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Friday, November 24, 2006



A Smear Campaign Extraordinaire

Like a decoy in a partridge cage, so is the mind of the proud, and like spies they observe your weakness; for they lie in wait, turning good into evil, and to worthy actions they attatch blame. Beware of scoundrels, for they devise evil and they may ruin your reputation forever.   

Apocryphal Book of Sirach 11:30-33, NRSV Bible

Have you ever been made into a scapegoat? Have you ever been blamed for situations, events and circumstances for which you were not responsible and over which you had no control? Have you ever been castigated, maligned and smeared, though you have done nothing wrongful to deserve such persecution? Have you been unjustly targeted by those who felt the need to protect their own personal or political agenda, no matter the injustice visited upon you by their unconscionable actions, their lies and their cover-ups?

If so, this will be a familiar story, one you can surely relate to. If your answer to any or all of these questions is yes, welcome to the wonderful world of the scapegoat, your reward from the powers and principalities for standing your ground and defending the truth. You'll recognize the territory and the landscape all too well. Even if not, please read on, for if you don't find this article educational, at least it may provide some entertainment, perhaps even some black humor for the cynical and jaded.


Ever since 1994, when I broke out of CIA's black operations, I have encountered more liars peddling their wares than I could ever have imagined existed. Though CIA has made lying their most effective weapon and primary stock-in-trade, for over fifty (50) years, I learned the hard way that they haven't cornered the market on lies as an operational strategy. Far from it.

Whether CIA or not, a veritable legion of these liars, ensconced in what is known as the alternative media, have evidently made it their mission to fabricate the most outrageous lies possible and to disseminate these lies on the Internet and on radio broadcasts. Call me paranoid, but in my defense I have reams of documentation and hard evidence to back up my claim: I have been a target for many of the legion of liars since 1996 when I first went public by exposing my involvement in the CIA's illegal domestic and foreign covert operations, paid for with black-budget dollars, mostly gleaned from drugs-for-arms deals and trafficking in human slavery. In other words, blood money.

And I find it ironic that the ONLY things I have ever done to "deserve" the attention these "alternative media" liars have lavished on me were to refuse to toe any political or religious party-lines; to maintain my autonomy and spiritual integrity by refusing to compromise my principles to become a team-player; and to TELL THE TRUTH about corruption and crimes I have personally witnessed, been victimized by and/or investigated.

Forget the mainstream media. They're owned, lock stock and barrel, by the dark overlords of the NWO. Anyone with half a brain KNOWS they lie to the public for a living. But once I myself became a target of the liars in alternative media (the only venue open to me since I was blacklisted from the mainstream media after leaving CIA) it didn't take me long to realize that the alternative media liars are even more of a menace to society, as there are virtually no editorial restraints on what they can get away with lying about. And God help those of us, the sincere patriots and whistleblowers, who have found ourselves caught in the crosshairs, as the alternative media snipers take aim, lock and load.

In the long run, the false witness borne against me by these liars over a period of years has been every bit as damaging as any of the most brutal political persecution I have endured, even including various and sundry assassination attempts like "arranged" car crashes, assaults with military hardware, poisonings and attacks with exotic weaponry, the effects of which I still suffer from today in the form of various disabilities and chronic illness.

Because of cumulative damage done to me, namely the undeserved character assassination by the liars, my reputation (personal and professional) has been more or less destroyed, probably beyond repair. Because of the liars, contributions to my Legal Defense and Research Fund (the only source of funding, albeit sporadic, I had) have dried up and become a thing of the past. Websites which once published my articles (and made money exploiting me, while giving no compensation for my work) now shun me as if I were a leper. The liars have done themselves proud, one and all, individually and collectively, for their contributions to the methodical destruction of a career and a life.

Some of the liars are disinformation specialists, hirelings of the corrupt criminal element in government, in the U.S. of A. and around the world. Some of the liars have been recruited into COINTELPRO-style operations to infiltrate and then discredit the targeted individuals such as myself.

And let's not forget the rag-tag band of amateurs hired by Domestic Contact Services (DCS) headquartered in Denver, Colorado: A loose-knit network of misfits, malcontents and malingerers, used as snitches and provocateurs, all tasked with targeting sincere patriots; legitimate whistleblowers exposing government corruption; and often targeting Christians guilty of nothing more than a love of God, family and country.

