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Wednesday, March 16, 2016

In Defense of Truth & Honor: Deconstructing the False Narrative of Howard Nemaizer as Presented on “Howard Nema dot Com” & “Truth Talk News” (3)


Please read PARTS ONE & TWO before continuing.


In review of the facts:

After 29 days (November 22-December 21, 2013), I left Howard Nemaizer's house as per the directive issued by his wife, Maureen Nemaizer, specifically that I be OUT BY NOON on that date. As previously stated, Howard Nemaizer had lied when he told me that I would be welcomed into their home by his wife, and I did not find out the truth until after I had accepted his offer of “sanctuary”.

This directive was issued in full knowledge of the fact that I, as a disabled senior citizen, was utterly destitute and under persecution, that I had nowhere else to go, and that I also was responsible for the care of my beloved companion, an elderly cat, whom I refused to abandon under any circumstances.

False promises had been made by Howard Nemaizer re his offer of “sanctuary”. It turned out to be a bait-and-switch. For what end, I don't know. I no longer care what the motives may have been. I only know the facts, and the terrible things which happened to me as a result. Nemaizer reneged on all assurances given, resulting in extreme stress, losses of my property, and other damages, rather than the promised “sanctuary”.

Nemaizer compromised my security and endangered my safety by enlisting a drunk-driving convict, one David St. John, to unlawfully drive my car from Maine to CT, without my knowledge or consent. I only learned of this after the fact. I was, naturally, outraged at this act of reckless endangerment and negligence by Howard Nemaizer.

The conditions in the basement where I stayed for 29 days were unfit for human habitation. (See previous reports for details.) I had been told they had a “room” available. No mention was made of the fact that it was a basement, or of the actual deplorable conditions. My health, already poor, suffered terribly as a result of the cold, damp and toxic mold.

I was treated with extreme disrespect by Howard and Maureen Nemaizer, as well as suffering similar abusive treatment by their friends, all of whom were ill-mannered, crude, aggressive, intrusive busybodies, snooping into my private business, dishing out unsolicited advice, and speculating and gossiping about my personal business with anyone who would lend an ear.

After the directive was issued that I must be OUT BY NOON, on December 21, Howard and Maureen Nemaizer attempted to pressure me into staying at the homes of complete strangers (more basements, I was told), one of whom was verbally abusive to me, and later arrived at their house so intoxicated that he fell down drunk and passed out cold in the driveway. (No, as God is my witness, I am not making this up...this is the truth. More bizarre details are given in previous reports.)

They used pressure tactics to try to make me accept totally inappropriate accomodations, which would have meant abandoning my cat, or that I place myself at risk, at the mercy of unstable and unscrupulous characters, who were total strangers. When I firmly refused, they harassed me and tried to place blame on me, simply for acting in the interests of my own protection.

Howard Nemaizer repeatedly (and smugly) said to me, “You do what you've got to do.” AS IF placing myself or my cat in harm's way were the solution to the dire emergency in which I had been placed by HIS wrongful and utterly irresponsible actions.

Maureen Nemaizer actually suggested that I should go to a “homeless shelter”. UN- friggin'-believable. But, as God is my witness, true.

As it was, I was fortunate to have escaped that godforsaken place, that nest of hissing vipers, with body and soul intact.

Had there been a script, written by some demonic entity, and had players been cast in the roles, for the purpose of causing maximum damage, extreme stress, pain and suffering, it could not have been more perfectly orchestrated.


The only contact I had with Nemaizer after December 21, 2013 was a couple of phone calls, on necessary business, such as asking him to send my mail, which had been forwarded to his address after I left. He told me a package had come for me, which I asked him to send to my new address. But he never sent it.

The last contact I had with Howard Nemaizer was in May, 2014, when I spoke to him on the phone in order to make arrangements for movers I had hired to retrieve my possessions from his house.

I subsequently discovered that Nemaizer had stolen a number of my possessions, of great value to me, which I had left in plain sight in his basement. The mail forwarded to me at his house was also missing when the delivery was made.

