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Monday, November 20, 2006


You have polluted the land with your whoring and wickedness.
Jeremiah 3:10 -2

I, for one, have had enough. I've had it UP TO HERE with the liars, criminals and psychopaths who claim to be "exposing the truth" about 9-11 and government-sponsored crimes and corruption; and who claim to be "patriots". 

The trash, the dung, the garbage, the sewage, the refuse, the excrement, the filth and worst of all, the LIES, have polluted these movements all across the board and it seems there is no end in sight......

WHO ALL is going to put a stop to this? I know of only a few who have even attempted to do so. Maybe that's because it takes courage, it takes integrity, it takes brutal honesty to expose these liars, to call them out, and to hold them accountable for their utterly reprehensible behavior. 

And what have these ethicists and expositors got for their trouble? More lies, unwarranted defamation and character assassination from increasingly desperate con men and criminals in attempts to keep the lid on their own unscrupulous agendas.

But wait, you may say: Certainly, there are many sincere, legitimate people involved in these movements, aren't there? True. But how many of these decent folks are being hoodwinked, manipulated or exploited by the liars? How many are being ripped off by their scams? How many "good" people fail to use the discernment and the brains God gave them and thereby allow themselves to be fooled by those posing as "patriots"; "leaders"; "whistleblowers" "concerned citizens"? Too many, and therein lies the problem.

Another problem: There are some very serious political/personal/ideological/religious disagreements even among the "good" people which apparently cannot be resolved, and I find that sad, as without some degree of unity, I don't see how we as a "movement" can possibly take back our country and restore it as a Republic under Constitutional Law, whether by outright revolution or through a relatively peaceful political process.

Maybe it's too late, maybe not. I wouldn't presume to say I know for sure. I do believe the "system" as is, is broken beyond repair. I know for a fact that the corruption runs so deep that the government is rotten to the core.

I also believe that those of us who care enough and who refuse to compromise our principles for any reason; who DEMAND our God-given rights, who DEMAND the truth, rather than "asking permission" from corrupt authorities, must become our own "leaders" even if only as an Army of One. Looking outside ourselves for leadership or "heroes" (or investing our hopes and expectations with others) is a no-win proposition which ultimately brings only disappointment and failure.

As individuals dedicated to defending Liberty, we can only continue to do our best, keep working, keep fighting, or die trying....

But there can be no doubt that the enemy is inside the gates. Just as our legitimate Constitutional government, of the people, by the people and for the people, has been overthrown from within, so have the "patriot" and "9-11 Truth" movements been sabotaged and polluted from within; in fact, the stench of corruption has never been more pervasive.

As for the liars and criminals among us (who by definition cannot possibly be "legitimate" or "sincere") they should be EXPOSED and no amount of clamoring for "unity" will change my mind about that. Not only should they be exposed, but ostracized. They should be boycotted, banned, exiled, discarded like the trash they are. Run out of town on a rail. Left in the dust, dumped by the wayside, if they don't fall under their own steam first. Easier said than done.

As a dyed-in-the-wool idealist, I believe in unity and solidarity dedicated to uncompromising principles, those outlined in the Declaration of Independence and in the Bill of Rights contained in the United States Constitution. Nothing would make me happier than to have a genuine unity among as many sincere patriots and 9-11 truth advocates as possible.

But without giving up my idealism, I must also be a realist and I am not going to align myself with liars or other types of evil-doers for any reason and that is the end of the matter. I have been saying this for many years, as well as standing by my word. I have lost many friends and broken off many professional associations simply because I refuse to compromise my principles on this issue.

Once I identify these unconscionable persons (should I have mistakenly aligned myself with them, briefly or even long-term) I "shake the dust from my feet" and move away from them as quickly as possible. As for those whose writings, whose actions or whose iron-clad alliances with evil-doers (including former or current government) clearly show them to be on the wrong side, I avoid them like the plague.

I won't make excuses for any of them either. There is NO EXCUSE, no possible justification for lies, duplicity or subterfuge. So, if any of the apologists for these liars want to accuse me of being "divisive" or of "attacking patriots" (as many have done before, repeatedly, over the past dozen years) be my guest...the line forms to the left.

And for those who still don't get it, it might behoove you to remember this: There is a vast difference between "attacking" people and "exposing" their lies, their crimes, their betrayals, their treason, their tyranny, their scams, their cover-ups and any other wrongful behavior they may choose to indulge in. 

Their unethical behavior is a direct result of choices they have made. They have CHOSEN to lie and to bear false witness against others; CHOSEN to steal; CHOSEN to run con games and to engage in cover-ups to protect their cronies or fellow criminals. And they need to be held accountable for the harm they have done, be it to just one person or to the populace at large.

It is high time for Operation Clean Sweep in the Patriot and 9-11 Truth Movements.

For me, Truth comes before unity and always will. What use is unity if it is not based on Truth? And what use can there possibly be in "uniting" with liars, thieves, criminals, con men and shills? No use at all, not to me anyway, and I daresay, not to any self-respecting person who genuinely cares about Truth, Liberty and Justice.

There are two sides and only two sides: There is the right side (defending individual God-given rights and standing up for the Truth) and there is the wrong side (violating the God-given rights of others and telling lies.) It is just that simple! As for those who refuse to choose, I can assure them they will end up (if they are not already there) being USED by the wrong side. And there will be hell to pay.

In this report, I have placed the primary focus on certain persons involved in the loose networks of liars, criminals and psychopaths which comprise "the enemy within". I have personally investigated these individuals, over a period of years, and have also been personally targeted by them for their libel/slander campaigns; for censorship; and in some instances for criminal harassment/stalking and even death threats. As I speak from firsthand experience, this report is not based on speculation, conjecture or "theories" but on hard facts backed by solid evidence.

The readers, as always, may make of this report what they will. But I do hope that it will encourage everyone who has serious concern about criminals, liars and shills in the patriot and 9-11 Truth movements to do their own research and to corroborate some of the facts outlined here for themselves.


On June 14, 2006, an unlikely guest appeared on RBN Live's National Intel Report, hosted by Professor Jim Fetzer of Scholars for 9-11 Truth, sitting in for regular host John Stadtmiller. That guest was Tim White of Denver, Colorado, and I was surprised, to say the least. Surprised, because I have never come across a less credible, less legitimate person than Tim White, in any sense of those words. As all legitimate persons with whom I have ever discussed this matter have agreed, Tim White has ZERO credibility, ZERO legitimacy.

In fact, Tim White is a criminal, a predicate felon, to be exact, who has engaged in many criminal activities for at least a decade; and including extortion, harassment and stalking, to my knowledge, at least since 2001.

