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Independent Investigator, Intelligence Analyst, Journalist. Former CIA (NOC, Psychological Operations) Black Ops Survivor. Sovereign Child of God. Minister of the Gospel of Jesus Christ (Ordained 1979, D.Div.) Exposing Government Lies, Crimes, Corruption, Conspiracies and Cover-ups.

Friday, June 15, 2018


My favorite lighthouse in the entire world:
Nubble Light, York, Maine

Every few years I find it necessary to update certain types of information published on this website. My purpose is primarily to correct false information in connection with my name, which did not originate with me, nor with anything I have ever said (in print or otherwise), but rather comes from false, fraudulent or inaccurate information published by others, either purposefully and maliciously (slander, libel, defamation) or inadvertently, out of ignorance.

It is also important to me to clarify the policies I hold, in order to prevent (insofar as it is possible) the readers from making false assumptions about my professional background, the opinions/viewpoints I hold and the standards under which I present information for public consumption and for the public record.

As my regular readers will know, I've made no secret of the fact that the culture which has developed since the advent of the Internet is not at all to my liking. From my perspective, it is a gargantuan free-for-all, where anything goes, populated by hordes of aggressive busybodies; where the unalienable rights of the individual are, at the very least, casually disregarded and disrespected, and at worst, trampled in a stampede by large groups of people, each with their own agenda.

I am not, nor have ever been, a participant in this Internet culture. My website, Barbara Hartwell Vs. CIA, is FOR INFORMATION PURPOSES ONLY. Same goes for all radio broadcasts, podcasts, videos, etc. etc. Such that the reading/listening audience may make of the information what they will.

I do not seek interaction with the readers of this website, do not use any form of social media (Heaven forfend!) and I do not run an interactive website (such as many do) or provide a platform where all and sundry are invited to express their opinions, ask questions, or dish out unsolicited advice.

This website is best described as a closed system, the purpose of which is to build and maintain an archive of my work, solely at my determination and discretion. I often do publish the work of others which I find of value and I offer a selection of external links which I believe may be of interest to the readers of this site.

I am not a team player; rather I am entirely independent in all my work. I have a public website, meant for the general public, but I am a very private person. My personal life is not an open book, for anyone or everyone to peruse. I take all measures possible to protect my privacy, of which I am a fierce and vigilant defender.

I do not have a public e-mail address. Anyone who wants to contact me may easily do so by sending a letter by post to this address:

Barbara Hartwell
PO Box 22
Rhinebeck, NY 12572

If it is not worth the added time and effort of addressing an envelope and purchasing a stamp, then I imagine it isn't all that important to the sender.

Another issue: I do not offer private consultations (pro bono or by a fee schedule). I do not run an organization, nor am I a member of/affiliated with any organization which provides professional services to the general public or to individuals.

I receive letters by post on a regular basis, often from readers (or those who have listened to my radio broadcasts) requesting help for their cases, usually providing detailed summaries of a situation, such as that they have been targeted for harassment, persecution, assaults with directed energy weaponry, etc.

I am not able to reply to such letters, nor do I contact anyone by telephone or e-mail when such contact info is provided. I do not put anything in writing, except such information which is posted on this site. Nor do I publish any information without the express consent of the sender. The one exception is threats or harassment, which I will publish and/or report to the proper authorities.

I understand that many people are seeking assistance or advice, but that is something I cannot provide. I do not have the resources or the time.

The fact is, I have lived in dire poverty for many years, a result of the neutralization campaign run by the government. I have lost most of the property I ever owned, including my house in Maine, forced to sell in 2010, and then uprooted again in 2013, driven to homelessness, when I lost most everything else. As may be imagined, these losses have been catastrophic for me, especially in addition to (and as caused by) the relentless persecution directed against me by the government.

I realize that most people simply cannot fathom what happens when you are in the cross-hairs of a counterintelligence operation meant to systematically destroy every area of one's life. People will try to minimize the atrocities, the grievous injustices, visited upon a Target. Often, they will not even acknowledge the basic facts as presented by the Target.

Mostly, they will offer meaningless platitudes, provide unsolicited advice (totally irrelevant to the actual situation), or worst of all, offer false judgments and blame the victim for the damages done to his/her life by a well organized satanic criminal network of control freaks, hell bent on usurping the power of God and wielding it over all God's creation.