And I learned from the movers that Nemaizer had invaded my privacy by discussing my personal business with them, after he had assured me he would not discuss my business with anyone after I left. (Fat chance... a busybody's work is never done...) It was a simple business transaction, between me and the movers, paid for and arranged solely by me. The moving men had no need to know anything except the two addresses to pick up and deliver my possessions, which I had given them –not the story of my life, as told by Howard Nemaizer. He later fabricated and published an absurd and defamatory tale in attempts to justify his wrongful actions of gossiping about me with the movers, bending their ears with some kind of cloak-and-dagger stories about Barbara Hartwell, and how they could --Extra! Extra! read all about it!-- on “Truth Talk News”.

Considering the entire ordeal, how I had been grossly mistreated, lied to, and then only barely escaped being thrown into the street, all the losses, damages and extreme distress caused by Howard Nemaizer, I wanted no further dealings with him.

I can't imagine that any reasonable, self-respecting person would feel differently, but speaking strictly for myself, I don't allow anyone to treat me with such absolute disrespect. Nemaizer, his wife, and their friends had ZERO respect for my privacy, my personal boundaries or even my fundamental rights.

So, once my belongings had been delivered (what was left of them), I had decided, quite reasonably, not to have further contact with Howard Nemaizer. He had revealed himself as extremely dishonest and untrustworthy, a liar and a thief. He never apologized to me, nor ever even acknowledged any of his wrongful actions.

I had not raised any of these issues with him, nor had any interest in discussing them after the fact, as there would have been no point. Shocking as it was, it was clear to me that he actually did not think he had done anything wrongful, and that the totally insufferable way he, his wife and friends behaved, their standards for the way they treat others, was “normal”, just business as usual, as far as he was concerned. Lies, deception, manipulation, meddling, gossip, total lack of manners, and no respect for the privacy and personal boundaries of others.

When, while still at his house, I had protested the pushy, intrusive and utterly disrespectful behavior of his wife towards me, he only gave a casual shrug and said, “That's just the way she was raised.” AS IF that makes such treatment acceptable? Not in my book. That is most certainly NOT the way I was raised, nor were these the type of people I was used to associating with.


But here is the primary issue: had he not chosen to PUBLICLY exploit and misrepresent my name, I could have simply cut my losses, painful as they were, and quietly walked away. When possible, that is my preference. If it's not a public issue, I see no reason to make it one.

But Howard Nemaizer's continuing aggressive and wrongful actions made it absolutely necessary for me to act in my own defense.

This is where the public issues began, when Nemaizer started dropping my name all over his websites, in his videos, and especially in connection with false information, fraudulent notices, and in promoting my name in connection with individuals whom he knew I had publicly denounced, for cause.

The point here is that Howard Nemaizer was KNOWINGLY promoting FALSE information. He knew it was false, but did not care.

Nemaizer also used my name on the same page with a career criminal/predicate felon by the name of Keith Mutch, convicted on multiple counts of felony arson, arrested for making false police reports, and who was cited by authorities for promoting false information re other crimes on his websites. From all that I read, this character, Keith Mutch, was nothing less than a public menace. He was also (which came as no surprise) a friend of Howard Nemaizer, who was airing his program, “Truth Talk News”, on Mutch's radio station, a heavy metal network which used demonic imagery of a flaming skeleton as an icon, along with photos of devil-worshipers. Needless to say, I was outraged that MY NAME appeared as a so-called “TRUSTED PARTNER IN TRUTH”, in connection with promotions of this criminal psychopath, Keith Mutch.

As if all this were not bad enough, I discovered that Nemaizer had engaged in theft of audio and video, the property of Barbara Hartwell, which he had published without my knowledge or consent, violating a good faith verbal agreement. He also wrongfully appropriated the name I had chosen for these audiotapes, The Barbara Hartwell Chronicles, thus depriving me of the fruits of my labor.

(Note the phrase: “without my knowledge or consent”. It appears repeatedly in my reports exposing the M.O. of Howard Nemaizer, and exemplifies his total disregard for the privacy, personal boundaries and rights of others. He arrogantly co-opts and exploits what belongs by rights to others, without any concern for the damage done to them.)

I was not aware of any of these public promotions which exploited and misrepresented the name of Barbara Hartwell, and stole the fruits of my labor, not until late in 2014. I don't spend much time on the Internet and would have had no reason to seek out anything connected to Howard Nemaizer. I would have been happy to forget about his existence entirely, but due to his continuing aggression, that was not possible.

