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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

EXPOSED: Craig Oxley & The Unhinged Mind

I first learned of a website named the "Unhived Mind" in 2008, while doing some research related to a government-sponsored criminal conspiracy, by which I have been targeted for more than a decade. The site is run by one Craig Oxley, whom I'd never heard of until that time.

Judging from the content and the mentally unbalanced attitudes of the members, this website could more aptly be described as "The Unhinged Mind." But don't take it from on and decide for yourself.

While perusing the website (which consists primarily of discussion forums) I saw that my name, Barbara Hartwell, was being bandied about, along with much wild speculation and false information, peppered with idiotic comments by the members of the forum, most of whom were the typical "anonymous cowards" (in fact one such poster used that very name.)

I did not bother reading all the nonsense (who could find the time?) which was posted about Barbara Hartwell, but just skimmed through it to get a basic idea of what the agenda was. Typically, I was accused of being a CIA agent with nefarious connections, etc. etc. the same old, same old.....

But while sifting through the trash, I did find all the usual suspects represented. Some were using pseudonyms (as cowards and liars often do) and some of the members, using screen names, were posting the libelous pseudo reports written by such cowardly government stooges, shills and demonic liars as Pamela Schuffert, Ken Adachi, Todd Brendan Fahey, "Xena Carpenter" (also an alias used by Fahey) --and of course, the notorious predicate felon, fed snitch, drug trafficker, sex pervert/predator, transvestite, child porno freak, psychopathic stalker, Timothy Patrick White.

Seeing White's association with this website did not surprise me in the least. Tim White has a ubiquitous presence on the Internet --wherever conspiracies (real, fabricated or imagined) are being promoted and discussed, there will be Tim White, boasting of his connections with  "important people" (read: fed agents and their shills), elaborating on his delusional paranoid fantasies,  harassing and threatening anyone he encounters who so much as questions his "credibility" (which is nonexistent), assaulting others with foul language, and generally sowing discord and ill-will.

Given the fact that there was nothing unique or new about the "information" presented on this website, I have simply ignored it for the most part, except for occasional dishonorable mention in my reports.

However, after I recently discovered some absolutely appalling filth on his website, in connection with my name, this despicable character, Craig Oxley, has earned my utmost contempt and richly deserves to be exposed for the loathsome slug he is.

In one of the forums, titled "Agents of Deception", there is an entry about "CIA Barbara Hartwell", one of the many libelous pseudo reports fabricated by Tim White and the other half of the "demonic duo", Todd Brendan Fahey, which happens to be posted on the "Xena Carpenter" website, as well as on many other disinformation sites all over the World Wide Web. I won't bother describing the content of the libelous falsehoods...nothing new there.

However, at the bottom of the page, there is posted an obscene picture, accompanied by filthy language, to which these psychopaths had attached a photo (a headshot of Barbara Hartwell.) The cartoon character to which the photo is attached is wearing a skin-tight tee shirt with "CIA BITCH" written across the front.

And these people claim to be "Christians"? They claim they are "exposing" false Christians, most notably the Vatican, the Catholic Church, the Jesuits, etc. etc.

I have news for Mr. Oxley and his gang of degenerate perverts and thugs: Christians do not engage in bearing false witness, slander/libel; nor do they continually spew out filthy, obscene language; nor do they make threats (including of death). Nor do Christians invade the privacy, violate the personal boundaries of others; nor do they engage in such vile behavior as stalking and criminal harassment.

But let's move on to some of Mr. Oxley's comments about Barbara Hartwell, which he posted on his website in response to my reports, where he and his criminal cohorts were exposed. The material written by Barbara Hartwell is in brackets.  I have added additional comments, also in brackets, preceded by my initials, BHP.


[The Unhived Mind (Craig Oxley)

Promotes: Unsubstantiated rumors; scandal-mongering; libelous pseudo reports targeting legitimate people, written by government stooges, shills and criminals, hiding behind silly screen names; soliciting crimes against targets by monstrous invasions of privacy; conspiracy theories blaming all the world's ills on the Vatican and the Catholic Church, [underline added by Oxley] and more specifically, 'Jesuit Coadjutors'; obscene language/threats against targets by the likes of Tim White, a frequent contributor to the site.

