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Thursday, August 5, 2010

Moronic Quotes by Leftist Government Stooge James F. Marino

A government stooge by the name of James F. Marino (I call him Morono, with good reason)  aggressively promotes overtly leftist, collectivist, socialist and communist views on his website, and has been doing so for years. Among the individuals and entities promoted, supported and endorsed by Marino have been: Barack Hussein Obama; the United Nations; the ACLU.
Marino has openly appealed to both the United Nations and the ACLU (both leftist organizations  antithetical to the U.S. Constitution, as well as God-given Individual rights) and encouraged others to do the same.
In true sickening leftist fashion, Marino has expressed his "sympathy" for monsters like the Virginia Tech shooter, claiming that they may have been "victims" of "mind control" or of "gang-stalking", rather than standing for the right of the individual to self defense, whereby the perp could have been taken out by one well-aimed bullet with his name on it.
Marino has also openly stated that he does not believe in the existence of God; he has often  promoted typical leftist anti-Christian propaganda, and has attacked Christians --simply for their belief in the Gospel of Jesus Christ-- including Barbara Hartwell, whom he has called a "religious fanatical freak", among other epithets.
Yet Marino, in his profound ignorance, blathers on about "constitutional rights", thus exposing himself as a pretentious fool.  Where does he think these rights (protected and guaranteed under the constitution) come from?
But before I get to the moronic quotes from Morono (aka Marino) I should explain why I bother to expose this idiot yet again. Quite simply, it is because Morono has, since 2007, targeted Barbara Hartwell for a libel extravaganza, an assault which is completely unsupported by facts, totally devoid of truth, lacking in the slightest bit of evidence, and clearly based solely on his own spiteful vendetta against Barbara Hartwell.
Morono has accused Barbara Hartwell of being a "CIA disinformation agent"; a "FBI provocateur";  a "liar"; a "whore"; a "scamster"...and on and on he goes...
Why all the animosity and the outrageous lies? Very simply, because Marino's leftist politics and his profound ignorance of the issues he writes about on his website were exposed by Barbara Hartwell; as were his unconscionable efforts to ride the coattails of ex-CIA Hartwell and ex-FBI  Geral Sosbee, whom he misrepresented on a regular basis in his writings --that is, until we had had enough, and told him where to go. 
Prominently displayed on Marino's website, in permanent sidebars, are outrageous lies about Barbara Hartwell, with links to the libelous trash written and published by his fellow government  stooges. Which stooges?  Let me name just a few, all demonic liars and longtime adversaries of Barbara Hartwell. New Age proponent and Gunderson P.R. shill, Ken Adachi, editor of 'Educate-Yourself'; predicate felon, fed snitch, sex pervert/predator, child porno freak, transvestite, criminal stalker, Tim White; blackmailer, identity thief, forger, sex pervert/predator, criminal stalker, Todd Brendan Fahey; "Xena Carpenter" (also one of many aliases used by Todd Fahey), an idiotic New Age bubble-headed bimbo whose website is exploited by the likes of Fahey and White to libel patriots, Christians and legitimate journalists and whistleblowers, including Barbara Hartwell.
These are Marino's "sources." Lacking any facts or evidence, Morono (Marino) simply parrots the fabrications of his fellow stooges, all of whom share his hatred and malice toward Barbara Hartwell. But I've had enough of Marino and his sleazy cohorts, and as long as he keeps promoting the lies on his website, I will continue to expose his idiocy, his stupidity, his ignorance and his unbridled malice. It's a public service I'm happy to perform.
For me, this has always been a matter of ISSUES, of PRINCIPLES. Not so for the likes of Morono (Marino.) I have never made a secret of the fact that I despise leftists. Leftists are communists who are destroying this country. Leftists will trample the rights of the Individual, any chance they get. Leftists will lie, cheat and steal (and do whatever else they can get away with) in efforts to enforce their collectivist agenda, claiming it is for "the greater good", always at the expense of the God-given rights of the Individual.
To hell with leftists!
Marino's leftist viewpoints, clearly based on New Age secular humanist pop psychology, are in direct opposition to the principles of Individual Rights as bestowed by God. Marino has stated that God-given rights do not exist, since he claims there is no God.
Well, there certainly IS a God, the Creator who has bestowed unalienable rights on each and every individual. If Marino and his fellow leftists want to forfeit their own rights, so be it.  But I won't let them and their collectivist cohorts take mine away from me!
Marino's quotes, taken from hs website, follow. My comments are in brackets, preceded by my initials, BHP.
Here, the first of Marino's moronic quotes.
MARINO:  "Americans have become a brainwashed nation of people who've been deceived into believing that they have inherent rights, which in reality can no longer be enforced, because the Constitutional rule of law in America has been permanently suspended under the draconian Patriot Act and the Bush 43 Administration's fraudulent war on terror."
[BHP: Deceived? Not at all. On the contrary, "inherent" rights ARE the very God-given (natural) rights, also known as unalienable rights. Why unalienable? Because they are bestowed by God, NOT by government, nor by any constitution, nor by the rule of law. The existence of inherent (God-given) rights have absolutely nothing to do with George Bush, nor the Patriot Act[s], nor with whether or not they can be "enforced", as this ignoramus and  pompous ass would have you believe. 
Morono knows nothing about the Constitution, the Rule of Law or inherent rights, so he just spouts off his leftist nonsense, as if he knows what he is talking about. How moronic is that?]
MARINO: "A primary goal of the House of Rothschild is to eradicate Christianity from the earth, as well as all other formalized religions, and to replace them with the Zionist's own perversion of Judaism which they will then use to rule this entire planet."
[BHP: Marino attacks Christians, then suddenly decides he's going to parrot the views of those who rightly denounce Zionism. But that's one of the problems with Marino: He regularly parrots the viewpoints of others because he lacks  information, understanding, and most clearly, the slightest intellectual or spiritual  discernment of his own.  Absolutely moronic!]
MARINO:  "Moreover, in 2006, out of concern that the NSA was using its Signals Intelligence EMF Scanning Network in which to destroy the American people's Constitutional rights (specifically those which concern the right to privacy in one's home under the 4TH Amendment, and those which concern the right to due process of law under the 6Th Amendment), this author E-mailed the New York branch of the American Civil Liberties Union with a copy of John St. Clair Akwei's lawsuit against the NSA, which describes the NSA's electronic brain fingerprinting of the American people as well as its Domestic, Human and Signals Intelligence operations.A few months later, the ACLU filed a Freedom Of Information Act request with the Pentagon as well as the FBI, CIA, NSA and Department Of Homeland Security, requesting information on advanced forms of brainscanning technology which the U.S. Military Intelligence complex is using on the public.