When I discovered that Howard Nemaizer had been heavily exploiting my name, and that he had been misrepresenting me, I published a report in which I requested, politely and “with all due respect”, that he REMOVE the false information in connection with my name, and in the videos of his TV show, “Truth Talk News”. I was very specific in citing the false information, which left no room for doubt.

Especially offensive was his notice, “TRUSTED PARTNERS IN TRUTH”, where my name and website were misrepresented and exploited for the purposes of self-promotion by Howard Nemaizer. None of the names listed (including his own, the pseudonym “Howard Nema”), were, or had ever been “partners” of Barbara Hartwell. Two of the names, Harry Link and Janet Phelan, were of persons I had publicly denounced, for cause, of which Howard Nemaizer was well aware.

I published my first request that he remove the false information from his sites on December 15, 2014. From that time, I checked periodically to see if he had removed the items. He had not. I waited for two months, which I considered a reasonable period of time. When I realized that Howard Nemaizer had simply chosen to disregard my clearly stated request, I found it necessary to make a demand (rather than the request) that he remove the false information and fraudulent notices.

Because the false information (damaging to my good name) had been disseminated in a public venue, I found it necessary to make my request, and later, demands, publicly, rather than privately.

Now, during the same time period (February, 2015), I received a letter by post from Howard Nemaizer, sent to my PO box, the address given on my website. He did not have any contact info for me (phone or e-mail), because I had not given it to him, for what by now should be obvious reasons. As stated, my last contact with him had been connected to the moving of my possessions, in May, 2014.

I was amazed at what I was seeing in his letter. Nemaizer's attitude towards me was oh-so-casual, just as if nothing had happened, nothing were amiss.

He went on to talk about Harry Link, the owner of “Truth Broadcast Network”, and how he was (once again) leaving that network. He stated:

"I am going solo. About 2 weeks ago I left TBN. From now on I will only be promoting my own website, and my livestream and youtube pages.

This came about after some ego-driven shenanigans on the part of Harry Link regarding [names removed] Facebook groups, where Harry was accused of deleting posts and creating fake accounts and other “questionable” stuff. Once again, I fell in the middle of others' disputes. [X and X] are very close friends, as are you and I didn't feel comfortable promoting Harry or Truth Broadcast Network, or any other as a result."

But why tell me all this? It had nothing to do with me. I had no involvement in any way with the individuals mentioned, nor have I ever been a participant in social networks. Nor was I ever involved in any of the “disputes” he mentions.

He was well aware of my very negative opinion of Harry Link and his network, and had been since 2012. In fact, I had publicly stated in 2012 that I could not in good conscience promote “Truth Talk News”, because it was airing on that network. I had also stated that I wanted my name REMOVED from all promotions on “Truth Talk News”.

I mean exactly what I say, and say exactly what I mean, always have, always will. Nothing had changed regarding my position on Harry Link or his network, nor had I ever stated (publicly or privately) anything which would have contradicted my position on this issue.

And yet, Howard Nemaizer had included MY name in his “TRUSTED PARTNERS IN TRUTH”, along with Harry Link, with no concern or respect whatsoever for my clearly stated wishes. And I repeat: I had stated these things PUBLICLY, since 2012.

And he considers me a “very close friend”? After what he had put me through? Again, I was amazed at his total lack of perception of the reality of the situation. No “friend” of mine would ever treat me in such a way.

Next, Nemaizer has this to say:

"Well, we all have our problems, but I certainly do not need additional conflict in my life and I must think of my own reputation."

Unbelievable. He is thinking only of his own reputation. Nemaizer blames Harry Link, when it was HIS choice to go back and forth, back and forth, on and off Harry Link's network. But more to the point, why did he have NO concern about MY reputation, and the damage he was doing with his fraudulent promotions, placing MY NAME in connection with Harry Link, completely disregarding my clearly stated position?

Then, Nemaizer stated:

"Please accept my apologies for anything I have done that has upset you regarding my work since we last spoke. I read and continue to read your reports."

By this statement, Nemaizer had acknowledged that he had been reading my reports, and had seen my request to REMOVE the false and fraudulent material. (December 15, 2014)

But did he honor my request? No. It seems he simply assumed that he could get over with a half-baked private “apology”, when in fact it was a PUBLIC issue. As if all this false information and misrepresentation of my name was no big deal, something to just be swept under the carpet and forgotten.

