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Monday, March 26, 2012

Cyber-Stalker Goon: Criminal Harassment of Decorated War Veteran, Former FBI Agent Geral Sosee

"It is the duty of every patriot to protect his country from its government."

--Thomas Paine

I recently posted this article by Geral Sosbee and Barbara Hartwell:


Geral then posted the article on a number of websites, including Philly Indymedia:


"Below Geral's article, which consists of links to various reports, you will see just a few of the comments posted by some of these FBI/CIA minions. In particular, a Mr. J. Robert Upton.

Mr. Upton, if you are the best the government rat bastards have in their stable of cyber-stalking provocateurs, they are surely in trouble. And by the way, does your mother know what you do for a living? Why don't you get yourself a real job, something that would make your mother proud of you. Try being a man for a change, instead of a pathetic little government flunkey. Shame on you, Mr. Upton."

This same Mr. J. Robert Upton, who has been harassing Geral Sosbee online for quite some time, and whose comments had been included in the original article as a typical example of a government-sponsored cyber-stalker, once again (within an amazingly short time) emerged from his wormhole with this piece of profound wisdom:

Laughing My Ass Off

"LOLOLOLOLOL, whew you crack my ass up gerbil, you simpering, whining ass crybaby. "Waaaaa, waaaaa that mean ole J. Robert Upton won't let me post my lies and bullshit on Philly Indymedia without pointing out what a slime ball liar I am, waaaaaa, waaaaaaaa".
Your attempts to have Mr. Gardner censor my free speech because it is critical of your stupid bullshit shows that you are a fascist piece of slime in addition to being a delusional liar, gerbil.

Fuck you percival. Anybody that believes and supports this sosbee liar is too gullible and stupid to warrant any more attention.

So, whine on gerbil, you little attention whore, while you lack any kind of credibility, your "poor little me shit" is funny as hell.

You never explained how a trombone player in the USARPAC band was legally awarded the CIB without holding an 11 series MOS, nor have you explained how a rear echelon motherfucker like you came in contact with agent orange. Your whole life is a lie, gerbil, it must suck to be such a wanker."

So, since Mr. Upton took the time from his busy schedule to fire this salvo, and especially since he has now included "percival" (that being me) as a recipient of his misplaced malice and childish verbal assaults, I will be happy to take the time to answer him.

Dear Mr. Upton:

You made the following statement:

"Fuck you percival. Anybody that believes and supports this sosbee liar is too gullible and stupid to warrant any more attention."

It is my policy to take a person at his word. I give him the benefit of the doubt that he says what he means, and means what he says. So I now know that you do not deem me worthy of any more of your attention.  And although I'm glad to hear that, I find it necessary to pay additional attention to you, given your obsessive efforts to discredit my professional colleague, Geral Sosbee, who also happens to be my best friend.

So let's start with some questions for you, Mr. Upton. Naturally they are rhetorical, as I don't expect a response.

1) Why are you hiding behind a pseudonym? We know that J. Robert Upton is not your real name. Why don't you stand up like a man and let us know who you really are, instead of displaying the behavior of a yellow-bellied coward?

2) What is your motive in harassing and stalking Geral Sosbee? We know you have the means. You certainly have plenty of opportunity. But what's the motive? Would you like to share that with us?

Why are you hell-bent on discrediting Geral Sosbee? Why do you follow him from place to place, attacking him whenever and wherever he posts his reports? 

What's in it for you? Do you derive some kind of sick thrill from this pathologically aggressive behavior? Or, are you "just following orders"? What's the deal, Mr. Upton? What do you hope to gain with your harassment?

3) With all the "fuck you, sosbee" and the constant spewing of the F-word, are you, perhaps, a victim of Tourette's syndrome? Are you unable to restrain yourself? Is that your problem? Or is it just that your intellect is so limited in scope that you are not able to express yourself in any other way?

4) Why do you not present some actual FACTS in your commentaries?  Why only accusations, filthy slurs and unwarranted assumptions? And why not address the actual ISSUES, instead of just limiting your comments to  name-calling? Is this because you are not in possession of any facts? Because you don't concern yourself with facts? Because in your agenda, facts are irrelevant? What's really going on here, Mr. Upton?

Because you are obviously in need of some accurate information, some FACTS with which to be given an opportunity to reassess your position regarding what you call the "stupidity" and "delusions" of Geral Sosbee, whom you have also called a "liar", I will be more than happy to oblige you.

