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Independent Investigator, Intelligence Analyst, Journalist. Former CIA (NOC, Psychological Operations) Black Ops Survivor. Sovereign Child of God. Minister of the Gospel of Jesus Christ (Ordained 1979, D.Div.) Exposing Government Lies, Crimes, Corruption, Conspiracies and Cover-ups.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Reflections on Truth, Liberty and the Right to Privacy

Do not participate in the unfruitful deeds of darkness, but instead expose them.
Ephesians 5:11

Above all else, I stand for Truth and for Liberty. And as happens with all persons who have taken such a stand, I have been attacked, threatened, harassed and persecuted by those whose lies, corruption, crimes, cover-ups and "deeds of darkness" I have exposed. Nothing new under the sun....

I have also been targeted for diabolical calumny by hordes of demonic liars. These libel and slander campaigns, along with monstrous invasions of my privacy, have done inestimable damage to every area of my life, including the unjust ruination of my good name, along with my personal/professional reputation.

And although my situation (that of being designated as a high-profile target of a corrupt federal government) is not unique, I as an individual, speaking strictly for myself, have for many years been forced to stand against these assaults alone, never having any reliable backup or support, material or otherwise.
This situation has now become untenable, and for all practical purposes, unbearable. I am disgusted beyond what I can possibly express at the flagrant evil that corrupts the hearts and minds of these many workers of iniquity.

One of the purposes my enemies have openly stated is that they intend to "drive Barbara Hartwell off the Internet." They have threatened to have my website (such as it is, this little blog, being that I have been unable to afford to get a "real" website back online for the past five years) "REMOVED". They have also threatened to sue me for "libel".

What these fools, in their gross ignorance and stupidity, fail to understand, is that "the Internet" is not the focus of my life; nor even of my work. I spend very little time on the Internet; I rarely even use e-mail (for which I have an intense dislike); nor do I even go online more than a few times a week. Unlike these government operatives and their stooges and useful idiots, I do not lead a "virtual life"; I am not a cyber-junkie; nor do I gain any enjoyment out of writing "crime reports" about government rat bastards and their flunkies, and posting them for the public record.

It is, in fact, a thankless task, one I may soon decide to remove from my life. It is simply not worth my time and effort, when I am barely surviving; and having to go hungry in order to pay for Internet service is getting old. It is a sacrifice I am no longer willing to make. I don't get paid for this, and apparently, the readers (whomever they may be) don't find it of enough value that they are willing to make donations to support me or my work.

So be it. The hordes of lying demons may soon have reason to celebrate!

When I first made a decision to "go public", to expose what I know regarding government crimes, corruption and cover-ups, my purpose was simply to furnish information which I had gathered from 1) personal/professional experiences 2) my own research and investigations, including the testimony of credible, trustworthy witnesses/sources.

This information, based on direct, firsthand personal knowledge, was to be disseminated, very simply, as just that: For information purposes only.
And the readers (or audiences, on radio, TV, at conferences, etc.) have always been free to make of that information what they will. I have never been interested in any form of interaction, in socializing, or "networking" with the public, or with my reading/listening audiences. I am not --nor ever have been-- a team player, and I do not join groups.

As a journalist, a writer/speaker exposing factual, truthful information, I have the reasonable expectation that individuals, using their own discernment, may award credibility and/or value (educational or otherwise) to my work --or not. Their choice, their decision, and not a matter of concern to me.

And although I know my reports to be based on facts; and although I have furnished evidence, where and when possible, to substantiate my information, I have never gone out of my way, nor made efforts to "prove" to anyone in particular, nor to the public at large, that my information; or my opinions, beliefs or viewpoints are "true"; nor do I concern myself with whether others believe them to be true; nor with what opinions they may hold of me personally.

Furthermore,I do not respond to interrogations (hostile or otherwise); and I have neither the time nor inclination to enter into discussions, debates or arguments about the information I choose to publish. Again, people may make of it what they will.

My primary reason for this lack of interest in social/political interaction with others is quite simply that I am a recluse, both by nature and by choice. I long ago rejected worldly values and activities; and with the passage of time, I have become ever more reclusive, to the point where I have renounced the world entirely. I have no worldly ambitions and wish only to be left alone to live and work in peace, for as long as the grace of God allows.

It is important to state that I expose corruption, crimes, cover-ups; criminals and evildoers, in service to God, not in service to the "world of men"; nor do I seek the approval or sanction of the world of men, including that of any government established by men.

If humanity at large (or even just one or two) benefits from my work, then I can be glad for that, but God is my only authority, Whose laws and Whose truth I serve.

(You were bought at a price, do not become the slaves of men.)

As I have stated many times, I believe that any person who is seriously interested in seeking truth (about any issue) needs to find that truth for himself/herself; and to do his/her own research, whatever forms it may take. Finding the truth takes time; it requires much effort and dedication; and not of the least importance, without spiritual/intellectual discernment, the truth cannot possibly be perceived, even when it is staring one in the face.