As a matter of course, despite being rank amateurs, ALL DCS hired hands must be LIARS to "qualify" for the job. As a matter of course, ALL of their targets (except the decoys, who work WITH or FOR them) are TELLING THE TRUTH. That's just the way things work. The truth must be covered up, no matter what it takes, no matter how damaging the lies to be told.

Who is targeted? Anyone who comes forward with THE UNVARNISHED TRUTH about massive government corruption and dirty dealings within the CIA, FBI, NSA, DIA, DARPA and other alphabet-agencies, complete with names of perpetrators and the evidence which could convict them. Anyone who defends the Constitution of the United States of America with no compromises. Those of us who would rather die on our feet than live on our knees; who are willing to fight to the death, if necessary, to defend our natural, individual rights as bestowed by God.

Using these amateurs and mentally unbalanced liars, most of whom are deluded into fancying themselves as "players" shows just how low the government will stoop to silence and neutralize legitimate whistleblowers, investigators, political activists and patriots, anyone deemed a threat to the NWO/Globalist agenda. The gov't dupes work cheap and are expendable. I guess they figure it's close enough for government work........

Where will it end? From all appearances, it will not. And I for one have reached the limits of my endurance for defamation by the legion of liars, the cowards who earn their daily bread and inflate their flagging egos by BEARING FALSE WITNESS against decent, legitimate, hardworking people; violating privacy; harassing, stalking and generally making our lives as miserable as is humanly possible.

Dirty Deeds, Done Dirt Cheap. Shame on them, one and all. And shame on the corrupt gov't rat bastards paying the freight.

Over the years, the liars have made their approaches from every conceivable angle. Some were government agents or their minions planted on me, posing as friends or supporters of my work. Some of the liars were publishers and editors of various media outlets, offering to publish my articles or books; or radio and TV producers wanting me as a guest or as a talk show host on their networks. Others were hired for the simple purpose of harassing me, by e-mail or telephone; by draining my scant resources or wasting my time.

Oh what a tangled web they weave, when first they practice to deceive! Some of that web is about to be unravelled, right here, right now.

After having been smeared and slandered, libeled and defamed, hissed and booed, banned and blacklisted from so many websites and radio shows, for nothing more than TELLING THE TRUTH, I have nothing left to lose. So once again I will step forward to tell the truth, refute the falsehoods, name the names, set the record straight and let the chips fall where they may.

Telling the truth carries a heavy price, but nonetheless, one I've always been willing to pay. As for those who have chosen to bear false witness against me or to take part in the cover-ups of the injustices and atrocities which I have sacrificed so much to expose, they will pay an even greater price: They will have to answer to God for their lies, for their cowardice and for the lives of the decent, God-fearing people they helped to destroy.

To make matters worse, for the past ten years I have been up against this legion of liars alone, with no backup and not a soul I could rely on to come to my defense publicly or even privately. Not a soul I could rely on to offer any form of comfort or support, the operative word being "rely". Sure, there were (and still are) a few people, here and there, who've offered various forms of support or help, as their means and inclination allowed. But sadly, most of the people I once considered friends and supporters have deserted me; have been intimidated by my enemies; have drained me emotionally and financially, offering nothing in return; have betrayed my trust or even turned against me by joining the legion of liars in their smear campaign.

There are some with whom I discovered I had irreconcilable differences in basic values, which caused a parting of the ways. Friends who truly care are there when you need them, they are accessible and reliable and will stand by you through thick and thin. Painful as it has been, I've had to face facts and realize that most of them just don't care and probably never did. They came into my life with ulterior motives, to exploit me, to pick my brain, to gather intelligence or to ride my coat-tails, apparently in the hope of some dubious personal gain at my expense. Good riddance to them all.

Then there were the men (more of those than I care to remember) who approached me claiming to be true friends and supporters of my work; but whose sub-rosa agenda was eventually revealed; who dropped all pretenses of friendship, patriotic solidarity or Christian fellowship when they finally realized that the ill-advised romantic notions they harbored about me would come to naught. Firstly, unlike most people I've met, I do not believe in sex outside of marriage. I have no interest in any form of casual "dating" and I draw a hard line between friendship and any sort of romantic relationship. Not to mention that most of the men I have met don't even come close to meeting my standards, and frankly, bore me to tears!

