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Tuesday, November 21, 2006


A Public Report on Criminal Conspiracy & Racketeering

He deviseth mischief continually; he soweth discord. Therefore shall his calamity come suddenly; suddenly shall he be broken without remedy. These six things the Lord hates, Yes, seven are an abomination to Him: A proud look, A lying tongue, Hands that shed innocent blood, A heart that devises wicked plans, Feet that are swift in running to evil, A false witness who speaks lies, And one who sows discord among brethren.
Proverbs. 6:14-19

Ted Gunderson:

In service to the truth I find it necessary to stand in my own defense regarding the allegations you have made in your Open Letter to Barbara Hartwell, dated April 2, 2005 and published on Educate Yourself. I also find it important, as regards the pursuit of justice for myself and others who have been designated targets of a criminal conspiracy, to publish this letter as a detailed report which includes factual information regarding several participants in that conspiracy, identified herein.

First it's important to say I know it's not going to end here. Where will it end? Sooner or later we will find ourselves in a show down in some court(s) of law, criminal, civil, possibly both. That is, if we each live long enough for that to happen. I'm not sure what the end result will be, but speaking for myself, I look forward to having my day in court and pray the day comes when I am able to vindicate myself against any and all persons who have plotted and/or conspired against me.

The best I can do for now is stand up for the truth as I know it, upon information and belief; citing the facts and the evidence to substantiate those facts wherever possible; and ask for God's protection in making my stand, as I have done these many years. Despite the several attempts on my life, so far, this approach has worked well enough for me; but more importantly, I have no doubt that God's justice will prevail, if not in this life, then certainly in God's eternal time. Someday we will all have to stand before God. This holds true for everyone, whether one believes in God or not. As for His grace, I cannot presume to say whom He will extend that to, though I have certainly been the recipient of God's grace enough to know that it continues to be possible for me.

I also find it necessary to state, once again, for the record, that I was delivered from CIA by the grace of God. None of the lies being disseminated, none of the false allegations being made against me by you and many others can change that. It's a done deal. God knows it and I know it. What others may believe is a matter of no concern to me. It's also none of their biusiness. But I'll say it again, right up front: I do not work for CIA; nor have I had any professional dealings with them; nor been hired under any contract by them or their proprietaries, for over eleven (11) years. Furthermore, it is my contention and belief that you, Ted Gunderson, know this to be true.

I'm certain there are at least a few persons (including my witnesses) who will believe me when I say that as God is my witness, all that I will state herein is the truth, information which I now find it necessary to provide for the public record. I will also state the same, under oath, in any court of law in which I may find myself testifying and in any formal, notarized affidavits on which I may place my signature. I will never commit perjury, just as I have never lied in any public reports I have written.

But only God knows what is in my heart, as in yours. Only God knows who among us is telling the truth and who is not. And so, I have no reason to fear that any testimony given here, in writing, can ever be proven false.

As for those who would attempt to use any portion of the testimony given here against me, let them try. They have done it before, with only disastrous consequences to themselves when their plots and lies were exposed. I have committed no illegal acts. I have no criminal record. Nor has anyone ever won a judgment against me in any civil lawsuit. In fact, to date, I have never been sued by any person, for any reason. If you'd like to be the first, be my guest.

As for the persecution which has been directed against me by criminals in government as well as their cronies and minions, I will continue to pursue justice, as always, under the color of law. And I will continue to defend myself and to exercise my natural God-given Constitutional rights. I will defend those rights against all enemies, foreign and domestic. Furthermore, I will continue to seek the prosecution of any and all individuals who commit criminal violations against me. I will also continue to seek protection from law enforcement agencies against any threats of death and/or violence which are made against me by criminal perpetrators. If these agencies choose to withhold their protection, or act in negligence of their duties, they will be held accountable by me and cited in criminal complaints for obstruction of justice.

But before I go further in addressing your allegations, I find it important to say that despite the fact that you and I are now in an adversarial relationship, as we have been since early 2000 (the last contact I had with you) I hold no malice in my heart against you and do not hate you. True, I certainly feel righteous anger and outrage over a number of issues about which you and I are in vehement disagreement (to say the least.) But at one time, I actually loved you as if you were my own father and to this day, I pray for you. This is not gratuitous sentiment, only the truth; but judging from the general tone of your letter, and from your parting words to me, I'm sure my feelings are a matter of no concern to you. So be it.

"Do the righteous people of the world a service and, like other slimy creatures, slither back into the hole from which you came."

Thank you, Ted, for your kind remarks. However, since you clearly represent yourself and certain of your associates as the "righteous" among us, I at least owe it to the readers of this report to set the record straight on that score. They may, as always, make of this report what they will, though I'm sure the more intelligent and discerning among them will figure out the truth for themselves.


Two of the persons you have named, with whom you have chosen to ally yourself, certainly leave much to be desired, in terms of moral character, spiritual integrity and intellectual capacity. In my opinion, they are virtually bankrupt in these areas. I refer of course to Tim White and Ken Adachi. As you must know, I consider them both to be despicable on general principles, as well as to be fools and stooges of the lowest order. And since these individuals (among many others, who may be relevant in the issues being addressed here) have been publishing false and libelous allegations against me, many of which are outrageous in nature; and have been engaging in malicious character assassination against me for the past four (4) years, they will be held accountable by me and certain others whom they have maligned, libeled, slandered and/or harassed.

In the case of Tim White, he has perpetrated criminal harassment and even made death threats against me and others (some in writing) for which I have hard evidence, in the form of documentation, including: court documents furnished by a plaintiff, Doreen Bishop and her attorney, Warren Edson; material (e-mail messages, letters and reports, both private and public) written by Tim White; transcripts of criminal phone harassment (which continued after he received several directives to cease and desist) for which I have audiotapes; and/or the testimony of firsthand witnesses to these harassing and threatening calls. Some of the aforementioned has already been admitted as evidence in a Denver court.


I have in fact filed several criminal complaints against Tim White (as well as others with whom he was and/or is acting in collusion, such as Brenda M. Negri and Shirley Anderson) with various law enforcement agencies. I have evidence as well to substantiate that certain individuals (specifically including agents of the FBI) have been engaging in obstruction of justice by refusing to act on (or even investigate) my valid complaints of criminal conspiracy and racketeering by White, Negri and numerous others, who will all be named in both criminal complaints and civil lawsuits. This, despite the fact that I have provided hard evidence to the FBI to substantiate my claims that these individuals are engaging in criminal offenses that directly threaten me; and for which I have sustained massive damages, along with certain of my associates, members of my family and others.

I and others targeted for this criminal conspiracy, including Stew Webb, are certainly well-equipped to prove these allegations in a court of law. I will also be publishing the aforementioned documentation (at such time as I have a website on-line) which serves as irrefutable evidence against Tim White. Some of these documents are already published on-line at:

These documents have also been distributed for safekeeping, in case something should happen to prevent me from publishing them myself.

As far as predicate felon (convicted of narcotics trafficking) Tim White is concerned, his violations against me and others are a criminal matter (in addition to legally actionable civil matters) and I do intend to continue to pursue every legal avenue available to me to see that he is prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law for his crimes. Most recently, Tim White has made numerous harassing phone calls to Stew Webb and Tom Heneghan, violating directives to cease and desist such harassment. He also sent me a harassing, threatening, obscene e-mail message on April 4, 2005 (violating my directives never to contact me by e-mail, phone or in any other way) which is in my evidence file and has also been forwarded to several witnesses for safekeeping.

