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Wednesday, March 23, 2016


This report exposes just a few of the evildoers who have engaged in outrageous libel, diabolical calumny, against a government whistleblower, Barbara Hartwell.

Most of this report is not written by me, but by friends of mine, former FBI agent Geral Sosbee and journalist (radio, TV and print) Joe Lanier, editor of The Conspiracy Zone, who are as outraged as I am by the massive damages done by these malicious and outright demonic liars.

But the damages have not been limited to the primary Target, Barbara Hartwell. My friends and family have suffered as well. Their names have been slandered and libeled, to the extent that some have been blacklisted, preventing them from renting a place to live, from being hired in a professional capacity when they needed to find work. They have been ostracized, which is totally unwarranted, for most of the people to whom I refer are not whistleblowers, not involved in activism against corrupt government.

And yet, their lives are being destroyed by these evildoers, simply for their association with me. It is beyond despicable.

The most recent malicious liar to jump on the Hartwell-Haters bandwagon is a used car salesman by the name of Howard Nemaizer, who pretends to be a “journalist”, using the pseudonym Howard Nema.

His calumny against Barbara Hartwell has now been disseminated far and wide by his fellow liars, all government stooges, minions and toadies. All wannabes, like Nemaizer himself, who out of pure malice want to destroy the life of Barbara Hartwell.

Todd Brendan Fahey, a notorious reprobate, is now promoting Howard Nemaizer's outrageous lies, some of which Nemaizer has parroted from like-minded morally bankrupt scumbags, like Tim White and Ken Adachi.

Including false accusations that I am a “CIA disinfo agent”, the original BIG LIE by FBI Chief Ted Gunderson, when he began the defamation campaign against Barbara Hartwell in 2000.

As for Tim White and Todd Brendan Fahey (known by their Targets as the demonic duo), they are career criminals who have stalked, harassed, threatened, libeled/slandered Barbara Hartwell since 2001 (White) and 2004 (Fahey). They teamed up in 2004, and along with Ken Adachi (Gunderson's primary PR shill), they have done more damage to the name of Barbara Hartwell than any of their demonic cohorts.

Fahey, White and Adachi have engaged in monstrous invasions of privacy, They have published my PRIVATE UNLISTED street address, while I was living at my first home in Maine. They also published photos of my house, accompanied by libelous falsehoods about various individuals they claimed were the owners of my property, when in fact it belonged to me.

They have solicited harassment, trespassing and vandalism from like-minded criminals. As a direct result, I suffered thousands of $ in damages and losses.

Fahey and White, both sex predators (including targeting children) and porno-mongers, have harassed me with obscene e-mails, a never-ending tide of sewage, until I had to stop using a public e-mail address, since there was no other way to stop these psychopaths.

Todd Fahey published pornographic filth in connection with my name, along with outrageous lies. The demonic duo, Fahey and White, harassed any person (by telephone or e-mail) whose contact info they could locate, promoting their libelous/slanderous falsehoods about Barbara Hartwell. Geral Sosbee was forced to shut down his message board because Todd Fahey was posting obscenities under a number of false identities and screen names.

Remember, these are the same people now gleefully promoting the malicious lies of Howard Nemaizer. They are birds of a feather, vultures, that is. Like Nemaizer, their monstrous invasions of privacy against Barbara Hartwell (and my family and friends) have done irreparable damage in myriad ways.

Here is a letter sent to me by former FBI agent Geral Sosbee, after he read my reports exposing Howard Nemaizer's exploitation and misrepresentation of my name, followed by his outrageous defamation. I had also discussed with him the horrible circumstances in which I found myself as a result of Howard Nemaizer's dishonesty, false promises and many lies, when he offered “sanctuary” to me in 2013, also exposed in detail in my reports on this site.

Geral Sosbee writes:

In 2013 you were facing a personal crisis in your life and you received an offer of sanctuary in the home of a person who knew of your dire circumstances and who offered to help.

As I study the reports that you made and some of the reactions of those who pretended to help you, I am incensed beyond description by the the way you were treated in the temporary residence and thereafter.