Therefore, the apology was meaningless and insincere. The issue was non-negotiable, and had never been up for discussion. The damage to my name and reputation had been done. He refused to rectify it, nor even acknowledge it.

His vague statement, “anything I have done” is also telling. I stated EXACTLY what he had done, which was that he had published FALSE INFORMATION in connection with my name, and made it crystal clear that I wanted it REMOVED.

Now this:

"I will of course adhere to your wishes of privacy. I do not wish to be involved in any conflict. i.e. Janet Phelan or with anyone else. As you respect me, I respect you. I consider you a good, close friend and hope you still consider me the same."

But how can he claim he would adhere to my wishes of privacy, after he had exploited my name all over his websites, and even stolen my material, violating a good faith verbal agreement, and then DISREGARDED my request to REMOVE it? Is he delusional? Or just arrogant as all hell, thinking he has the right to take anything he wants from me, without so much as a 'by your leave'.

And he actually claims to “respect” me? After his extreme disrespect of me, of my privacy, personal boundaries, and fundamental rights.

Meanwhile, only a day before I received Nemaizer's letter by post, I had published my first demand that he remove the false, fraudulent material which misrepresented my name.

That is when Howard Nemaizer took an even more disrespectful and aggressive stance against Barbara Hartwell. In fact, it was utterly outrageous.

Shortly thereafter, I found a notice posted on Nemaizer's website, “Howard Nema dot com”. Here it is, in its entirety:


"Sadly, I am forced to post this. I will not spend hours deleting TRUSTED PARTNERS IN TRUTH from more than 200 posts on this website going back to Feb 2014 at the request of Barbara Hartwell, unless she would like to pay me for my time.   

I move ahead, not backwards. 

But for the record I have NO AFFILIATION with ANY GROUP, NETWORK or association. Truth Talk News and are free and independent.
No posts in the future will mention or include Barbara Hartwell’s name. Furthermore, I kindly ask Barbara Hartwell to stop invading my privacy as she so often claims that others do to her. 

This should end it all."


"By the way, Barbara, you are very welcome for all the financial and other support I rendered to you over the years. 

In closing, I truly regret my acts of kindness and charity given to Barbara Hartwell, who I feel is a terribly ungrateful soul. 

Barbara, please leave me and my sites out of your reports in the future. I will never mention your name again and I expect you to do the same about me. Thank you. 

Enjoy your life and your solitude. 

God bless you.
Howard Nema"

So now, rather than removing the offensive material, I am assaulted with more falsehoods, which not only have no basis in fact, but are defamatory. 

Nemaizer begins with this statement:   

"Sadly, I am forced to post this."   

Forced how? Did someone hold a gun to his head? This is an absurd statement, an attempt to defend the indefensible, namely the exploitation and misrepresentation of my name.

I had given him the opportunity to rectify his offenses. Any decent, honorable person would have immediately removed the name of the injured party, along with any and all false information connected to it. He would have issued a public retraction and an apology. But not Howard Nemaizer.   

Instead, Nemaizer chose to attack me with more falsehoods. And, arrogantly states that he REFUSES to remove the offensive material: 

"I will not spend hours deleting TRUSTED PARTNERS IN TRUTH from more than 200 posts on this website going back to Feb 2014 at the request of Barbara Hartwell, unless she would like to pay me for my time." 

So now, he admits that his fraudulent notice, which exploited and misrepresented the name of Barbara Hartwell, has been heavily promoted for the last year (February 2014- February 2015).

My friend Geral Sosbee, upon reading this arrogant statement from Nemaizer, was outraged, as I was. In my defense, he wrote:

"Mr. Nema,

One cannot move ahead unless he corrects his errors of the past. As for payment, Barbara deserves payment for the countless hours spent trying to stop misrepresentations of her on your site."


"Furthermore, I kindly ask Barbara Hartwell to stop invading my privacy as she so often claims that others do to her."   


This statement makes no sense whatsoever, and what's more, it is a false accusation. I had never, at any time, invaded Howard Nemaizer's privacy. Note that he does not specify what these alleged “invasions of privacy” would be. But that is typical of a malicious liar like Nemaizer. He has no facts, he has no grounds for his false accusations, so he fabricates, and accuses me of the very offenses he himself has committed. 


"By the way, Barbara, you are very welcome for all the financial and other support I rendered to you over the years." 