So be it. I've grown accustomed to facing my trials and tribulations alone, never having family, friends or a spouse I could count on for support. Lord have mercy! Perhaps one day God will send me someone, even one person I can rely on, and I won't have to face this alone. But as God is my witness, I will continue to stand up for what is right, even if I have to stand alone.


In November 2003, a brouhaha ensued when I was targeted for censorship in an interview on The Floyd Report, hosted by Jeremy Floyd, and subsequently banned from Genesis Communications Network radio by big-wig alternative media moguls Alex Jones and Michael Trudeau (grandstanders who make quite a show of being "freedom fighters" against the NWO). I was actually cut off in the middle of a broadcast, when Alex Jones made a phone call to Jeremy and pulled the plug, ripping me right off the air. Jeremy Floyd quit his job as a talk show host at GCN as a result of this unconsionable censorship and the attempts at manipulation by network executives.

My "crime" was exposing one of my former colleagues, ex-FBI Senior SAC Ted L. Gunderson and one of his partners in crime, former senator John DeCamp, for their involvement in Operation Brownstone and the CIA Finders operation, involving child pornography and prostitution as well as the blackmailing of high-level gov't officials also involved in the atrocities. DeCamp, author of The Franklin Coverup, was actually INVOLVED in the operation as a pedophile, a CHILD ABUSER, and subsequently mounted his OWN coverup. A coverup of a coverup.

As a result of the so-called "investigation" by DeCamp and Gunderson, many people who knew the truth were eliminated, others were ruined or irreparably compromised and the cover-up continues, as it has for over a quarter century, right to this day. And what about the many innocent children abducted, used and abused as prostitutes and pawns in this deadly game? Who will fight to see justice done for these children and their families? Who will care about retribution for the perpetrators?

Well, I care and I will continue to fight for the victims and to hold the perpetrators accountable in a court of law. Even though I am only one person, with no resources, no clout, no high-level connections or reliable protection, I have done all in my power to expose and put a stop to these heinous crimes against children. I have put my own life at risk numerous times, because, for the love of God, I care.

But typically, these liars, the very individuals who smugly strut around the "Christian" and "Patriot" lecture circuits; who carefully cultivate reputations as radio personalities, claiming to have "exposed" these crimes, will scramble for cover, like cockroaches from under a lifted rock, when THE TRUTH is told about THEM.

And that's when the lies REALLY start flowing, gushing from their mouths as from regurgitating gargoyles, spewing lies like there's no tomorrow. And there won't be any tomorrow, not one worth living in, if the alternative media liars (the controlled opposition) and their controllers in the NWO have their way. It's high time to expose these liars for who and what they are.


Moving right along, I'll address the most recent public debacle created and implemented by the legion of liars. One liar in particular, clearly among the most unconscionable of the bunch, deserves to be brought to public scrutiny and exposed in the spotlight: Mr. Fintan Dunne, two-faced spin doctor, NWO toady and liar extraordinaire. Mr. Damage Control.

I first encountered Mr. Dunne as one of the fellow "news agents" who posts regularly using the handle "nFormedSources" on Rumor Mill News, a site where I resigned as a news agent in November 2003, after being a contributor to and supporter of RMN for years. Mr. Dunne had at one point last year made quite a show of stepping up to the plate to "defend" my position when I debunked the misogynist philosophy of Dr. Henry Makow, a psycho-babbling male supremacist who makes impassioned calls for all women to be subservient and submissive to men; raises a war cry for men to retain or adopt the double-standard and wield tyrannical power over the women in their lives; and who also claims to be against the NWO. (Don't they all?)

But back to Fintan Dunne: I had always intuited a sleazy feeling about Dunne which made me wary; and despite his "defense" of my views denouncing misogyny, this gut feeling persisted. From the photos I've seen, he reminds me of a mountebank, one of those oily, shifty-eyed, smiling snake-oil salesmen from days of old. And his sudden vicious attack on me, the OUTRAGEOUS LIES he has fabricated about me personally, have confirmed my intuition, in spades.

Fintan Dunne (a native of the U.K) is the editor of a slick website replete with fancy graphics called Gulu Future. Dunne, as a "correspondent", reads the "news" on a radio program called Mysteries of the Mind.