Suspicious Persons promoted: Eric Phelps (who is the primary shill touted)
; Greg Szymanski; Craig Oxley; Timothy Patrick White; Xena Carpenter; Aaron James.]

"I love to see pathetic comments like this CIA spook's below about my board. Please make a note how she defends the Catholic Church by her comments against me. The very Catholic Church in full control of the CIA they created by their Knights of Malta intelligence network joining the OSS with the Nazi SS. I have never promoted any Xena Carpenter who infact I suspended from the board for her mouth! -Craig"

[BHP:  Mr. Oxley's "logic" leaves much to be desired. The comments I made about Craig Oxley address ONLY the issue of Oxley's behavior, viewpoints and attitudes, as well as the content of his website. Nowhere in my comments have I "defended" the Catholic Church. He presents a typical logical fallacy, in order to twist my comments, which only exposes him further as an obsessive fanatic desperate to discredit anyone who sees him for what he is.

As for his "newsflash" about the origins of CIA, is he so stupid as to believe this is not common knowledge? I and many others have exposed this information countless times, so who does Oxley think he's impressing? Maybe the toadying fools who post on his message board, who hang on his every word. 

And if Oxley actually knew anything about CIA, he would certainly not be accusing me, but looking elsewhere for the "agents of deception" he and his fellow ignoramuses claim to be exposing.

Regarding "Xena Carpenter": Oxley lies. He in fact was "promoting" this bubble-headed buffoon, along with her accomplices, Tim White and Todd Fahey, and their outrageous lies about Barbara Hartwell, which are plastered all over her moronic website. 

So what if he banned her because of her "mouth". She is no different in that respect from any of her fellow stooges: She is ignorant, loud, vulgar, rude, crude, and obscenities flow from her mouth like a tide of sewage.

And, more to the point, the trash from her website is still featured on Oxley's message board. Case closed.]


"from CIA HARTWELL..."I have a particular disgust for this lowlife character, Craig Oxley"

[I have a particular disgust for this lowlife character, Craig Oxley, and his moronic website, The Unhived Mind. This slug is obviously concerned only with himself and how he can use people for his own ends. In addition to reeking of dishonesty and corruption (witness his alliance with Tim White); he's obviously an opportunist (and not a very bright one), as he is clearly swayed by every wind of doctrine, and reverses his position on a number of issues (and people) whenever it suits him. Evidently he does this without realizing that his credibility has been destroyed by his lack of consistency and his moral bankruptcy.]

"How lovely to be admired by a spook of the Knights of Malta. What dribble once again thus proving her devious agenda. What ties to Carpathia Hostings Inc does she have haha? I love how these spooks love to make out I'm tied to Tim White when infact me and White are always at logger heads with one another. -Craig"
[BHP: Again, Mr. Oxley's agenda shows: Like his cohorts, he is hell-bent on grossly misrepresenting anyone who exposes him. His wild accusations have no basis in fact. FYI, Mr. Craig Oxley: I have no connection whatsoever with the Knights of Malta, nor any other such entities.

Regarding Tim White: His loud-mouthed psychopathic rantings have been displayed on the Unhinged Mind website for years, as have his pseudo reports about Barbara Hartwell. In fact, Tim White is the primary "source" who claims that Barbara Hartwell is a CIA agent (a lie which originates from his overlord, COINTELPRO Kingpin, Ted L. Gunderson.) And Craig Oxley has continued, despite his inconsistent and ever-vacillating views of Tim White, to exploit the libelous falsehoods promoted by White and his accomplices.

Craig Oxley is clearly a sleazy opportunist who will use any means available to him to promote his own agenda, with no concern whatsoever for the truth. Yet, he calls himself and the members of his forum "truthsayers".]