"All the financial and other support"? And, "over the years"?

First of all, he now brings up a totally irrelevant issue. My request, followed by demands, to cease and desist from exploiting and misrepresenting my name, had absolutely NOTHING to do with any “financial and other support” he claims to have given.

Secondly, from mid-2012, when I first came in contact with Howard Nemaizer, until December 2013, when I saw the last of him (thank the Good Lord!), does not constitute “years”. Another lie.

"In closing, I truly regret my acts of kindness and charity given to Barbara Hartwell, who I feel is a terribly ungrateful soul." 

Now, he contradicts himself. First, “You are very welcome”, and then, “I truly regret”. His attempt at sarcasm falls flat and is just plain stupid.   

As for the so-called “acts of kindness and charity”, no, I am certainly not “grateful” for the massive irreparable damages and losses, the extreme stress and trauma I suffered because of Howard Nemaizer's dishonesty, his many false promises and his callous disregard for my safety. 

In fact there is only one truthful, factual statement given in this whole notice:


To be more exact, there had NEVER been any affiliation with Howard Nemaizer or “TRUTH TALK NEWS”. And yet, even with this admission of “no affiliation”, he still refuses to remove the fraudulent notice, “TRUSTED PARTNERS IN TRUTH”. Unless of course, he is PAID for his time, to remove his OWN FALSEHOODS. 

Then, he states:

"Barbara, please leave me and my sites out of your reports in the future. I will never mention your name again and I expect you to do the same about me."

Clearly, Nemaizer falsely believes that he stands on equal ground by making this request. The fact is, HE is the ONLY offender, HE is the ONLY aggressor, HE is the ONLY wrongdoer. He has no legal or ethical ground whatsoever to stand on.

Any and all reports in which his name and websites were exposed by me had ONLY to do with defending myself and my reputation against HIS false and fraudulent notices and promotions. Which he now states that he REFUSES to remove, unless he is PAID for his time.

Note also that he states “I will never mention your name again”. That too is a bald faced lie, as shown by his subsequent article (November, 2015), filled with additional outrageous lies, monstrous invasions of my and my family's privacy, and overflowing with defamation galore.

But by bringing in an unrelated issue, that being his claims of “financial and other support” and “acts of kindness and charity given to Barbara Hartwell”, he now makes it necessary for me to act in my own defense, yet again.

He has taken a position, which he has made very clear:

He refuses to remove the offensive and fraudulent material, which misrepresents and exploits the name of Barbara Hartwell.

He has made a false and defamatory accusation, with his claim that I have “invaded his privacy”.

By dragging in his irrelevant claims of “financial and other support” and “acts of kindness and charity”, he now sets himself up for me to address and refute those claims, as always, in my own defense.

Then, as can hardly be believed, he states:

"This should end it all."

By stating “this should end it all”, he could not possibly be further from the perception of the reality, much less the principle, of this issue.

Why would I allow this malicious liar to continue to exploit and misrepresent my name? Why would I remain silent when he then publishes additional false information, and why would I ever accept that he refuses to remove the fraudulent material?

On the contrary, I now found it necessary to address his false claims of Barbara Hartwell as a “terribly ungrateful soul”, as “invading his privacy”, and his vain boasting of his “acts of kindness and charity”. Along with continuing to protest his arrogant refusal to remove the offensive material from his websites, which was the original issue.

Which is exactly what I did. More outraged than ever by Howard Nemaizer's continuing aggression, misrepresentations and total disrespect, I wrote detailed reports, which left no doubt about Nemaizer's wrongful actions, his many lies and false promises, and the horrible consequences to me.

More time passed. And not only were the fraudulent notices left in place, I continued to discover that my name had been dropped into even more places than I had previously seen.

It became ever more clear to me that Howard Nemaizer had appointed himself as an unwanted, uninvited PR rep for Barbara Hartwell, in hopes of making a name for himself by riding my coattails.

He had been pretending to knowledge he did not have, adding to it his own wild speculation and unwarranted assumptions. And EXPLOITING MY NAME in connection with all of his trash, which consisted of nothing more than his uninformed opinions.

I was not only outraged, but horrified at the damage that this aggressive little upstart, this amateur wannabe, had done, all for his own self-serving ends.