As for Ken Adachi, since he chooses to continue to publicly endorse and promote Tim White (as well as by extension, his criminal activities) then he is also implicated, as one who is aiding and abetting the criminal conspiracy in which White is a participant and/or publicly soliciting the commission of crimes and privacy violations, as well as the obstruction of justice.

Furthermore, by continuing to libel me and promote the groundless, unwarranted and unsubstantiated falsehood (among many others) that I am a "CIA disinfo agent"; or that I am a "mind-controlled government disinfo agent" (or any of the many other malicious falsehoods about Barbara Hartwell which Adachi promotes) in order to maintain his position in defense of Tim White, yourself or others, such as Todd Brendan Fahey (also guilty of criminal harassment but who escaped prosecution only by leaving the country, after being admitted to a psychiatric/alcohol-drug rehab facility at Southern Maine Medical Center in July 2004; and who has been publicly disseminating libelous pornographic filth, character assassination, as well as many other damaging falsehoods, using my name) Ken Adachi will find himself having to answer in a court of law for promoting this damaging libel and aiding and abetting the criminal harassment of White and Fahey.

Todd Fahey is also a blackmailer, which crime he has publicly admitted and even boasted about on several public websites. In fact, Fahey has already been banned from several websites and message boards, since July 2004, specifically after he continued to write and post his libelous falsehoods about Barbara Hartwell, which included outrageous lies about non-existent sexual conquests, using vile obscenity and fabricating pornographic descriptions of alleged events which have no basis in fact, in connection to my name; forging and publishing letters and articles (using a defunct e-mail address to identify Barbara Hartwell as the alleged "source") which he falsely claims were written by me (identity theft); falsely attributing quotes and statements to me which have no basis in fact; also falsely alleging that Barbara Hartwell is a "drunk" with an "alcohol jones", etc. etc. etc.

The moderators of these message boards, I'm sure, were well aware that otherwise, they too could be sued for damages, along with Fahey. For those who have removed such libel and banned Fahey, I thank them and have no intention of involving them in any lawsuits. And for the record, let it be known that anyone who owns and/or hosts any website publishing these outrageous lies about Barbara Hartwell, and/or who engages in their dissemination in any way, will be held accountable for their participation in promoting this damaging libel and will be sued. Including (but certainly not limited to) Ken Adachi.


Considering the fact that Todd Fahey has also engaged in gross violations of my privacy by publishing my unlisted phone number (which had to be disconnected due to harassing calls made and solicited by Fahey, and for which I had to make several police reports); publishing the street address of my home on the Internet, an act committed with malice aforethought, which has also compromised my security and endangered my safety, Adachi implicates himself in this as well, since he published Fahey's libelous article (Barbara Hartwell: Where Does One Begin?) which contained my street address, on his website, Educate Yourself. Tim White has also posted this libelous article by Fahey on various Yahoo! groups of which he is a member.

Todd Fahey has also published a plethora of additional false information about the ownership of my home in Maine by 1) "a member of the John Birch Society" and 2) "a man named Frank Nulton", neither of which allegation has any basis in fact. He has also published the false allegations that: "Barbara Hartwell has lost residency in her home" and "has relocated to Brownsville, Texas where she is sharing an apartment with one Geral Sosbee". He further claimed to "know" these false allegations. Many, many other such false allegations about Barbara Hartwell have been made by Todd Fahey as well as Tim White. And published as libel on many websites and message boards.

Because of these false and libelous claims, in conjunction with Fahey's character assassination and vile lies, especially in falsely representing me as a "whore" and a "drunk"; because of his grossly false portrayal of me as engaging in the same sort of sordid and degenerate lifestyle which he himself pursues, I have incurred major damages, in the form of being additionally harassed by known and unknown persons; having other unscrupulous individuals publicly post and repeat these libelous falsehoods, for which Fahey was the source, such as criminal conspirators Brenda Negri and Tim White (along with many others); further, my family and friends have been subjected to gross privacy violations and harassed by persons publicly promoting these falsehoods as if they were based on fact --which they are not. I have sustained serious damages as a result of this libel campaign by these utterly loathsome individuals.

My friend and professional colleague, Ex-FBI agent Geral Sosbee, has also been subjected to privacy violations and harassment as a direct result of the libelous falsehoods being promoted by Todd Fahey, specifically related to Fahey's lie that "Barbara Hartwell has relocated to Brownsville, Texas and is sharing an apartment with one Geral Sosbee." Mr. Sosbee has publicly refuted this lie, more than once and has stated, for the record, that it is a falsehood fabricated by a pathological liar, Todd Fahey.


I can assure you and your "associates" that the moment I have anyone harassing me; stalking or even setting foot on my property, as a result of Fahey/Adachi/White (or any others) PUBLISHING my street address (which I took precautions and great pains never to disclose on any public documents; and which has never been made a matter of public record, by my decision, for the purpose of protecting my privacy and security) I will immediately report this firstly to the detective from the Old Orchard Beach Police Department who handled the investigation of Fahey's previous criminal harassment of me, which consisted of harassing phone calls, threats and stalking (and who had advised me to seek a restraining order against Fahey); as well as to any and all other law enforcement agencies which are appropriate) and I will provide all relevant information and documentation as to the collusion of these individuals in publicly disclosing private information and thus grossly violating my privacy, compromising my security and endangering my safety.

If necessary, I will go so far as to seek Fahey's deportation/extradition from South Korea, as an American citizen, that he may be ordered to appear in court to face any criminal charges I am able to bring against him. I will certainly go to any lengths I have to in order to see that, at the very least, Todd Fahey will be forced to cease and desist from his continued harassment (in the form of disseminating his outrageous and damaging lies about my personal life); and that he will pay damages for his harassment (since July 2004) libel and slander; as well as for the destruction and theft of my private property, for which I sustained thousands of dollars in damages.

Fahey has already made public admissions of certain of these negligent, hazardous and destructive acts, which endangered the safety of myself and my family; such as setting a mattress on fire, in a guest room he was using during his stay at my home; presumably while smoking in bed after he passed out drunk; and which could easily have led to a fire in the entire house. The mattress was destroyed and had to be disposed of. As for other damages, I have witnesses who will substantiate the fact that Fahey tampered with/ destroyed my private property, including my only personal computer. This psychotic lowlife even boasted about his destructive sociopathic behavior.

Furthermore, anyone who publishes private information such as a street address (an address not part of any preexisting public records) is soliciting privacy violations, as well as soliciting the commission of crimes such as harassment and stalking. Since White and Fahey are both known stalkers and have both made threats of violence; and since this is a matter of public record, documented in police reports, I can certainly prove that their intent in disclosing my street address (with malice aforethought) was to encourage other criminals to violate my privacy; compromise my security and endanger my safety. Tim White, in fact, is under a permanent restraining order in Denver for stalking and criminal harassment, which included death threats.

