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Monday, March 21, 2016

FBI Dirty Laundry: The Unseen (Until Now) Record

NOTE: These brief reports by former FBI agent Geral Sosbee may be found on Sosbee v fbi ning dot com. Also see Sosbee v fbi dot com and check for numerous reports on Indymedia sites.

There has been a recurring problem when I post Geral's reports. When I use the links he provides, someone (guess who) hacks in so that the links do not work, at least from my site, though they do work on the original sites where they have been posted.

There is no way to stop this sabotage, so I have given up trying. Links are omitted, but may be found using a search engine.

One of the dirty tricks the government perps have used for years is to manipulate the search engines, so that they control what will come up in connection with our names. 

For example, the smear pieces (no matter how old or otherwise obscure) will be on the first page, connected to the name of Barbara Hartwell. If there is a new smear piece, filled with outrageous lies and defamation, it will dominate the search engines for months.

(Names of perps of these defamation campaigns, sponsored by the US government and carried out by their stooges, toadies and minions are exposed on this site.)

Another example: the page featuring Geral Sosbee's name had been removed from the FBI History Book, so that anyone searching online will not be able to locate it. Or, his name will be connected to false accusations of “possible mass murderer”, in relation to his service as a combat veteran. Another favorite of these bastards is “History of mental illness”, as Geral elaborates on in these reports.

In one more example, which began some years ago, anyone putting the name “Barbara Hartwell” in a search engine (Google being the biggest offender) would find the following entries: “dead”, “death”, died”.

Geral told me that he not only found these entries, but that some perps sent him messages which claimed that I had died, and were taunting him with this false information. This happened at a time when I was out of contact with him, for one reason or another, as sometimes happens when the persecution becomes insufferable for one or both of us. 

It makes me sick to think of the distress he suffered because of these malicious liars, but there is no way to stop them. The scandalmongers, the rabid packs of jackals, the vultures, the sociopaths are coming out of the woodwork at an ever increasing rate.

I have come to hate the Internet, but unfortunately, there is no longer any other way to expose information, at least not where it will be accessed by the general public.

As Geral and I have discussed, many times, the one thing we can do, even if we cannot stop the perps from their relentless harassment, persecution, sabotage, defamation campaigns, attempts on our lives, etc. etc. is to make sure there is a public record of their civil and criminal offenses. To document as much as possible, with names, dates and specific details.

Let the record show the truth and the facts, available for posterity, long after the demons have arranged (one way or another) for our  exit from this earth.

There appears to be little hope of support from the general public. And in most cases, even those closest to us do not understand the extent of the criminal activity directed against us.

As we have long stated, we are dealing with government-issue, or government-sponsored perpetrators of massive evil, whom we have had no choice but to conclude, based on the evidence, are CRIMINALLY INSANE. 

(CIA= Criminally Insane Agency)

May their names live in infamy in perpetuity, and may God's swift and terrible judgment be visited upon them.

Barbara Hartwell Percival
March 21, 2016

Rumors are like a virus spread by character assassins (*such as we see in fbi/police/some medical doctors) and are accepted and acted upon as fact by fools, quislings and 'rats.' 

They (the rumor mongers) tear down the pillars of civilization with their pathological animus.

Those who commit character assassination are sociopathic killers of another’s character and often become actual murderers of the same Target of their unbridled malice.

See my reports which suggest that the fbi, police and their operatives recruit many, perhaps most, people in our general population into the demented ranks of character assassins at will.

The unseen (until now) record of fbi dirty laundry:

Throughout the history of the fbi (hereinafter referred to as the ‘burro’) that agency carefully ensures that the public not see its ugly face (or alter ego). Only those poses which the public ‘eats up’ are submitted to the press. For example, the often unnecessary killing of fugitives, or the brutal handling of wanted men by fbi/police are almost always accepted by the bloodthirsty public who after dinner want to see their burro and police at work.

Fact checks by the media of burro press releases is a rarity, but almost never does the press cover the range of crimes committed by the burro in pursuit of their Targets who in many cases are viewed by the burro as potential future misdemeanants (or possible suspected felons).

Below are some of the actual dirty and dastardly deeds committed by the burro’s agents and operatives/informants who are often hidden from public view:

--- torture, force suicide, falsely imprisonment  and murder selected victims for a variety of purposes (including intelligence goals).

---porno addiction

---wife swapping

---wife beating

---ramped alcoholism (including drunkenness on airplanes where the agent is unarmed in order to avoid the stewardess from seeing his illegal sips).

---psychopathic and serial killings of Targets by burro agents who are advised by burro psychiatrists that as long as the agent is killing in the performance of his duties, the illness that moves him to murder people is acceptable, but should be toned down.

---*Insider trades in the global financial markets, especially in the largely unregulated futures and commodities markets

---child sexual molestation

---sex clubs participation

**---robbery, theft, extortion, and a variety of other felonies as outlined in my sworn affidavits 2007 and 2014

---use of IRS, military, USPI, police and universities to threaten and slander the Targets of burro agents (see my reports on Knipfing, Rodriguez,Posada, Wolf, Bleier, Wilson, et. al. online and see parts 19, a,b,c of “My Story In Detail”.)