Everyone knows that when a person needs help in this life, the first duty of the 'relief provider' is to do no further harm to the victim of painful circumstances, to not put the disadvantaged party (you) in a worse position (physically or emotionally) than the one that necessitated the assistance in the first place. If one seeks truly to help, then no excuse can cover up, nor justify such wicked actions directed against the suffering party.

I understand that you were grossly insulted and mistreated there and that afterwards you were further harassed by those who intentionally seek to hurt you again.

Please understand that from my perspective all that has transpired from the time of your stay in the so-called 'sanctuary' and continuing today reflects great discredit on the individuals who slander and malign you. The more these people obsess with or delight in bringing harm to you, the more evidence we see of their savagery. Such personalities, however, are often not capable of recognizing their own hideous perversions.

Today I saw the trash entered by Howard Nemaizer aka Nema.

I am heartbroken to know that you suffered in that hell hole by those who now reveal their true intentions toward you.

I am also empathetic for the circumstances of your life, especially in their company, because I too have encountered similar (but not so impossible) living conditions as the fbi pushed me into the street to live. God Blesses you Barbara and we, all who know you, LOVE YOU.

Thank God you survived the ordeal and that you can relay the sordid, nightmarish scene to me and others. The dirty, insensitive statements by the evildoers could destroy a person of lesser strength.


Now, some comments by Geral Sosbee on those of Nemaizer's ilk, taken from previous reports.


Succinctly, Ken Adachi is a malicious liar and a petty fraudster for writing the following statements about Geral Sosbee (regarding Gunderson, I have reason to believe that all statements written about him by my greatest friend, Barbara Hartwell, are true):

Adachi writes: "...Barbara Hartwell's ... gets little coverage beyond Gerald Sosbee or other government-controlled "whistleblower" flunkies. ...You can find most of my articles ... on my Ted Gunderson page".


To Tim White-

Well timothie you just can't shut up; all of your libelous statements against my greatest friend and ally-the splendid Barbara Hartwell- reflect at once your own despicable and lying character and your hopelessly warped view of reality.

Barbara is far out your league, little man, so best communicate with your fellow drunks and low life street thugs on subjects of your mutual crime sprees, because you are truly unworthy to play the role of miniature pseudo-critic regarding one of the world's true great heroines and writers, Barbara Hartwell.

Geral Sosbee
October 8, 2008


Re: Todd Fahey, Tim White, Charles Bruce Stewart, Brenda Negri

I have had personal telephone conversations with three of them (Fahey, White, Stewart); regarding Fahey and Stewart, and Negri, I have also had exchanges of e-mail. I have followed your reports and all that I have read concerning your accounts of their character and their stalking/harassing activities is entirely consistent with the impressions that I have gained over the past several years regarding these unsavory characters.

I am particularly disgusted personally with the activities of Todd Fahey, a man whom you and I tried to help when we thought he needed help and when we believed that he was on the side of God, Right, Liberty, and USA Constitutional Values.

Finally, Barbara, please post that each of these individuals is a coward in my opinion and that I invite them to come after me if the punks dare, but if they don't I will permanently side with you on every possible level against these miscreants.

Barbara, you are the Best that this country has to offer and, as we have seen, the fbi and the cia make sure to send against you the very worst human beings that this country can produce; I truly believe that these individuals (named above) who are assaulting you represent the very lowest form of human intellect that has ever lived on the face of the earth. Their names should be forever remembered as such.

This is my personal opinion and considered judgment.

Geral Sosbee
April 13, 2007

Our friend Joe Lanier, editor of The Conspiracy Zone, who has been a supporter of Geral and me for a number of years, recently called to express his disgust at the reprehensible activities of Howard Nemaizer, which he had been reading about in my reports. He called Nemaizer a “piece of work”. Joe has also exposed a number of others who have been running the libel campaigns against Barbara Hartwell for the past 15 years.