White is also a sexual pervert, a transvestite (not a crime, but surely indicative of his twisted values) and a collector/user of pornography. Worse yet, child pornography (possession of which IS a crime) was discovered by investigators after a police raid on White's home in Denver in August of 2001. White was arrested, convicted and incarcerated for drug trafficking, but never even charged for the possession of child pornography. I wonder, why not?

Several women I know of have actually been granted restraining orders against Tim White, including Doreen Bishop of Colorado, who, in fear for her life, asked for my assistance in stopping the harassment and stalking in 2002, after the Denver police failed to take appropriate measures to apprehend White for his criminal offenses. Bishop was finally granted a permanent restraining order, after being subjected to roughly a year of death threats, harassment and stalking by Tim White. But did the restraining order stop the stalking? No way, and for all I know, he could still be at it.

If you think I'm making this stuff up --the police reports and court documents are a matter of public record. I even have copies of the court records and transcripts of the hearings, given to me by the plaintiff, Doreen Bishop, when I went to Denver to work the case in 2002, the second of two trips I made to Denver in that year, relevant to my investigations of government corruption, specifically connected to Division Five (5) of the FBI.

And by the way, Tim White has frequently boasted that some of these corrupt FBI agents, such as Mark Holtslaw, are his "personal friends". These are the same FBI criminals who threatened me personally that they would "bring the roof down" on me for exhorting Americans, including ex-military personnel from certain black ops, to defend their God-given rights, protected and guaranteed under the U.S. Constitution. And for publishing reports on the Internet on these same issues, since 1995.

Recently, I read the testimony of another woman, a journalist named Janet Phelan, also being harassed and stalked by Tim White, who was granted a TRO in the state of California, after White threatened her in e-mails and engaged in cyber-stalking. One of her e-mail messages (posted on a Yahoo! board for second amendment issues called THE CREST) was titled : "Tim White is threatening to hurt me".

The moderator of the message board did not even ban Tim White from posting, as he certainly should have. Such people, who allow cyber-stalking, harassment and threats on their message boards are not only functioning as enablers, they are violating the terms of service agreements and breaking the law. Freedom of speech is a fine thing, but it carries with it a personal responsibility: using "free speech" to harass, stalk or threaten others or to spread malicious lies about others is as unethical as it gets and I personally find the persons engaging in such actions utterly despicable.

It is important to mention that Tim White has made numerous threats against me as well, including death threats, and has engaged in the same type of cyber-stalking/criminal harassment, replete with obscene messages and epithets. Over the past five (5) years, I have had to change my phone numbers several times, due to phone harassment by Tim White and others like him, such as psychotic stalker Todd Brendan Fahey, one of White's cohorts whose continuing criminal harassment/stalking will be outlined later in this report.

In fact, Tim White's list of targets (male and female) for criminal harassment and stalking (including cyber-stalking) could fill a good-size leather-bound address book. White came out of the woodwork (I had never heard of him before that time) in August 2001 to get on my case, starting with his claim to having "inside information" about a death threat, which turned out to be totally bogus. Tim White accused an innocent person, Jeff Swedenburg of Denver Colorado, of threatening to kill me. He then spread this lie far and wide, causing extreme emotional distress, severe trauma and material damages to many people, myself included. Since that time, I have collected voluminous documentation on White's many criminal activities, as I conducted an extensive investigation of him.

In addition to his stalking and death threats, Tim White has disseminated many, many outrageous lies about myself and others, all over the World Wide Web. In addition to Barbara Hartwell, some of his targets have included: constitutional activist Rick Stanley; JBS leader John Perna; McMartin Preschool whistleblower Jackie McGauley; 9-11 widow Ellen Mariani; ONI/ Iran-Contra whistleblower Al Martin; talk show host Rick Biesada; ex-FBI agent Geral Sosbee. I know there are many others, some "high profile" as those mentioned here; some lesser known and some whom I have never heard of.

Back to the National Intel Report. On the June 14 program, Tim White claimed he had "inside information" about the events of 9-11. Maybe that's how he bulldozed his way onto the program, with this bogus claim. He's done it before, does it every chance he gets. In fact, that is the modus operandi of Tim White. He aggressively pursues every person he believes to be "important" in the so-called "patriot" and 9-11 "Truth" movements, including current or former military/intelligence/law enforcement or activists/researchers/journalists, claiming that he, Tim White, has "important inside info" that these people need to hear. White even goes so far as to boast that this information "has never been made public before".

On various message boards, Tim White has boasted that he is "well-known" (and, he implies, feared) "at Langley" and "in the White House". In the interview with Jim Fetzer he bragged, "I am known as a loose cannon in possession of far too much information." He even claimed to be on the "Black List", the top of the top list of "enemies of the state", far above those on the "red" or "blue" lists, presumably drawn up by those who run the New World Order. Tim White says that having been placed on the Black List, he is targeted for "immediate elimination"; and that "they" are "looking for" him right now, in order to terminate him.

Wow, what a guy! A real Secret Agent Man.....let's hear it for Tim White, in the key of G.... Secret Agent Man, Secret Agent Man....they've given him a number, and taken away his name... Secret Agent Man......Odds are he won't live to see tomorrow.....

But seriously, if you believe this line of bull, I guess you'll believe anything....

Firstly, Tim White has absolutely no background or training in any kind of intelligence work. That should be the first red flag that pops up. And, if he's targeted for "immediate elimination", why, oh why, is Tim White still running around harassing and stalking people? Why is he posting on public message boards, where the IP addresses he's using (from computers in public libraries, no less!) can easily be tracked, even by the average person (forget the international spy agencies)? Why is he appearing on a national radio program, using his real name, with his pretense of risking his life to expose "inside information"?

Why? Because Tim White is nothing but a pathological liar and a delusional whackjob who loves to hear himself talk, who thinks his conspiracy theories make him sound "important".

Host Jim Fetzer opened the interview by asking Tim White to give the listeners a brief description of his background and how he got involved in 9-11 research. Tim White launched into a long-winded, dreadfully boring, self-promoting spiel about himself, including his military service (White never saw combat in Vietnam, but worked as an airplane mechanic); and the "concerned citizens" meetings he held in Denver, which had absolutely nothing to do with the subject of the program, which was supposed to be the events of September 11, 2001. Mr. Fetzer had to repeatedly pull him back on track, with comments like, But Tim, what does THAT (White's digressions about his personal life; his conspiracy theories; or his perpetual boasting) have to do with 9-11?

Tim White's most "important" piece of "inside information" turned out to be connected to a man in Denver, whom White claimed was a "CIA operative" whose code name is "the mechanic". White claimed that this individual had ties to another man, code named "tango dancer". And further, that "tango dancer" was responsible for implementing the terrorist acts of 9-11, such as wiring explosives in the WTC.

