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Friday, April 3, 2009

Fed Snitch Timothy Patrick White: Criminal Harassment, Stalking & Death Threats

Predicate felon Timothy Patrick White and his accomplices are growing more aggressive by the day. Let this report serve as a warning to all and sundry.

The crime spree continues........

From: Tim White
To: Francine Kelly
Sent: Thursday, April 2, 2009 10:31:28 AM

Public E-mail from Francine Kelly

"From: Francine Kelly
Subject: Resolving this once and for all
Cc:,,,,,,,,,,,,,, "Charles Jeschke" ,,,,,,,,
Date: Thursday, April 2, 2009, 3:24 PM"

Note some of the recipients. Some may be recognized by name, others by e-mail addresses: Tim White; Ted Gunderson; Doug Millar; John DeCamp; Sue Arrigo; Don Nicoloff; James Rothstein.

[Addendum: New Ager Scott Mandelker is on the list as well. I remember this jerk from way back, during the time I was conducting UFO research. Mandelker was spreading slander about Barbara Hartwell. I exposed him as a liar and charlatan in a hardcopy publication on UFOs. So typical of the ilk that Francine Kelly would be hanging with.]

For the record: I know from reliable sources that all of the above individuals have, at the very least, been spreading malicious and defamatory lies about Barbara Hartwell (and certain of my associates); at worst, some have done so publicly, via libel and slander.

Excerpt, opening paragraph:

"Dear Pat, Mike & Will,

I don't want to be called an accomplice by Barbara Hartwell. I'm not an accomplice to Tim White. Just like Ted Gunderson told me, Tim has helped me. He has educated me about this sleazy Intel world, and he has been right about many things since May 2008 when I was thrown into the drug-infested homeless shelters in Seattle. As you all know, I do not approve of how Tim talks to people."

Note that Francine Kelly claims that Tim White has "educated" her about "this sleazy Intel world". According to Ms. Kelly, Ted Gunderson is in agreement with this statement. I do not know Francine Kelly; but I have seen numerous public e-mail messages written by this woman, correspondence between herself and Tim White (among others); and she appears to me to be living in a delusional fantasy world. Her writings are far from coherent, as suggested by this excerpt:

"I really thought you wanted me to help you expose the Draconian Reptilian Vampire Agenda and MK-Ultra. Pat, you even said that day when I arrived at the house and Carson was pulling at my clothes saying, "Go downstairs and tell Will that you can't live without him," and you were saying, "You have free will," that maybe Will and I could work together on MK-Ultra."

From my observations, Ms. Kelly also has a penchant for airing her dirty laundry in public. It appears that she is an attention-and-approval seeker who believes in New Age secular-humanist pop-psychology as a form of "group therapy" in a public forum.

And although I feel sorry for Ms. Kelly, as she has clearly been duped and drawn into a web of deceit and evil by Tim White, Ted Gunderson and others, if she does not wake up to that fact and recognize who (and what --namely demonic entities) she is really dealing with, and what is their agenda, she will end up in far worse trouble than it appears she is already in.

The fact of the matter is that Tim White is not qualified to "educate" anyone, especially in regard to the so-called "Intel world". The very thought is ludicrous. Tim White has absolutely no background, nor training in intelligence work. Zero, zilch. He is himself a rank amateur, a delusional G-Man wannabe and government stooge. And contrary to his grandiose claims, with which he signs his posts, White is not an "investigator"; and certainly not any kind of "whistleblower."

Tim White spreads libelous falsehoods and malicious lies about targets of the federal government --that about sums it up. He also engages in monstrous invasions of privacy and solicits the crimes of stalking and criminal harassment by like-minded fellow criminals. He's a busybody; a gate-crasher; a name dropper and a spiteful gossip; and has been directly responsible for massive damages to the lives of many targets. Targets of the federal government, that is.

So if Ms. Kelly wishes not to be named as an accomplice of this psychopath, Tim White, perhaps she should stop defending, supporting and promoting him; and cease and desist from parroting his malicious gossip.


Exhibit 1) Excerpt from a jailhouse letter. Tim White's written death threat against Doreen Bishop:

"Believe me, somehow, someway I will now set out to do her a number...I'm fucking angry! She has retribution coming. Counting the days until I can have my hands around her neck but right now I'm gonna play dumb and make her think I haven't a clue about her."

