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Monday, March 12, 2012

Fed Snitch, Internet Trash-Picker, Psycho Stalker Tim White Strikes Again!

On March 9, I posted a report:
Anti-Jewish Propaganda Run Amok in the Patriot Community
Also see (March 5):
Murder in Their Hearts: "NUKE ISRAEL" & Ethnic Cleansing of "Edomites"
Both reports exposed the virulent Jew-hater propaganda which is rife within the so-called "patriot" community. I couldn't be more disgusted and outraged about this, since very few people have cared enough to stand up against these hate-mongers. Investigative journalist Janet Phelan is one of only a few. Janet is one of my closest friends and I have tremendous respect for her courage and integrity in literally risking her life to expose crimes against the elderly, as well as crimes against the general American populace (including genocide plots involving biological warfare).
I knew it would only be a matter of time before the notorious predicate felon, fed snitch and  COINTELPRO stooge Timothy Patrick White slathered on his war paint and went on the attack (once again) against Janet Phelan.
In fact Tim White (aka Patrick Alexander aka George Mateski) has been engaged in criminal harassment, felony threatening, and stalking of Janet Phelan since at least 2005, when he tried to set her up by luring her to Denver, Colorado, where he was then living. Realizing that something was very "wrong" with Tim White, since he had proven himself a liar and an untrustworthy individual, Janet didn't take the bait, and White immediately began his efforts to destroy her. In addition to the threats and stalking (White actually followed Janet across the country with stalking accomplice Pam Schuffert), he initiated a massive slander/libel campaign, which is still going on to this very day.
But Janet Phelan is far from the only Target of Tim White; in fact his Targets are legion. Why is this criminal stalker, Tim White, "on the case" of so many decent, hardworking  journalists, whistleblowers and genuine patriots? The answer is simple. White made a deal with corrupt feds and law enforcement to reduce his prison time (he served only five months on a four year sentence, and was never charged for the felony crime of possession of child pornography) in return for his "cooperation" in harassing and threatening Targets of the fed government, those of us who defend Liberty and God-given rights.
How low and how cowardly would anyone have to be, to sell out his country and those defending it,  to throw in his lot with government criminals, just to cover for his own sorry little self?
Tim White, upon reading the article posted on my website (March 9) sent libelous e-mails about Janet Phelan to several people, including Hanna Jaeckel, who had addressed the issue of Janet being attacked on the air simply for being "Jewish" and that the radio program, hosted by Mike Harris (RBN) had been derailed from the original topic turned into a Jew-bashing fest.
These libelous e-mails are nothing new. Tim White and his accomplices have been circulating them for years, to the point that they have saturated the Internet.
Here are only a few of the e-mail exchanges which Tim White shot off to several recipients. I have not included the libelous material about Janet and her father, James Phelan. Unfortunately, anyone can find those just by doing a search. 
Date: Sat, 10 Mar 2012
From: Tim White
Subject: Fw:
To: Hanna Jaeckel;Mike Harris; Gordon Duff/Senior Editor-VETERANS TODAY; Tom Valentine; Jim W Dean
Cc: John Stadtmiller you have ANY IDEA WHO Janet Phelan IS and WHY are you having her on Veterans Today like I just read in an article ??
Tim White
From: Hanna Jaeckel
To: Tim White; Gordon Duff
Cc: Janet Phelan
Date: Sunday, March 11, 2012

White ... this is one of those to which any sane person's reaction has to be: wonder if this guy forgot to take his meds today! Are you sure that you are alright? 
I am most certain that if you dug a little deeper, you would find potos of James Phelan with any number of famous and infamous people - HE WAS A JOURNALIST fer chrissakes and a damned good one. Did you bother, or even think of, asking yourself, why somebody might have smeared him? Hint hint - he investigated the murder of John F. Kennedy! You are not an analytical character are you?

Nice job you attempted to do on Janet Phelan - nice picking of the worst lies and insinuations, I mean. What's your investment in sitting picking internet garbage for hours on end? You cannot honestly believe the garbage you have cut'n pasted below ... you are not that intellectually challenged??? It never dawned on you that somebody in Janet Phelan's profession will inevitably get too close to the truth for some heavy weights' comfort and then they order little oafs like you to smear the investigative journalist. I'd say "shame on you", if I thought that you were a man of honour - but I'll settle for: "how stupid can you get". Did you even bother reading through Phelan's website and acquaint yourself with her body of work? Narw ... not exciting enough - eh?

Seriously, it must have taken hours to collect all the garbage below - I hope they pay you well for your time!

Hanna Jaeckel
From: Tim White
Date: Fri, 21 Jul 2006
To: Ralph Schoenman


I have lots to tell you about Janet Phelan and what she tried to do to me besides.I will destroy whatever she is up to regarding her lies and I would very much appreciate anything that you can give me about her. She is very evil intentioned but using the standard "truth seeker journalist" garbage as cover--I know that drill only too well.


