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Saturday, January 9, 2016

Public Integrity Case is Requested Against Detective Adrian Posada, Brownsville, Texas PD

The fbi, police and their civilian operatives engage around the clock in activity that reflects their character which is permanently lowered due to the macabre practices that such low minds embrace. 

They harass, assault, threaten, arrest, beat, imprison torture, force suicide and assassinate. Such are the actions of men and women who allow their own demented nature to act out in violent, illegal and hateful campaigns against innocent Targets.

All who support the fbi by actively assaulting or otherwise seeking to harm the Target of the fbi's attempted murder campaign against that Target are accomplices to the crimes committed by the fbi.

Police and civilians alike eagerly provide their services to assassins in the fbi as though they are a part of the fbi's government homicidal apparatus. For these collusions the community of police & fbi have destroyed our society, undermined our laws and converted the USA into a fascist state.

--Former FBI Agent/Whistleblower Geral Sosbee


Geral Sosbee is my best friend, with whom I have worked to expose government corruption for the past fifteen (15) years. I know him to be a person of honor and integrity, more so than anyone I have ever known.

Geral was forced to resign from the FBI in 1978, under the fraudulent threat of being incarcerated in a mental institution.

Why? Because he honored his oath to defend the Constitution, because he stood up for the unalienable rights of ALL, including suspects, because he reported crimes and corruption within the organization where he served. Let this be made very clear, for it is the one true reason he has been targeted for political persecution.

Geral Sosbee did the right thing. He went through official channels to report crimes. Everything he did was right out in the open, honest and aboveboard. For this, he was punished, harassed and falsely labeled, his sanity impugned.

But it gets worse. In fact, it has continued to get worse as the years have gone by. The harassment has continued, unabated. Home invasions; theft and destruction of his possessions. Vandalism on his property, and on his vehicle(s). Stalked and accosted by thugs, in the library, at the mall. Extreme provocations, designed in an attempt to make him react in such a way that he could be arrested and charged with a crime, any crime which could serve as a pretext for prosecution of a person they know to be law-abiding, even when they –the FBI and police--  most certainly are not.

By now, everyone is well aware of the unconstitutional government spying on law-abiding citizens, as the National Security Surveillance State has become common knowledge. Geral Sosbee and I have been reporting on this for decades, but nobody wanted to listen. Oh, that can't happen here, they smugly proclaimed. You people must be paranoid, the government is not out to get you.

No? Then why are they still pursuing a vendetta against Geral Sosbee? Why is he under 24/7 surveillance? Why are the gov't-issue perps vandalizing his car, and why are the police trying to claim he is “paranoid” or “delusional” when he reports these crimes? The very same bogus accusation they used in 1978, when they forced Sosbee out of the FBI and began their campaign to destroy his life, piece by piece. What a startling coincidence.

Interestingly enough, during the time Sosbee reported FBI crimes, Ted L. Gunderson was the chief inspector. But I'll let Geral Sosbee speak for himself:

Sosbee writes for the record on April 30, 2005:

Gun [Gunderson] indicates on his website that he was chief inspector for the fbi in 1973; in such capacity, gun had the responsibility to investigate Sosbee's reports of fbi crimes during that year. Not only did he fail to perform his duties as chief inspector, he continued thereafter to serve in high level positions in the fbi at a time when Sosbee was being harassed for reporting the criminal conduct of numerous fbi agents as set forth in Sosbee v. FBI dot com.

This statement comes from a report (2005) in which Geral Sosbee defends Barbara Hartwell against libelous falsehoods by Ted Gunderson, including the lie that I am a "CIA disinfo agent", the primary smear used against me, spread all over the Internet and parroted by many of Gunderson's minions, as well as by government stooges and useful idiots worldwide.

Ted (The Gun) Gunderson. The very same FBI Chief/COINTELPRO Kingpin who was the former professional colleague of Barbara Hartwell (1997-2000), and who was not only responsible for failing to perform his duties in connection with Geral Sosbee's official reports of FBI corruption, but who was instrumental in destroying Sosbee's FBI career.

I broke off my association with Ted Gunderson in 2000, when I realized that Ted was not a "whistleblower" as he claimed, but the very COINTELPRO Kingpin, J. Edgar Hoover's protege', who was instrumental in wreaking havoc in so many lives of honorable Americans, Defenders of Liberty, Messengers of Truth. Civil Rights Activists. People like Martin Luther King Jr. Legitimate government whistleblowers, who honored their oath to defend the Constitution. People like Geral Sosbee.