But by the end of the two hour program, White had not presented even one shred of solid evidence to support his claims, nor directed the listeners where to find such evidence, even assuming it exists. There was nothing but wild speculation, based on hearsay, from various sources, some of which anyone with any degree of discernment would consider extremely dubious.

On this particular program, White, in his affected cloak-and-dagger persona, declined to use the actual name of the purported CIA operative, as if it were a carefully guarded secret to which few had ever been made privy. But it's no secret. I happen to know that the man he refers to as "the mechanic" is named Dave Wasendorf. How do I know this? Well, that's easy. You see, Tim White has already posted his name all over the Internet, for years.

Not only that, but White has made the claim, that I, Barbara Hartwell, "know" this "mechanic" person from past CIA operations, and further, he claimed I was in collusion with this Dave Wasendorf (the mechanic) to "take down" Himself, the "threat to National Security", Tim White. Of course, White also claims that I am "still CIA" and has been disseminating this falsehood for years.

Ponder this: Why would anyone from CIA (past or present) want to "take down" Tim White? It's beyond the pale. He's a nobody, just a whacked-out weirdo, a flake who enjoys the attention he gets from peddling his conspiracy theories. At most, he's a useful idiot, a stooge for some of the actual criminals who have duped him into believing he is a "player." Let me put it this way: Nobody in the intelligence community is losing any sleep worrying about Tim White. Unless, of course, he is harassing them by phone at all hours of the night.....

Another question: If Dave Wasendorf (the mechanic) was plotting to "take down" Tim White, why in hell would he give Tim White extremely sensitive "inside info" about 9-11? It simply doesn't compute, in fact, it's totally absurd. And even hypothetically, assuming for the sake of argument the information were accurate, why tell it to Tim White? Who is Tim White that an alleged CIA operative would choose to make him privy to such "explosive" (pun intended) inside information?

Tim White must have quite an imagination! More likely, he is delusional, as the facts of the case certainly suggest. As for some of the so-called "inside info", who's feeding him this bizarre stuff? Who could be fueling his paranoid fantasies?.....Hold on, I'll get to that, by and by.

First, since Tim White has dragged my name into his paranoid fantasies, for over five (5) years now, let me make some facts clear. In point of fact, I do not know a man named Dave Wasendorf. Never met a man named Dave Wasendorf. Never had any contact, in any way, shape or form with a man by that name, nor with any "CIA operative" code named  "the mechanic". In fact, I had never even heard of this Dave Wasendorf (the mechanic) until I found outrageous lies posted on the Internet about my alleged "CIA connection" with this person, by none other than Tim White, in 2002.

Nor has anyone connected to CIA, at any time, tasked me with "taking down" Tim White. Sounds like the plot from a grade B spy thriller.... sorry, White, the plot won't fly. It's all fabrication of the most ludicrous kind. Just like the many other fabrications being disseminated by Tim White, about myself and quite a few others. And the only "interest" I have EVER had in Tim White is STOPPING his criminal harassment of me and certain of my associates. Period.

Now, on the Intel Report, Tim White claims that this "mechanic" is an assassin, a "fixer", a guy who makes people disappear. He further claims that this CIA assassin revealed to him, Tim White, the plot spawned by the bad guys inside the U.S. government and NWO to take down the WTC towers and hit the Pentagon.

When asked by the host, Jim Fetzer, for some details re what specific information he can provide that connects to 9-11, what does Tim White do? He hems and haws.....he becomes redundant, repeating his previous claims of "inside information". He throws in the Jesuits...the Vatican...Evergreen Air...Air America...and various and sundry other entities whom he claims acted in some way in collusion with/at the direction of this "tango dancer", whom "the mechanic" purportedly answered to.

And then, he starts dropping names of well-known 9-11 investigators/researchers. So, the research he cites is actually their work, NOT the "inside info" purportedly divulged to Tim White by "the mechanic."

Are you still with me? This gets more and more convoluted....

The first name he drops is that of Karl Schwarz, claiming that he had "shared" info with Karl Schwarz, which Schwarz then "distributed" on the Internet. Hearing Tim White tell it, he makes it sound as if he, Tim White, was a major "source" of "inside info" for Karl Schwarz. The very thought is laughable!

As a professional colleague and friend, I know Karl well enough to say with certainty that he does his own investigations. Like any professional, he is interested only in facts, backed by solid evidence --NOT second hand conspiracy theories of the type Tim White scavenges off the Internet or is fed by his dubious "sources" and then parrots, claiming "inside" knowledge of.

Karl Schwarz, like myself, demands evidence before he disseminates information. In fact, on several occasions when I myself gave him information, he checked it out and corroborated it independently before it ever appeared in any reports or was passed on to others.

And, as a reader of all Karl's reports, I have never seen even ONE piece of information, even ONE fact, reported by Karl Schwarz, which could possibly have come from Tim White.

Then, White segues into Karl Schwarz's legitimate research re the A-3 Sky Warrior, which he continues to cite throughout the program, attempting to ride Karl's coattails. So, rather than furnish any verifiable "inside info" of his own, he uses Karl Schwarz's research to try to make his case, to connect the events of 9-11 to "the mechanic" and "tango dancer". And fails miserably.

At one point Tim White even speculates that the "tango dancer" is George H.W. Bush. But....he mumbles, he can't be sure of that......

While listening to this program, I almost fell off my chair, I was laughing so hard, tears were streaming down my face.

But despite the hilarity he may inspire with his whacked-out conspiracy theories, Tim White is nothing but a wannabe, a poseur, an imposter, attempting to present himself as something he is not. He has no bona fides, no credentials, in ANY field, professional or otherwise. He's not a journalist (talk about being functionally illiterate, read his posts and see for yourself); not a researcher; not an investigator. 

He's just an amateur, a meddling busybody, a gossip and a scavenger of second and third hand information, who seems to feel compelled to shoot his mouth off, drop names, and tell outrageous lies about people he does not know. And that, combined with the criminal harassment and stalking, when dealing with issues as serious as 9-11, is no laughing matter.

Unfortunately, there may be people in the listening audience of RBN Live (or other programs) who believe that just because Tim White is a guest on the program, that he is credible, legitimate and telling the truth. That he knows what he's talking about; or even that he has some area of expertise which qualifies him to speak on these matters. He doesn't, and that is where the danger lies.

For example, had I not known Karl Schwarz beforehand, had I not known him to be a legitimate investigator, and I heard his research being touted by the likes of Tim White, I would certainly be suspicious of him, as some of those being promoted by Tim White are notorious liars, shills and criminals. And also because Tim White has no discernment, he'll promote anyone or anything he reads about or hears about, until he moves on to some new conspiracy theory.