But back to Oxley's accomplice, Tim White. Here, a harassing e-mail message sent by White to Barbara Hartwell. No comments necessary, it speaks for itself.


From Tim White
To:Barbara Hartwell
Copies to: Ted Gunderson; John DeCamp; Todd Fahey; James Rothstein; Ken Adachi; Larry Lawson
Sent: Thursday, December 22, 2005 3:18 PM
Subject: Personal and Public Warning to Barbara Hartwell: WE ARE COMING FOR YOU


"SOOOO typical of you-eh,BABBLES.Can't seem to EVER get your "open letter" to the party you are attacking,huh?Still and always will be a coward that has tangled with the wrong group of people.Just wait till an investigation of YOU-deary,draws out just WHO is running you.YOU are a complete and utter waste of skin that will be stripped bare in a REAL court of law-not the fantasy one in your hollow skull.The folks up in Maine are most definitely aware of what you REALLY are and when John DeCamp ramps up his case-you will be trying to find the smallest possible crack to hide in-cockroach.The reality IS that YOU have engaged in a CEASELESS campaign against ME and it has been the case since December of 2001-fully 2 1/2 YEARS before I even had my FIRST email address and started to post my counter attack against you on the internet.YOU are as liable as John DeCamp thinks you are as is your mind controlled cohorts-say,how is your current programming goin',huh Babbles?You wanna dance?Then LET'S DANCE.You will be most sorry having crossed swords with me and those that are in my corner.

Tim White,Viet Nam Vet(USAF),Concerned Citizen"
Now, let's see what another target of psycho-stalker Tim White has to say. It certainly sheds light on the modus operandi of Tim White as well as the opportunistic attitudes of the "brethren" of the Unhinged Mind, Craig Oxley and Eric Jon Phelps.

This report was originally published on the website of Thomas Richards. The website is no longer online, but it may also be found here:


"This informational web page starts off with some updates and then gets into how this Tim White attacked me with slander, harassment and an attempted invasion of my privacy. Some of what you read is simply my opinion that was formed by my experience with Tim White.

This web page is necessary to testify what I have experienced in my dealings with Tim White first hand. This Tim White is not a legitimate truth seeker. Do you think he would be able to just look up on the Internet the residencies of CIA agents who are conducting black ops??

Here's the trick with understanding why and how Tim White could be FBI cointelpro. Obviously if I had broken some federal law the FBI would be able to find me in a heartbeat and come right to my house. What this Timothy White is doing is acting like he's just some regular guy who is seeking where I live so that he can make public my personal information in order to to threaten, harass me and intimidate me.

This STALKER, Tim White needs to be completely shunned. He thinks that "exposing" someone means finding out where they live and who their distant relatives are. I don't even know what my relatives do and I don't even talk to most of them.

Tim White also thinks that if you live in a big house then that's suspicious. In other words. He's CRAZY. And only crazy people will actually listen to his BUNK.

Remember, these attacks by Tim White kicked off after my EXPOSE' of two Vatican - disinfo - agents, John DeCamp and Ted L. Gunderson. ~Source (John DeCamp was the former aid to CIA Agent and Knight of Malta, William Colby. Colby later became the CIA chief (Video). Ted L Gunderson is a highly decorated retired FBI Special Agent.)

Further more Tim White is trying to gain favor with other truth-sayers such as Craig Oxley in order to split and divide this Vatican expose' "movement"."

"(Nov 29, 2008 **UPDATE** Eric Phelps and Craig have both done the right thing in response to all this and are disassociating themselves from Timothy White. I am glad about this and happy to report this. I am still going to leave this up though as a testimony against Timothy "Patrick Alexander" White)"

"(April 6th, 2009 - Another UPDATE) Craig Oxley to my disappointment is again friendly with this character and is posting Tim White material at Unhived Mind forum. Even after I received this email from Craig that was forwarded to several email recipients. In order to further understand this page I have to inform the reader that Craig has associated and disassociated himself with Tim White about 3 times."
Craig Oxley to Tim White:


It seems Eric Jon Phelps has DISASSOCIATED with you for your reckless behaviour.  What a lovely thing to hear indeed.  Enjoy fighing talking to little pions.  Your exposed as the agent of trouble you are finally.  By the way I have a name of my source but no one needs to know it.  Take care fruit bat you'll need it in lonely land.  Start talking to David Icke again and have a friend somewhere.  Two intelligensia shits together!

bye for good
Craig Oxley"
Thomas Richards:

"This is very disappointing to me because Craig and I have worked hand in hand for a while now. And for him not to be able to spot that there is something VERY wrong with this Timothy White doesn't make sense to me. If any character came on the scene and began attacking Oxley, you would never see their material up on my web site. Yet Craig Oxley continues to spread Tim White's "research" (which is really mainly GARBAGE). Craig obviously does NOT respect my privacy. Nor me."


"The following transpired back in November, 2008:

Thomas Richards Attacked by AGENTS through Eric Phelps' email list

Several months ago when I was on Eric Phelps' email list and much information was passed to me and from me which would often be forwarded with my email address in the headings and my name being mentioned. Soon I began to be contacted from people from his list who took it upon themselves or were told to by their handlers to contact me and challenge me and/or stir up strife with me.

One of these people was a man named Timothy White. Whether this is his real name is unknown by me. Who he really is, I do not know. He is not a public person like I am. He does not have videos of himself with his real name on the Internet so I can't guarantee he is who he says he is.

When I do research on any particular subject I pick and choose what info I repeat. It usually has to be verified by one or more other sources. If someone I do not know contacts me and begins to try and offer me information, I usually ignore them. In Tim White's case this is the email he sent to me:"
Tim White to Thomas Richards:


I have info to communicate to you with regards to Ted Gunderson, John DeCamp, Bill Colby, Brig Gen Ben Partin, Greg Szymanski, Leo Zagami, Craig Oxley, many others... contact Eric Phelps who knows me very well...

Concerned Citizen,Researcher,Investigator,Whistleblower"

"(keep in mind that he contacted me through Eric Phelps as you continue reading this page)

I received this email and being that I was deep into what I was researching and putting my own information together, and didn't need any "help," I ignored this person's (Tim White) email. About 5 days later i had in my inbox another email from Tim White accusing me of being "disinfo" over this same topic he was trying to "communicate" more "info" about. I also was forwarded another email from John DeCamp to Timothy White.

If you haven't read my last web page regarding this you are welcomed to do so before you continue. (Link to other web page) Bottom line is because I "didn't have the courtesy" to respond to his email, I became the subject of a long drawn out public attack by this person Timothy White.

(11/29/08) Right now I am going to get on with the NEWER developments.) I am doing this web page because I believe this needs to be made public. I want this to be a testimony from me as to who and what Timothy White is really about.
Another friend of mine, Craig Oxley from the Unhived mind had the same problems I had with Timothy White. But just recently I received this email from Craig Oxley:"
Craig Oxley to Thomas Richards:


I have made a truce with Tim White.  I understand the Gunderson issues etc but lets just see what information he throws up and out and who it annoys exactly like the last time.

Thomas Richards:

"I want to make this clear that I am not trying to take a dig at Craig. But this has taken an odd turn and I need to explain the details so the reader understands what is taking place so they understand. Because this email from Craig lead to the turn I need to report today.

After Craig sent me this email, I sent Craig an email reminding him of certain things Timothy White has done and said in the past.

Craig and I exchanged thoughts a couple of times until he sent me this email with forwarded words of Timothy White
Craig Oxley to Thomas Richards:

Subject: TIM WHITE MAY HAVE YOUR ADDRESS Date: 11/29/2008 2:44:35 A.M. Eastern Standard Time

"Dear Thomas,

Take a read of my mail back and from White.  Just keep doing what your doing and don't confront him.

(begin Timothy White's words:)

.... "did you get that email on Hartwell?...

