get angry and become frustrated. However, you should take great care to fortify yourself mentally. Remember that whatever criminality you are facing and whatever injuries and harm you might suffer, there is always a solution and there is always a cure. Sometimes, we just have to fight for it."

Horton also solicits affidavits from victims, promoting court cases as a legal remedy for crimes against persons. She urges the victims to remain “calm”, no matter what.

Why then, does she herself behave in such an utterly frantic, hysterical and lawless manner? She rants and raves, cursing and dropping F-bombs, exhorting her reading and listening audience to engage in violence and terrorism, and goes so far as to actually publicly solicit the MURDERS of intelligence and military personnel, including in the US of A.

Why solicit crimes against persons, when she claims to be trying to STOP the crimes? Under US law, solicitation of murder is a felony crime. But then, she doesn't live here. However, many of her followers DO live here, as do some those she has clearly named as her Targets.

One such Target, as she has made abundantly clear, is Barbara Hartwell, who she has definitively and authoritatively stated to the world at large, on her website (Blood on Their Hands section), and in her video slander fests, is “CIA”.

If true (fortunately for Horton, it is not), that would make me the very “007” she wants to STOP, clearly by any means necessary, including murder.


"This is abuse, plain and simple. In addition to all else: slander, malice, defamation, nastiness, and ignorance. Barbara Hartwell has reported extreme persecution by the amoral and venal CIA/FBI complex which practices life-destruction COINTELPRO on outstanding ex-CIA and ex-FBI whistleblowers with integrity, spine, and conscience such as herself and Geral Sosbee..."

"Taunting, mocking, ridiculing someone with a disability is what Katherine Horton has accomplished here. In addition, she has gone all out to try to dismiss, deprecate, and marginalize Barbara Hartwell’s voice and work—in keeping with the long abusive history of such CIA/FBI-run persecution Barbara has endured online in systematic character sabotage operations over decades—effectively running COINTELPRO operations herself of repression, abuse, and persecution on Barbara Hartwell."

"These attacks on Barbara Hartwell, who has previously published her own unvarnished analyses and opinions of Katherine Horton on the Techno Forum, and which appear to be an added attack on me, given my interviews with Barbara and support and interest in her work (although of course that entire video rant filled with repeated false-narratives and rife with epithets runs an attack on me), begs the question: Why would a “victim-advocate” and supposed reporting victim of Intelligence agency/military crime and “criminal investigator” as Katherine Horton terms herself seek to destroy one of the few CIA whistleblowers we have, speaking openly and publishing for years about Intelligence agency/military crime and the use of DEWs on citizens, whistleblowers, activists, and journalists alike?"


In a section of her website, titled BLOOD ON THEIR HANDS, Horton purports to be “exposing” Ramola D, Barbara Hartwell and others.

Horton has constructed a sort of flow chart, with a photo of Ramola in the center, a photo of “Barbara Hartwell (CIA)”, and a number of others whom she claims are “attacking” her.









She uses red lighting bolts, which resemble a devil's forked tail, with arrows directed from the “offenders” to photos of herself.

I just thought it was goofy, and laughable, and shows the childish idiocy of her mindset.

And note that Katherine Horton offers “consulting” for victims:


"As a result of her background in science and systems analysis, as well as her expertise in abuses of military technology, Dr. Horton offers unique insights into victim cases that are outside the competence of most doctors, psychiatrists and law enforcement."

Why would a background in science (specifically physics, she claims) and systems analysis qualify Horton as a consultant for victims of abuses of military technology? There is no explanation of the type of “expertise” she promotes.

But wait...there are certainly some hefty fees the victims must pay for this “expertise”.


Counselling for Victims & Families (per hour)
USD 150.-
EUR 130.-
GBP 115.-
CHF 150.-

Consulting for Professionals (per hour)
USD 200.-
EUR 175.-
GBP 150.-
CHF 200.-

Expert Testimonies and Court Attendance (per hour)

USD 350.-
EUR 310.-
GBP 280.-
CHF 350.-

Now, see this, her claims of “confidentiality”.


"Victim cases are treated entirely confidentially. Dr. Horton does not pass information about victim cases to any third parties. Victims have the option of granting permission for aspects of their case to be passed anonymously to the other members of the Joint Investigation Team to assist the investigation of other cases. However, for that the permission of the victim is expressly sought."

Putting the absolute lie to this claim, go to any of the testimony of Ramola D or Melanie
Vritschan, to see just how “confidential” her “services” are. Horton not only betrayed their confidence on sensitive issues, she later publicly taunted them, calling them “gossipy hags”, “f---ing housewives”, “the bitch from Belgium”, the “bitch from Boston” etc. etc.