But here's the most important question: How is Tim White, with his unverifiable conspiracy theories; his scavenging of the research of others; his delusions of persecution by CIA; his lies about sincere patriots, legitimate investigators and whistleblowers, helping the cause of the 9-11 Truth Movement?

For that matter, what is he contributing to the Patriot Movement? He bitterly complains about how "angry" he is about the state of this country, about 9-11 and all the rest. He threatens and curses people out on message boards using vile and obscene language, for which sooner or later he is usually banned from posting. But what is he actually DOING to change anything? What has Tim White ever done that could possibly help to restore this country to Constitutional Rule of Law or expose the truth about any government crimes and conspiracies?

Posting second-hand articles written by others on "over 100 Yahoo! groups" and message boards certainly doesn't make the grade. Cursing out people who disagree with him, stalking, harassing and threatening people...are these the activities of a "patriot" or "9-11 Truth seeker"? I can guarantee, Tim White is part of the problem, NOT part of the solution.


Now, to some of the real "sources" of Tim White's so-called "inside information". Ex-FBI agent Ted Gunderson, current de facto (and formerly-official) COINTELPRO operative, who feeds White most of the "inside info" (read:lies) which he then disseminates all over the World Wide Web (White boasts of belonging to over 100 Yahoo! groups) is certainly foremost among them.

Then, there is Ted's crony, former senator John DeCamp, in collusion with Gunderson for many years to run coverups of black operations, mind control, child sex abuse and pornography rings. Oh sure, they present a fine front operation as "heroes" claiming to be "exposing" such things. But the facts speak for themselves and nothing could be further from the truth. These liars (and others in their cabal) have hoodwinked more Americans, some of whom are/were victims of these black ops, than any other bogus patriots I know of.

In fact, on the National Intel Report, the same program on which Tim White appeared, normally hosted by John Stadtmiller, some comments were made by Stadtmiller himself, regarding Tim White, Ted Gunderson and John DeCamp. This broadcast aired on January 16, 2006. Karl Schwarz was the guest on that evening, and near the end of the program, I decided to call in when they opened the phone lines.

I didn't call in to talk about White, Gunderson or DeCamp, nor did I bring up their names myself. The reason I called was to ask Karl to elaborate on the hypocrisy of Al Gore, who many years ago had written the book Earth in the Balance, which became a New Age "classic" for the environmental lobby/United Nations/"diversity" proponents, one faction of the NWO to which Al Gore certainly belonged and I'm certain, still does.

Yet, Gore was deeply involved in polluting the planet himself, having mines on his own property in Kentucky; as well as being involved with the pollution and hazards by depleted uranium, connected to the Clinton administration. Gore does not have clean hands where the environment is concerned, and Karl had exposed some of this in his reports on depleted uranium.

In relation to my request, Karl mentioned that Stew Webb had been libeling and slandering him, after he started exposing what he knew about Al Gore; and that Stew Webb had made the absurd claim (posted on his website and stated on various radio programs, including Hal Turner Network and Cloak and Dagger) that "depleted uranium poses NO danger" to people (our soldiers or foreign civilians) or the environment.

Karl has been accused by Stew of being a "Bush Nazi Goon"; a "Hillary Stooge"; an "Enemy of the American Revolution", as well as part of an "Israeli spy network." Along with other lies, disseminated about him by Stew Webb and Tom Heneghan (a Gore campaign manager in 2000) whose agenda is simply this: Al Gore for President, 2008. And to hell with anybody! (including Karl Schwarz, Barbara Hartwell) who refuses to buy into the lies and disinformation.

Anyone who does not agree, who does not toe that party line is "identified" as an "Enemy of the American Revolution." And considering the fact that Al Gore still openly talks about "our democracy" in his political campaigning for "more Democrats in Congress" (as in a recent letter sent to Truth Radio owner Richard Palmquist) the hypocrisy coming from Webb and Heneghan is stunning.

In fact, Identify the Enemies of the American Revolution is the name of a banner ad promoting a radio program featuring Tom Heneghan and Lenny Bloom (a Canadian whose real name is Nelson Thall) on the Cloak and Dagger website. Just another gaggle of false patriots and shills with an agenda that has nothing to do with defending Liberty or restoring the Constitutional Republic under the Rule of Law. Just another partisan political agenda, nothing more.

After Karl commented on some of this, John Stadtmiller brought up Tim White's name, in connection with what he called the "cabal" which includes John DeCamp and Ted Gunderson. What's more, here is how Stadtmiller regards these two: He said he doesn't trust either one of them. And, that if the two of them, Gunderson and DeCamp, were to burst into flames through spontaneous combustion, he wouldn't cross the street to throw a cup of water on them! Nor would I, and I know many others who feel the same.

And I very much doubt that Tim White would ever have appeared on the National Intel Report, had John Stadtmiller not been on vacation....though this is not meant to reflect negatively on Jim Fetzer, who most likely had never heard of Tim White until he barged his way onto the program with his claims of "inside info, never before made public."

[This program with Karl Schwarz is archived, for those who would like to hear it for themselves. RBNLive, National Intel Report, January 16, 2006.]

John Stadtmiller then mentioned the fact that Ted Gunderson had married the widow of Anton LaVey, founder of the Church of Satan. Diana Rively is her name and I spoke to her for hours on the phone when Ted called to tell me about the marriage in the spring of 1998. During that time, Ted was living with Diana and her mother in California...before the annulment, that is.

Yet Ted Gunderson DENIED that he had ever married Diana Rively. Karl Schwarz told me that during 2005, Gunderson was trying to make contact with him, presumably connected to Karl's 9-11 investigations and activism and/or his book, One Way Ticket to Crawford Texas.

Karl decided to avoid him, as he was rightfully suspicious of Gunderson. But Gunderson got his phone number, one way or another, and one day Karl picked up the phone and Ted was on the line. So Karl immediately said to Ted, I have one question for you: Were you married to the widow of Anton LaVey, founder of the Church of Satan?

Ted said, NO, I never was. Karl hung up on him.

Ted called back and Karl asked, once again, Were you ever married to the widow of Anton LaVey, founder of the Church of Satan?

Ted: No. Once again, Karl hung up on him.

Again, the ringing phone. Karl: Last chance, Ted. Were you ever married to the widow of Anton LaVey, founder of the Church of Satan?

Ted: No....

Karl: Three strikes, Ted. You're out! Karl hung up on Ted Gunderson and never spoke to him again. And I know that Karl despises liars as much as I do, and just like me, considers it his duty to expose them.

In addition to my phone conversations with Diana Rively, widow of Anton LaVey, I also have in my evidence files a handwritten note from Ted Gunderson (1998, the year of the marriage and annulment) which states that "the marriage did not work out."

