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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

EDOMANIA: Disease of Choice for Psychopaths




















Alex Studer, who calls himself the "host" of a website named Lab Virus, has  since at least 2008, been in collusion with a criminal network (which includes racketeering), formerly headed by the late FBI Chief and COINTELPRO Kingpin, Ted L. Gunderson.


Ted Gunderson was ex-officio COINTELPRO, working directly under J. Edgar Hoover, who initiated the counterintelligence program in 1956, and for the remainder of his life since his "retirement"  (1979) continued his "unofficial" activities as de facto COINTELPRO. 


Gunderson exploited a loosely organized network of minions, all strictly amateurs, to do his bidding. When it comes to Ted Gunderson, I speak from many years of personal and professional experience; I had known him since 1997, first as a colleague and friend, and from 2000 (when I broke off my association with him) until his death in July 2011, as an adversary. I have come under intense attack, all these years, by Gunderson's gaggle of stooges, because I have exposed Ted Gunderson and several of his cronies, along with this COINTELPRO network, naming the names and furnishing hard evidence and documentation to support the facts in my reports.

More recently, investigative journalists Dr. Leonard Horowitz and Sherri Kane have exposed the very same network of criminals, after they too became Targets of the COINTELPRO. Horowitz was targeted in 2007, when his name was added to a forged list of Knights of Malta, with the intent to discredit him and ruin his reputation as the foremost whistleblower exposing the evils of the  pharmaceutical industry, and much more. Sherri Kane's investigations of the criminal conspiracy which had targeted Horowitz subsequently brought to light the connections among these criminals and brought further clarification of their nefarious agenda. As a result, Sherri Kane was added to the Target list --with a vengeance. 
Alex Studer is only one of many government stooges being exploited by current and former corrupt government officials, specifically to promote disinformation and libelous/slanderous falsehoods  about designated Targets of the fed government (legitimate whistleblowers, journalists and human rights activists). In Studer's case, he answers directly to a charlatan who calls himself  "Dr.  A. True Ott, PhD" (real name, Alma C. Ott), a Gunderson crony from way back. And since Studer is only a dupe of this criminal network, not any kind of mover or shaker, he simply "follows orders" and just parrots anything which is fed to him, most notably the outrageous lies about the Targets of the criminal conspiracy.
Anyone who reads the commentaries Studer posts, over a period of time, may see that he contradicts himself on a regular basis, as well as telling bald-faced lies. There is no consistency, because Studer lacks any real information or facts; he is just repeating what he has heard or read from others.  So, the stories change from week to week, month to month, depending always on what "news" is provided by those using him as their Town Crier. 
Studer (like his fellow stooges) is an extremely aggressive busybody, a loudmouthed vulgarian who spews obscenities, a porno freak and pedophile advocate. He hates Jews (whom he calls "Edomites" and "Khazars"); and promotes genocide by selling a line of products with the slogan: "NUKE ISRAEL". Studer also hates women (he calls us "sluts", "whores" and much worse) and promotes  other bigots and white-supremacists like Craig Oxley, who claim that black people are "the lower races".
Alex Studer, like his fellow stooge, Tim White, and like all busybodies, just can't seem to mind his own business, but is a self-appointed Town Crier for the personal, private business of his Targets.
These busybodies from Hell (as I call them) will engage in monstrous invasions of privacy, such as publicizing PERSONAL PRIVATE information, especially  when the Target has taken measures to protect his/her privacy, which is every person's God-given right.