Here, some excerpts from his article, America's Evil, Vile Government at Work


I first approached Barbara Hartwell a few weeks ago about posting her articles on this site. It was my hope we could get wisdom from a lady that had witnessed the corruption in the United States Government and could share her experience about the dirtbags, lunatics and creeps inside the CIA, and FBI as well as share her knowledge about the crooks and criminals that now run Washington D.C. (District of Criminals). Needless to say, I was thrilled when Barbara decided to share her story with us.

Barbara’s information should be taken to heart by every citizen of this nation who cares about what is REALLY happening to this once great Nation. Year by year, decade by decade we are witnessing America being taken over by thugs, rogue cops, liars, perverts and the occult. We’ve seen our freedoms snatched away from us on a daily basis. We see morals that would make the historic inhabitants of Sodom and Gomorrah blush. We see leaders that actually torture it’s citizens. Never in my life, did I think I would ever live to see the day where the leaders of The United States of America actually try to DEFEND the torture of other human beings.

Forget about what you have heard on ABC, CBS, NBC, MSNBC and any other electronic or print media. All you will get is disinformation, designed to keep you confused and ignorant. This nation does not run on the principles you think it does. The leaders that run this nation are using our Constitution and Bill of Rights for toilet paper.

The reason why Barbara’s articles are so important is because what she has had to go through and continues to go through was not by her choice. She was forced into this system at a young age where her God given (inalienable) rights were trampled on by that two headed hydra monster in the United States Government, the CIA and FBI. Otherwise known as Organized Crime. 

Barbara Hartwell’s situation could have easily been you or I. And it will be eventually, if the current government system gets its way.

Even though Barbara Hartwell is not in an orange jumpsuit in Guantanemo Bay, she is in a sense just as much of a prisoner RIGHT HERE IN HER OWN COUNTRY!!! 

Because she has chosen to speak out, our government has hounded her, harassed her, threatened her, isolated her, hit her with exotic weapons and put her in a state of poverty that threatens her very existence.

Through the grace of God, she is getting her story out and all of America had better listen because it is the ninth hour and America is on the brink of judgment for it’s many crimes against innocent people!


You all know him. He’s been involved in many government dealings that have received national attention. His claim is that he befriended Barbara in an attempt to help her. The truth is, he is the ultimate “company man” and gave the impression he wanted to help and ended up just being a Trojan Horse in her life.

But, the interesting thing about why he first became involved with Barbara was to “help” her. Keep in mind, Gunderson was at one time, a high ranking official with the FBI before he came into contact with Barbara in 1997. The FBI doesn’t get involved with things unless they know exactly what they are getting into. Just because he initially got involved at all to help Barbara…..MEANS HE KNEW HER STORY WAS TRUE!!!

Are you getting it? If he thought she was untruthful, he never would have become involved. The only reason for him to do his Trojan Horse job was from an agenda where he knew Barbara Hartwell’s story to be true!

Also, do this. Do a Google search on Barbara Hartwell. You’ll find many of her articles exposing the parasites inside the U.S. Government. You will also find smear campaigns by many of the people we have pictured below against her.

If her story wasn’t true, why is there such an assault on her writings? If she was just one woman who decided one day to make up a story… do you think the government would send out their cronies in mass to silence and discredit her? No!.... Let us put it another way..HELL NO!



White engages in outrageous libel, criminal harassment, stalking (including cyber-stalking) and has made many threats against Targets. These include threats of lawsuits (in conjunction with John DeCamp, Ted Gunderson and others); threats of violence and bodily harm, even death threats.


Psycho-stalker; identity thief; forger; plagiarist; blackmailer; porno-monger; sex-pervert/predator (including targeting innocent children); pathological liar. Obsessive criminal harassment and outrageous libel of Barbara Hartwell since 2004.

There are a number of other government operatives and their stooges, malicious liars all, listed in Joe Lanier's article, along with photos of the perps.

In closing, I would like to thank Geral Sosbee and Joe Lanier, from the bottom of my heart, for standing up for me, and for the truth about the malicious demonic liars who are destroying lives, one by one, with their diabolical calumny.

Barbara Hartwell Percival
March 23, 2016

Also see the HALL OF SHAME, where these demonic characters, and many, many others are exposed.

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