I will also be able to prove that through publishing libelous falsehoods (accusing me of criminal acts, such as being under the illegal employ of CIA, specifically "CIA Headquarters at Langley, Virginia") that Ken Adachi has severely damaged my professional and personal reputation; cost me money in legal fees as well as costs incurred from pro se investigation; caused me profound emotional/psychological distress; exacerbated pre-existing chronic illness and disability (including but not limited to a heart condition) all of which are documented, through causing extreme traumatic stress; as well as costing me additional money, by the time I have been forced to take from other pursuits, necessary for my survival, to devote to defending myself against his many libelous falsehoods, privacy and security violations.

And please also be aware that Ken Adachi began his libel campign against me at a time when I had never heard of his existence; had done nothing wrongful or unlawful to provoke these malicious assaults and the dissemination of lies and damaging character assassination which has continued unabated since March, 2001. Ken Adachi has a lot to answer for and I will make it my business to be sure he is held legally accountable for his wrongful acts as well as any such acts which are deemed by legitimate legal authorities to be unlawful/criminal in nature. The same applies to Tim White, Brenda Negri and others.


The criminal harassment, death threats, false accusations of criminal violations, libel and slander of these and other individuals are all well documented and can be proven to be part and parcel of a criminal conspiracy in which various individuals (including but not limited to the persons named here) are colluding, with malice aforethought, to inflict harm upon me, certain of my friends, associates and family members. I can also prove racketeering.

Oh, one more thing. Perhaps you'd like to read this latest commentary (below) from your "personal friend", Tim White, the "Concerned Citizen". It was posted on a Yahoo! message board called Vietnam Vets on the Net.

"Sherwood Percival" was interestingly enough, banned from another Yahoo! board, New World Order Whistleblowers, for posting my letter to Noreen Gosch. It was deemed by the moderator, a woman named Connie Boisvert, as "a pile of garbage", simply because Stew Webb was mentioned in the letter. Tim White, of course, as well as Larry Lawson (another promoter of yourself, Ted Gunderson, Tim White and Brenda Negri, who has actually posted DEATH THREATS made against Barbara Hartwell by Brenda Negri on his Yahoo! group, LL News) another "NWO Whistleblower" who claims Barbara Hartwell works for CIA and is a "lying government agent" are both still in good standing there.

(Percival is my family name, which I occasionally use for e-mail in public posts, since to protect my privacy I do not wish to make public an e-mail address using my own name. Should I receive unsolicited e-mail at this address, I simply issue one warning that further unwanted mail will be regarded as harassment.)

But I think this message (below) speaks for itself, as to Tim White's delusional paranoid fantasies, and his malicious intent, especially about Barbara Hartwell.

Where in hell does he come up with this stuff? Is it being fed to him?...or does he just make it up, out of whole cloth? And gee whiz, Ted, forgive me for subjecting you to the vile obscenity used here by White, as I'm sure you'll find it as appalling as I do. Especially since he used this as his "preface" to your open letter to me. But perhaps (if you are in fact agreement with White's bizarre allegations) you could issue a directive to your PR rep, Ken Adachi, to post it under the Tim White Postings section on his website, Educate Yourself. It would certainly fit right in with Adachi's general content, as it would serve to "educate" the readers (at least those dumb enough to buy into Adachi's scurrilous brand of "journalism") about CIA and government mind control operations.

Tim White wrote:


[link to letter on Educate Yourself]

the very well known CIA CUNT,BARBARA HARTWELL,who is
NOT a Viet Nam Vet and IS NOT even able to be anywhere
knows WHO she works for and this TOTAL SHIT will NOT
FROM "THE COMPANY",the CIA,to work with-IT WON'T WORK.

Tim White,Viet Nam Vet(Air Force)Concerned Citizen}

(Well, thank you, Tim White, for your complimentary remarks. And for exposing yourself, yet again, for the delusional, paranoid psychotic you are. Actually, the "budget" you refer to has not been made available to me from Langley. Nor have I received any such "programming" or "implants". And once again, for the record, I do not work for CIA, nor do they sponsor my activities or contract for my services in any way. I'll prove that in a court of law as well.

Get real, Mr. White. As if Langley could give a damn about a noxious little gadfly like you. Nobody cares one way or another, except the people you are criminally harassing (whose only objective as regards you is to put you out of business) and those exploiting you and/or in collusion with you to harass, libel and slander myself and others. But in the final analysis, since you are the most inconsequential of persons, you're expendable. Since you've made quite a muddle of the "missions" you've been tasked with; since you are a rank amateur whose efforts to discredit legitimate persons have failed miserably thus far, you cannot possibly be seen as anything but a liability to those still foolish enough to exploit you for their own ends. Mark my words: It's only a matter of time until you will be forced (one way or another) to stop your criminal harassment and the spreading of your many malicious lies.

And actually, I'd rather not "silence" you. By all means, keep at it!...keep shooting your loud, vulgar, stupid mouth off. I'd rather just let you keep digging your own grave by publishing your idiotic libelous falsehoods about Barbara Hartwell. Since you've been warned repeatedly to cease and desist and have disregarded my directives, as well as those of Stew Webb, Tom Heneghan and others, I'll just keep saving your intellectual gems in my large file on you, as evidence of your continued criminal harassment, libel and certifiable insanity. You, Mr. White, have proven yourself to be a menace to society and as such, as many of your targets will agree, should be locked up in a criminal psycho ward, along with your like-minded, perverted pals, Todd Fahey and Brenda Negri.)

But back to you, Ted. Perhaps it would behoove you to rein in your flunky, Tim White. His despicable behavior certainly does not reflect well on you; nor does it enhance your credibility to have a perverted whackjob like this coming to your "defense", as Ken Adachi puts it, standing up for you against the "smears" of "mind-controlled government disinfo agents with names like Barbara Hartwell and Stew Webb".

The rest of my comments are interspersed in the body of text of your letter. They are in brackets, preceded by my initials, BH. I've also placed subject headings re the various topics, since the letter is lengthy and also serves as a report for the public record.

I'm sure you and the self-styled "expert" on Psy Ops, Ken Adachi, will accuse me of using a "Communist propaganda technique". Don't you know? Anyone who takes the time to supply detailed information, facts or evidence for the purpose of refuting lies; exposing criminal violations and conspiracies; or setting the record straight, has to be a "CIA mind-controlled propagandist". What other explanation could there possibly be?

Open letter to Barbara Hartwell in Response to Her
Letter to Noreen Gosch from Ted L. Gunderson

By Ted L. Gunderson
April 2, 2005

Re: "Open Letter to Noreen Gosch: The Truth About COINTELPRO Ted Gunderson & Associated Persons By Barbara Hartwell"

I was amused when I read your letter (a smoke screen) to Noreen Gosch. With the exception of admitting you are from a CIA family, your letter contains one lie after another. Your letter is an obvious attempt by you and your superiors in the shadow government, to whom you answer, to discredit me, John De Camp (my hero), Tim White, Ken Adachi and others who are not involved with your ilk in advancing the goals of the New World Order.


[BH: My letter to Noreen Gosch was in fact very sincere, not a "smoke screen". It came from my heart. If you found it "amusing" then I have to wonder why you did not simply dismiss it. Personally, I don't understand how anyone could possbily view the primary topic which the letter addressed, that of sexual abuse of innocent children, nor the use of them to run blackmail schemes against the perps of such heinous crimes, the least bit amusing.