Ted Gunderson lied to Karl Schwarz, just as he has lied to many others, including the general public, about a lot of things, such as selling Stinger missiles to Osama bin Laden in 1979, while still working for the FBI. He only admitted to that particular crime later (on a program, ironically called Fountain of Truth, hosted by another liar and bogus patriot, Larry Lawson) after a big brouhaha connected to GCN radio.


In November, 2003, I, Barbara Hartwell, was summarily cut off in the middle of a radio broadcast on the Floyd Report by Alex Jones, who threatened the host, Jeremy Floyd, never to speak to me again --or else!....I was also permanently banned from Genesis Communications Network, courtesy of Alex Jones and others operating in the shadows, including the owner, Ted Anderson.

Jeremy Floyd quit his job at GCN over that incident of censorship, on principle, and went over to Truth Radio. I know this to be a fact, as I discussed it at length with Jeremy and he told me all the details. Alex Jones then lied, claiming that Jeremy had been fired, in what was clearly an attempt to cover up the truth. I was denounced as a "nark" and a "CIA disinfo agent" by some of Jones's cronies at GCN and on his websites, Prison Planet and Info Wars, including by some arrogant punk kid, Jones's sidekick, Paul Joseph Watson.

I'd been on GCN many times before, over a period of years, at least since 1997, on various programs, and this was an unprecedented event. Now, I am officially banned from GCN, have been since November 2003, when Alex Jones literally pulled the plug on me in the middle of a broadcast. I do not know Alex Jones personally and have never had any direct contact with him. But another shady character seems to be involved here: Larry Lawson, who claims he was the person who called Alex Jones to "warn" him about Barbara Hartwell being "CIA". I have no way of knowing if this is true, because Larry Lawson is yet another notorious liar, who has been on my case, libeling and harassing me (and many others) since 2001.

Why was I censored and banned? For telling the truth about some of the criminal activities of Ted Gunderson and John DeCamp, including the FACT that Ted Gunderson indeed sold Stinger missiles to Osama bin Laden in 1979, while still working for the FBI. Alex Jones later described John DeCamp as "a Great American" on his program on GCN, on which John DeCamp was interviewed. Ted Gunderson has also been a guest on Alex Jones's program.

Later, after Jeremy Floyd quit GCN and went over to Truth Radio, he introduced me on one of his programs as, Barbara Hartwell, the woman who has been banned from nearly every radio show in America. How true that is. Most of the "patriot" and "Christian" radio shows have run on GCN for years, along with an affiliate WWCR (from which I was also banned, after having appeared on various programs for years.) In fact, Ted Gunderson had his "Wake Up America!" radio show on WWCR. I was on the program myself, as well as on Ted's cable TV show.

As I have publicly stated many times, I cut off my professional association with Ted Gunderson in January 2000, when I finally realized (and had gathered the evidence to substantiate) the level of corruption in which he was involved, both while inside the FBI and since his" retirement" in 1979.

So, for those Alex Jones apologists, I'm sorry, but you can't have it both ways. You either support and defend selective censorship, bullying, threats and lying, or you don't. You support coddling, promoting and covering for criminals, or you don't. There is nothing "patriotic" in this behavior. It certainly has nothing to do with Truth.

I'm well aware that it is possible I will lose more friends over this "Alex Jones" issue, as I've never seen more people willing to make excuses for anyone, as they have for Alex Jones. But I do know that if people are REAL friends, they will be able to agree to disagree with me about Alex Jones, or just about anyone else. 

But l'd like to see how they would feel if THEY were the ones being censored, banned or blacklisted, for no other reason than for exposing the truth about criminals in government. I'll keep standing for the Truth, even if I have to stand alone. To hell with Alex Jones and his censorship.

And if John DeCamp and his crony, Ted Gunderson, continue to be promoted by some of the largest radio programs and websites and held aloft as the Icons of Great American Patriots, I can only say TO HELL with the "patriot" movement and the Trojan Horse it rode in on!

I find it important to mention that it was during the same time period, November 2003, that I resigned from Rumor Mill News. Why? Because of the same damned issue. Rayelan Allan, the editor of RMN, was attempting to engage in selective censorship re my reports exposing Ted Gunderson and others. In fact, Rayelan begged me never to name Ted Gunderson again on her website. I agreed, as it was her site, and I respected her wishes. But I told her I would certainly continue to do as I pleased on my OWN website and elsewhere.

Then, she told me not to mention Brenda Negri, another Gunderson minion who had been harassing Rayelan and myself for years. Rayelan also told me that because of my reports, she was now being harassed and threatened by Tim White and Ted Gunderson, getting phone calls every night and that she was "afraid" of them. She had previously told me that her former husband, Gunther Russbacher, warned her never to mention Ted Gunderson because he was "dangerous" and would retaliate.

At this point, I'd had enough. If so-called "journalists" in the so-called "alternative media" (and I hate that term!) are such cowards that they won't allow criminals and liars to be exposed on their radio programs or websites, yet claim to be "patriots" fighting for Liberty, then I want nothing to do with such people. Naturally, Rayelan and her New Age sycophants (so-called"news agents") accused me of the usual, being CIA, and she "banned" even my name from ever being mentioned on RMN.


Todd Brendan Fahey is another criminal who has acted in collusion with Tim White, John DeCamp, Ken Adachi and others, such as Brenda Negri, another Gunderson lackey and criminal. Like White and Negri, Fahey is a psychotic stalker and sexual pervert, also engaged in various forms of criminal harassment. As well, Fahey is a blackmailer (which he has actually boasted about on various websites!); a thief; a degenerate alcoholic and chronic drug abuser; and regularly engages in identity theft and cyber-stalking. He is also a "news agent" in good standing on Rumor Mill News. Naturally.

Todd Fahey targeted me for criminal harassment in July 2004, after he was thrown out of my home for drunk and disorderly conduct and making threats of violence to me and one of my relatives. Police hauled him away on two occasions, the first when he was ejected from my home on July 4, 2004 (which he has denied, but I have the police reports, just as in the case of stalker Tim White); and again a few days later, when he returned to my property to stalk me. 

He was subsequently dumped off at the psychiatric ward of the local hospital by police on a third occasion, after they found him passed out (drugged up and drunk) on a bench in the middle of town.

Fahey then began an obsessive crusade to destroy Barbara Hartwell, which continues to this very day, more than two (2) years after he was warned by police never to contact me again, in any way, for any reason. I didn't bother getting a restraining order, though a police detective who worked the case suggested it. What good is a restraining order when the cowardly perp is hiding from justice in some godforsaken foreign backwater?