In early 2001, a mutual acquaintance of Geral's and mine sent me a link to Geral's website. This was about a year after I had cut off contact with Ted Gunderson.

I guess I could say I should have been suspicious of Sosbee, “FBI whistleblower”, after what I'd been through with Ted Gunderson. But oddly enough, I wasn't. Once I started reading his website, it was almost like looking in a mirror, seeing the documentation of so many events and circumstances which had also happened to me.

And these same things had happened to two separate individuals, Sosbee and Hartwell, who did not know one another; who lived in widely separated geographical areas; whose only commonality was that we were both whistleblowers who reported corruption in the FBI, CIA and in the government at large. And, perhaps most importantly, both of whom were acting from a passion for justice.

Also notable was the fact that Geral and I had been targeted not only by the FBI (the case of Geral Sosbee), or CIA (the case of Barbara Hartwell), but each of us had been targeted by BOTH FBI and CIA.

And then, I did the unthinkable, at least for me. I reached out to make contact with Geral Sosbee. Why unthinkable? Because it was so out of character for me to initiate contact with someone I did not know. Because I am very reclusive by nature, and I'd had so many unfortunate experiences with those who had contacted me, or who were planted on me for less than honorable purposes. (Ted Gunderson is one such example.)

But now, all these many years later, I know it to be one of the best decisions I've ever made. In fact, I knew it within only a few weeks of making contact with Geral. We immediately recognized that each of us understood exactly what the other was talking about. There was no need for explanations as to the reasons for the events which had happened, nor was there any of the typical frustration which occurs when you can't “get through” to a person with whom you are discussing such a dilemma.

When you have been targeted for political persecution, as are most government whistleblowers, your life will be invaded at every level.
And you don't need to be “paranoid”, because you know, beyond any shadow of doubt, what, exactly, is happening, and why it is happening.

The following report by Geral Sosbee is the latest in a series, describing in detail the way he has been treated by the authorities when he reported crimes against himself and his wife, including felony stalking and vandalism.

Barbara Hartwell Percival
January 9, 2015

Public Integrity Case is Requested Against Detective Adrian Posada, Brownsville, Texas PD

My synthesis of the past two months of dealing with the Brownsville Texas Police corruption

January 7, 2016

AG File # 598043

Ken Paxton

Attorney General of Texas (AG)

P. O. Box 12548

Austin, Texas 78711-2548

Luis V. Saenz

Cameron County and District Attorney’s Office (DA)

964 E. Harrison Street

Brownsville, Texas 78520

Re: Continued intentional violation of the Texas Open Records laws by the Brownsville, Texas Police Department and Detective Posada

Open Records AG File # 598043; Public Integrity Case Against Brownsville Police (BPD) Detective Adrian Posada (Posada)

Enclosed is one copy each of the following documents:

My “Summary of Facts to Date”, Statement of Marco Gonzalez undated, delivered to me in person by Charlie Clark Nissan (CCN) Dealership Supervisor Eddie Villareal, copy of the false Posada police report # 1512-2240, dated December 16, 2015

I request that the AG order the BPD, Detective Posada, Internal Affairs Officer Rolando Vasquez (Vasquez), Commander James Paschal, the Lieutenant, name unknown, who ordered Posada to conduct inquiry at CCN on December 16, 2015, the records chief and any other person or official at the BPD to release each and every piece of information in their possession relating to my report of vandalism on my car (described in the Marco Gonzalez statement enclosed); this request includes all internal memos, notes, emails, verbal conversations, etc., relating to this case.

I request that the DA consider the evidence of official police corruption presented herein with respect to the initial cover up of the crimes that I tried to file with Posada, the subsequent false report written by Posada in efforts to cover up the initial cover up, and any other offense warranted by the law, public policy or ethical standards.

I request that the BPD order Vasquez to open an Internal Affairs case on Posada, but if Vasquez continues to stonewall, then I ask the DA to order the inquiry and to include Vasquez in the cover up adventure.

Please note that as of the typing of this letter, I await the promised message from Commander Paschal on this matter and I will include same if and when received, possibly by separate cover.