Very “professional”, Horton, and an admirable example of “remaining calm” under pressure.

Here, Horton tells the public how their (exorbitant) fees will be used:

Use of Income

"The income from the counselling is used to support Dr. Horton, her investigative work into the crimes committed against victims and her court cases against the secret services who are perpetrating these crimes."


My question is: WHO, in their right mind, would even think of wasting their hard-earned money hiring the "counselling" services of this pretentious poseur? Who would want to support the posting of violent rhetoric and solicitations of murder?



[NOTE: This Twitter account was later expunged due to violations of policy.]

Following is just a small sample of Katherine Horton's violent rhetoric on Twitter. This comprises only recent entries...but there is much, much more where these came from. Anyone looking for hard evidence that she is soliciting murder need only to copy these entries, as I have done. It's all there, in black and white. And why has Twitter banned numerous American Christians and conservatives, while allowing such flagrant criminal conduct from Katherine Horton? Use your imagination...

"For centuries the intelligence agencies have abused their power. Help me to stand up against them to stop the horrific crimes they commit against me and others."

"Let's prove that organised crime outfits like @GCHQ @NSAGov #MI5 #MI6 @CIA @FBI #BND #NDB refuse to investigate crime, refuse to stop torture+mutilation of the population and are involved in crimes against humanity and mass murder. Each military head can then be executed."

"We had enough fucking housewives talk. These are military operations killing women+children. Now is the time the MEN to do the one thing that only MEN can do: Go and kill other men who are maiming and murdering women & children. Kill every general who doesn't do his job."

"The entire US+European military leaders can be gunned the fuck down by now. None of them took a single step to stop women & children being mutilated by their own men! We need to kill every Nazi serial killer who went through SERE torture training. They're using it on us!!"

"This is a real life hot shooting war! The civilian population is helpless when their own degenerate military turns on them. We need to start gunning our own psychopathic military leaders the fuck down for us to be able to survive"

"Non-stop pulsing ripping my brain apart. Just like for the Cuban & Chinese diplomats. Loud bangs as Pulsed Energy Projectiles are hitting metal objects around me. Please kill the fucking #Nazi psychopaths in the Swiss+US military!"

"Swiss Intel made a habit of shooting me in the head every time I went to the toilet. A hard shot would knock my skull and rip through my brain every single time. Do the same with every fucking general. Wait until their on the crapper, then blow their fucking brains out."

"Hard shot ripped through face and throat coming from South. #SatelliteWeapons maybe? I cannot shield against these military #PulsedEnergyProjectiles!!! PLEASE HELP! PLEASE KILL THESE MILITARY PSYCHOPATHS SO THAT WE CAN LIVE!!!"

"Fuck your vibrations. The only thing to do is to execute the top generals at US Space Command and the heads of the FBI, CIA, NSA and Fusion Centres for #HighTreason."

Horton began a smear campaign against Barbara Hartwell, promoting outrageous falsehoods for which she had no evidence whatsoever. Horton has claimed from the beginning that I am a CIA agent. Having no facts at her disposal, she simply parroted the mantra of long-running counterintelligence ops against me: Barbara Hartwell is a CIA disinfo agent.

I wrote several reports in which I refuted her false claims, and further exposed her as a malicious liar and promoter of violence and murder, using HER OWN PUBLISHED WORDS as evidence.

Horton continued her defamation campaign against me, and against Ramola, and was soon joined by more recruits, among her large audience of sycophants and stooges, many hiding behind screen names and false identities.

Horton's Twitter account and her website were finally taken down, due to violation of terms of service. Now, she has a new website (STOP 007) and new Twitter account, under a different name, still libeling Barbara Hartwell, Ramola D and others, still lying, still promoting her lurid “attack” charts and defamatory falsehoods.

On Katherine Horton's new website:

Agents and Operatives Unmasked

The following list contains those individuals who have engaged in targeted time-wasting, harassment, libel, subversion and/or threats aimed at undermining, smearing and sabotaging Dr. Horton’s work, draining her time in a vexatious manner or damaging her psychological well-being and personal life. These people act to all intents and purposes as if they were agents and operatives for the Secret Services. If they are not, they should consider becoming such because they could be earning a lot of money with what they are doing anyway.

Horton has reproduced her large section dedicated to libeling Ramola. She has also added a new section, to which Barbara Hartwell has been added:

Barbara Hartwell: Disinfo Agent & Saboteur (Coming soon!)

[NOTE: This libel fest against Barbara Hartwell has yet to commence. “Coming soon!” has been there for many months...but when can we expect to see the latest malicious lies?]

Ramola Dharmaraj: (Indian), Libel Agent & Saboteur

I will start by addressing the false accusations, one by one, and refuting them with FACTS.