He is also, not surprisingly, a promoter and staunch supporter of the United Nations on his website. He espouses a Socialist, Globalist, Collectivist philosophy --NWO all the way-- spiced up with some Mickey Mouse Metaphysics and New Age gobbeldygook thrown in for good measure, such as: his esoteric interpretations of "cosmic" events like the appearance of Planet X; meteor showers hitting the planet Jupiter; X-class solar flares and their purported "spiritual" significance to our Global Civilization.

Strangest of all, I once heard him on a "news" broadcast of Mysteries of the Mind, furnishing "dating" advice to men with small penises, explaining in graphic detail how to find a female counterpart with whom they could enjoy sex without having to compensate for their handicap.

Well....I guess Mr. Dunne, as part of his traveling carny show, offers something for everyone. And as a New Age Globalist, prevaricating and toeing the line for the NWO, it's clear he fits right in at Rumor Mill News.

Fintan Dunne responded to the last article I posted on Rumor Mill News, in which I explained my reasons for resigning. In a nutshell: selective censorship by the editor, Rayelan Allan; violation of my personal boundaries via a plethora of unsolicited advice and amateur psychoanalysis by other RMN news agents, aggressively and publicly directed at myself on the RMN Forum, apparently based on their mass indoctrination into the hive-and-herd-mentality of New Age pop-psychology.

In my resignation article, I was straightforward, direct and brutally honest, as always, in making known my disgust with these unconscionable, inappropriate and unacceptable practices at RMN, which editor Rayelan Allan allowed the news agents to continue with impunity, despite my repeated declarations of my right to freedom of speech without interference.

Once I publicly resigned, Fintan Dunne wasted no time in launching his attack against me. In his first commentary, Dunne accused me of "actions grossly unfair to RMN". In truth, I was the injured party, NOT RMN, being censored by Rayelan Allan, backed up by her contingent of New Age occultists (some of whom tout the "virtues" and "spiritual wisdom" of black magician Aleister Crowley); and by other toadies and hangers-on.

Being baited, taunted, rebuked and admonished, once again for the "crime" of exposing the truth about the New Age movement and its connection to the NWO; the Neo-Bolshevik philosophy of popular author John Kaminski; and TELLING THE UNSANITIZED TRUTH about perpetrators such as ex-FBI agent Ted Gunderson and his minions.

For DEFENDING THE CONSTITUTION against all enemies, foreign and domestic. As anyone with eyes to see or ears to hear knows, enemies of the Constitution and promoters of New Age Globalism abound at RMN. One man, Federal Whistleblower Stew Webb, had been banned from RMN simply for talking about his devotion to Jesus Christ! I can only say I'm surprised my politically incorrect and dissenting viewpoints were tolerated for as long as they were, before the axe came down.

But it gets worse, much worse.....

Being the LIAR that he has clearly proven himself to be, Fintan Dunne fabricated a bizarre tale claiming that I, Barbara Hartwell, am actually IN COLLUSION with notorious slimeball Brenda Negri, a "wannabe Fed" working as a low level provocateur for Ted L. Gunderson and his cronies.

Negri is one of a group of ambitious amateurs whose mission is to demonize legitmate whistleblowers by spreading malicious lies in attempts to destroy our credibility. In my own case, Negri has been at it since 2001, harassing me by e-mail and phone, libeling, slandering, stalking and even making PUBLIC DEATH THREATS against me on various message boards.

Fintan Dunne's article, posted on RMN and later on his own website, Gulu Future, was titled EXPOSED: THE REAL STORY OF BARBARA HARTWELL AND BRENDA NEGRI. But Dunne's "real story" had nothing whatsoever to do with reality, in any way, shape or form.

Typical of such professional liars, Fintan Dunne arrogantly claimed to be "exposing" the truth, while presenting NO EVIDENCE WHATSOEVER to substantiate his false claims, the primary one being that I, Barbara Hartwell, still work for CIA; secondly, promoting the absurd notion that Brenda Negri is on the same team, ALSO working for CIA.

Certainly, I myself have been accused of working for CIA countless times, by those of Fintan Dunne's ilk, including Disinfo King Ted L. Gunderson himself. This false accusation seems to have become the last resort in the attempts to discredit me, since other tactics, such as claims that I am a "nutcase"; a "con artist"; or a "mind-controlled NWO drone" have failed miserably over the years.