For example, Studer, in collusion with criminal stalkers Tim White, Todd Brendan Fahey (aka "Xena Carpenter") has published the (former) UNLISTED PRIVATE street address of Barbara Hartwell, at a time when I was still living at that address, also soliciting further crimes against me by like-minded thugs. 
Alex Studer promotes the outrageous lies about Targets, fabricated by his fellow stooges, people like James F. Marino, yet another busybody  from Hell, a gate-crasher who sticks his nose in the private business of others and posts false reports about Targets. 
I lived in blissful ignorance of the existence of this stooge, Alex Studer, until one day a few years back I found my name, Barbara Hartwell, splashed across the front page of his website. Studer's comments about me were the typical smears, such as "Barbara Hartwell is a CIA agent", one of many lies Studer had been told by predicate felon Tim White and his accomplices. Studer also accused me of "attacking" people like Tim White, Alma Ott (aka "True" Ott), Ted Gunderson, Doug Millar, Ken Adachi et al (all of whom he said he "likes and respects"), when in fact I had simply EXPOSED these criminals after they harassed, stalked, threatened, libeled and slandered me and my colleagues as part of  the COINTELPRO campaign.
And Alex Studer has continued to libel and slander Barbara Hartwell ever since. Just the other day I again found my name splashed on the front page of his website. So, if Studer thinks I would just stand by and allow him to continue with his grievous assaults on my good name, he is mistaken.
Alex Studer has chosen to afflict himself with a filthy disease: I call it  Edomania. Although this disease is contagious, it requires the consent of the one afflicted. In other words, Edomania is a personal choice, like joining the Communist party, say, or the KKK. True, you'd have to be pretty stupid to believe the "Edomite" hate propaganda, and to become an Edomaniac, but never let it be said that any form of intellectual discernment stood in Studer's way.
In his articles attacking people who are Jewish, every other word is "Edomite". Anything bad that happens? Blame it on the Edomites. Don't like what someone is saying? Call him an Edomite. Not sure what nationality or ethnic origin? Just to be safe, label her an Edomite.
Studer is, as usual, parroting his mentor, "True Ott" another rabid Jew-hater and Edomaniac.
In the article given here, Studer makes his usual pathetic attempt to defend the indefensible: Gross violations of the privacy of Horowitz and Kane; libel and slander; theft of private property; conspiracy to defraud the public; racketeering.
Alex Studer, in collusion with a known predicate felon, career criminal, Timothy Patrick White, and Alma Ott aka "True" Ott, a charlatan and plagiarist, using fraudulent credentials of PhD and N.D. to sell his wares and to promote his Jew-hater Edomite propaganda, did with malicious intent, engage in producing a videotape of a PRIVATE conversation between Horowitz and Kane, which he disseminated all over the Internet, causing grievous harm and massive damages to Horowitz and Kane. 
Studer also posted an affidavit from one R.J. Hampton (see link below), the original thief who with malicious intent, gave the stolen videotape to Horowitz's ex-wife, who after failing in her attempt to use it to blackmail Dr. Horowitz, then turned it over to "True" Ott and his co-conspiritors, Tim White and Alex Studer.
Kane files false DMCA claim of copyright infringement - again
"The Edomite bopsie twins are at it again.  Purple Gang Horowitz and Sherri "Crack" Caananite are once again filing false DMCA claims with the host of my blog, claiming that by publishing the video footage below I am in violation of copyright.  Nothing could be further from the truth.  The posts Horowitz and Kane continue their attacks - on The Micro Effect, Dr. Ott and me, Deconstructing the Lies of Len Horowitz, Sherri Kane and Barbara Hartwell, and The former website was abruptly shut down by Wordpress after false allegations of "copyright infringement" and being given no chance to challenge the false claims - have all been removed from being published to draft status.  I have filed a DMCA counter-claim showing the notarized signed express permission and expect to have the posts restored promptly.