"have engaged in targeted time-wasting"

Horton does not specify what “targeted time wasting” means. It is a vague phrase which means nothing to me, and has nothing to do with me, nor any of my activities in relation to Katherine Horton.


I have never, at any time, engaged in any sort of harassment of Katherine Horton. This statement is patently absurd. I do not know her, have never had any contact with her, nor any communications.


Wrong again. Stating my opinions and exposing the fraudulence and criminality of Katherine Horton does not constitute “libel”. She doesn't know the meaning of the word, or chooses to disregard it. I simply used her own published words as evidence. And defended myself against her defamation of my name by refuting her false claims, including that I am a CIA agent.

"subversion and/or threats aimed at undermining, smearing and sabotaging Dr. Horton’s work"

Horton certainly has an inflated perception of herself if she actually thinks that I would waste my time engaging in “subversion” or “undermining” of her “work”. (What work?) As for “threats”, how dare you, you loathsome servant of the devil! I have never at any time made threats against this self-aggrandizing liar.

No sabotage either. Again, I don't consider Horton of any particular importance, nor do I engage in sabotage. Stating the facts works fine for me, always has. And if she wants to consider someone stating FACTS about herself to be smears, then she is probably too far gone in delusions of grandeur to recognize that her Targets can see her for exactly what she is.

"draining her time in a vexatious manner or damaging her psychological well-being and personal life."

What in the bloody hell does she mean by this load of horse manure! It is nonsensical garbage. Maybe her “psychological well-being” would improve if she stopped soliciting violence and terrorism, even MURDER against others.

As for her “personal life”, that is none of my concern. My ONLY concern as regards Katherine Horton is that she is a pathological liar, engaging in criminality (felony crimes) against law-abiding people; and that she has damaged MY name as well as those of some of my friends, including Ramola.





Here is some commentary written by an accomplice of Katherine Horton, Karen Melton Stewart, who has also engaged in an outrageous defamation campaign against Barbara Hartwell, since late 2019. 

This commentary is pure idiocy, and clearly shows that Stewart is a dupe of Horton, buying into her machinations, in attempts to manipulate the many other stooges who believed her story, to think that her life was in danger.

Nobody from the "Deep State" was ever "desperate to find" Katherine Horton. Anyone who believes this must be stuck on stupid.

The intelligence professionals (former or current) reading this total sensationalist cloak-and-dagger happy horseshit, will be rolling in the aisles, hooting with hilarity!


From Karen Stewart (on Facebook): 

"It is bullcrap to say she has been sectioned or incarcerated. The rogue authoritiess (Deep State) are desperate to find her and see what she is up to in her legal fight against them. She and millions of others are indeed under attack by intel and military using covert, electromagnetic weapons, etc. which were recorded and affirmed to exist by Canadian and American diplomats attacked in Cuba (2017) and China (2018). Its sad people are so ignorant they just assume someone is “crazy” because they themselves happen to be ignorant of high tech weapons. There is a modern arms race in ELECTROMAGNETIC WEAPONRY between the US, China, Russia, etc. Civilians are targeted for experiments, practice, intimidation, and to train select (degenerate) civilians to do such evil to anyone the government directs them to for money. And no, she has no children. And I am a retired NSA Intelligence Analyst who worked in the Weapons and Space Directorate 10 years. The “war” on terror is bs, a reason for never ending war on the populace for profit and control. But dummies can’t see this."





Secret Slander: “Dr.” Katherine Horton’s 2020 Sabotage & Defamation of Ramola D & Barbara Hartwell as She Lied to NSA Whistleblowers Bill Binney & Kirk Wiebe Exposed

DEMONIC DEFAMATION DUO: Katherine Horton & Deborah Anne Weber & Motley Crew of Accomplices

INCITING VIOLENCE & TERRORISM, SOLICITATION OF MURDER: Katherine Horton's Criminal Crusade Against Law Abiding Americans


The End of Techno Crime Fighters: Independent Observations & Analysis

Sunday, January 3, 2021



Today, January 3, 2021, I received this harassing e-mail message from Karen Stewart:

Subject: Amusing

Date Sun, 3 Jan 2021

From: Karen Stewart

To: Barbara Hartwell [E-mail address deleted]

Do thank Ramola for getting you involved.

“You” consider me a psychopath... like the pot calling the snowball black, eh? Lol!!!


Included in this e-mail was a screenshot of a report on my website, Barbara Hartwell Vs. CIA, titled: Wicked Words, Ghastly Images: Egregious Defamation Campaign Against CIA Whistleblower Barbara Hartwell by Ex-NSA Karen Melton Stewart

Karen Stewart has now further escalated her offenses (libel, slander, defamation, extreme provocation and intentional infliction of emotional distress, by posting images of demons, overlaid with the name of Barbara Hartwell, and by threats/public claims of reporting Barbara Hartwell to police, with false accusations for non-existent crimes), by harassing me by e-mail, at my PRIVATE, UNLISTED e-mail address, for use by authorized persons only. This is a monstrous invasion of privacy, as well as harassment.

