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Sunday, April 5, 2009

PUBLIC NOTICE: Criminal Harassment, Stalking, Libel, Identity Theft, Forgery by Todd Brendan Fahey

Psycho Stalker Todd Brendan Fahey

FOREWORD: The Demonic Duo & Assorted Criminal Accomplices

Todd Brendan Fahey continues his obsessive criminal harassment and outrageous libel of Barbara Hartwell, which began almost five (5) years ago, July, 2004.

Since that time, Fahey has teamed up with other criminals and government stooges of his ilk, most notably predicate felon Timothy Patrick White, Fahey's accomplice since 2004. These two odious perps, known as the "demonic duo" by targets of their harassment, stalking and outrageous libel, have since enlisted many others for the purpose of expanding their criminal activities and massive libel/slander campaign against Barbara Hartwell and associates.

One such perp, using the name "Xena Carpenter", in collusion with White, Fahey and others, is also publishing libelous falsehoods about Barbara Hartwell and other targets, including (but not limited to) Michael Herzog; Roy Stewart; Keith Hansen (Vyzygoth).

The identity of this "Xena Carpenter" is currently unknown; but considering the fact that the idiotic website of the same name is heavily promoted by Tim White, Todd Fahey and others known to be part of the criminal conspiracy against legitimate journalists and whistleblowers, Defenders of Liberty and Messengers of Truth, it is likely that "Xena Carpenter" is in fact just another alias for one of these perps.

It is also a known fact that Todd Fahey is the author of at least one libelous pseudo report targeting Barbara Hartwell, published on the "Xena Carpenter" website, posted with no by-line, no author identified.

The malicious and cowardly Todd Fahey hides behind many, many pseudonyms and aliases. He is also an identity thief who has stolen the name of Barbara Hartwell as well as some of my known associates, family and friends.

This loathsome whackjob Fahey has even gone so far as to steal the identities of my cats! "Hercules Hartwell" (now in Cat Heaven); and my one surviving feline grandchild, Kyra.

Fahey, like the other half of the demonic duo, Tim White, is a psychopath; a pathological liar; porno-monger and sex pervert/predator (including targeting innocent children); and a drug trafficker/abuser.

The demonic duo are especially notorious for publishing private information about targets, such as street addresses, for the purpose of soliciting further invasions of privacy and criminal harassment by like-minded criminals and whackjobs.

Todd Fahey and his cohorts most resemble a pack of rabid hyenas in their relentless, hideous aggression, harassment and monstrous invasions of privacy against targets.

BE WARNED: Stay clear of these criminals and report all offenses, abuses, stalking, harassment, etc. to the appropriate legal authorities.

Known accomplices of Todd Brendan Fahey (including those who have published Fahey's outrageous lies against targets): Timothy Patrick White; Brenda Negri; Ken Adachi; "Xena Carpenter"; Larry Lawson; Robert Sterling; "SARTRE" (a pseudonym); Ted Gunderson; Pamela Schuffert; Craig Oxley et al (Unhived Mind forum); John DeCamp; Alan Stang. (Only a partial list)

April 5, 2009

Note, January, 2007:

The criminal harassment by Todd Brendan Fahey has never ceased. It has now continued, unabated for two and a half years! (Since 2004).

Just this morning, yet another harassing e-mail message was sent by Fahey to my Yahoo! e-mail address.

As usual, I deleted it without opening the message, marked it as SPAM, reported it as harassment and kept the e-mail address for evidence.

It has been clear for a long time that this psycho-stalker has an extreme and pathological obsession with Barbara Hartwell. It's also clear that he has no intention of leaving off the criminal harassment.

Since the little coward lives in Southeast Asia, I guess he thinks he's immune from prosecution. That remains to be seen.

For now, as tiresome as it is, the best I can do is continue to expose this pathological liar, for the public record. Maybe he enjoys the attention. Maybe for Fahey, any publicity is good publicity.

April, 2005


Todd Brendan Fahey

DOB: February 22, 1965

American citizen who publicly claims to reside in South Korea

Todd Brendan Fahey has been engaging in slander, libel, privacy violations, which have compromised my security and threatened my safety, as well as criminal harassment of Barbara Hartwell since July 4, 2004.

Todd Fahey has been issued warnings and directives to cease and desist such harassment, libel and slander by Barbara Hartwell; by family members of Barbara Hartwell; and by police officers from the Old Orchard Beach Police Department. Fahey has disregarded all such warnings and directives.