Seldom does one have an opportunity to show how the fbi interferes with local police nationwide; as I have previously documented the University of Texas police at the direction of the fbi refused to accept my reports of crimes, falsified a separate criminal episode, sent a thug named Alonzo Yanez to commit assault and battery on my person on campus, unlawfully threatened me with arrest, and harassed me every time I came on campus.

Other such instances of fbi’s use of police to commit crimes are documented on line. Also, on several occasions I and my property have sustained assaults and vandalism which I reported to the BPD, but no follow up investigation ever took place by the BPD. The BPD has several such reports of crimes on file.

This situation with Posada demands serious consideration because the fbi turns police into criminals at will nationwide, and no police official has the courage to state the facts of such illegal interference. I have never been accused of any offense (civil or criminal) in my life that I am aware of and no action has ever been taken against my law license.

Commander Paschal’s statement that “if I have a problem with the fbi, then contact the fbi” is at once misleading and insulting given the current apparent cooperation by BPD with the thugs of the fbi to my detriment. My problem with the fbi is that the police engage in crimes in order to help the fbi, as I set forth herein and in other letters on topic.

IF all authorities refuse to cooperate with these requests, then the fbi will continue to unlawfully torture, harass, imprison and kill our citizens with police participation everywhere.

I certify that I deliver this date via US mail a copy of this letter to the following person:

Commander James Paschal
Brownsville, Texas Police Department
600 East Jackson Street
Brownsville, Texas 78520

Thank you.

Geral Sosbee
Attorney, State Bar # 18855625
P.O. Box 1548
Brownsville, Texas 78522

Summary of Facts to Date:

On November 20, 2015

I and my wife tried to file a vandalism report with Detective Adrian Posada at the Brownsville, Texas Police Department (BPD), Brownsville, Texas. During the meeting Posada turned quasi hostile and began insulting me as he stated as follows:

1) filing a false police report is a crime

2) He and the BPD accept as fact any report of a medical doctor (referring to the false medical report of 'paranoia' recorded in the medical charts of Dr. Holder . See:

3) that I should take the medication referring to the Holder false finding of ‘paranoid delusional disorder’.

4) Posada also asked my wife (out of my hearing) where she met me.

During the entire 20 minute meeting, Posada did not ask me any questions regarding the vandalism that I tried to report. He did nothing on the case for 27 days, *pretended to provide me with a police report number which in reality I later learned was his own phone number, and ignored my efforts to reach him.

Only after I complained to various authorities did the Lieutenant of the BPD order Posada to go to Charlie Clark Nissan (CCN) to make a report. So, on December 16, 2015, Posada performed his creative writing report # 1512-2240 which is a transparent effort to justify his prior prejudicial and unprofessional conduct (failure to accept the report of a crime and failure to timely file a police report) as described herein.

Posada never contacted me for any information about his report # 1512-2240. His report is contradicted by the BPD Commander James Paschal and by the entire service department employees of CCN who had anything to do with the right front headlight vandalism incident.

The fact that Posada now refuses to add a supplement to his report, that the Commander refuses to order Posada to correct the report, and that the Commander now suggests to me to contact the fbi about "my problem with the fbi" are all indications that the BPD is influenced or corrupted by the fbi.

I continued my inquiry into Posada’s malicious actions as follows:

On January 7, 2016, the Service Director of Charlie Clark Nissan, Ruben Reyes, 2547 N. Expressway 77/83, Brownsville, Texas 78520, provided the following information regarding the November 20, 2015 repair of the right front headlight on my Nissan Sentra:

The dealership has never had an instance where the right front headlight apparatus fell out of the socket. Upon speaking with the service manager Eddie Villareal, Reyes states that no wires apparently came loose in my car, that the entire apparatus had become disconnected probably by someone who put his hand into the socket area, turning the knob to release the locking device and pulling out the lighting apparatus. No possibility exists that wires were pulled out or fell out because the wires are all contained within the apparatus that was removed from the socket.

The 'electrical connection' cannot come loose because they are also held in place by locks to secure the wiring within the apparatus.

Reyes also asked the mechanic to confirm this finding; the mechanic who reinstalled the apparatus into the socket is Marco Gonzalez who states as follows: the "...right side headlight bulb with socket out of place" and "This is not a common characteristic of 2014 Nissan Sentra." Marco Gonzalez's statement is attached hereto by

PDF at

Reyes also stated that he has never seen any Nissan Sentra, nor any other Nissan car where the entire right side headlight bulb with socket comes out of place as suggested by Posada and that a wiring problem does not exist in my Sentra. Reyes also explains that there was no "re-connecting the electrical connection" (in the words of Posada) because the entire apparatus contains all such electrical components which are contained within the larger lighting apparatus.