And speaking of truth: the simple truth, at least from my observations, is that most of what is published (via print or electronic media, including on the World Wide Web), especially about government-related conspiracies, crimes and cover-ups, is not "truth" at all, but rather, usually falls into one of the following categories: carefully-crafted propaganda; misinformation; disinformation; falsehoods and bald-faced lies. When it concerns persons, libel and slander are also to be included.

Those educated and/or trained in the nature of intelligence work will recognize much of this lack of truth for what it is: "controlled opposition". And, it is the primary weapon of mass destruction, at least as regards destroying God's truth and with the intent of destroying those who would uphold that truth. Again, nothing new under the sun...

The truth is, in any form of media, liars (and those who, in their profound ignorance, parrot the lies) outnumber truth-tellers by many orders of magnitude. Some lie for profit; some lie to cover up and to evade punishment for their crimes, or to stay out of jail; some lie for political expediency; some lie to advance a personal/political agenda; some lie for self-aggrandizement; some lie with the malicious intent of discrediting/undermining the work of genuine truth-seekers and truth-tellers, of harming others, or destroying their lives. You name it, they lie about it, or because of it.

Some lie simply because they are the minions of Satan, the father of all lies. This last applies to those in government "service" (at least in this day and age) almost without exception. And it certainly applies in spades to the low-level hirelings and stooges who carry out the government's dirty work of spreading outrageous lies about legitimate investigators, whistleblowers, expositors of government corruption. Messengers of Truth, Defenders of Liberty, are attacked with a vengeance by these demonic liars. This is the way of men and the way of the world.

Personally, I have had enough of it.

But leaving the liars for a moment and getting back to the truth:
Contrary to what many misguided people (including the liars and those foolish enough to buy into their lies) seem to believe, my main purpose as a government whistleblower, or as an advocacy journalist, has never been to "tell my story"; nor to "spill all the beans" about every injustice or abuse that ever happened to me; nor to focus on my own life, my own background, or my own "case" per se.

Certainly, I seek for justice to be done; not just for myself but for all others who have been targeted, victimized, abused, exploited, and ultimately murdered by these evildoers. That's a given, no doubt about it.

What is more, anyone who is familiar with my work (especially my writings) over a period of roughly the past decade and a half, will be aware that I address mostly the ISSUES, those I find of most importance, rather than focusing on personal information about my own background, or events which relate to my personal life. For the most part, my work is not autobiographical, nor meant to be.

My experiences, including as a former intelligence operative; a survivor of black operations, and as an individual targeted for political persecution as a result of my defiance of the evils and tyranny of government; and of society as a whole (which as a Christian, I consider to be "the world"), simply form the basis of my knowledge; some of which --so far only a small fraction-- I have decided to make public.

The greater part of this knowledge and information, I have not made public; and the same could be said for the personal experiences (my life history and background) on which this knowledge and information is based. That is my prerogative and I am the only person with the right to decide what to make public --and what not to make public-- for my own reasons; in my own time frame; and in the forms which I deem to be prudent; to serve my own best interests, as well as the interests of others who may be affected (adversely or otherwise) by what I choose to make a matter of public record.

To anyone with basic integrity and whose actions are determined by a moral compass; to anyone who embraces moral absolutes; and who recognizes and respects what I would call the "Inviolability of Personhood"; to anyone who respects the Spiritual Integrity of Individuals,
my position would be axiomatic, inarguable, irrefutable, at least on ethical grounds.

Furthermore, an equally important issue is that I have the RIGHT TO PRIVACY. In fact, I am a fierce defender of personal privacy, not only my own, but on principle, that of every individual. I respect the privacy and personal boundaries of others; and expect others to respect mine.

As for those who choose to disregard my clearly stated position, to violate my rights, there will be consequences, and they will be, at the very least, exposed, as wrongdoers, busybodies, gossips and liars. Some are criminals, whose violations of privacy include soliciting additional crimes of harassment, threats, stalking by like-minded criminals.

No decent person, no godly person, no one with any personal code of honor, will EVER invade the privacy of another; will EVER engage in acts of aggression such as harassment, threats or stalking. All evil is spawned in aggression, no matter the form it takes.

Those who will not leave others in peace, who will not respect the rights of others to Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness, should be exposed by persons of conscience,
for the purpose of stopping a crime in progress, or preventing a plot to do harm to the innocent from reaching its vile ends.

These evildoers should also be shunned, and in cases where their actions become crimes against persons, they should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

No one has the right to invade the privacy of another! Only a criminal, only an evildoer, only a demon, would stalk, harass or threaten anyone. There is simply no excuse for such vile behavior.

But the bottom line, for me personally, is this: Just because I have "gone public" by exposing certain information about my background (some of of which is personal in nature) does NOT mean that my life, as a whole, is an open book which will be made available for public consumption.