Fahey has violated the privacy of Barbara Hartwell with malice aforethought, by:

1) Publishing my private, unlisted phone number (now disconnected due to harassing calls made and solicited by Fahey).

2) Publishing my private e-mail address (now defunct), never previously listed by me in public posts.

3) Publishing my private, unlisted street address; in so doing he has solicited the additional crimes of harassment/stalking by like-minded criminals. The street address cannot be changed.

Fahey has engaged in criminal harassment and cyber-stalking via many message boards on the World Wide Web, a practice he has continued unabated since July 2004. Fahey, in so doing, has also solicited such harassment from known and unknown persons, some of whom are co-conspirators in a criminal conspiracy which includes racketeering. This criminal conspiracy is currently under investigation by law enforcement agencies.

Todd Fahey's harassment/cyber-stalking includes:

1) Posting libelous falsehoods about Barbara Hartwell as well as family members, friends and professional colleagues, including ex-FBI agent Geral Sosbee.

2) Posting libelous falsehoods about Barbara Hartwell, of an obscene and pornographic nature, which also solicited such libelous commentaries from known and unknown persons.

3) Identity theft, by using names of known associates of Barbara Hartwell, including "Teddy Martino". Mr. Martino has been notified and is a witness on behalf of Barbara Hartwell as well as a complainant against Fahey.

Identity theft/forgery as well, by publishing written material (e-mail, articles, etc) which Fahey falsely claims were written and/or submitted for publication by Barbara Hartwell.

Todd Fahey has also written and published false and libelous allegations about:

1) The ownership of Barbara Hartwell's home by "a member of the John Birch Society" and by "a man named Frank Nulton".

2) "Barbara Hartwell has lost residency in her home" and "has relocated to Brownsville Texas" and "is sharing an apartment with one Geral Sosbee".

Mr. Sosbee has publicly refuted the false allegation that Barbara Hartwell is living in his home in Brownsville Texas, and has stated for the record that Barbara Hartwell has never lived at his address, nor traveled to that location.

Sosbee has also stated his knowledge, as my witness, that Todd Fahey is a pathological liar and has acted with malice aforethought to defame the personal and professional reputation of Barbara Hartwell.

Mr. Sosbee was also the first known recipient of libelous falsehoods of an outrageous nature, being disseminated by Todd Fahey about Barbara Hartwell, including false allegations of "drunkenness" and Fahey's false claims of having a "sexual relationship" with Hartwell.

This message, by e-mail, from Todd Fahey to Geral Sosbee was sent from a psychiatric/alcohol/drug rehab facility at the Southern Maine Medical Center, where Fahey was taken by police who picked him up after finding him passed out on a bench on the street in Old Orchard Beach, Maine.

This e-mail message also included Fahey's claim that he had attempted suicide by a drug/alcohol overdose. I have the evidence to substantiate that Fahey was admitted to this facility, including a letter from Todd Fahey's parents who are well aware of Fahey's long history of alcoholism, drug abuse and mental illness.

Many, many other such libelous false allegations about Barbara Hartwell have been collected by my legal advocates, to be used as evidence against Todd Fahey, in both civil lawsuits and criminal complaints. I have refused to personally read most of Todd Fahey's libelous falsehoods, due to their obscene/pornographic/psychotic nature.

Extremely severe damages (including financial) have resulted directly from the unrelenting libel, slander, criminal harassment and cyber-stalking by this utterly despicable, loathsome, psychotic individual, Todd Brendan Fahey.

Please be advised that Todd Fahey had to be removed from my private property by police on two (2) occasions, once for drunk and disorderly conduct and making threats of violence on July 4, 2004; and once on July 6, 2004, for harassing phone calls and stalking. I have witnesses, including the police and have police reports of the incidents as evidence.

And lastly, please be advised that any individual or entity who engages in the dissemination and/or publication of the libelous, harassing messages/articles/e-mail about Barbara Hartwell and associated persons for which Todd Fahey is the source, will be named as defendants in civil lawsuits and/or criminal complaints by the injured parties, incuding Barbara Hartwell.

Anyone wishing to offer additional evidence against the perpetrator, Todd Brendan Fahey, or relevant information which may serve the purpose of forcing Fahey to cease and desist from his cyber-stalking/libel/harassment may send it to the postal address given above.

Thank you for your consideration.

Barbara Hartwell

April 27, 2005