With the continued attacks coming from these Edomite agent-provocateurs, I have no problem showing the world the true nature of these cruel backstabbing liars, which they want very much to hide from the public, instead portraying themselves as crusaders for health - promoting a very dangerous "love" frequency of 528 (the real healing frequency is 728) and publishing slanderous lies about truthful researchers whom they consider a threat for exposing the truth of who they really are: edomite infiltrators into the "truth" movement, likely working for the very cointelpro they accuse me and so many others of being.  Not knowing the first thing about me at all, they have resorted to making stuff up to suit their agenda, levying all sorts of false allegations about me along with a number of others.  Most recently they have published a fake "criminal complaint" they claim to have filed with the FBI - a complete and utter hoax.

Sherri Kane does NOT own the copyright to the footage in the video below.  RJ Hampton does, and RJ has provided me with EXPRESS WRITTEN PERMISSION which has been notarized and which I have in my personal possession, to use and publish this footage."
"Not knowing the first thing about me at all, they have resorted to making stuff up to suit their agenda, levying all sorts of false allegations about me along with a number of others."
Alex Studer claims Horowitz and Kane are "making stuff up" about him. Like what, Studer? Naturally he doesn't elaborate and makes no attempt to refute the so-called "false allegations". When Studer and his accomplices promote outrageous lies about Barbara Hartwell, I am easily able to refute them, one by one, and that is precisely what I do. And contrary to Studer's claim, we know a great deal about him: just read the rest of this report to see for yourself.
There is no "hoax" here. I've read the criminal complaint and I happen to know that it is based on facts, and supported by hard evidence.
But speaking of the FBI, let us now examine Alex Studer's own letter, sent to the San Francisco Field Office. Studer posted this letter on his previous website, Lab Virus, before it was taken offline for "violations of terms of service", as a result of a very VALID complaint filed by Sherri Kane.
Shortly after posting this letter, Studer changed his mind and removed it, saying he did not want all this information about himself  "out there, hanging in the wind".  Too late, Studer. Your stupidity and dishonesty has been memorialized, so that next time you change your story, we can all clearly  see the contradictions.
But this is what happens when a government stooge thinks he can tangle with professionals. Stooger, you made a big mistake the first time you ever defamed my good name, or the names of my friends and colleagues.
Note that Alex Studer, as usual, does not even use his real name, only "Alex S." It is not even given on his website. Why is that? Is he ashamed of his name?
My comments are in brackets, preceded by my initials, BHP. 

"Addressing it head on"

"I am fully aware that official process indicates one should complete and send or fax a signed FOIA request if I would like to see any information on me the FBI may be holding on file.  I am more than prepared to do so, however I have hope that out of civility and politeness I might somehow persuade someone in the SF bureau to honor me this one simple request and allow me please to appear in your office with proper ID downtown in the federal building and be able to receive copies of whatever may be in my “file”, as soon as possible without having to wait for the grinding wheels of beaurocracy to send me mail some six weeks later.
My name is Alex S. DOB XXXXXX, and I appeared on KTVU’s 10 o’clock news just last night briefly in a piece which aired featuring allegations made by John Bennett of FBI against Robert MacDougall of child pornography among other things.

I am certain that in my file it shows clearly that I grew up a classmate of the Getty children at Town School here in SF and worked periodically for Ann Getty and at one point ran payroll for the entire house staff including several active duty veteran SFPD homicide cops including former homicide chief Armand Gordon.  [apologies to the Gettys if this is perceived as a violation of a non-disclose agreement - it is not done with any malicious intent]
[BHP: Studer apparently thinks that name-dropping will get him in the FBI's good graces. Who cares who he worked for?]  

My grandfather was Julian F. McGowin of Chapman, Alabama.  He went to Oxford with his three other brothers, one of whom was a full Rhodes scholar.  My grandfather founded the library at Pembroke College in England.

Not sure if my file shows that my first uncle was the late Samuel A. Adams a veteran patriot CIA agent during Vietnam and afterward, author of the book exemplifying political corruption of the military process called War Of Numbers.   Likely you have all at least heard of if not read this book as I understand it to be officer training 101 in all branches of the armed services.
[BHP: Note that Studer operates on the assumption that the FBI actually keeps a file on him. But why would they do that? Studer is a nobody as far as the FBI is concerned. They don't keep files on whackjobs who have delusions of their own importance. But again, Studer boasts of his relatives, thinking he can impress the FBI. Nobody cares, Studer.]

My file likely also shows what is very publicly available information regarding my arrest and conviction record showing several DUI and public drunk SFPD arrests but no convictions.  I imagine my record looks rather clean by your standards.  Certainly I am confident there is nothing in my file that may suggest anything relating to pedophilia, sex crimes, or child pornography.  Certainly nothing to suggest I may be a dangerous terrorist or a threat to anyone of any kind.
[BHP: So Alex Studer admits to being a drunk. No surprise here. I can only imagine what kind of  sordid incidents this big fat stooge was involved in...maybe like making stump speeches against the "Edomites" and throwing his weight around, thinking he was WAKING UP the passersby on the street to the TRUTH.]