In fact, Todd Fahey has openly admitted "hating" America; though he has been a poseur patriot for years, as evidenced by his self-aggrandizing political pieces. The last person who would ever "stand up for America" is Todd Brendan Fahey, who has not lived in this country for almost a decade. Drugs (Fahey's lifeblood) are cheap and easily accessible in South Korea, so why would Fahey care what's happening here? He doesn't give a damn about America, or anyone in this country and that's the bottom line. But he's clearly hell-bent on destroying anyone who does care and whose activism for Liberty proves it. Todd Fahey is nothing but an opportunist and a hyprocrite, a sociopath of the worst kind.

After his release from the mental ward/drunk tank the little coward, Todd Fahey, fled back to Southeast Asia and began a malicious libel campaign against Barbara Hartwell, in which he published many outrageous lies, the most vicious of which are absolute falsehoods about "having sex with Barbara Hartwell." I've said it before and will repeat it again, for the record. At no time did any such event occur and Fahey's claims have no basis in fact.

Fahey went so far as to fabricate pornographic filth in connection with my name and publish it all over the Internet, bearing false witness against me on various message boards and Yahoo! groups; on his own websites and any others whose unscrupulous lowlife owners (such as Robert Sterling of The Konformist; and a pseudo-intellectual using the pretentious pseudonym SARTRE, on a site called Breaking All the Rules) would allow publication of Fahey's filthy lies about Barbara Hartwell.

Fahey's obsession with Barbara Hartwell apparently began as a fixation when he saw my photo on the Internet, before he ever met me in person (something I was shocked to discover when I first learned of it through his drunken rantings, after I made the grave mistake of allowing him sanctuary in my home.)

I can only surmise that his pathological obsession with destroying me took hold after his sexual advances were rejected by me and he was finally thrown out of my home for his psychotic behavior (also witnessed by my family and the police); fueled no doubt by his massive consumption of drugs and alcohol. Never in my life have I encountered such a totally deranged lunatic and pathological liar. His own parents did not even want him in their home, which tells you just how extreme his psychosis is and the diabolical nature of the disturbances he creates, the havoc he wreaks, wherever he goes.

I even have a letter in my evidence files from his parents, who are well aware of Fahey's long history of alcoholism and drug addiction, apologizing to me for his hideous behavior and thanking me for trying to help him by providing sanctuary after he was arrested (Fahey denies this, even though he was being held in a "prison hospital" in Thailand) and deported from Southeast Asia.

Shortly thereafter, Todd Fahey joined forces with Tim White and Ken Adachi, yet another Gunderson minion, liar and stooge who runs a New Age/government disinfo website which promotes many criminals, liars and shills, including Tim White; Ted Gunderson; John DeCamp; Brenda Negri; Pam Schuffert and others most people have probably never heard of.

Fahey jumped right up on the Liars Bandwagon, aligning himself with other malicious liars, evidently because he holds the philosophy, The enemy of my enemy is my friend. Very foolish philosophy, but one notably favored and adopted by liars and criminals worldwide. Being liars, they care nothing for the truth and need not worry about even the concepts of justice, morality or integrity. Their only concern is how much harm (including how many lies they can fabricate, the more outrageous the better) they can do to "the enemy" which in this case, happens to be Barbara Hartwell.

In fact, Gunderson stooge and shill, Ken Adachi, has dedicated an entire section of his website to me. It is titled: Barbara Hartwell, Founder and CEO of MC Liars. In it, he publishes the outrageous lies of Ted Gunderson, John DeCamp, Todd Brendan Fahey, Tim White, Brenda Negri, Pam Schuffert and others, naturally, all about Barbara Hartwell. Adachi also writes up his own "reports" filled with the many lies contributed by his cohorts.

One consensus among this particular gaggle of liars seems to be that I am a "mind-controlled CIA disinfo agent". This false claim is ironic as hell, considering the fact that I have evidence to substantiate the reports I have written exposing all of these frauds and criminals, who have no such evidence against me and never will. This is because all their claims are based on lies and they don't have possession of even one fact to share among themselves. They couldn't locate a fact if their worthless lives depended on it. But then, liars don't deal in facts, so no surprise there.

In one particularly outrageous and malicious pack of lies, concocted by a wannabe, spook/law enforcement groupie, drug-addict and psychopath Brenda Negri (using one of her many pseudonyms, James L. Choron) it is stated that Barbara Hartwell is a "former CIA prostitute"; a "honey trap" for the "black ops"; "involved in child pornography"...and on and on the filthy lies continue.....and worse, this is posted on Adachi's website, called Educate Yourself, and was/is being disseminated by Tim White and Todd Fahey in e-mails and posts all over the Internet. [The title of this piece of filthy disinformation is Stew Webb, Barbara Hartwell and Al Martin, All Connected.]

These malicious and libelous falsehoods (via the disinfo piece cited above) were sent to journalists, talk show hosts and God only knows who else. Tim White was even granted his own section on Adachi's website called Tim White Postings, in which White filled up the space mostly with lies and character assassination about Barbara Hartwell.

Todd Fahey followed suit after teaming up with Ken Adachi to libel Barbara Hartwell by establishing a Yahoo! group called Friends of Barbara Hartwell, on which the aforementioned liars and others of their ilk fabricate new lies, as well as recyling the older lies about Barbara Hartwell. I haven't visited the message board and don't plan to. Why subject myself to even more emotional distress, trauma and mental anguish? In addition to ruining my good name, that is another objective of these evil-doers.

Todd Fahey is also engaged in the serious crimes of forgery and identity theft. He has stolen the identities of various persons whom he knows to be friends/family members/associates of Barbara Hartwell. He then posts more lies under their names. He has even stolen MY identity and has forged numerous e-mails using my name. He has also signed up for e-mail addresses using my name, committing fraud as well as identity theft. 

He has also posted "articles" falsely attributing them to me by using Barbara Hartwell as a by-line. Articles NOT written by Barbara Hartwell, but concocted out of his own perverted mind for the spiteful purpose of defamation and character assassination against Barbara Hartwell. Fahey has also attributed numerous false "quotes" to me, claiming Barbara Hartwell said "....." (fill in the blank with a lie, any lie.) He has also sent e-mail messages to various persons! purporting to be FROM Barbara Hartwell. This psychotic pathological liar uses every dirty trick imaginable and the damages to me, my family and friends have been inestimable.

Todd Fahey has been stalking me on the Internet for over two (2) years, by e-mail harassment (same tactic used by Tim White, filled with the same sort of obscene insults and threats.) He has posted my PRIVATE street address with intent of malice for the purpose of soliciting the crimes of further harassment and stalking. Soliciting crimes is a crime in and of itself. Tim White and Ken Adachi have also posted and disseminated this private information, furnished by Todd Fahey, including street address and private unlisted phone number (now changed, yet again, due to these psychotic stalkers.)