Child abusers, pornographers (of any stripe, which includes those engaged in creating or disseminating "adult" pornography) and blackmailers are the lowest form of life on earth. They are loathsome beyond description.

As for the rapists of children, if I had the resources, the wherewithal and the authority under the law, I'd personally hunt them down myself, one by one, and throw them in the deepest dungeon I could find, where they would never see the light of day --or harm another child-- again. But since I lack the ability to handle the situation the way I'd like to, the best I can do is expose any such perps who come to my attention, which includes any person who commits the criminal offense of being in possession of child pornography . Though he was never charged with this offense, specifically I refer to Tim White. So much for the "smoke screen".

And by the way, how many of these vile rapists and assailants of children have you ever personally arrested and brought to justice, while you were in the FBI? Or in over three decades, since you retired? Are there any of them behind bars now, as a direct result of your efforts? If so, I'm sure we'd all love to hear about it. We could then celebrate your victories in the cause of justice.

But maybe you were just too busy running the COINTELPRO operations against "dissidents" and civil rights activists to give much thought to hunting down the real criminals such as child abusers. And for the past thirty-some odd years, I can only surmise that investigating satanism has taken up most of your time. Which brings me to some other questions: How many satanists are now cooling their heels in a jail cell because of your investigations? (And why did you marry the widow of one of the most villanous satanists of all time, Anton LaVey?)

You claim that my entire letter to Noreen Gosch is comprised of "one lie after another". But, for the record, I stand by every statement I made. If you want to call me a liar, so be it. It's your word against mine, until such time (if ever) as the facts have been determined, corroborated by hard evidence, in a court of law. Meanwhile, let the readers evaluate my letter to Noreen Gosch for themselves, as well as your letter to me, along with this comprehensive fact-filled public report. They may make of the information what they will.

As for these "superiors in the shadow government" you refer to, whomever they may be, they are certainly not MY superiors and never have been. Why don't you name them? Why not provide some evidence that these nameless shadowy figures are connected to Barbara Hartwell? Until such time as you can furnish such information, there's nothing to discuss. Let's see some evidence for a change, shall we? Making wild (and vague) allegations doesn't suit you. I would think that you, of all people, a trained investigator from the FBI, would consider evidence the coin of the realm. Wouldn't you?


Perhaps you are unaware (I doubt it) of the many similar lies being promoted by your associate, Tim White, naming people whom I do not know, have never met and have never at any time corresponded with (some of whom he claims are "CIA"); with whom he claims I have been in collusion, specifically to plot against him.

One such person is a man named Dave Wasendorf, whom White publicly accused Stew Webb of attempting to hire to murder him. Wasendorf, by the way, was outraged when he heard these lies being spread by Tim White. Wasendorf does not know me (as White alleged) and will testify that Stew Webb in fact did not approach him in any "murder-for-hire" scheme. Who is Dave Wasendorf? From his own testimony, he is a man living in the Denver metro area whom Tim White worked for over a dozen years ago, when Wasendorf ordered countertops to be constructed by White for his kitchen. Furthermore, Dave Wasendorf has never worked for CIA. But according to Wasendorf, he did get an earful of Tim White's bizarre conspiracy theories, which clearly showed him to be entertaining paranoid fantasies about all the shadowy cabals (including CIA) out to get him.

White has also published these lies and false accusations about myself, Stew Webb and others, all over the World Wide Web. He (in collusion with his cohort, Brenda Negri) even attempted to implcate me in a murder of another man I have never met and did not know (Brian Quig) and went so far as to furnish false information to journalist Virginia McCollough, which she actually published, naming White as the source. I have the evidence of all this as well, in my files.

And why did you, Ted, accuse Stew Webb of this very same "murder-for-hire" scheme against Tim White? And worse, in a public letter to Attorney General John Ashcroft. Oh yes, I was accused of being a "CIA disinfo agent" in that same letter as well. You claimed Stew and I were "smearing" you on behalf of CIA, because you "exposed the truth" about 9-11 in one of your intelligence reports. A report which was not written until 2002, over two years after I broke off my association with you and had made public at least some of the reasons why. Over one year after Ken Adachi started his massive libel campaign against me. Do the math. It doesn't compute. But then, little of what you say does.

The truth is that (just as with Ken Adachi) I had never heard of Tim White until he began to spread lies about me in August 2001, as well as promoting a bogus death threat, falsely claiming that a so-called "CIA assassin" had threatened to kill me and naming an innocent person, Jeff Swedenburg, who by the way, does not, nor has ever, worked for CIA. Nor has ever attempted or threatened to kill me.

But if I had been killed (perhaps by a real CIA hit man) I've no doubt that Swedenburg would have been blamed and set up to take the fall. Tim White shot his mouth off about this completely bogus "death threat" so many times, in so many places, to so many people, including in writing, that had I not put a stop to it myself, by exposing this plot against myself, Jeff Swedenburg and Stew Webb (whom White also attempted to implicate by his lies) God only knows who would have been murdered and who would be languishing in a jail cell as a result of yet another "murder-for-hire" scheme. These bogus death threats, by the way, are another felony by Tim White. One I have evidence galore to prove.

And as a matter of fact, another man, Dave Hinkson, is now languishing in a jail cell, in which your testimony was instrumental in convicting him of just such a "murder-for-hire" scheme. Another innocent man, convicted of a crime he did not commit. I wonder, how many more such "murder-for-hire" set ups will we be seeing before somebody, somewhere, in the "justice" system has the decency and the courage to put a stop to this?

White later proceeded to spread more lies, including to several Federal Agents in Denver (including FBI agent Mark Holtslaw) that "Barbara Hartwell is CIA" and had been sent to "take him down". Tim White, a man who does not know me; has never met me and whom I have never, to this day, wronged in any way. Yet, he has been harassing me relentlessly since August 2001; has made threats against my life; has libeled and slandered me and continues to do so. Among his many disgusting epithets, he has labeled me a "whore"; a "slut"; a "CIA bitch". None of which have any basis in fact.

If you think I'm going to tolerate these outrages, from this malevolent, psychotic pathological liar, think again. And if you and Adachi choose to continue to implicate yourselves in the criminal schemes Tim White is perpetrating, that is your decision and you will be held accountable, just as White will. You see, I have enough evidence against the little patsy, Tim White, to put him away for a long, long time. And do you really think he won't become a snitch, once he's arrested? He'll try to make a deal, just like he did last time. Let's see how that works out for him.


But getting back to the "superiors" you mention, let me now state for the public record that any CIA handlers I once had (who would have been seen as my "superiors", case officers or COs by whom I was tasked with missions, assigned to operations , etc.) specifically from 1969-1994, during the various times I was being (illegally, through no fault of my own) utilized by CIA under Non-Official Cover in both domestic and foreign covert operations; or as a professional CIA asset, working through CIA proprietaries, are now all deceased. But I'll give you one for your files: Sydney Gottlieb (also Director of Technical Services Division, which I'm sure you know). I may have mentioned this to you at one time when we were still on speaking terms.