Since you made a point of trying to discredit him in relation his military service, let's start with Mr. Sosbee's military record. It is posted on his website, as a matter of public record.
Geral Sosbee is not a "slime ball liar", but rather a decorated war veteran, in addition to his service with FBI. He served with honor, Mr. Upton.
Here is a list of some of the medals awarded to Geral Sosbee:
[See bottom of page for photo of actual medals.]
And here is just a brief summary written by Geral Sosbee, describing his experience of serving the U.S. Government.
I served in the Army during the Viet Nam War; upon return I also served the fbi as a Special Agent. My service in the fbi was terminated after I reported crimes by the fbi.

Subsequently the fbi began an extreme vendetta against me toward the goal of incapacitating or killing me. Additionally, the directed energy and other assaults by the fbi aggravated the injuries I sustained in Viet Nam in 1967, including injuries associated with Agent Orange.

The fbi also added insult to injuries by mocking the service connected injuries that were and are today disabling; the fbi sent insulting messages to me regarding the injuries, even while the criminal assaults against me by the fbi continue to date for over a decade.

I realize that the Army does not care about my reports of fbi/cia crimes against me; however, the young men and women who seek to serve their nation might care if they cannot determine which United States Of America that they are considering serving: the real United States of America, or the overthrown fascist dictatorship USA held in hostage by the intel services (fbi/cia).


Back to you, Mr. Upton. I have just a few more things to say to you, even though you've made it clear you will ignore me, as according to you I am too "gullible and stupid" to be worthy of any notice by someone with your penetrating insights and vast knowledge of the issues we are addressing: Persecution campaigns against whistleblowers and "dissidents", otherwise known as sincere and genuine patriots who love our country but have been given every reason not to trust its government.

Are you a military veteran, Mr. Upton?  If so, why don't you show us your own DD214? Oh, that's right, silly me, your name is not J. Robert Upton.
You, Mr. J. Robert Upton, do not exist. Except as a predatory stalker, a government shill, in cyberspace. So why would anyone award an "anonymous coward" like you any degree of credibility?

Unlike you, Mr. Upton, Geral Sosbee is a real person. He uses his real name and has furnished a large body of evidence and documentation to support his claims.  

Unlike you, Mr. Upton, he is a truthful, decent, honorable man, a patriot who, from his own experience in serving this country, as a soldier, FBI agent and lastly, as a courageous whistleblower, finds it a moral imperative to DO SOMETHING about the corruption and the rampant criminal behavior which is destroying this nation. He works hard to inform the people of this country about the TRUTH, because he CARES.
What about you, Mr. Upton? Do you care even the slightest bit that the U.S. of A has become a veritable police state? That the Constitution is now considered nothing but a "g--damn piece of paper", an irrelevant document which needs to be neutralized so that the same people who hired your sorry ass to stalk and harass Geral Sosbee can complete their New World Order lockdown without having to worry about us "anti-government extremists" (read: patriots) throwing a wrench into their plans?

What about your family, Mr. Upton? Do you care anything at all about what will happen to them?

Or are you so far gone in the loss of your humanity and integrity (assuming you ever had any of either, which seems doubtful) that instead of supporting those who would defend Liberty and pursue Justice for We the People, you will  engage your energies in a no-holds-barred campaign to destroy us all?

Keep laughing your ass off, Mr. Upton...laugh your way straight through the Gates of  Hell.

I pray that God's Justice will be visited upon you, Mr. Upton, you and all your fellow government-sponsored thugs. The sooner the better.

Barbara Hartwell Percival
March 26, 2012




As a result of continuing harassment of me on line, I filed two (2) separate police reports against individuals who may be guilty of a Class B Misdemeanor, Harassment on line. See the data below on the bases for the reports.
1) On September 26, 2011 I filed a police report number 0911-1642, concerning the criminal harassment efforts against me by one who identifies himself alternately as 'anonymous' and ' j. robert upton'.

The police report was accepted by the Cameron County Sherff''s Office, Deputy Victor Alvarado, at Harlingen, Texas, (956)427-8060, fax: (956)412-1404, and the facts therein constitute a possible class B misdemeanor under the laws of the state of Texas.

Here are some of the links where the disgusting & vile comments by the above named cyberstalker/thug are available for all to study. Thank you Indymedia Philadelphia for any cooperation that you may afford to the Sheriff in connection with the criminal investigation.
Barbara Hartwell Percival
Legal Defense & Research Trust
Barbara Hartwell Vs. CIA