This letter was written from jail, dated 8/28/01. It was later published by Doug Millar, as part of a "report" for purposes of "exposing" Tim White and others. Millar claimed in his "report" that he had been working with Ted Gunderson for many years. Millar is in fact a longtime accomplice of Ted Gunderson, part of the criminal conspiracy against legitimate whistleblowers and journalists; and engaging in cover-ups of black operations.

Tim White later "made a deal" with corrupt feds and was released from prison. He became a fed snitch and has been exploited ever since to do the feds' dirty work of stalking and harassing targets; as well as spreading false and defamatory information about targets. This "information" is fed to him by government operatives and White is used as a "town crier" to disseminate false info for the purpose of discrediting and ultimately neutralizing targets.

Example: "Barbara Hartwell is CIA".

Exhibit 2) Investigative journalist Janet Phelan's criminal complaint seeking temporary restraining order against Tim White.

[TRO Against Tim White
Wed, February 22, 2006 14:40

"The Judge requested that I notify White of the hearing first. I emailed him this afternoon, with the exact wording suggested by the court.

The hearing will take place Friday morning at approximately 8:30 a.m.

Janet Phelan

This is to notify you that Janet C. Phelan will appear in Department E of the Los Angeles Superior Court located at 1725 Main Street, Santa Monica, CA 90401 to seek a temporary restraining order against you on Friday, February 24 at 8:30 a.m. The orders requested include, but are not limited to the following:

That you not attack, molest, strike, threaten, stalk, harrass, assault, contact or disturb the peace of Petitioner/Respondent.

If you wish to contest the court's issuance of a temporary restraining order against you, you should appear at the exparte proceeding at the date, time and place noted above.

Janet C. Phelan
February 22, 2006

Emailed today at direction of the Judge."

Tim White engages in criminal harassment and stalking of Janet Phelan; in one such instance with accomplice Pamela Schuffert, another fed snitch and useful idiot. White has also made death threats against Janet. To date, law enforcement has done absolutely nothing to stop this criminal.

Exhibit 3) Testimony of Janet Phelan re violation of restraining order by Tim White.

"According to my sources, Tim White was arrested about two weeks ago by the Denver Police Department on violating a permanent restraining order issued by Doreen Bishop. White made bail, and the arrest has since been expunged on federal orders. There will therefore be no hearing for White on this matter.

In addition, another woman, also a reporter, attempted to obtain a TRO against White yesterday, in a Florida court. White had purportedly threatened to "hang her up by her tits." The Judge, apparently also under orders, refused to grant that restraining order.

I placed a call yesterday to Mark Hostlaw, Division 5 of Denver FBI. He returned the call this morning, and said he was quite aware of Timothy White, had spoken with him on numerous occasions, and that the conversations revolved around White offering information to Hostlaw.

Janet Phelan"

Exhibit 4) E-mail from "Tim Hall" (real name Daryl Sturgis) and Tim White: "death threat" against Barbara Hartwell.

[From: "tmhall" To: Barbara Hartwell. Monday, August 13, 2001. Subject: Information on Jeffery w. Swedenburg

"Ms. Hartwell:

I'm relaying a very important message from a associate of mine concerning a person whom you may have been in contact with recently. Name: 'Jeffery Wayne Swedenburg'.

My associate has important information concerning your 'cause' and requests your time in this matter for a contact.

Pls contact: T. White @ 303-722 9750

We believe you have the right and earned that right to know more about your cause and stand.


Barbara Hartwell's response to "Tim Hall" (August 15, 2001)

I do not not who you are or precisely what this is in reference to. Re the person whose name you mention, I do recognize the name but I have not had any contact with this individual. If you have info which you feel it is important for me to know, I would appreciate it if you could give me something more specific so that I may have some idea of whether it is important enough for me to contact you re this matter.

Under normal circumstances I do not make phone contact with strangers unless I have reason to believe the matter in question is urgent. If you are in fact acting in what you believe to be my best interests, then please give me some indication of that in response to this e-mail; as well as furnishing info re your bona fides. I will then be able to make a decision re phone contact.
Thank you. 
I personally investigated this death threat, which turned out to be completely bogus. It was just another lie designed to cause trauma, stress and disruption in the life of Barbara Hartwell; and in an attempt to set up another innocent person, Jeff Swedenburg.

Tim White is an unrepentant criminal. His many targets all want to see justice done. We want to stop the stalking, the libel, the harassment and the death threats.

A message to law enforcement, nationwide and in Canada:

Do your job. Enforce the law. Arrest this perp and prosecute him to the fullest extent of the law for his many crimes against persons.

Barbara Hartwell Percival
April 3, 2009