..and this crap from Richards is just should be taken OFF your site--this asshole never even had the courtesy to REPLY to me from my initial email to him so he would have found out WHY I sent him that in the first place..besides this--do you know where he lives ?...I ask you a question I know the answer to ...there's something screwwy about him too...

Thomas Richards:

"Here is Eric Phelps' response to this email I forwarded to him regarding Timothy White and White's inquiring about where I live with my F A M I L Y:

Date: 11/29/2008 1:01:09 P.M. Eastern Standard Time
Reply To:
Eric Phelps to Thomas Richards:

"Dear Brother Thomas,

This is strictly between you and Tim White.  I refuse to be brought into any of these exchanges.  As I have told others, if you do not wish to receive any emails from him just block him.  I have done this with a host of people.  Like you, I keep focused on the Jesuits and refuse to be distracted.  Tim White is an unsaved man with lots of anger, but he is loaded with useful information that I then research, confirm or disprove and then use or discard.  I suggest that you eat the meat and throw away the bones, or discard the whole chicken by blocking him.  Either way you benefit.

Sincerely in faith,
Brother Eric"
Thomas Richards:

"After further explaining to Eric what Timothy White was doing I received this email from Eric:"

Sent: 12/10/2008 10:07:01 P.M. Eastern Standard Time
Subj: Re: (no subject)

"Dear Brother Thomas,

I have disassociated from White and thus anything about him is of no interest to me.  I recommend you and everyone else do likewise.  He is a drain on our efforts of exposing the Order.

Brother Eric"
Thomas Richards:

"So there you have it. I also want to add that at this exact time I received these emails from Craig Oxley about Tim White, Craig Oxley had placed a satellite image of Thomas Heneghan's house and address information on his Unhived Mind forum. Is this what Tim White wants to do with me? Or you?

I do not know Thomas Heneghan at all but do know when things are going too far. I have to disassociate myself from all these people for a time. Maybe permanently.


Thomas Richards"
Thomas Richards:

"(April 6th 2009 Update. Apparantly Craig Oxley will no longer answer my emails. I do not know why, but can guess that it's because in order to expose White and protect my privacy I had to use his emails in this above message. It may be he has justified it in his mind that he should not "trust" me because I had to take these measures in order to defend myself. Or it could be that he changes his mind so often that he does not want to be held accountable for what he says to me. For instance, Oxley dissociating with White and then re-associating with him again...)"
Now, more testimony regarding the Unhinged Mind of Craig Oxley.


Here are some excerpts written by a person using the name "Andre", regarding threats made by Craig Oxley.

"Craig Oxley Threatens to Kill Me"


"As you may know, I recently banned the "Jesuit's run the New World Order" propagandists who had been spewing their filth all over my forum, using it as a tool in their disinformation campaign.

Recently, someone brought to my attention a blog written by "soulinspiration":

It is certainly good for a laugh. He's hotlinking my images, but I won't make a thing of it, since no one reads his shit anyway. No one has responded to his call for people to come on Outlaw Forum and harass me.

Much more disturbing is the link I found on soulinspiration's blog to Craig Oxley's bizarre "unhivedmind" forum, where Craig is openly threatening to kill me:

Andre the moderator of Outlaw Journalism is a, disinfo artist and a COADJUTOR?

Here are some of the good bits:"
Craig Oxley wrote:
"This Andre bans Craig Oxley from his website. They simply cannot take truth. The truth be known is that this little nobody site is about to be ignored completely by us real researchers. I was only asked the other day to forget it completely. It never earned our presence in the first place, beats me why anyone bothered with it. So Andre you've not done to me nothing others haven't. Even though your a nobody Andre, you will be paying with serious consequences as Michael Tsarion is about to taste when he least expects it. Michael is a dead man walking! Truth suppressionist pieces of shit. I'm starting to think the Vatican deserves a piece of your profane backsides. Enjoy the Council of Trent you moron. Well folks thats another few boards I'm banned from since highlighting the Breakspear and Aldobrandini families. What does this tell you all? Us your head and see through these everyman and his dog clowns. A certain feminine linked to Michael's backside is in for it also, your card is well and truely marked. Mouths tend to get cut off when they expand to much!"
"Granted, these may not actually be threats against my life. I have never understood anything this lunatic has written, so it isn't easy to figure this out either. He is blatantly threatening to kill Michael Tsarion, and apparently threatening to "cut my mouth off", probably is some type of deranged homosexual torture ritual.
I am not worried about this, I just thought I would bring it up, so people knew it was happening. This Craig Oxley person is clearly totally insane, which is obvious to anyone who has ever glanced at one of his posts, but I did not imagine he was dangerous. He does appear to have a homosexual fixation with Eric Jon Phelps, worshiping him as some type of divine god-figure, which is a sign of a much more severe degree of mental illness. He could actually be dangerous. If anyone on the internet is likely to be a serial killer, it is him.

