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Monday, April 6, 2009

Demonic Spoiler Larry Lawson

Loony Larry Lawson

Here, find my comments, written in outrage when Larry Lawson invaded Rick Stanley's forum to post outrageous lies and attacks against Barbara Hartwell.
Larry Lawson is still at it to this very day, attacking legitimate whistleblowers, journalists and sincere Christians and patriots.

Known accomplices of Larry Lawson (a partial list, including those who promote Lawson's libel of targets): Tim White; Ken Adachi; Brenda Negri; Pamela Schuffert; Todd Fahey; Ted Gunderson; Sherry Shriner.

Larry Lawson and cohorts (most notably, Tim White) are demonic spoilers, whose purpose is to disrupt any forum (such as the Revolutionary Coalition) where issues are discussed --and to divert attention from ISSUES to ad hominem attacks on individuals who are Defenders of Liberty and Messengers of Truth.

By their fruits shall you know them.
Get behind me, Satan!

April 6 ,2009

From the Revolutionary Coalition Forum (2005)

Comments by Barbara Hartwell re Larry Lawson

This poster (using an alias) is Larry Lawson. Lawson is on a government payroll, paid to demonize and discredit any person who is:

1) A legitimate government whistleblower

2) A sincere patriot

3) A committed Christian

He has attacked Rick Stanley repeatedly. Why? Because Rick stands up for me when I am harassed by Lawson's cohorts, people like government stooge/snitch Tim White. But Lawson's most compelling reason for his harassment of Rick is quite simply because Rick is for real.

Lawson shows up with his nonsense and his outrageous lies every time I post anything. Which I rarely do anymore.

Most of us targeted by Lawson have just decided to ignore him. He's a time-waster. It would be a full time job refuting all his lies. As it is there are not enough hours in my day for productive use of my time. I refuse to waste any more time on the likes of Lawson.

See you in court, Larry. I continue to pray for God to give you a love of the truth.

A Message to Larry Lawson from Barbara Hartwell

Well, well...Loony Larry Lawson enters from stage was only a matter of time, wasn't it?

Lawson, haven't we been down this road before? I won't waste my time responding, except to say this:

Go spew out your outrageous lies, shrink-wrapped-pre-packaged-gov-disinformation and black propaganda smears against decent God-fearing, Constitution-defending people someplace else. Someplace where you have a receptive audience.....I've no doubt there are plenty of them out there.

I refer to the scamsters, the porno-mongers, the blackmailers, the transvestites, the FBI shills and snitches, the illegal weapons dealers, the child molesters, the extortionists, the assassins and all-purpose sowers of discord. The government-sponsored, bought-and-paid-for lowlife rat bastards who are destroying our country from within. All of whom are liars, cowards and traitors, just like you. Most of them are morons as well.

Shame on you, Larry Lawson. You, of all people should have more sense than to cast your lot with people so much more stupid than yourself. Since I know you're not stupid, I have no choice but to conclude that you must take pride in being evil. Pride goeth before a fall.... and mark my words this day: Yours is coming.

Barbara Hartwell