---sworn false affidavits by burro agents (see the Monica Mclean affidavit).

The burro learned to protect J. Edgar Hoover from public scrutiny of his strange sex life because he was the most powerful man in government and could destroy any person who exposed him by sending an army of thugs to provoke and spy on the ‘troublemaker’ 24/7 until the poor soul breaks (a counterintelligence technique that often seeks to drive the Target crazy).

And the public would not accept any kind of sex scandal in the burro; killing of Targets was and is perfectly acceptable by a perverted public.


May I have your attention for a few moments please!

Many readers globally have read and verified my documentations of high crimes committed against me and others by the fbi and police,

So, this brief announcement should come as no shock to such interested readers; for all others I encourage you kindly to study my material and to awaken to the madness caused in our society by the assassins of the federal bureau of investigation , i.e. : the 'burro' (fbi).

Failure to consider my material is in itself a reflection of the pervasive and inexcusable irresponsibility of our citizenry toward others who are being arbitrarily tortured, imprisoned and murdered by cops and fbi in our Age of Madness.

In short the fbi agents, operatives, informants, assets and contacts (including all police at every level who assist the fbi) are

Note also that doctors, lawyers, judges, teachers and many scholars (as well as members of the general population ) and media personalities are as I have shown duped by the burro to join them in various unlawful operations; and then they (the presumed neutral parties) also become accessories to the crimes that I chronicle in my thousands of posts online.

In many instances I name the pathetic burro supporters, and I sometimes summarize their crimes against me, even as I take the photos of apparent assassins sent at me in the employ of the burro.

See my court pleadings, affidavits (2007 & 2014) online, my main website where I document psychopathic attempts on my life (and torture, etc.) by the 'burro', and my short reports on many *Indymedia forums. See the fbi history book and documents from the burro, cia, USPI, etc. for additional background data.

I trust that each brave reader here need no statement from me on the horrible implications of this report, especially as I indict all who support the extremely and murderously corrupt criminal justice system (and the new cjs secretly and illegally forged by the burro).

All who so assist the burro should recognize that you each contribute either actively or by your silence and acquiescence to the unconscionable crimes ongoing and committed by the burro and by their half witted police quislings and sycophants everywhere.

For more on this topic see my statements on the dilemma facing civilized man and on the absurd need for government to fraudulently create criminals.

Thank you and sleep well, NOT, because we all could tell the burro and those in Congress who pay and praise them, "NO MORE".


"History of mental illness " is displayed by fbi, police and their friends and operatives in every walk of life.

I believe that we all have heard enough lies from fbi/police/media as they gang up to label their victims (of police & fbi abuse, slander, disinformation and assassination by so-called law enforcement ) as follows: "He has a history of mental illness".

See my reports which depict real mental illness, psychopathology and apparent insanity of the fbi, police, their operatives, etc.

See how the torturers of the fbi destroyed my life in their vendetta piece by piece, methodically and with malice.

The fraudulent report of a medical doctor (fbi operative) which aims to label me as paranoid after 30 years of my documentations of fbi assaults.

Police at every location where I have lived for 20 years threaten, harass, attempt to discreetly murder me and refuse to accept my reports of felony crimes against me.

United States Postal Inspector and Texas Department of Public Safety come to my home to insanely threaten me and my wife with arrest for crimes committed by the fbi (using my name), knowing full well that the fbi has me under a blanket surveillance 24/7/365 for 20-30 years.

University of Texas police, chancellor, president, counsel, staff, security guards, and street thugs set up and choreograph physical and criminal attacks on me in bold but failed efforts to provoke a response so the police and fbi may arrest me.

How the fbi has tortured me with their psychological and covert physical warfare in efforts to portray me as "mentally ill", and in efforts to kill me or force a final exit.

How the fbi obtains a fraudulent civil court order from a corrupt judge (probably federal) so that the fbi can legally terrorize me in my home, poison me regularly, imprison me via DEW in my own body, and slander me everywhere I go.

How the fbi has in place a secret and macabre human experimentation program which ensnares me and which is sometime referred to as 'non-consensual human experimentation', or 'cover research'.

The fbi, accustomed to forcing men into neuroses in order to imprison or kill them, comes on line to announce that, as I defended the USA in combat on the battlefield, I am therefore a "murderer and a possible mass murderer".

Such insane conduct by fbi and police at every level as described above truly reflects a long history of mental illness and psychoses in the police and fbi communities whose members lie, beat, threaten, imprison, torture (and sometimes force suicide while monitoring their victim), kill or otherwise covertly assassinate our people at will and with no accountability in most cases.

Then ask how many of our people have been and are now being tortured by this regime's psychopathic thugs by the use of the above described tactics; these government sponsored crimes could only be performed by homicidal sociopaths who earn a nice salary by engaging in unconscionable deeds which can only be characterized as insane in most instances.

So, listen not my fellow citizens to false attributions of 'long history of mental illness' whereby the police, fbi, and media often seek to obscure their own heinous offenses against our fellow citizens.

Barbara Hartwell Percival
Legal Defense & Research Trust
PO Box 22
Rhinebeck, NY 12572
Barbara Hartwell Vs. CIA