Tim White,Viet Nam Vet(USAF)
Concerned Citizen,Researcher,Investigator,Whistleblower
Note that Tim White signs his name with bogus "credentials". White is a rank amateur, uneducated, and not trained as any kind of "researcher", much less "investigator".  And considering the fact that he was never involved in any government operations (except being an "airplane mechanic" who never saw combat), and has no firsthand knowledge of the topics he addresses, he is no more a "whistleblower" than any one of thousands of amateur cyber-junkies with time on his hands, parroting the second and third hand "information" he scavenges from the wrtitings of others (both legitimate and otherwise) in his daily obsessive trolling of the Internet. Tim White, aside from being a career criminal, is a government stooge, trash-picker and malicious whackjob, nothing more.

Ralph Schoenman  wrote:

Dear Tim,

Thanks so much for the heads-up. By all means, let me know what your experience of Janet Phelan has been. She is attacking anyone who mentions her father's role for CIA in subborning witnesses in the JFK killing and in seeking to threaten them and destroy Jim Garrison's  investigative work. I shall forward you the information on her that I have.

I don't know Ralph Schoenman, but the fact that he would be in collusion with the likes of Tim White tells me all I need to know. I also found this, for anyone interested in who he might be.
Long active in political life, Schoenman initiated the anti-American Committee of 100 which organized mass civil disobedience against nuclear weapons and U.S. bases in Great Britain. He was also founder and Director of the Maoist [North] Vietnam Solidarity Campaign [making him a Jewish Hanoi Jane?]
He also has been co-director of the Committee in Defense of the Palestinian and Lebanese Peoples, Director of the [socialist] American Workers and Artists for Solidarity and Executive Director of the Palestine Campaign which called for an end to all aid to Israel and for a democratic secular Palestine completely replacing Israel.
His recent and current causes include criticizing U.S. aggression against Osama Bin Laden and also speaks out against Zionism on many college campuses thereby creating more and more anti-Jews!
YouTube video of this anti-American, commie.
From: Paul Andrew Mitchell
Dear Mike Rivero, Janet Phelan is a known black ops perpetrator and "false opposition"
To: Mike Rivero

Cc: Tim White

This character, Paul Andrew Mitchell, has also jumped on the bandwagon to libel Janet Phelan. And since Janet is the furthest thing from a "black ops perpetrator", this guy has got to be another idiot, parroting what he has heard or read from others of his ilk.
From: Zero to Hero Productions  [Alex Studer]Subject: Phelan CIA disinfo on AJ show
To: Edward Spencer
Cc: Tim White
Thursday, November 17, 2011, 5:03 PM
Apparently not many are aware that crypto-jew Phelan is cointelpro and are not aware of her father's history.

Seeing her on the AJ show, the same show that hosts cointelpro's founder Bert Stubblebine and his wife Rima Laibow, it all makes sense.

When will people wake up to the ruse of AJs jesuitical practices?

People are so easily duped, this makes me want to start selling the Golden Gate Bridge again.

And finally, we come to Alex Studer (his Targets call him Stooger), a government stooge and longtime accomplice of Tim White. Studer is a Jew-hater and loudmouthed busybody who parrots anything he reads or hears, from any source, and then posts it on his idiotic website.
He recently claimed on his radio show that he did "not know" Tim White.  Studer is a liar, as he has been in collusion with White for years, in his libel/slander campaign against Janet Phelan, Barbara Hartwell, Sherri Kane and Len Horowitz. In fact, Studer teamed up with Tim White and "True" Ott to produce a videotape, stolen from Sherri Kane by another accomplice, for the purpose of malicious libel and slander against Horowitz and Kane.
Studer also lied about Ted Gunderson, in a letter to the FBI. He claimed Ted Gunderson was a "personal friend", and then later let it slip in another commentary that he had "never had any contact with Gunderson". How typical.
I also laughed when I saw that "Timothy Patrick White" had been added to Studer's "Psy Ops Wall of Shame".  Studer wouldn't know a 'psy op' from a hole in the wall. This slug, Studer, like his erstwhile pal, Tim White, is also a porno freak who defends pedophiles.
Alex Studer doesn't know what the hell he is talking about, no matter the subject. Note that he claims Bert Stubblebine was the founder of COINTELPRO. No, Stooger, you fat fool, that was J. Edgar Hoover.
As for Janet Phelan, she is no "crypto jew" (AS IF it were a crime to be a "Jew", so that somebody might want to hide it.) And Studer is so stupid that in parroting the lies of Tim White, he also blames Janet for what White falsely claims her father was involved in.
What a bunch of lowlife morons!
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