As for those who in their aggression and malice, would try to pry into my personal/private business, I can guarantee that they will end up wishing they had never heard my name.

As I have stated previously, I am by no means required to divulge personal information about my background, my financial business, my family, my relationships (personal or professional) or any other personal information that pertains to my private life.

I am not on trial, not a defendant in any such public trial. I am not running for any public office. I am not employed by any person, agency or entity (including government) which would require me to divulge such personal information.
Furthermore, I have committed no crimes; I am engaging in no criminal activities; and I have no criminal record. Period. Case closed.

In short, my private life is just that --PRIVATE.
My private life is nobody's business but my own! And so it shall remain. I will do whatever I must do to stop these violations and invasions.

My primary purpose has always been to defend Liberty and the God-given rights of the Individual, ON PRINCIPLE. Most of my work involves political activism (not through the "political" system, but in the broader sense of human rights); and most of which has not been discussed publicly by me.

The only money I have ever earned as a result of this work (and contrary to the lies of my detractors, I certainly have "earned" it) has been donations from the general public. Other than these donations, I have tried to survive on love gifts from family and friends.

At no time have I ever had anyone I could rely on for material support; nor has there ever been anyone in my life (family or friends) who cared enough about me personally to make my survival or well-being a priority. This is a very simple fact of my life, and though I have often dearly wished my situation were otherwise, I have no control over what others feel or what are their priorities.

I don't belong to any groups, nor do I have any form of reliable support from any group, nor any individual.

Of late, the demonic liars, the minions of Satan, have become more aggressive than ever before, and not only in promoting the most outrageous of lies about Barbara Hartwell; but in their monstrous invasions of my privacy.

They are posting PRIVATE information on many websites and message boards; such as my unlisted street address. The demons have also posted photos of my house, which they falsely claim does not belong to me, but (depending on which demon is fabricating/promoting the lies at any given time) is owned by various other individuals, whose names they throw out, libeling those individuals and invading their privacy as well. The demons cannot seem to agree about the "truth" of any these fabrications; and often fight among themselves, while changing their stories and thus contradicting themselves while promoting their various lies. But then, that is in the nature of demonic liars.

In all this, the outrageous fabrications, the invasions of privacy, the criminal harassment, the threats (including death threats) the demons claim to be "exposing" Barbara Hartwell. They claim to be "investigators"; "researchers"; and even "whistleblowers".

The very thought of these self-aggrandizing titles, considering the individuals claiming them, is ludicrous.

In reality, they resemble nothing more than a brood of hissing vipers; or a pack of rabid hyenas, hell-bent on violence and savagery against all God's creation, persecuting God's children, His saints and His angels.

The demons are also engaging in wild speculation about my past life, my current life, my family, and my professional background; and they are fabricating outrageous lies about every area of my life.

For example, they are promoting the bald-faced lie that I am being "supported" by a "boyfriend"; that my house is "owned" by this alleged "boyfriend". They also claim that since I live in a "large" house, I must be "doing fine". As if I'm living high, and off the fat of the land....

As if all this were not enough of an outrage, some of the demonic liars claim that I am a "scamster", who is bilking the public of their hard-earned money. They claim I do "not work".

Most of the demons say I am CIA; a "CIA plant"; a "CIA disinfo agent"; but a few of the demons now claim that I might never have been CIA, but lying about that too, again, just so I can scam people out of their hard-earned money.

As if I am laughing all the way to the bank....where, by the way, I haven't had any accounts in decades.

I have refuted most of the lies of these demons many times, over a period of many years. But I have come to the point where I simply refuse to even read any more outrageous blasphemes and character assassination.

The truth is, for anyone interested to know, that I live in such desperate poverty that I am going hungry much of the time. I can't afford proper food, and sometimes no food at all. I have no way of getting desperately needed medicines and treatments; and I am in severe pain most of the time for the lack of such medical care.

I do not have a "boyfriend", nor is there anyone else in my life whom I can rely on for any kind of material support. And it should be clear, if I had anyone who really cared, I sure as hell wouldn't be living like this.

But I must say, the demons have done a great job with their outrageous lies, as donations (my only source of material support) surely seem to be a thing of the past. And that (aside from the all-purpose destruction of my life) is exactly the point, the end they hoped, with malice aforethought, to achieve.

But it's time to wrap up this report. So, although I won't name the individual demons (just check my reports, most of the names are there, in spades, though there are now too many to count), I will remind the readers of the fact that those demons have all been exposed many times.

They are criminals; malicious liars; porno-mongers; child abusers; blackmailers; extortionists; grifters; stalkers; drug traffickers; degenerate alcoholics; forgers; identity thieves; plagiarists; hoaxsters and scamsters. They are the scum of the earth. Believe them at your own risk.

And remember...if God has given you a love of the truth, you could be the next target.

Barbara Hartwell Percival
April 11, 2009


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Barbara Hartwell
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