But even if not, if you think I ever told you more than a fraction of my personal history in connection to CIA, you would be mistaken. The fact is, I have made public but a small portion of my own history. What I choose to make public, or whom I choose to divulge information to and for my own reasons, is my prerogative and only my prerogative. I am not required to reveal anything unless I so choose and I will reveal only that which I believe serves my own interests in protecting myself, my security and my safety and pursuing justice for the crimes committed against me, my family and others, including those who may be under my protection.

Furthermore, it is not my concern what anyone (including the general public; or ignorant, malicious persons with axes to grind, such as Ken Adachi, Todd Fahey or Tim White, who wish to taunt me with their ill-advised challenges to my credibility or their lies about being under "company control") believes about me; or whether or not they find me credible or legitimate; they are free to believe what they will. These individuals are meaningless to me; they are not in possession of any facts nor accurate information, much less evidence, about me or my background; they are merely stooges, being used by people a hell of lot smarter than they are.

However, it certainly IS my concern when others, such as yourself, Tim White, Ken Adachi or Todd Fahey are PUBLISHING libelous and damaging falsehoods about me which in fact, violate my privacy; compromise my security; endanger my safety and interfere with my own pursuit of justice. It is also my concern when others attempt to interfere with me personally in any way, or obstruct my pursuit of life, liberty and happiness (my God-given rights, guaranteed under the U.S. Constitution.) Which includes various forms of criminal harassment, such as that perpetrated by Tim White, Brenda Negri, Todd Fahey and others, including in collusion with criminal elements within the United States Government. Which I have voluminous evidence to substantiate.

To my knowledge, you, Ted Gunderson, have no direct connection to Todd Fahey (except perhaps a tenuous one, via your mutual dealings with mind control handler, murderer and Bush/Clinton Crime Family drug-runner, General John K. Singlaub, who used Fahey as his stooge once upon a time .) But since your promoter and associate, Ken Adachi, has publicly aligned himself with Fahey (and vice versa) for the express purpose of attempting to destroy the personal and professional reputation of Barbara Hartwell, this can certainly be regarded as an important factor. I will not tolerate any such interference, nor have I ever done so. So take this as my very public warning to you and any associated persons, and disregard it at your own peril.

I know for a fact that you do not have access to my CIA file. No, it hasn't been destroyed but it is maximum classified. As for the FBI, their file would be useless and I'm sure you know that. I don't take you for a fool, Ted, whatever else I may believe. I know you to be an intelligent man, unlike most of your associates and minions. But in case you are inclined to underestimate me, consider the possibility that I may have gained access to information from your CIA file, or portions thereof, not in any unlawful manner. And that I may have hard evidence of certain criminal activities on your part, which ties you directly to operations by which I have been targeted. Only time will tell.


But I will agree with you on one point: I am not of the "ilk" of persons such as John DeCamp, Tim White or Ken Adachi. As for "advancing" the goals of the New World Order? Sorry, I can't help you with that, I don't run that kind of operation.

But I will tell you this: Though I don't work for CIA, nor answer to any "superiors" from the New World Order, nor from any other entity, I am very, very well trained as an intelligence operative, especially so in psychological operations, and I can be as cold and ruthless as I need to be when pursuing justice for myself and those under my protection. Todd Fahey and others were warned and foolishly disregarded those warnings. As long as I abide by the law (which I have always done and always will) who do you think will be able to stop me from making use of that training? I'm not afraid to die, either. Since I answer only to God, I know where I'll be going when I leave this earth.

As for White and Adachi? They are both stooges for the New World Order, though they may be deluded into believing they are "fighting" or "exposing" it. But they can't fight an "enemy" they don't know. By the same token, they can't expose an enemy they don't know. And they surely don't know anything about the NWO. Since neither of them were ever on the inside, how could they?

They read some books, maybe, or articles, studied some conspiracy theories, on the Internet. So what? Anyone could do that and then go around shooting off his mouth about second or third-hand information, much of which happens to be carefully-crafted disinformation. Which is precisely what Adachi and White (and others of their ilk, such as Todd Fahey and Brenda Negri) are doing.

What I personally know about the New World Order (and those individuals running it) is not based on conspiracy theories I read on the Internet (I did not have access to the Internet until 1995) or anywhere else. My knowledge of NWO is based on firsthand experience.

Adachi claims in his writings that he "woke up" to the existence of the NWO in 1994. Well, bully for him. The very same year I broke out of CIA black ops. By that time (after 25 years of my adult life inside and a childhood of being raised by a CIA/military Intel family and association with their cronies) I was in possession of more specific, detailed, accurate information about the NWO than Adachi will ever have, no matter how many conspiracy books he reads. The same could be said for Tim White. So I must say, the irony of your implication that Adachi and White are some sort of noble crusaders against the NWO, is astounding.

John DeCamp is another story and not at all in the same league with Adachi or White. For one thing, he's a professional, just like you. On the wrong side, but a professional, nonetheless. I have him on tape, claiming that Henry Kissinger is one of the "good guys". It was a radio interview on The Expert Witness Show, on WBAI, NYC, hosted by ex-DEA agent, Mike Levine. A series of shows on CIA MK Ultra in 1999, which Levine asked me to co-produce, on which you were also a guest.

I will address DeCamp in more detail later in this report, but I will say up front that his comments on NWO proponent Kissinger, one of the most evil men on the planet, are what first tipped me off to DeCamp and his real agenda. I don't know DeCamp, and certainly don't want to know him. But I have learned enough about him from my own investigations, to say that if he is really your "hero" (which I seriously doubt) then I pity you, Ted.]

You state that I claim that Jeff Gannon is Johnny Gosch. I have never said that. I only stated that I have a confidential source who says Gannon is Johnny Gosch. Not very professional for someone who claims to be a journalist.


[BH: Okay, Ted, if you insist on focussing on minutiae, I stand corrected on that point --that "Ted Gunderson claimed Jeff Gannon is Johnny Gosch". Forgive my lack of "professionalism". However, your "associate" Tim White made the claim in his "headline" which was posted on numerous message boards and websites:

"100% Confirmation That Gannon/Guckert is Johnny Gosch."

I wonder, what does ONE HUNDRED PERCENT CONFIRMATION mean? Confirmation by whom? Using what method? Let's see the evidence, since this audacious claim by Tim White has now been spread far and wide. Why put this information out, especially as 100% CONFIRMATION, in connection with your name, without having the proof at the ready?

And if that's not enough to make my point, here is a quote from an article by Tim Schmitt:

{"Noreen Gosch has seen the videotape that Gunderson made with his confidential informant and believes the man is credible. 'Ted sent me a videotape of his interview with his source and he said Gannon is Gosch, and he said it without hesitation and without blinking an eye', recalls Noreen. 'And he said he's known it for months.'"}

You, Ted Gunderson, also said it --that Jeff Gannon is Johnny Gosch-- on Mysteries of the Mind radio program, hosted by Alex Merklinger. Or have you forgotten about that?

Again, as I stated in my letter to Noreen Gosch, I personally do not know if Jeff Gannon is Johnny Gosch. But I daresay, neither does Tim White. He is promoting 100% CONFIRMATION merely on second and third-hand sources.

But for the sake of argument, let me hypothesize: Could this (true or untrue) be one of the very "disinfo" campaigns which I, Barbara Hartwell, have been accused of engaging in by yourself and Ken Adachi?