If Todd Fahey sees my name posted anywhere, he immediately slimes out of the woodwork (using various screen names and stolen identities) and posts some malicious lies. One of Fahey's screen names for yahoo groups is

Just a few of the lies concocted and posted by Todd Fahey:

Fahey's lie: "Barbara Hartwell lost her home due to non-payment and has relocated to Brownsville, Texas and is sharing an apartment with one Geral Sosbee. This is what I know."

Fact: I have not lost my home, nor have I ever relocated to Brownsville Texas, nor even visited Geral Sosbee at that location. This has been corroborated by Mr. Sosbee, who has also exposed Fahey as a pathological liar, stalker and criminal. In fact, ex-FBI agent Geral Sosbee was forced to shut down his own message board (a news log linked to his website) because of continued stalking by Fahey, including posts of his fabricated pornographic filth in connection with my name.

For a comprehensive report, please see: Retrospective on a Man of Dishonor: Why I am NOT a Todd Brendan Fahey Fan, on Geral's website.

Fahey's lie: "Barbara Hartwell's house is owned by a member of the John Birch Society."

Fact: No member of the JBS owns my home nor has ever owned my home.

Fahey's lie: "Barbara Hartwell's home is owned by a man named Jack Knowles" (A lie told to the police on July 4, 2004 when police were summoned to haul Fahey away when he refused to leave after being directed to do so.)

Fact: I have never heard of such a person, nor does he (if he exists) own my home.

Fahey's lie: "Barbara Hartwell's home is owned by a man named Frank Nulton."

(This, in an e-mail from Fahey to Tim White, later forwarded to me by a friend, Karl Schwarz, included in the list by the perps, as part of their strategy to demonize me. This was after Todd Fahey lied about having posted a link to an article titled "Karl Schwarz: Spook or Strutter" on his website, Friends of Liberty.

Tim White wrote an angry letter to Karl Schwarz, claiming there was no such link and demanding that he "apologize to Todd". But the truth won out, after Karl was furnished with documentation --including a police report on Todd Fahey's ejection from my home, harassing phone calls and stalking; and a letter from Todd Fahey's parents to me. And Karl saw the link to the libelous article on Fahey's site with his own eyes.)

Fact: Frank Nulton does not own my home, nor has ever owned my home. Fahey had been told by me ONLY that Frank Nulton was the leader of a local JBS chapter in Maine. 

This particluar lie was also being disseminated by Tim White. Tim White later made it his business to call Frank Nulton, along with many others in Southern Maine, some members of JBS and J.A.I.L. for Judges, for the purpose of filling their ears with outrageous lies about Barbara Hartwell. White then boasted on many public message boards that: "EVERYONE in Southern Maine KNOWS about that CIA bitch Barbara Hartwell".

Fahey's lie: "Barbara Hartwell does not own a gun." (Posted as a subject line on a message board where one of my reports discussing second amendment rights was also posted.)

Fact: Fahey was not made privy to the location of any of my weapons. (Who all would allow a drunken lunatic like Fahey access to firearms?!)

There are many, many more such outrageous lies about Barbara Hartwell being disseminated by Todd Brendan Fahey. I've already refuted many of these lies with the facts in various reports over the past two 2 years. 

I'm sure I've seen only a fraction of the trash concocted by Fahey, as I avoid reading ANYTHING posted by this lying, cowardly, spiteful little maggot; frankly, it doesn't just anger me, it enrages me that these degrading lies are being promoted far and wide, with no end in sight......Fahey is lucky he doesn't live in the U.S., that's all I can say. I have no doubt that eventually, somewhere, somehow, he will "make someone's day" and as far as I'm concerned, it can't be too soon.

Worst of all is the pornographic filth being disseminated by Todd Fahey, in connection with my name. He has polluted the World Wide Web with his filth, even loaded the search engines with his despicable lies and obscenity, in his obsessive campaign to portray Barbara Hartwell in a totally false light, as a "whore"; a "slut" a "sexual conquest" which exists only in Fahey's sick fantasies. He's also lied in claiming that I have an "alcohol jones".

In fact, Fahey himself has gleefully admitted to being a blackmailer, a drunk, a drug abuser and even a "slut". He has actually boasted of this despicable behavior (on public message boards and on websites) and seems to be proud of these "accomplishments".

But to try to tar me with that same brush is an outrage which is absolutely insufferable! Nothing could be further from the truth, as anyone who knows me personally can attest. As for anyone who is enabling Fahey's evil in this regard, by supporting, posting or otherwise promoting his filthy lies, may they all burn in the deepest pit of Hell for eternity, along with Fahey himself, who is already on his way, in a handbasket.

One such vile post, repeated ad infinitum, ad nauseum on many message boards, as well as a "feature" article on his own website, Friends of Liberty (Friends of Obscenity) reads: I Screwed (F----) Barbara Hartwell. And he did spell out the whole F word, as well as CAPITALIZING it. What kind of demented imbecile would concoct such a lie and post it as a "news" item?

I have found this same outrageous, malicious, filthy lie posted in so many places, it seems that Todd Fahey has made this obsessive lying, stalking and porno-mongering a full-time job. I even found it on a message board where some "normal" person had posted a message about John Stadtmiller's January 16, 2006 program: "Good show with Karl Schwarz and Barbara Hartwell calling in." 

What does Fahey do? The minute he sees my name, he posts his pornographic filth: [ I Screwed (F----) Barbara Hartwell] once again bearing false witness against Barbara Hartwell.

From most of the responses I've seen to this idiocy, nobody on these boards likes him at all, nor are they interested in Fahey's sexual fantasies and obsessions. Some just call him an "asshole" (which he certainly is, of the most flaming variety) and tell him to get the hell off the board. Some say, We're not interested in your sex life, Fahey, or your sick fantasies, this is a POLITICAL message board! Sooner or later, he is usually banned for his libel, stalking, threats and obscenity. Good riddance!...that's what they say. Same M.O. used by Tim White, same results when people have had enough.

After two miserable years of being targeted for his psycho-stalking, sexual harassment and porno-mongering, I've concluded that Todd Fahey must have a really bad case of "penis envy". This pathetic little eunuch, with his faggy nasal whining, ever-proliferating sleazy lies, whimpering and cowardice. What kind of "man" would be so desperate to make his sexual fantasies public, fabricating pornographic filth, bearing false witness against a woman who finds him repulsive in every way? Nobody but a eunuch with "penis envy". That must be it, there is no other plausible explanation.

Todd Fahey also volunteered his services as a P.R. shill for John DeCamp, when DeCamp threatened to file a lawsuit against me. Fahey arranged an interview for John DeCamp on a radio program hosted by Alan Stang. Like Fahey himself, Alan Stang is clearly a misogynist, as I learned from reading his many articles demeaning women, calling them "sluts"; "feminoids" and "womanoids". Stang lives in the dark ages, at least where his views of women are concerned.