I make this request because I have been alerted that perhaps some people I do not know and who have chosen to cause me harm may have done so by showing up in your offices some weeks ago and filing false statements of some sort of seriously illegal activity upon receipt of which your bureau reportedly then began an undercover surveillance operation on me.  It is my intention to get to the bottom of what falsehoods were alleged and filed with signatures, when, and by whom.  The two suspects I am investigating are known as “Doctor” Len Horowitz and a woman named Sherri Kane.
[BHP: Is this hilarious, or what? Studer's paranoid fantasies are surfacing again. In fact, there was never any FBI "surveillance operation" on him. Does he think the FBI would waste time and manpower on the likes of him? To what end?
And for Studer's edification, I know for a fact that the "suspect", Leonard Horowitz had never even heard of Alex Studer at the time Studer wrote this ludicrous letter to the FBI.  How stupid could he possibly be? Is he watching too many reruns of Law and Order or Criminal Minds?
No, the surveillance operation was not on Studer, but on his pal, Robert Glenn MacDougall, who actually DID HAVE a large collection of child pornography, and was arrested for same. 
And in point of fact, Len Horowitz and Sherri Kane had absolutely NOTHING to do with the arrest of MacDougall, a man they'd never heard of until Alex Studer paraded his fat sleazy self in front of TV cameras in defense of the pedophile child porno freak.]  

These two work for COINTELPRO as I understand, a domestic spy group created by retired army general Albert Stubblebine.  Apparently because of the content of my blog at and the nature of my association with other researchers such as Dr. A. True Ott PhD of Ogden UT, and the apparent accuracy of much of my findings exposing crimes and harmful acts of these two and those they associate with, they have chosen to launch an attack now at me, after already having launched similar attacks against Dr Ott and Ted Gunderson among others.  They arrived a week early prior to speaking as headliners at the Conspiracy Conference down in Santa Clara a few weeks ago, apparently with the sole intent of filing with your SF office such false allegations against me and others, knowing these acts would trigger a chain of events hopefully leading to my incarceration for federal charges, albeit falsely alleged charges.  It would seem their plan failed, and instead the wrong person was targeted, and now there are serious damages to be accounted for on many fronts, some of which have affected me personally.
[BHP: Now, Studer brings up COINTELPRO, falsely accusing Horowitz and Kane of being involved. Studer's profound ignorance again surfaces. He knows nothing whatsoever about COINTELPRO.  Remember, this letter is to the FBI. As if the FBI wouldn't know that COINTELPRO was initiated NOT by Albert Stubblebine, but by J. Edgar Hoover? And Studer is actually SO STUPID as to think he is "informing" the FBI about their own operations?
Studer then accuses the FBI of "targeting" the wrong person. In fact, nobody was "targeted", certainly not Alex Studer. A criminal perp (MacDougall) was arrested for the felony crime of possession of child pornography. Why is that so difficult for Studer to comprehend? It seems his conspiracy theories and his false sense of his own importance are breaking his grip on reality.] 

I would like very much to find out who did this to me; creating an elaborate plan to frame me for trumped up federal charges, and as I understand it you folks are in possession of such records.  With your assistance by allowing me to bypass the red tape of procedure by mailing/faxing my request and waiting, and allowing me to come in personally to receive what records of me you have on file, I would be best enabled to begin sorting out the actual truth behind what has transpired and best be able to defend myself and go after the real criminals in this scenario.  Hopefully I am appealing to your well-developed sense of duty to protect the process of justice.
[BHP: Now Alex Studer toadies to the FBI, being the bootlicker he is. But again, NOBODY was ever framed or set up. Certainly not Alex (the stooge) Studer. I can only imagine how the agents must have been falling off their chairs in hilarity, reading this buffoon's comments about "duty" and the "process of justice"!]

Friends I have in the intelligence community have informed me that the FBI/SF has currently an ongoing surveillance operation targeting me since January perhaps based on certain false allegations that may have been filed by these two in your office alleging my involvement somehow perhaps in child-porn related activities.  These same intel sources also inform me that it is possible that the arrest made in January of Robert MacDougall and his charges may have possibly been mistakenly misdirected as they may have been originally intended to have been targeted toward me in some sort of a setup frame job attempt.  These same intel operatives continue to inform me that a possibility exists additionally that perhaps at least one FBI agent may have knowingly acted further based on what was then known to be false allegations and may not have divulged this information to his superiors as he did so.
[BHP: Studer now boasts of his "friends in the intelligence community" giving him inside information about the FBI "targeting" him. What friends are these, I wonder. Whoever they are, they are obviously not "in the loop", as their information turned out to be blatantly false. More likely they are just G-Man wannabes... a dime a dozen in the crowd Studer hangs out with.
And why is Alex Studer so worried about being "framed" for child pornography? He's already admitted publicly to being a user of pornography, so he has made it a known fact that he is a porno freak. Does Alex Studer also have child pornography on his computer? If not, why get his knickers in a twist over the FBI finding it?
In another commentary Alex Studer actually admitted that he had DESTROYED HIS COMPUTER WITH A SLEDGE HAMMER! 
Why on earth would he do something like that?  1) Either he is so paranoid that he is being "set up", or 2) He needed to be damn certain sure that child pornography would never be found, by the FBI or anyone else.
After all, Studer's pals and accomplices are collectors of child pornography. Tim White, for one, who was never charged for possession of same after he made a deal with the feds in 2002. And Robert Glenn MacDougall, whom Studer claims as a "friend and neighbor", and whose "defense" he vigorously pursued, even after the FBI found a large collection of child pornography in MacDougall's vehicle. 
THERE WAS NO SET-UP. A criminal was arrested, for good cause. Period. Case closed.]