Let's take the hypothesis to another level: Who stands to gain from the public believing this? Or, will it perhaps, just serve as a distraction, smoke and mirrors, a side show, to stop people from looking at the real issues: Who are the REAL perpetrators of criminal conspiracies involving child sex-slavery, pornography, murder, extortion and blackmail?

And I further quote from White's "news bulletin" :

{"Ted has given me the greenlight to write and post this much so far but for very obvious reasons,I cannot go into greater detail at this time,though I do know more than what I can add to this at this time. As I have been told,more information will soon be forthcoming with the authorization to post when I receive it."}

So, now we hear Tim White, with his thinly-veiled, cloak-and-dagger boasts of not being able to tell all he knows. That must make him really feel like the "player" he is deluded into believing he is. But since we have heard no additional such "information" from Tim White, not since his dramatic announcement, for which he reveled in his 15 minutes of fame, I guess "authorization" was never given to post any more. I wonder, why not?


And I can only guess, that in your estimation, Tim White is a "professional" journalist? I would assume so, since he was the one chosen by you for this task. If this individual exemplifies the quality of "journalism" you choose to represent you, I wish you luck. You'll need it.

Or maybe, Tim White is a "journalist-in-training", under the mentorship of New Age crackpot, Ken Adachi. Adachi, who (in between smear campaigns and scandal-mongering) promotes such gobbeldygook as "sylphs" flying through the sky to protect humans from chemtrails; or "dissolving chemtrails" using Mickey Mouse Metaphysics. Ken Adachi, a snake-oil salesman who promotes numerous scams and peddles a full line of weird gadgets and gizmos like the Power Wand, Succor Punch, Harmonic Protector and even (just take a look at this one!) the Holy Handgrenade. (For those looking for a handy substitute for the Armor of God, I assume.)

If Tim White works hard and plays his cards right, he could even become another "Patriot Celebrity" like Alex Jones, who also promoted the Gunderson Gannon-is-Gosch Conspiracy Theory on his radio program. Imagine that, Tim White. He too could have the power to ban Barbara Hartwell and Stew Webb, to make heads roll on national radio! Well, maybe in his dreams or his delusional fantasies. Like his grandstanding, porno-mongering, lying vulgarian pal, Todd Fahey, White labors under profound delusions of grandeur. The more attention he gets, the more he wants.]

You claim your sister was molested in Omaha by Dick Cheney, was also molested by Nelson Rockefeller and she was acquainted with several principles of the "Franklin Cover Up."

John De Camp, Noreen Gosch, and I have been active in the investigation of the "Franklin Cover Up" for nearly two decades and this is the first we have heard of this concerning your sister. These statements are an attempt to "con" the readers of your open letter to Noreen into thinking that you are exposing these alleged pedophiles, when in reality, the story was investigated, written about, and documented by a British film company, years before you showed up on the scene (this is old news - but nice try Barbara).


[BH: Yes indeed, it is correct that according to my sister's testimony, she was sexually abused ("molest" does not begin to cover it) by Dick Cheney and Nelson Rockefeller. And yes, she was acquainted with some of the principals in the Franklin case. And she has already gone public with this information, including on a radio program, hosted by Jeremy Floyd, in 2003 and also in articles she wrote. I believe my sister's allegations are truthful, based on my own investigation (only a decade, as opposed to two, but still, enough to establish the facts of the case.)

But just because you, Ted Gunderson, have been investigating the Franklin case for nearly two decades, and "have not heard of it" does not mean that you necessarily know the truth about my sister's case or her experiences. I did not say that my sister was INVOLVED as a victim of the operation known as "The Franklin Coverup". She was an adult at the time she was living in Nebraska, as I stated in my letter to Noreen Gosch.

Now, I must also be accused of "conning" the public, just because I expose the fact that my sister had been abused (by previously known perps, such as Rockefeller or Cheney); or just because she happened to know some of the other perps connected to the Franklin scandal? Simply exposing the truth about the fact that my sister suffered sexual abuse at the hands of known criminal perps does not mean that I am attempting to take credit for the separate investigations of others. Nothing could be further from the truth. I don't give a tinker's damn about "credit". My only concern is getting justice for my sister, not upstaging you or your associates. How little you know me, Ted.]

You state I worked with your sister. I was not not aware that you had a sister until now.


[BH: Really? You were "not aware" that I have a sister? For your information, Irene Adrian is her name. Well, after I get over being speechless, I'll say that is a very strange claim for you to make, Ted. Considering the fact that I spoke to you on the phone numerous times in connection with Irene's situation, both before, during and after she left North Carolina to come to my home in Woodstock, where she stayed for three months, September-November in 1999 [correction: I made an inadvertent mistake in my letter to Noreen Gosch, where I said it was '97-98; it was actually '99] to escape the criminal perps, CIA operatives Ronald and Mary Ann Cerra and others, including CIA operative Chase Brandon, who had her under surveillance. I must say I am stunned by this denial of knowlege on your part.

You spoke to my sister, as well, on the phone, quite a few times, both while she was still in N.C. (you instructed her to call you from a phone booth and not from her home, which she did) and while she was at my home. You also spoke to her husband, but only once.

You also attempted to arrange a meeting for my sister with a police detective in Wilmington, by the name of Bob Catty, whom you claimed was an "expert" in investigating satanism. You told me and my sister that the police department in Wilmington, N.C. (with the exception of Catty) had been taken over by "satanists". (But isn't that what you say about almost everyone you come in contact with?)

You, Ted, also insisted that a "social worker" should be present at my sister's meeting with the police officer, Bob Catty. You even provided the name of such a person, who was ready and willing to step up to the plate, to "help". That is when my sister decided not to follow your advice. I didn't blame her. Social workers are notorious for trying to interfere --on behalf of the government-- in order to make victims of crimes or targets of government persecution, look like "mental cases". So, if a person is actually being criminally harassed by government operatives (as my sister was) it's convenient to stop justice from being done, or the perps being exposed, by relegating victims of crimes to a psychiatric ward. Social workers: They're a little like spiders. Once the intended victim gets caught up in their sticky web of bureaucratic red tape, the chances of breaking free are almost nil.

I should also state that I later found out through a confidential source (you are not the only one with these sources) that Dick Cheney had given the order to make sure my sister, Irene Adrian, was silenced and/or discredited (like maybe, by being deemed insane and placed in a psychiatric ward) one way or another.


If you'd like to know why Cheney and his associates failed, it was because I went after these CIA scumbags myself and made a preemptive strike. They had my sister arrested on a false charge (assault with a deadly weapon) and also tried to set me up for a false arrest, but failed. They filed a bogus "criminal complaint" against me in the state of North Carolina for "inciting violence and terrorism". That didn't work either. Specifically, it didn't work because I am a law-abiding citizen and these individuals are criminals and liars.

I also have evidence to tie these criminals directly to Brenda Negri, who was in collusion with them, as part of the criminal conspiracy for which I, my sister, Stew Webb and others have been targeted. Negri (just like Tim White) was disseminating lies furnished by these CIA perps, lies about Barbara Hartwell and about certain members of my family, including on the Percival side and about some of my in-laws. Pam Schuffert was also involved in the dissemination of these lies. Pam Schuffert, another "journalist" featured on Ken Adachi's website, Educate Yourself. What a startling coincidence.