I am a disabled senior citizen, barely surviving, with no one (near or far) I can rely on for assistance (material or otherwise), the operative word being “rely”. I live every day with chronic pain, due to untreated injuries, as for many years I have been deprived even of the medical care I need, to be under the regular care of certain doctors, due to lack of resources.

I do not seek sympathy, nor unsolicited advice (which somehow always seems to be what I receive, rather than the material assistance I need). I am simply stating facts for the record.

I am not paid for the work I do, at least not in connection with this website.

I do not engage in any form of commerce, including “monetizing” my work on the Internet, through advertising, or other venues designed to provide earnings by joining such enterprises.

And although I do accept donations by post, I no longer solicit them from this website. The main reason being that many people seemed to believe that their donations “bought” them some of my time, or that it gave them the “right” to exploit my name or meddle in my personal/professional business, despite the fact that I clearly stated in notices on this site that: All donations, in the form of Christian charity or love gifts, are to be used solely at the discretion of Barbara Hartwell. No quid pro quo arrangements offered or accepted.

For anyone who finds value in my work, or the material offered on this website, your donations are always gratefully accepted and appreciated and help more than you could ever know.

I've done the best I can with the limited resources available to me, but perhaps needless to say, I've been deprived of many of the things (even basic necessities) I would venture to say most of the people I know take for granted.

My battles against evildoers are my own and I don't expect or request that others will understand my priorities, or, that I refuse to compromise my principles, or compromise with evil, to “keep the peace”, to prevent anyone from being “offended”, or for any other reason.

My only reasonable expectation is that others will respect my God-given unalienable rights and liberties, most certainly including my privacy and personal boundaries, as determined by me.

Anyone who is interested in my work may find a number of Public Notices posted on the top of the website. Here, I have listed links for several such items. There are also Q & A sections available.

In summary, I hope that the readers, those who truly share my values of defending Liberty and pursuing Justice, will find something of value on this website.

Thank you for your consideration.

Barbara Hartwell
June 15, 2018

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Monday, June 11, 2018

Barbara Hartwell Interview with Ramola D: Slander, Defamation & Persecution (PART 5)

Sabotage of this podcast was again extreme. We were knocked offline at least 5 times. And again, Ramola had to later splice the segments together, a time-consuming process. In one segment the audio was corrupted by an echo on my end of the line, which in previous podcasts was heard only by me, which was very distracting as I was trying to speak. This time it was heard on the recording, which made it difficult to listen to. But then, that was the whole point.

I should make it clear that my connection was by telephone, not from a computer. In the past I often used Skype for radio shows, but I do not wish to provide a venue for online contact with the general public, so like a public e-mail address, I have discontinued the use of it to protect my privacy.

One thing I should make very clear: I have only the most rudimentary knowledge of computer technology. I've used computers as a journalist for over thirty years, when I exchanged them for a typewriter, but that is the extent of it. In fact, I am what I can only call a technophobe.

As we discussed on the podcast, I have had at least 10 computers destroyed over the past 20 years via remote hacking/sabotage. And after all the assaults with psychotronic technology and directed energy weapons, I have developed an intense dislike of high-tech devices, which I avoid whenever possible. I have never in my life used a microwave oven, and won't have one in my house, wherever I have lived. I have a cell phone (no contract, not in my name), which is turned off most of the time and used only when necessary, when I am not at home. I have never sent a text message on a phone, nor replied to one. (I don't know how, and have no interest.)

For this reason, I find it absurd that I am being accused of hacking into computers myself, as per the defamatory falsehoods spread by one Aaron James, who also accused me of working in collusion with John McCain (whom I do not know and have never had any contact with). I am further accused of being a “CIA agent”, in collusion with the FBI to “target”, “harass”, and “intimidate” Aaron James, and to have engaged in “racial profiling”. Anyone who knows me, or who reads my website will know that such accusations (aside from causing grievous damages) are absolutely ludicrous!

And who do I have to thank for this particular vile assault on my name? Timothy Patrick White aka Tim White aka Patrick Alexander aka George Mateski, a G-Man wannabe, career criminal, predicate felon, sex pervert/predator (including targeting children), who was sicced on me in 2001 by the feds with whom he made a deal for a get-0ut-jail-free card, in exchange for stalking, harassing, threatening and publishing outrageous lies against journalists and whistleblowers. Tim White contacted publicity hound Aaron James while he was making the rounds of radio talk shows, and, as usual, claimed to have “important inside information” about “that CIA bitch”, Barbara Hartwell. 