On the same day Commander James Paschal , Brownsville, Texas Police Department, stated as follows:

1) He spoke with the Ford Dealership and the service manager there advised that there are no instances where the entire apparatus of the right front headlight just falls out from vibration or movement of the vehicle.

2) If I have a problem with the fbi, I should contact the fbi.

3) He will not ask Posada to write a correction of the police report dated November 20, 2015 because it is the record, but that Commander Paschal would send me a brief statement of his own on this matter via email. Previously, Commander Paschal stated that after he reviewed the evidence, it appears to him that someone in fact entered my car, raised the hood and manually disconnected by unplugging the right front headlight apparatus.

Regarding the police report filed by Detective Adrian Posada, here are some of his statements in the report dated December 16, 2015, all of which are inconsistent with the facts recorded by the Charlie Clark Service Department:

"...the technician who worked on ...vehicle...said that the electrical connection had come loose from the right front headlight." "This disconnection can occur due to the vehicle's movement and/or engine vibrations." "He explained to me that there were no signs of any type of tampering. "He explained to me that his service department has had similar reports from other Nissan Vehicles and have repaired them by re-connecting the electrical connection. "Furthermore, he advised that it would be difficult for a person to enter the vehicle to disconnect the vehicle's headlight without having access inside and opening the opening the hood."

Detective Adrian Posada was and is today unprofessional and prejudicial in his actions and inactions concerning the crimes of felony stalking and vandalism that I reported to him. He obviously did not intend to write a report, but did so about a month later when his boss ordered him to file a report. 

His report is clearly an effort to try to justify his violations of BPD policy and public laws; Posada also seeks apparently to cover up his deceitful actions and his scare tactics used against me and my wife. His report #1512-2240 is a sham and Posada, Paschal, Vasquez, and the Lieutenant all know it, and they all join in to protect their own: Adrian Posada and his fbi contacts.

This situation is exemplary of how the fbi corrupts at will all police departments across the country.


*As my wife and I were leaving the BPD I asked Posada for a police file number so that I could have a copy of his report; he stated just a minute and went into the dispatch room to obtain a file number. When I returned two days later for a copy of the report the records clerk stated that the number I provided to her (as provided to me by Posada) was Posada’s phone number, and that no record exists on the vandalism incident.

Commander James Paschal falsely stated yesterday that within 24 hours he would email a statement to me wherein he would confirm his agreement with me that someone in fact vandalized my car and that Posada did not accurately report on the crime that I documented.

So, the top Commandant of the BPD is a liar, as is the BPD Internal Affairs Officer Rolando Vasquez who similarly failed to keep his word.

As for Posada, the reader can deduce for himself the low moral nature of this dangerous cop.

Paschal investigated to a small degree the crime that I & my wife reported. His findings include data confirming (or tending to confirm) my report.

Thereafter he promised that he would send me his findings. He did not.

Therefore, Paschal covered up the crimes, including the false police report by Posada.

Paschal COMMITTED a crime, by hiding his investigation.

End of Geral Sosbee's report.


When I mentioned the similar nature of the events which happened to me, I can attest in particular to the vandalism of my vehicles, over a period of more than 20 years.

I have had tampering with my vehicles, screws in the tires, brake lines severed, oil drained, parts removed, especially when the perps knew I was about to embark on a trip.

I have had car crashes, as a direct result of this vandalism, where in a few such cases it was nothing short of miraculous that I survived.

Geral Sosbee is telling the truth. I know this as well as I have ever known anything, under heaven, and on this earth.

And he is absolutely right when he says that the corruption of the police, under the orders of the FBI, has turned this nation into a terrible place, where citizens' rights are routinely violated, and where we cannot trust those who are public servants to carry out their appointed duties.

We live in a de facto Police State.

Only by continuing to report the crimes of those who took an oath to serve this nation, and only by exposing the corruption, on a case by case basis, only by holding them accountable under the law, can we have any hope of justice being served.

Barbara Hartwell Percival
Legal Defense & Research Trust
PO Box 22
Rhinebeck, NY 12572
Barbara Hartwell Vs. CIA