Anyway, hopefully you got a kick out of this. I do not believe any of us will be hearing anything more from these madmen, but just in case, you now know the score.

I also want to note that I have gotten multiple reports that Craig Oxley abuses users privacy when they sign up for his forum, using their IP addresses to track and harass them."
Haven't seen enough yet?

Here, an excerpt from a report I wrote exposing Tim White's shady history with certain government agents/operatives.

Predicate felon Tim White is also exposed here, and it is important to understand that Millar was instrumental in the dirty dealings and set ups (specifically connected to Division 5, FBI); and that Millar, far from being a "friend" of Tim White, wrote a so-called "expose" which included the fact that Tim White is a transvestite, a sex pervert and collector of pornography.

As you'll read here, Tim White at one point was actually threatening to sue Doug Millar for the expose', as well as Ted Gunderson.

Something obviously changed, because for quite a few years now, Tim White has been boasting that Ted Gunderson is a "personal friend". What's more, White has become a staunch defender of Gunderson (as well as his stooge and lackey); and he is known to attack (including harassment, stalking and threats --including of death), anyone and everyone who has told the truth about Gunderson and his COINTELPRO cabal, the criminal network of government agents (including so-called "former" agents/officials et al) whose mission is to neutralize genuine whistleblowers, legitimate journalists and expositors of government corruption.

Gunderson Crony John DeCamp is also a "personal friend", according to Tim White, and in fact DeCamp solicited "HELP" from this known criminal stalker to further threaten and harass Barbara Hartwell. White, always the toady, accomodated DeCamp --in spades. White's "HELP" included more threats against "CIA BITCH" Barbara Hartwell, including a harassing e-mail with the header: WE ARE COMING FOR YOU.

Tim White became a fed snitch, plain and simple. He wanted out of jail. Being a coward by nature, he sold out. He made a deal. And the rest is history...............

But here's the bottom line: I am very, very tired of the false (and libelous) accusations that "Barbara Hartwell is CIA". Or more specifically, that I am a "CIA disinfo agent".

This is the party line of most of the bad guys (some of whom are ACTUALLY CIA), foremost among them Ex-FBI Chief Ted Gunderson, and of most of their stooges (also, needless to say, bad guys); and of course, including this odious perp, Tim White.


The evidence has been presented.  Clearly, Craig Oxley has been in collusion with Tim White for quite some time, at least since 2007, to promote libelous falsehoods, to harass, stalk and threaten many people (including the few mentioned in this report).

Oxley has also conspired with White (and others, namely Todd Fahey, "Xena Carpenter" et al) to invade privacy of targets, including Barbara Hartwell and Thomas Richards. They have published PRIVATE, UNLISTED street addresses of various targets all over the Internet, for the express purpose of soliciting further criminal harassment, stalking against the targets.

Ask yourself: What kind of person(s) would engage in this unscrupulous and outright criminal behavior?

Felony threats, stalking and obscene assaults are the province of criminals and psychopaths, not "Christians."

Unhinged Minds: By their fruits shall you know them.

Barbara Hartwell Percival
August 17, 2010

Barbara Hartwell Percival
Legal Defense & Research Trust
Barbara Hartwell Vs. CIA