To this author's knowledge, neither the Pentagon nor the aforementioned alphabet agencies have ever offered to supply information in regard to the ACLU's request - which only makes the allegations against them more compelling.

It is also quite the coincidence, that the ACLU would file such a FOIA request a short time after this author E-mailed their New York office with a copy of John St. Clair Akwei's lawsuit against the NSA.

Obviously, the ACLU is concerned about Mr. Akwei's horrific allegations against the NSA, as all Americans should be; otherwise the ACLU would not have filed this FOIA request."
[BHP: Here, Marino promotes the leftist ACLU, as he does on a regular basis. What Marino clearly does not understand, in his profound ignorance, is that the ACLU is a mouthpiece for the very Zionist agenda which he has recently taken to denouncing on his website. But again, Marino is nothing but a parrot. He simply scavenges from the writings of others, and repeats the viewpoints he reads about, while knowing nothing about the larger issues he addresses.
Morono, in his usual self-congratulatory style, also promotes his delusion that his efforts are responsible for the ACLU's alleged actions in filing a FOIA request; just as he has often boasted that he, James Marino, is largely to be given credit for publicizing the St. Clair Akwei lawsuit, which has in fact been common knowledge for many years.]
"Moreover, the FBI and NSA agents who continue to perpetrate the criminal conspiracy against this author, can now be indicted for the thousands of crimes which they have committed against my person and Family; including their deliberate fabrication of information and willful misrepresentation of facts which the Bureau is using in which to demonize this author.

This while these agents omit exculpatory information which further indicts the FBI and NSA in the crimes which this author has accused them of.
These so called agents are filthy liars who are attempting to cover up their own outrageous crimes by conducting the type of smear campaigns which the FBI has used as smokescreens; something which has long characterized the FBI's own despicable COINTELPRO operations."
"This author has corroborated Mr. Akwei's testimony from my own first hand experience as a target of the NSA's Signals Intelligence EMF Scanning Network. As such, the FBI & NSA continue to perpetrate a vicious smear campaign against this author in efforts to obfuscate the fact that for more than three decades, they have used my person (as well as myriad others) for such non consensual human experimentation via the NSA's Signals Intelligence EMF Scanning Network."
[BHP:  Marino's claims of a "smear campaign" against him by the FBI and NSA are ludicrous. I challenge anyone who might believe this to simply do a search on his name. Nobody --and I mean nobody-- from the FBI, NSA or any other government agency, has said so much as a word to "smear" James Marino.
If in fact there were such a "smear campaign" anyone with a computer could read all about it.  Does Marino ever cite specific cases where he is being "smeared"? No, not even one.  In truth, FBI or NSA couldn't care less about James Marino. If anything, he is advancing the agenda of these agencies by publishing lies about the legitimate journalists and whistleblowers who expose accurate information about government corruption. The government doesn't persecute its stooges, that would be counterproductive.    
However, it is interesting that Marino has accused Barbara Hartwell of being both CIA AND FBI.  He has also accused me of running a "smear campaign" against him. In fact, the ONLY reports I have ever seen on the Internet which expose James Morono for the leftist moron and government stooge he is, come from the website of Barbara Hartwell. This, according to Marino, apparently qualifies as a "smear campaign" by government agents.
But don't take it from me, by all means, run your own search and see for yourself.]
In closing I should say that it might behoove James Marino aka Morono to check his facts before running his mouth. Marino knows nothing about the constitution or the rule of law. He knows even less about Zionism (his new "cause") or the organizations which are its handmaidens, most notably the ACLU.
But keep it up, Morono. Be my guest and just keep on spewing out your foolishness. Keep your asinine posts libeling Barbara Hartwell as front page news, and see where it gets you. Keep posting your moronic headlines and keep exposing yourself for the pretentious fool that you are.
Morons: By their fruits shall you know them.
Barbara Hartwell Percival
August 5, 2010