And here we are...a decade later, and the diabolical calumny from Aaron James, in sensationalist tabloid mode, still comes up on the first page of a Google search of my name:

CIA Agent Barbara Hartwell Targets Our Family

Just a sample here:

"Although Barbara Hartwell claims to be X-CIA (similar to claims of being X-MAFIA) Hartwell has been exposed online by renown international journalist Fintan Dunne, as a CIA disinformation agent.CIA have taken considerable steps to conceal all of this."

Aside from this utter nonsense, assuming you would like to waste your time, you may enjoy all the scandalous details of the lies of Aaron James at these links:

How dare you, Aaron James! You are equally as loathsome as your accomplice, Tim White. You want publicity for your “case”? Find another scapegoat and stop exploiting my name for your own self-aggrandizement, fool!

Check this site for my reports which soundly refute the idiocy and defamation of Aaron James, Tim White and accomplices.

[NOTE: I personally would not call these government stooges “operatives”, though I understand that this designation might be used to describe their activities. They have no training whatsoever, they are merely exploited as dupes, liars-for-hire, useful idiots.]

With all that said, here is the podcast.

Report #71: Part 5, Barbara Hartwell, CIA Whistleblower on Defamation, Slander and persecution

Informative discussion on patterns of containment and defamation operations run by the CIA and FBI on whistleblowers such as Barbara Hartwell in attempts to devalue their reputations and destroy their credibility as well as directly impact on their lives in deleterious ways.

Barbara Hartwell speaks openly of efforts made around her for years, shortly after and for years after she left the CIA, in failed attempts to contain her unswerving writing voice and in nonstop counter-intelligence “black propaganda” efforts to smear her name and credibility.

These efforts have included active disinformation and lies being spread about her in libelous ways, with lurid and lying articles written and posted about her, videos and websites publishing lies and openly defamatory statements, as well as pornographic material associated with her name and image in attempts to revile and destroy.

Interestingly many if not all of those libeling her were under Ted Gunderson, who himself, she reports, engaged in open slander of Barbara in attempts to ruin her credibility; in Parts 2 & 3 of this series, Barbara has discussed Gunderson at length, revealing his part in running counterintelligence operations as well as other unsavory operations such as selling missiles.

Some of these disinformation operatives were Ken Adachi, Tim White, Todd Brendan Fahey, and Aaron James, whose libel can still be found online.

An interesting aspect of these operations is the use of ex-cons and criminals and stalkers busted for such things as drug-trafficking and child-porn offered deals to pursue and target whistleblowers; Tim White was one of these operatives.

The fallout from these slander operations is always immense; in Barbara's case as also in Geral Sosbee's, being defamed and smeared and blackballed has led to destitution, homelessness, inability to be employed, inability to rent. Her home address and photo being posted also led to vandalism and break-ins and loss of valuables.

We also spoke about how targets and women whistleblowers in particular are defamed in age-old ways as prostitutes, and how the label of “mental illness” is used against women and men both, and how the FBI and police wrongfully characterize normal citizens interested in preserving the Constitution as terrorists while terroristic groups like Antifa engage in terror-creating activities, and wrongfully characterize people who are activists as terrorists, when these activists are merely speaking out and opposing cruelty and war.

This also led to a discussion of how the left and the liberal paradigm have been co-opted and how Marxism and Globalism and co-opted science and one-world/carbon tax propaganda have taken over the political landscape, and how it is so important to exercise our freedom of speech—or lay claim to it, as an intrinsic right. Barbara Hartwell also stresses the inviolability of personhood and individual rights, in opposition to the collectivist Communist and totalitarian thinking that the current-day uber-Surveillance police state is striving to impose on us—and how important it is to speak out now for the sake of our children and succeeding generations, who are being enslaved and indoctrinated currently.

Please visit Barbara Hartwell's website at

for more information.

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NOTE: Also, please see this new article by Ramola:

No Morals, No Scruples”: Barbara Hartwell on CIA's Mission of Psychological Warfare, Propaganda, Illegal Domestic Covert Operations, and Extreme High-Tech Retaliation Against Whistleblowers