As anyone who has had their name exploited and misrepresented by gate-crashers like Nemaizer will understand, it is nearly impossible to undo the damage. Unless you have the resources to file a lawsuit, the only thing to be done is to counter the fraudulent material with the truth, and to expose the wrongdoer.

Unlike Howard Nemaizer, the truth really does matter to me. In defense of the truth, and of my good name, I continued to expose the false and fraudulent promotions of Nemaizer, on his idiotically misnamed site, “Truth Talk News”, time-consuming and tiresome as it was.


Now, moving forward to November, 2015. Last I had checked, Nemaizer had still not removed the fraudulent promotions. But now, he had ratcheted up his offensive by publishing the worst, most injurious, most defamatory article ever to spew forth from his twisted, devious little mind.

I've already addressed and refuted the many additional libelous falsehoods, but for the purpose of completing this timeline, here are just some of the statements made by this malicious pathological liar, Howard Nemaizer.

He begins with this:

"I have learned through friends that Barbara Hartwell has been maliciously attacking and spreading lies about me."

This is a vague statement. What “lies” are these? He does not specify. I have never, at any time, “maliciously attacked” Howard Nemaizer. Nor have any lies about him been published by me. If he wants to make this claim, let him name the “lies”, otherwise it is meaningless.

More false accusations:

"BH ‘s obsession with trying to discredit me should be very revealing to those who know me and my work; and now the absence of any of the material BH claims I refuse to remove should set the record straight. But BH keeps stalking me and posting disinformation."

More idiocy from Howard Nemaizer. He interprets my righteous outrage at his aggression and wrongdoing, and my attempts only to STOP HIM, as “obsession”. He has discredited himself by his own actions, he needs no help from me. As for "disinformation"? He clearly does not know the meaning of the word.

I wonder, to whom does he refer? Those who know him? His so-called “work” consists of copying material written by others, outright plagiarism, and wild speculation. So he drags in unknown third parties, trying to make it seem as if he has support in his unconscionable actions. If so, it could only be from his fellow liars, not from anyone I would know, or care to know.

This blithering idiot believes the record could ever be “set straight” by HIM, the liar, the aggressor, the opportunist? No, to set the record straight requires the truth and the facts, which Nemaizer entirely lacks.

Suddenly, he claims there is “absence” of material? No, it was still there at the time of this statement by Nemaizer. But even were some of it removed, so what? His twisted perspective, entirely lacking in any standard of reason and ethics, is clear for those with eyes to see.

Nemaizer's statements are utterly preposterous. Taking necessary action to stop an aggressive gate-crasher from exploiting my name and publishing false information and fraudulent notices is my standard policy. There is no obsession involved, just business as usual. He wasn't the first and I doubt he'll be the last. It is the nature of the beast, for his ilk.

Now, he accuses me of “stalking” him? How moronic. Publishing notices demanding that a liar remove false information could not possibly qualify as stalking. A stalker is one who engages in pursuing a Target by unwanted communications, phone calls, letters, e-mails, or following on foot, in a vehicle, etc.

I have done no such things, ever. I have had no communication with Howard Nemaizer since May, 2014 (on a necessary business matter), nor wanted any, nor attempted any. In fact, I have publicly notified him that any further attempts to contact me will be regarded as harassment. Nemaizer, in one such attempt at unwanted communication, sent a letter by post to my PO box. I instructed the postal clerk to stamp the letter REFUSED and return to sender.

Is he delusional, or what? More likely, just once again projecting his own unscrupulous behavior on me.

Nemaizer, the liar, then states:  

"In any case, BH benefited far more from our association than I did, despite her lies, cries of outrage and crocodile tears." 

I cut off any association with Nemaizer at the end of 2013, for good, by my own choice, so what's his point? Maybe he should consider the very salient fact that had he not continued to pursue an association with me, unwanted on my part, and had he had the common decency to stop exploiting my name, none of my public protests of his wrongdoing would have been necessary.

Howard Nemaizer has brought all this on himself. He chose his own misguided actions. He is one of those people whose compulsive, pathological aggression will not allow him to take NO for answer. He will keep pushing and pushing, refusing to acknowledge his own errors and offenses, until he finally provokes righteous outrage from the subject of his aggression. Then, he will feign innocence of any wrongdoing. That is passive-aggressive behavior and typical of busybodies, who just can't seem to mind their own business, but refuse to be held accountable for their offensive actions.