I am a not-too close but still personal friend of Ted Gunderson, former Los Angeles FBI Station chief.  He is in poor health fighting cancer and does not have much time or energy to devote to helping me at all, and I don’t wish to bother him.
[BHP: Now we come to one hell of a bald- faced lie from Alex Studer: 
"I am a not-too close but still personal friend of Ted Gunderson, former Los Angeles FBI Station chief."
Studer once again attempts to impress the FBI with this boast. But it is not true. Studer, in another commentary, later let it slip that in fact he had "never had any contact with Ted Gunderson." 
How, pray tell, could you be a "personal friend" (which you highlighted in bold type) of a man you never had any contact with?  You couldn't, you weren't, and in fact Ted Gunderson never even heard of you!  
You are a liar, Alex Studer, boasting of your "friends" in the intelligence community and exploiting names of people like Ted Gunderson in order to prop up the agenda of your lowlife criminal pals, and at the same time to attack innocent people (whom you also do not know) like Dr. Leonard Horowitz, Sherri Kane, and Barbara Hartwell.
How utterly loathsome and shameful.]

Please humor me and allow me the privilege of appearing in your office to receive copies of my FBI file as soon as possible so that I may hunt down the real truth and help you folks discover who the actual perpetrators of high crimes and misdemeanors are, who are hurting well-meaning patriots such as myself and my colleagues, and who apparently are playing the FBI like a fiddle as their weapon of destruction.  The sooner you can help me, the sooner I can help you begin to wipe inevitable egg of the FBI’s face for foolishly falling for the pure ruse presented by Len Horowitz and Sherri Kane which no doubt will inevitably harm the FBI down the road as well.

Im guessing you already have my cell number and are actively recording every conversation.  You folks are welcome to call me anytime on that number.
In the spirit of truth, liberty and justice,

Alex S.
"In the spirit of truth, liberty and justice?"
This one speaks for itself as to Alex Studer's flagrant stupidity. He thinks the FBI is going to award him special status and privileges? Who in hell does Alex Studer think he is? Maybe he removed this letter because in a rare moment of sobriety and clarity, even he realized how idiotic it makes him look.
Yeah, the feds are actively recording every conversation! They are on the case! They have Alex Studer's cell number!
The FBI never heard of you, Alex Studer, not until you wrote your asinine letter. Maybe you were drunk when you wrote it? That would certainly explain your delusional grandiosity.
Alex Studer:
You continue to hang yourself with your own words. You contradict yourself, you lie, and your knowledge of the topics you write about is nil. You are nothing but a lowlife racist, misogynist bigot, a porno freak, a busybody and stooge with a negatively inflated ego, a wannabe who pathetically fancies himself a "player".
I would advise you to STOP slinging my name around and to MIND YOUR OWN DAMNED BUSINESS.
If you think you can continue to get away with monstrous invasions of privacy, with intent of malice, in attempts to destroy people who have committed no crimes, except in your book of rabid  "Edomania", you couldn't be more wrong.
I promise you this: Each time I find my name mentioned on your idiotic website, or the names of any of my friends and colleagues, you will pay the consequences, I guaran-damn-tee.
May God's Justice be visited upon you --in spades.
Barbara Hartwell Percival
March 20, 2012

Barbara Hartwell Percival
Legal Defense & Research Trust
Barbara Hartwell Vs. CIA