I've come to expect being accused of working for CIA and as anyone familiar with my articles knows, I have openly admitted my PAST involvement with CIA; that I was born into and raised by an intergenerational OSS/CIA/military intelligence communty family; that I was trained by CIA in psychological operations and utilized as a high-level operative from 1969 until 1994, when, after years of battling with my handlers, and ONLY through the grace of God, I was finally able to break free.

That was TEN YEARS AGO. I'm out of there. It's over. That was then, this is now. But the lies and false accusations just keep on coming.....

Yes, Dunne's allegation that I am still CIA was to be expected. But I must say, Mr. Dunne's secondary bizarre claim is quite a stretch and way over the top. Accusing Barbara Hartwell of working WITH a lowlife provocateur such as Brenda Negri?

Brenda Negri, a woman with no training or background whatsoever in intelligence work; a woman approaching the age of fifty, with no formal education, no area of professional expertise; no credentials; whose work experience has been limited to a string of menial secretarial and clerical jobs and whose "career" reached an apex in 2003 when she was hired (and subsequently fired, for lying on her application form and for other abuses) by TSA, under the Department of Homeland Security, as a low-level baggage screener at LAX .

Brenda Negri: a delusional psychopath whose only tenuous "connection" to CIA has been gate-crashing or stalking of its former operatives; name-dropping, toadying and sucking up to anyone she believes to be remotely connected to the intelligence community.

Whoever Mr. Dunne is working for must be desperate indeed, to attempt to pull off such a ludicrous hoax. For by making a claim so laughable, he has EXPOSED HIMSELF as nothing more than a bald-faced liar and disinformer.

Dunne added insult to injury by the lie that an "op is going down" against Rumor Mill News, a nefarious plot allegedly spawned by myself in collusion with Brenda Negri. Only the young and naive, the old and deceived, the brain-dead, or the seriously delusional could possibly give any credence to Mr. Dunne's flagrant disinfo and lies.

Some people I know, formerly in the intelligence community, are rolling on the floor laughing at the unmitigated stupidity of Fintan Dunne's ploy to discredit me. I can only surmise that for a cowardly sleazebag like Fintan Dunne, being paid to tell a lie beats the hell out of doing the right thing by telling the truth.

Well, Mr. Fintan Dunne, I challenge you to come up with ONE SHRED of hard evidence to substantiate your case. You can't, you never will, because there is none. You're a liar, Mr. Dunne, plain and simple. May your lies come back to haunt you and may God judge you accordingly for the damage you have done.

But Mr. Fintan Dunne was not the only "news agent" at RMN to launch such an assault against my character and professional reputation. No indeed. Once I had resigned and could no longer post anything in my own defense, the nest of hissing vipers came slithering out of hibernation, baring their fangs in blood lust, in anticipation for the kill.

Let's see.....there was a Mr. Joe Vialls, a known disinfo specialist from the U.K. notorious to those in-the-know for his lies and his ties to MI6. And of course, the gaggle of penny-ante New Agers, inconsequential and clueless, hiding behind their clever little screen names, like "Phoenix" and "Aladdin", known only through their postings on RMN.

The vipers finally felt safe enough to poke their scaly heads out of the nest and hiss to their little hearts' content, while their little brains made lame excuses for their treachery. Now that the evil CIA operative Barbara Hartwell had been "exposed", they dropped the phony New Age front of "love and light", "caring and sharing". It was open season, they had a field day!

Now, if this doesn't sound bad enough, I am very sorry to have to address the issue of the way I was treated by Rayelan Allan, the editor of Rumor Mill News. When I say I'm sorry, it is not in the sense of making an apology, because I have nothing to apologize for. I'm sorry because of the heartbreak it caused for me to be so grievously wronged, falsely accused and betrayed by a woman I believed was a friend, whom I loved as a sister and trusted not to violate my confidence.

I don't know for sure what caused Rayelan to betray me, but she did, in no uncertain terms, and in such a way that our relationship can never be repaired, unless of course she realizes her mistake and publicly apologizes to me. I don't think that is likely to happen. I don't expect it and in any case, I have already forgiven her in my heart.

However, after such a stunning betrayal, I do need to set the record straight in my own defense. For the betrayal I speak of is that Rayelan seized upon Fintan Dunne's unconscionable falsehoods and jumped on the bandwagon of those accusing me of working for CIA.