He continued to obstinately disregard my righteous protests of his wrongful actions, his aggression and provocations. He has always been the aggressor, not I. Righteous outrage on my part is a given, and this surprises him?

For him to claim that I have “benefited” in any way from an association with him is a bald-faced lie, as well as utterly ludicrous and delusional. He doesn't speak for me, and the fact of the matter is that the brief association I had with Howard Nemaizer has brought nothing but trouble, losses, damages and grief into my life. And it is ongoing to this day, as shown by his latest offensive against me.

This, from an aggressive gate-crasher who attempted to horn in on MY professional business, who has shamelessly exploited MY name for his own self-serving ends; who has promoted fraudulent notices in deceptive efforts to make it appear that I am a “partner” of several persons (including himself) when it holds not a grain of truth.

He calls me a liar, when all the documented evidence I have furnished, in numerous reports and notices, clearly shows that he is the sole liar, and that he is projecting his pathological behavior on me.

More idiocy from Howard Nemaizer: 

"You revealed your true self by attacking me. And I am sorry we ever met, Barbara.

Honestly, much as I thought I knew Barbara Hartwell, I clearly did not know her at all . But I know her now and I know her game:

By their fruits shall we know them.

This is the only and final response to BH."
"Honestly” is not a word which has anything to do with Howard Nemaizer, but typical that he would use it in attempts to cover his deception.

“The only and final response”. Another of Howard Nemaizer's many lies and contradictory statements. What about the other defamatory notice on his website, of February 24, 2015, in which he states:
"No posts in the future will mention or include Barbara Hartwell’s name."

Really? Then what in the bloody hell is this new piece of scurrilous trash he has posted?

Now, here's some idiocy. Of course he never knew me. If he had done, he would never have been foolish enough to mess with me, nor would he assume that I would tolerate such unconscionable behavior. I don't tolerate such behavior from anyone, so why would he be an exception?

He didn't know me then, and he sure as hell doesn't know me now. He will never know me, which suits me just fine, as long as he gets the hell off my case and leaves me alone. That is my one and only wish as regards Howard Nemaizer.
"By their fruits shall we know them."

Here, Nemaizer parrots a (mis)quote from scripture, which he knows I have frequently used in my reports, including in reference to him personally, in an attempt to once again twist things around to blame me for his own wrongdoing.

There is no game here, only the brutal truth, which Nemaizer is too blind, by far, to see. And for Nemaizer's edification, you can't get good fruit from a poisonous tree, and the poisonous issue of lies, aggression, and a self-serving agenda is all I have ever seen as regards the fruits he bears.

Nemaizer now embellishes his attack on my character with this:

"I think she thought she had found another sucker to pay her bills. Her vindictive attacks are as relentless as her pursuit of donations."
What in the bloody hell is this supposed to mean? “Another sucker”? Nemaizer, the habitual liar and character assassin, now makes yet another outrageously false statement.

At no time did I ever ask Nemaizer to pay my bills, nor did he ever do any such thing. And I have never in my life sought out any “suckers” for this purpose, nor engaged in any such unscrupulous activity. The sources of my material support are, once again, none of Nemaizer's damnable business.

As for the donations he makes reference to, that is also none of Nemaizer's concern. I have the right to solicit donations to support my work, just as many other journalists and whistleblowers do. And as I have clearly stated in notices on my website, all donations, given in the spirit of Christian charity, or love gifts, no questions asked, no strings attached, are gratefully accepted, with the understanding that they are to be used at the sole discretion of Barbara Hartwell.

Nemaizer, aggressive busybody that he is, seems to be deluded in his belief that any “donations” by him would entitle him to meddle in my business, or to appoint himself as the Town Crier, publicly commenting on my financial affairs.

"Barbara Hartwell is a coward. She is such a coward that she can only attack people from behind the veil of her blog. She doesn’t even permit comments on her blog." 
What the hell is he blathering on about? What I post on my website is my own business, and none of Howard Nemaizer's. If he chooses to believe I am “attacking” people the fool is entitled to his opinion.

Unlike those of Nemaizer's ilk, I have never participated in the Internet culture of free-for-all, where anything goes, anybody is welcome to stick their nose into my professional business. I am a journalist who publishes reports, and my website is not a forum for the use of all and sundry.