I hereby publicly inform Karen Stewart that she is directed to CEASE & DESIST all such harassment and that she is never to attempt direct personal contact with Barbara Hartwell, by any means. This notice is made public and as such reported to authorities, as evidence of harassment and cyber-stalking.

Any further encroachment, intrusions, aggression, harassment and invasions of privacy will be published and reported to appropriate authorities.

Barbara Hartwell

January 3, 2021

Saturday, January 2, 2021

Secret Slander: “Dr.” Katherine Horton’s 2020 Sabotage & Defamation of Ramola D & Barbara Hartwell as She Lied to NSA Whistleblowers Bill Binney & Kirk Wiebe Exposed


NOTE: This excellent new article by Ramola D exposes the truth about Katherine Horton, a charlatan, grifter and provocateur, who has deceived many people (possibly thousands), and the outrageous lies she has promoted against Ramola and Barbara Hartwell.

Horton accuses me of being CIA, apparently parroting the decades-old lie which was first disseminated far and wide by my former colleague, the late FBI Chief, COINTELPRO Kingpin, Ted Gunderson, beginning in 2000, when I broke off my professional association and personal friendship with him, for cause.

Since that time, my name has been trashed and vilified by the numerous minions of FBI/CIA counterintelligence operations. Katherine Horton and her accomplices, which include Karen Melton Stewart, are only the latest of these minions, which are legion.

I have to thank Ramola for her friendship and support, over the nearly 3 years I have known her. I am grateful for her discernment, as one of few who ever actually listened, did her own research and came to the truth on her own, despite all the disinformation and black propaganda promoted in connection with my name.

Many thanks also to FBI whistleblower Geral Sosbee, our mutual friend, and my best friend for the past 20 years, who has always supported me, defended me and stood up for me against the many FBI/CIA liars, thugs and assailants who have made our lives a living hell, just for standing up for the truth, for defending Liberty and pursuing Justice.

I pray God's justice be visited upon all the enemies of Truth, of Liberty and Justice, and I believe that we will be vindicated; it is only a matter of time.

Barbara Hartwell

January 2, 2021


Read the entire article here:

Secret Slander: “Dr.” Katherine Horton’s 2020 Sabotage & Defamation of Ramola D & Barbara Hartwell as She Lied to NSA Whistleblowers Bill Binney & Kirk Wiebe Exposed


This is a story which reveals irrefutably the continued malicious and defamatory actions of “Dr.” Katherine Horton as she went overboard in April 2020 in her efforts to lie about and slander me privately as publicly, as also CIA Whistleblower Barbara Hartwell and many others, in her many videos, website pages, Twitter posts from July 2018 onwards, when Techno Crime Fighters Forum closed—in the process misleading and crassly lying to the thousands of her followers and others among those wrongfully targeted worldwide who were fed inverted and false stories of herself being “attacked” and “sabotaged” and “slandered”at my hands.


As a consequence of Katherine Horton’s malice-filled actions, lies were conveyed to NSA Whistleblowers Bill Binney and Kirk Wiebe—and apparently lies were cemented for ex-NSA Karen Melton Stewart, whose misplaced but persistent, crude, and malicious attacks on my name and integrity as a principled journalist have escalated in intensity over the entire year, and culminated in depraved attacks at Twitter and Facebook, marked and rebutted in several articles, including this Public Notice Re. Ex-NSA Karen Melton Stewart, Dec. 28, 2020 and this Statement on NSA Whistleblower Karen Melton Stewart.


Katherine Horton in fact has gone out of her way to spread lies and falsehoods against me and against Barbara Hartwell – while Karen Stewart has run with those lies, continuously embellished them, and added lies of her own, also continuously embellished, becoming more and more extreme in her attacks on my name, and on Barbara Hartwell’s name, marked by Barbara Hartwell in this most recent article:

Wicked Words, Ghastly Images: Egregious Defamation Campaign Against CIA Whistleblower Barbara Hartwell by Ex-NSA Karen Melton Stewart

What Katherine Horton had done on TCFF in fact, unilaterally, without our consent, in agent-provocateur and saboteur style, necessitating its close, was to publicly solicit violence and murder, felony crimes which we fully and publicly repudiated, described accurately by Barbara Hartwell here:

INCITING VIOLENCE & TERRORISM, SOLICITATION OF MURDER: Katherine Horton's Criminal Crusade Against Law Abiding Americans