Last I heard, Ronald Cerra left the country and was hiding out overseas because he finally came under investigation and a warrant was issued for his arrest, for his criminal harassment and stalking of my sister, Irene Adrian. Due only to my efforts in pursuing justice for my sister, that is.


And unfortunately, the only person (aside from myself) who actually cared enough to give any real assistance to my sister, a Christian minister named Fred Littauer, a man who helped mind control victims, died a sudden and mysterious death, after getting involved in my sister's case. Shortly before he died, his office was ransacked and my sister's file stolen. What a coincidence. The CIA scumbag (and satanist) Ron Cerra, also made harassing phone calls to a radio program I was doing, claiming to be Fred Littauer. Phone calls from the dead.

And I should mention that Dennis Bossack, who had sponsored that radio program, The Barbara Hartwell Show (2002-3) is also part of the criminal conspiracy. Bossack lied to me about the terms under which I was to do the radio program; used me to get high profile guests for his own program, while I (a professional talk show host, unlike Bossack) was left to do my program alone, unable to have a guest, because he claimed there was only one phone line. Bossack tried (and failed) to manipulate me into having unwanted contact with people he claimed were my "fans" from the public; claimed that my long professional history in electronic media was "meaningless" simply because at one time CIA was sponsoring my radio and TV programs; and because they had paid for my training in radio and TV production.

Bossack also slandered Stew Webb on his radio program; deliberately created electronic interference while Stew was a guest on his show; attempted (and failed) to intimidate me by claiming he had been an "assassin" for the government. He also attempted to disrupt my professional relationship with Stew Webb, by claiming that Stew was a"liar". In fact, Bossack proved himself to be the liar, in spades. In disgust, I discontinued the program on the DNA Live Network. Shortly thereafter, I found you, Ted Gunderson, listed on his website under "Friends" of the Bossacks and UFO Lab. Along with Kurt Billings, one of the persons who had been spreading Tim White's bogus death threat against Barbara Hartwell by a "CIA assassin".

And lastly, Tim White in fact, admitted to Dennis Bossack that he had "made a deal" with the Feds in Denver to get out of jail. Why did Tim White initially contact Dennis Bossack? Naturally, to tell his outrageous lies about "CIA bitch" Barbara Hartwell. Truly, truly bizarre. Unbelieveable. But true. If these are the type of "righteous" people you associate with, Ted (the Bossacks, like Tim White, claim to be "Christians" but behave more like satanists) perhaps you need to make a reality check.


You, Ted (in 1999) even called the police, more than once, after my sister reported being hit with a stun gun while staying in a nearby motel in Kingston, after she left my home in Woodstock. Furthermore, you told the police in Kingston, New York about the MK Ultra program, and that my sister had been a part of it. I'm sure I can check with the Kingston Police to see if they have a record of that. I'm sure they must, as you also suggested to them that they should "coordinate" with the Wilmington, N.C. police on the "investigation". (Oh yes, the Wilmington police, the same ones you said were controlled by satanists!) Is there, perhaps, something wrong with this picture...?

Good Lord!.....unless you are getting senile, or perhaps have fallen prey to alzheimers, I am at a total loss to understand how you could possibly NOT remember my sister or that you got involved in her case, as you were purportedly doing me a favor by trying to assist her, when I requested your help. In fact, in Novemeber 1999 I was at the Mind Control Goes Public conference in Philadelphia, sponsored by Bob Eurie, with you (we were both speakers there) while my sister was still in New York. We talked about her case then, as well.

I and my bodyguard, Mario (on temporary medical leave from his job at DOJ) stayed at your son Michael's house in New Jersey for a few days after the conference. Perhaps you'll say you don't remember that either? You told me that Mario was a "plant" and that I should not trust him. Maybe that was because Mario asked some astute questions you didn't want to answer. Maybe it was because he worked at DOJ. But then, I've lost count of the number of people whom you have claimed were "planted" on me. Just about anyone you met or heard about; anyone who was involved with me in any way.

Considering these strange memory lapses, could it be it possible that you don't even remember me, Barbara Hartwell? Is that why you have all your "facts" about me confused? Is that why your stooge, Ken Adachi, is making these outrageous claims, in his libelous articles (Barbara Hartwell: Gunslinger or Mudslinger?) such as, that I am a "CIA mind control victim" or that I was "never invited to speak" at some of the conferences?

But the truth is, I certainly was invited, each and every time, and I have the brochures and tapes to prove it. Even though Susan Ford (aka Brice Taylor) got my name removed from at least one of the audiotapes at the Global Sciences Congress in Daytona Beach, Fla. (to which I was also invited) because she wanted to hog the show, that was just par for the course. She accomplished this bit of sabotage by claiming that I was "not credible", since I had "never been deprogrammed". By her methods, naturally, using psychotronic equipment, which she claimed to be an "expert" on. So many "experts"! All vying to promote themselves and cash in on their "expertise". Sue Ford also was calling around to various conference promoters, slandering me, advising them not to have me as a speaker. She succeeded, as I found myself blacklisted from several conferences which had previously invited me to be a speaker.

But far more significant, there is the fact that I wasn't going along with the party-line, with the tales being promoted by the band of compliant, submissive little women, people like Sue Ford, you herded around. The Sob Sisters, peddling their tales of woe about sex, satanism and mind control. I wasn't one of them, as I'm sure you do remember. Because the truth is, Ted, I'd take out anyone who even tried to touch me, much less use me as a "sex slave". I'm very sure you know that too. And I do have the military training to do just that, with or without a weapon.

No, Ted, I was simply telling the truth about my OWN experiences (which I do to this day) which had nothing in common with theirs. I was never at any time a "sex slave"; nor a "prostitute"; nor involved in "satanism" as victim or participant. More outrageous libel being promoted by the malicious liar and stooge, Ken Adachi, who knows absolutely nothing about me, my background or my experiences.

You may remember that I also refused to be a part of the agenda of making a side show out of "sex slaves" and "satanism", that is, to distract the audiences from the real nature of the black operations I was trying to expose.


But speaking of "sex slaves" and mind-controlled "prostitutes", here, FYI, is just one more example of the many outrageous lies which are being disseminated about Barbara Hartwell, by none other than the Cross-dressing Conspiracy Theorist, child porno freak, Tim White.

This one was published on the Internet in 2003, written by some low-grade moron I never heard of, using the name James L. Choron. But just recently, I got it forwarded to me by Stew Webb, along with an e-mail list being used by Tim White, people to whom he is disseminating these many libelous falsehoods about Barbara Hartwell, Stew Webb and others.

Some of the names on Tim White's e-mail list: Ted Gunderson; Todd Fahey; Dennis Bossack; Rosalee Grable aka The Webfairy; Editor at American Free Press; Alex Merklinger; Michael F. Corbin; Noreen Gosch; John DeCamp; Connie Boisvert; Chuck Wilson; Larry Lawson; John Allman; Federal Observer; Polly Cady; Sherry Shriner; Sherman Skolnick; Christina Kanas; Warren Edson; Vatican Asassins.

