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Sunday, January 24, 2016

Howard Nemaizer & Todd Brendan Fahey: More Assaults on Barbara Hartwell by Cowardly Lying Demons from the Pit of Hell


It was to be expected. It was a foregone conclusion. That Todd Brendan Fahey would gleefully seize upon any opportunity to expand his obsessive, prolific libel campaign against Barbara Hartwell, ongoing since 2004.

Now, Fahey's fellow scumbag, Howard Nemaizer aka Nema, has provided that opportunity by publishing a spiteful smear piece, a defamatory rant filled with malicious lies, false accusations, monstrous invasions of my and my family's privacy.

For those not familiar with the hell-bound infamy of Todd Fahey, he is a malicious pathological liar; he is a government stooge and CIA-wannabe. He is a degenerate alcoholic and drug abuser/trafficker. Fahey is also a criminal psycho-stalker, a blackmailer, an identity thief and a promoter of pornographic filth. And most loathsome of all, a sex predator, including targeting children.

Todd Fahey is such a twisted psychopath that he actually has boasted of his many criminal offenses. But then, Fahey lives in the godforsaken territory of Southeast Asia, where child sex abuse and slavery is “legal”, and where he can feed his drug habits with no worries of being apprehended by the law. And no worries of any legal consequences regarding his criminal stalking, threats and harassment of Barbara Hartwell.

As for the offenses (criminal and civil) of this lowlife against Barbara Hartwell, I have documented well over a decade of such on this website.

Stalking, on foot and in cyberspace; criminal harassment, including by e-mail; death threats, against me and members of my family; monstrous invasions of privacy, including publishing my PRIVATE UNLISTED telephone numbers and PRIVATE UNLISTED street address, along with photos of my house; soliciting crimes against Barbara Hartwell by like-minded criminals, which resulted in thousands of $ in theft and property damage. Identity theft and fraud, publishing bogus appeals for donations, in the name of Barbara Hartwell; directing the readers to my PRIVATE UNLISTED street address to "make a donation". Publishing outrageous lies, including pornographic filth, in connection with my name.

In 2004, Fahey teamed up with the infamous psycho-stalker, career criminal/predicate felon, Timothy Patrick White aka Tim White, another government stooge and G-Man wannabe. Tim White, who made a deal with corrupt feds for a get-out-of-jail-free card, in exchange for harassing, stalking, threatening, libeling/slandering Targets of the fed government, including CIA whistleblower Barbara Hartwell, considered Public Enemy Number One by this particular crew of criminals, headed by FBI Chief/COINTELPRO Kingpin Ted L. Gunderson.

And like Todd Fahey, Tim White is a child porno freak, who only avoided being charged with possession of child pornography (along with his massive collection of “legal” pornography) by making his deal with feds to reduce his prison sentence (convicted of drug-trafficking) from four (4) years to five (5) months. Tim White and Todd Fahey, known as The Demonic Duo by their Targets, wreaking havoc on us with their stalking, criminal harassment, threats of bodily harm and death, and vile calumny.

But let's not forget another member of this crew of malicious liars and criminal offenders, one Ken Adachi (a pseudonym), who served for more than a decade as the primary PR shill for Ted Gunderson, until Gunderson's death in 2011.

Adachi's website, 'Educate Yourself' (aka Indoctrinate Yourself), is a New Age, anti-Christian, government disinfo/controlled opposition site, on which many legitimate government whisteblowers and journalists are libeled, in attempts to discredit our work, including the late Michael Ruppert, Dr. Len Horowitz, Sherri Kane, former FBI agent Geral Sosbee, and Barbara Hartwell. In fact, Adachi has dedicated a section of his website to libeling Barbara Hartwell, titled, "Barbara Hartwell Founder and CEO of Liars, Inc."

Who are the “authors” featured on Adachi's website? Who are the “sources” for his defamatory pieces against Barbara Hartwell? Primarily Todd Brendan Fahey and Tim White, along with other liars, stalkers, criminals and government stooges, including Pamela Schuffert and Brenda Negri.

And now comes Howard Nemaizer, promoting the same outrageous lies, engaging in defamation, libel and slander, the same monstrous invasions of privacy against Barbara Hartwell.