Fahey had boasted that he "resurrected Alan Stang from the dead" by getting publicity for Stang on websites and radio programs. He also bitterly complained that Alan Stang had not offered him "a place to crash" when he was deported from Thailand. Maybe Alan Stang knew something I didn't, as had I known the truth about Todd Fahey, he would never have set foot in my Christian home.

But if Alan Stang is really a "friend" of Todd Fahey, knowing what he is, a pathological liar, a stalker and porno-monger, that tells me all I need to know. Stang claims to be a "Christian" . Somehow, I don't really believe this.....Stang, like Alex Jones, has credited John DeCamp with being a "Great American Patriot". Somebody, please, hand me the barf bag.

In addition to the Alan Stang escapade, Fahey boasted of having an "exclusive" on his website, Friends of Liberty. This "exclusive" (which was actually posted all over the Internet, that's how "exclusive" it was) consisted of a letter from John DeCamp to Tim White, calling upon White to find an "address" for Barbara Hartwell. DeCamp called me "this Hartwell creature" in his letter to Tim White; he also mocked the Holy Spirit in between his various denials, lies and threats.

Tim White has boasted all over the Internet that John DeCamp is his "personal friend" and even his "attorney". White has also continued to promote the impending "lawsuit" against Barbara Hartwell, making many threats and boasts in connection to it. In one harassing, threatening e-mail message to me (and copied to many others) the subject header was: WE ARE COMING FOR YOU. White threatened me yet again with violence, called me a "CIA bitch" and "cunt" and ranted on about the "lawsuit" from John DeCamp.

Interesting that Tim White was chosen for this task. Just like Tim White was chosen by the Gunderson/ DeCamp duo to promote the "Gannon-is-Gosch" Whitehouse male prostitution scandal. Remember that one, from 2005?

None of the claims were ever "proven" to anyone's satisfaction, including to Noreen Gosch. After the brouhaha died down, we never heard about it again. No proof, nor even a shred of evidence was ever brought forth for public scrutiny. Must have been quite a let down for Tim White, after he boasted, all over the World Wide Web, in his glory, with the news of:


It seems to me this whole Gannon-Gosch scandal was just another conveniently-timed smokescreen to distract attention from the crimes and cover-ups Gunderson and DeCamp are engaged in, now finally being exposed. And despite the fact that she refused to listen to me or to her former friend, Jackie McGauley, I do feel very sorry for Noreen Gosch, having been exploited for the political agenda of liars and criminals. Hasn't she suffered enough?

And why choose a person like Tim White as a gofer, a messenger boy, a shill, a town crier? I think that is obvious to those who understand psy war tactics. They feed him false information, then sic him on anyone they wish to target, any person who has uncovered and exposed their crimes and scams. White gets the attention he craves and he feels like a real "player". Meanwhile, they couldn't care less about Tim White. He's expendable and that's the bottom line. Just another dupe to use and cast away like an old shoe.

But then, so are all the little shills in the nest of vipers, Todd Fahey, Brenda Negri, Ken Adachi and all the others being exploited to do the dirty work of harassing, threatening, stalking, lying, slandering and libeling decent, sincere, legitimate people. And they call themselves "patriots."


There is one common trait among all who would betray America, or engage in scams, corruption, crimes and coverups. They are all liars. Every last one of them. I've mentioned relatively few of them in this report, considering how many of them are out there peddling their lies, and more often than not, raking in the big bucks doing it. LIES SELL, haven't you heard? Especially sensationalistic lies.

It's time to confront the liars and call them out, hold them accountable for their lies.

It's also time for all good people to stop making excuses for the liars, in the false belief that the liars are serving "the greater good"; that they are "exposing the TOP BAD GUYS in the New World Order"; or, that they are "only human"; or, that "everyone makes mistakes". If they make such a "mistake", they should admit it, apologize and make amends to those they have wronged.

It's time to demand evidence which backs up hard facts, facts which can be independently corroborated.

It's time to throw away all "anonymous" sources who hide in the darkness, claiming their "lives are in danger" or make other excuses for not coming forward into the light. Or at least, accord them no real credibility unless and until their claims can be verified by other sources who DO use their actual names.

Do they have something to sell? Is that their primary agenda? Are they engaged in usury? Are they soliciting money, while not telling you what it's really for?

Are they promoting a political agenda or candidate, rather than sticking to sound uncompromising principles?

Do they engage in selective censorship, especially to cover for their cronies, or out of cowardice? Fear of being sued? Is money involved, as in, somebody threatening to "cut off their funding"? (It usually is.)

Have they been caught telling or promoting bald faced lies? Have they lied and later recanted and/or tried to justify their lies with some convenient excuse? Using bogus documents? Faking interviews? Plagiarizing the work of others? Forgery? Identity theft?

Are they ego-driven grandstanders and showboaters who engage in shameless self-promotion or stage publicity stunts at the expense of the Truth?

Are they misogynists/male supremacists who feel the need to degrade women by fabricating lies or bearing false witness? Calling women "sluts"; "whores" ;"prostitutes", instead of addressing the REAL issues? Do they use pornographic filth as "ammunition" to traumatize or cause emotional distress for women? Are they "penis envy" mental-cases who fear and hate women who reject them; or because those women have the brains, guts or class they lack?

Do they use scandal-mongering as a smokescreen to cover their own crimes?

Do they promote gratuitous violence and bigotry? Such as "killing cops"; "crackers"; "niggers" or "Jews"?

Do they glorify the lifestyle of "pimps" and drug dealers, boasting of sexual violence and perversion? Wife-beating? Bitch-slapping a "ho"?

Are they provocateurs who taunt and bait people? Do they engage in stalking (including cyber-stalking) and harassment? Do they make death threats?

It's time to GET RID of these lying, lowlife rat bastards. They are pond scum; maggots; vermin. Pick your own poison, they're it! They sure as hell have no business pretending to be part of any "patriot" or 9-11 "Truth" movement.

It's time to toss out the criminals, the liars, the mountebanks and the shills. To admonish all who support them, enable them and promote them.

It's time for Operation Clean Sweep. Time to open the windows, let in the fresh air and sunlight. Time to clear out those dark, musty closets. Time to take out the trash. Time to pump out the sewage, time to hose down the decks, time to scrub away the mold, the dirt, the grime and the slime, wash away the debris and the filth. Make sure you bring plenty of disinfectant, bleach and pine-tar soap!

To those of us who know and love Him, God gives the gift of spiritual discernment. It's time we started using it. It's time to ask God for a Love of the Truth.

Our lives, our Liberty and the future of our beloved country, hanging in the balance, depend upon it.

Barbara Hartwell
July 22, 2006