I am not interested in interacting with the public, nor have any interest in their opinions about my work. If Howard Nemaizer had taken the trouble to read my notices he would have seen that “This website is for information purposes only. The readers may make of it what they will.”

And for this, he calls me a coward? No, the coward is Howard Nemaizer. He is a coward because he lies to cover his own wrongdoing, rather than admit to it and make amends.
"Her goal was never to talk to me, but attack me and stir a response. She even refused a letter I wrote her, as if I was this horrible fiend who took such advantage of her, invading her privacy, yada, yada, yada. I held back until now, but I have finally be goaded on enough to speak my peace and put an end to this." 
It was a personal decision for me not to speak to him, with good reason, not a “goal”. He vastly overestimates his own importance, as far as I am concerned. I had no intention of engaging him in arguments or debates about an issue which has always been non-negotiable. I don't negotiate or argue with liars or gate-crashers.

Just as he accused me of “stalking” him, he now accuses me of “goading” him. Nothing could be further from the truth. His arrogant refusal to remove his false information and fraudulent notices in connection with my name was an extreme provocation, an act of aggression.

"She goes out on the attack from behind the isolation of her blog instead. What does that tell you? BH is happy to invade everyone else’s privacy without any concern , but you best not invade BH’s privacy or there will be relentless hell to pay." 
What hypocrisy is this? I made a PUBLIC request, and later, demands, addressing Howard Nemaizer's PUBLIC offenses. There was never any “attack”, and I have never once invaded his privacy. To claim that I have also "invaded everyone else's privacy" is as idiotic a statement as he has ever made.
In point of fact, have only stated the truth and the facts, in my own defense, against his false accusations.

"If you truly are a sovereign child of God, Barbara and not a CIA disinformation agent, do what Jesus would do. Turn the other cheek as I am going to do–and get on with your life."
Unbelievable. Can he possibly be serious? He now invokes the name of Jesus Christ, in his phony attempts to appear holier-than-thou. Get behind me, Satan! And take your lies from the pit of hell with you.
"Leave me out of it. But I know you won’t. You can’t. There is a gnawing pathology in your bearing of false witness, cutting and pasting pieces to support your agenda while omitting pieces that dispel it. You and I both know the truth."
Now, the fool tries his hand at amateur psychoanalysis. What could possibly qualify him to make such a statement? His ignorance is as boundless as his aggression. Fueled by pure spite, his vision is limited only to what serves his negatively inflated ego.

Once again, Howard Nemaizer is projecting his own psychopathology on me. He is the one –the only one-- bearing false witness. In fact, my demands for him to leave ME out of his idiotic promotions, and his refusal to do so, is the whole core of this issue.

As for my agenda as regards Nemaizer, it has never been anything more than to get this aggressive gate-crashing sonofabitch OFF MY CASE.

What Howard Nemaizer has done, all told, is absolutely disgraceful. He has made a significant contribution to destroying the life of a person who has never once done anything wrongful to him.

He ought to be ashamed of himself, but is so lacking in any kind of discernment, that he adheres to the false philosophy that might makes right, that the ends justify the means, that forcing his own standards and beliefs on others will win him what he seeks.

Howard Nemaizer displays the mentality of a petty tyrant. He holds the false belief that by continuing his aggression against others, he will eventually bulldoze his way to the position he seeks. He wants to BE SOMEBODY IMPORTANT. If he has to steal from others, no problem. If he has to lie, no problem, it's second nature.

The false narrative he has fabricated against Barbara Hartwell, as evidenced by his own words, is one that is likely to repeat itself, in each case where he feels thwarted in his grandiose ambition, by any person whose boundaries he tries to cross, and who demands that he back off, cease and desist, that he mind his own business and leave others to tend to theirs.

Such is the pathological nature of aggression, fueled by a negatively inflated ego. I've seen all too many like him, especially in my work as a profiler for the U.S. Government.

Howard Nemaizer exemplifies so much of that which is destructive of the God-given unalienable rights and liberties of the individual. And yet he poses as a “patriot”, even claiming he is a “Constitutionalist”.

May we forget he was our countryman.

Barbara Hartwell Percival
March 16, 2016

Barbara Hartwell Percival
Legal Defense & Research Trust
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Rhinebeck, NY 12572
Barbara Hartwell Vs. CIA