And worse, there is absolutely no excuse for her to accuse me of being IN COLLUSION with Brenda Negri, who for years has also been harassing and libeling Rayelan, especially since I had always come to Rayelan's defense (far more often than she ever came to mine) when she was attacked by Negri.

But Rayelan did not stop there. No, she drove the knife into my back even deeper by saying she would have "shared" with the public CONFIDENTIAL information I had posted in the RMN agents' PRIVATE "lounge" (now appropriately called the "Lizard Lounge") despite the fact that it was promised that all postings in this "lounge" would remain confidential among RMN agents ONLY and were not to be made public without the express permission of both the individual agent and the administration of RMN.

Fortunately, for my own protection, having had a premonition of such betrayal, I had deleted as many of my own posts in this "lounge" as I could find, BEFORE resigning my status as RMN agent. Otherwise, my private thoughts and feelings, shared in trust to what I believed to be Rayelan's loyalty, integrity and discretion as a friend, would have been exposed for all and sundry to scrutinize, to be twisted and used as more ammunition against me. So much for trust and much for respect of my privacy and personal boundaries!

Rayelan also violated other personal confidences I had shared with her in good faith, such as that I had previously received contributions from another RMN agent, whose views I later learned I vehemently disagreed with.

I had subsequently made my disagreement with this man's New Age, globalist views clear on the RMN Forum, more than once. So what? It was nothing personal against him. I was very grateful for his generous donations, I even liked him as a person. But I am not beholden to anyone just because they donate money to me, no matter how large a sum; nor am I a prostitute whose views can be changed or whose loyalties will shift; nor can I be bought by hard cash.

From all appearnaces, Rayelan views things from a different perspective, seeing as those who have contributed the largest sums of money to RMN; who consistently back Rayelan's viewpoints, right or wrong, or defend her position regardless of principle, seem to be given the token "respect", whether they deserve it or not.

Perhaps most disappointing of all was the fact that even among those long-time RMN agents I had considered kindred spirits, even allies, due to their public posts purporting to be hard-line patriots and defenders of the Constitution, NOT ONE OF THEM stood up for me when I was attacked by the lies and libel of Fintan Dunne; when I was unjustly accused of working for CIA; of being in collusion with Brenda Negri; nor when I was subsequently denounced in a tirade of invective by Rayelan herself. NOT ONE, even among those that I had personally defended when they came under attack in similar circumstances, either on or off Rumor Mill News.

Oh, I received a few private e-mails from some of these agents, declaring their admiration of me or their support of my principles and my position. But none of them had the courage to do the right thing, to take a stand and defend me publicly. All of them are still posting on RMN to this day, and in my opinion, knowing full well that they have sold out and compromised the principles they purport to defend, just to maintain posting privileges on a site where the whims, capriciousness and selective censorship of the editor and her inner circle of New Age proponents determine policy. What a crying shame!

The ONLY person on RMN to stand up for me publicly was a relatively new agent posting under the name "Nandi". She posted my rebuttal, titled Censorship at Rumor Mill News, my outraged response to a PRIVATE letter Rayelan had written to me, AND POSTED ON THE PUBLIC FORUM, in which she made it clear she felt she had the right to censor my writing and issued a directive that I was NOT to mention Brenda Negri again on the Forum. She also violated my privacy and confidence AGAIN by addressing personal issues she had no right to expose to public view. Predictably, Nandi herself was attacked by other agents for her defense of me and then also BANNED from Rumor Mill News by Rayelan. God bless Nandi for her principles and courage.

Subsequently, any of my articles critical of Rumor Mill News were deleted from the Forum. A public declaration was issued by Rayelan, an edict BANNING any mention of Barbara Hartwell on Rumor Mill News. The same old story, same old song and dance: More censorship, more cover-ups. More cronyism, more betrayals, more lies.

I haven't covered but a fraction of the continuing saga of the scapegoating and smear campaign directed against me. But it's getting late, the shadows are falling and this article is already long enough. For those interested, stay tuned and check my website. Soon enough, there will be a sequel.

Truly, there is no rest for the weary.

Barbara Hartwell
Defender of the United States Constitution
Believer in the Gospel of Jesus Christ
Enemy of the NWO Police State

April 14, 2004