So it came as no surprise when Todd Fahey, publisher of “Friends of Liberty” (aka Friends of Obscenity) wasted no time in grabbing Howard Nemaizer's piece of lying filth from “Truth Talk News” (aka Trash Talk News).

I refuse to go anywhere near Fahey's vile website, haven't since 2004, and don't intend to subject myself to the vile comments of the crew of loathsome reprobates who post their filth in response to Fahey's demonic lies.

I found the link to Howard Nemaizer's trash on Fahey's site while conducting a search which had nothing to do with Fahey or Nemaizer. But, as usual, the never-ending tide of sewage appeared, in connection with my name, and I can easily imagine the rest.

Back to Howard Nemaizer, who has shown himself, through his words and actions, to be cut from the same loathsome cloth as Todd Fahey, Tim White, Ken Adachi et al. Just another utterly dishonorable, unconscionable, morally bankrupt scumbag.

But what, you might ask, led to Howard Nemaizer's defamatory assaults on Barbara Hartwell?

The answer is very simple, as is usual in such cases. Howard Nemaizer is a typical gate-crasher, an amateur wannabe, who thought he could latch on to a legitimate, bona fide government whistleblower, in his attempts to make a name for himself.

Nemaizer is a used car salesman, claiming to be a “journalist”, who decided to get into the “conspiracy” business, seeking public attention, just another media whore. Nemaizer has no background or training whatsoever in any profession, and does not know what the hell he is talking about.

Nemaizer began by exploiting the name and website of Barbara Hartwell, posting fraudulent notices, such as “TRUSTED PARTNERS IN TRUTH”, in which my name was linked with his own (using the pseudonym Howard Nema), and with others, including Janet Phelan and Harry Link, both of whom he KNEW were persons I had publicly denounced, for cause.

Nemaizer promoted a career criminal/predicate felon, a psychopath convicted on multiple counts of felony arson, Keith Mutch, with whom Nemaizer had been affiliated, airing his program, “Truth Talk News”, on a radio station run by Mutch, which promoted satanic heavy metal "music", and the logo of the station is a demonic flaming skeleton.

This, on the same damned pages promoting the fraudulent notices, exploiting the name of Barbara Hartwell.

Nemaizer also exploited my name in direct connection with his written commentaries, in which he promoted false information, and even plagiarized the work of others, both legitimate and not.

He made videos, exploiting my name, again promoting false information, based only on his own subjective and unwarranted assumptions, and wild speculation.

Howard Nemaizer stole material, in the form of audiotapes and video, in which he violated a good faith verbal agreement, by publishing material belonging to Barbara Hartwell, without my knowledge or permission.

When, beginning in December 2014, I publicly protested Howard Nemaizer's wrongful and injurious actions, which exploited and damaged my good name, by misrepresenting me in a false light, rather than having even the common decency to remove the false information and issue a public retraction and apology, Nemaizer arrogantly chose to disregard my public request, my subsequent demands, a formal warning and formal complaint. (All documented on this website.)

Instead, Nemaizer simply left all the false information, in connection with my name, on his websites. He then stated that he refused to remove the fraudulent notices, unless “Barbara Hartwell would like to pay me for my time”, attempting to cash in on his own injurious offenses against an injured party, namely Barbara Hartwell.

Nemaizer also attacked me with false accusations and character assassination. Anything but to admit he was in the wrong and make amends for his offenses.

Finally (last thing I knew) Howard Nemaizer posted an outrageously defamatory smear piece, including bearing false witness and monstrous invasions of privacy, which has now been spread far and wide by those of Nemaizer's loathsome ilk, including Todd Brendan Fahey and his accomplices.

For those who find it hard to believe that corrupt government agencies would use criminal hirelings to do their dirty work, the evidence is everywhere. Some are paid shills, others are simply stooges and dupes with a vendetta against a legitimate whistleblower, who eagerly join in to parrot the lies of the government operatives and their minions. But the results are the same: The Target is attacked with outrageous lies, the damages irreparable.

I am more disgusted than I could ever express.

I pray for God's swift and terrible justice upon all of these malicious liars, these reprobates, these lowlife criminals, these cowardly, lying demons from the pit of Hell.

May their lies come back to haunt them, may they reap what they have sown, may their names live in perpetuity, only in the infamy which they have earned by their pursuit of evil against others.

Barbara Hartwell Percival
January 24, 2016

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