Surprise, surprise. Very interesting that a number of the individuals/entities on this list are: 1) promoters and/or cronies of Ted Gunderson. 2) Liars who have promoted libelous falsehoods about Barbara Hartwell, Stew Webb and others. 3) Those who have engaged in harassment of Barbara Hartwell, Stew Webb and others. 4) Perverts involved in pornography and "cyber sex" 5) Media talk show hosts/editors of websites. 6) Criminals. Some fit into several of these categories. Some I don't know or never heard of. A few are legitimate, decent individuals (some of whom I've left off the list to spare them having their names associated in print with pond scum like Tim White.)

The title of this scurrilous piece of garbage, written by James L. Choron is:


This long-winded pack of lies covers a lot of libelous ground. I've saved it in my evidence file, along with everything else which will serve to put these lowlife perps out of business. But I only need to cite a couple of excerpts to make my point.

James L. Choron wrote:

{"....another Internet fake, Barbara Hartwell, former CIA prostitute, bogus "Patriot" and mind controlled honeytrap used to lure men into disinformation plots and to discredit real investigators."

"Hartwell, as well as Webb, uses the ruse of filing lawsuits as threats to silence those who would expose her connections to Wackenhut and black ops rogue intelligence factions connected to child porn and drug smuggling, illegal arms trafficking, and terrorism.

We all know who and what Babs is. No need to elaborate."}

Interesting that Choron the Moron, does not know me. Has never met me. Has never had any contact with me. Also typical. He, like the rest of his despicable cohorts, doesn't know a damn thing about me. But I will assure this loathsome lying slug, whoever the hell he is, that he (like all the others) will feel my wrath for bearing false witness against me, for spreading these outrageous and filthy lies.

As for Mr. Choron's "source" for these outrageous lies? I can name at least one of them right now. These are the very same outrageous lies which have been disseminated by Brenda M. Negri, the psychotic pathological liar; erstwhile psychiatric patient; law enforcement/ intelligence groupie; sexual pervert/porno-monger/predator/stalker aka Ranger Rick aka The Fifth Horseman. What a coincidence.

Yes indeed, another participant in the criminal conspiracy against Barbara Hartwell, Stew Webb and others. Negri was also involved in disseminating the vile obscene lies of Todd Brendan Fahey (whom she initiated contact with in 2001 and who was fooled into believing she was "Ranger Rick", the Fab Fed); and Tim White (her fellow liars, porno-mongers and psychiatric patients) about Barbara Hartwell.

Ken Adachi also has featured Brenda Negri on his website, in connection with Negri's bogus claims of being a "whistle-blower" from her short-lived days working as a low-level baggage screener for TSA, under the DHS. In fact, Negri was fired from TSA after complaints were filed by Barbara Hartwell and Stew Webb. Negri lied on her application, including about her previous history of mental illness. Negri claimed to be an "undercover federal agent" who was "ratting out" corruption at TSA. Negri was also making death threats against Barbara Hartwell (including on Larry Lawson's Yahoo! message board) while employed at TSA. This perfidious creature seems to show up everywhere, at any time one of her lying cohorts or fellow whackjobs (Tim White, Todd Fahey, Shirley Anderson et al) needs a boost in helping to destroy Barbara Hartwell or Stew Webb. What a coincidence.

I have voluminous evidence against Brenda Negri as well. Criminal harassment, death threats, stalking, you name it, I've got it. And I can connect her directly with Tim White and others, including Ken Adachi, Larry Lawson (he published her death threats against me on his Yahoo! group, LL News) and Todd Fahey, the most recent member of the Lowlife-Libel-and-Liars Club.

And they are all spreading the same outrageous lies, the same libelous disinformation. What a coincidence. I can also guarantee that each of them, those named here (as well as those unnamed) will end up either behind bars (perhaps in a prison for the criminally insane) for their very serious crimes, some of which are felonies; and/or having to pay some very serious damages, that is, after I win my civil lawsuits against them.

As for anyone such as Mr. Moron (Choron) who thinks I am making impotent "threats" about "bogus" lawsuits, they'll find out soon enough just how wrong they are. And just how serious I am and how ruthless I will be in pursuing justice. Mr Moron, by the way, also endorses Larry Lawson as a "legitimate" Christian, patriot and expositor of the "CIA black ops" crowd, to which he claims Barbara Hartwell is connected. But by the time I get through with Mr. Moron, I can guarantee he'll wish he'd never heard my name, much less grossly defamed it. Better watch your back, Moron. You may soon rue the day you were ever hatched. Same goes for your fellow maggots.]


You state that the only money you have received for your "work" has been from public contributions. You fail to mention that I have sent you money and financed a number of your expenses.

[BH: Yes , Ted, you "sent" me a grand total (over the course of three years) of one hundred dollars ($100.00) by a personal check, in 1997. And you are correct in stating that you financed "expenses" at certain times when we worked together, including on the Linda Wiegand case in Connecticut in 1997. But that was not my "work", that was yours, for which I donated my time to help you with the legal case. That is, I wrote the legal summary after John DeCamp failed to deliver the legal services he contracted with Linda Wiegand for, and for which she paid him $10,000. Or have you forgotten that too? You also took me to dinner a number of times, at various locations around the country and gave me free copies of some of your tapes and reports.

Thank you, Ted. I appreciate it. In the days when I still trusted you and believed you were working toward the same objectives as I, such as exposing government corruption and pursuing justice for targets of government-sponsored crimes, I was only too happy to help you in any way I could. I even loaned you a car and found you someone to chauffeur you around, when you had no transportation.

Since I'm honest and straightforward, I can also admit that I enjoyed your company, you were entertaining, charming and fun to hang out with. You, unlike some of your cohorts, were also a perfect gentleman, at least in your treatment of me. I'll also admit I was pretty devastated when I finally realized that I could not, in good conscience, continue to associate with you, nor would it be judicious for me to continue to trust you. You broke my heart, Ted, I'll admit that too. But I got over it, so don't expect any sympathy from me.

However, since I have not seen you in well over five years, I don't understand how you could possibly equate your past generosity to me with "financing" the expenses for my work, most of which I incurred after I broke off my association with you. And I know for a fact that the massive libel campaign your PR man, Ken Adachi, has been running against me since 2001 has prevented quite a number of people from making contributions to support my work. Nice work, Ted, helping with my finances.]


You state you are working with Stew Webb and Jackie McGauley. I have a video tape interview with Webb in which he admits he is an FBI informant. I will make this tape available to you at no cost. You claim to be a journalist so you need documentation for your work. I urge you to order this video tape.

[BH: Well, thanks for the offer, but you don't have to urge me to order the tape. I already have one. Don't you remember? You sent me one yourself, in 2003. I still have it, along with the handwritten note you sent. It said: "Barbara, stop putting out the B.S. on me" well as claiming that the tape contained "proof" that Stew Webb is an FBI informant.

But there was only one problem: No such "proof" was on the tape, as you claimed. I did hear Stew say that he had furnished the FBI with information about criminal activities to which he had been made privy (not that he himself had been involved in) and for which he had evidence. He has never denied that. Maybe Stew was naive at one time, since some of the agents eventually used it to try to set him up, on yet another "murder-for-hire" scheme. One of them was Mark Holtslaw, whom I urged Stew to get away from and with whom I refused to speak myself, except once, briefly, on the phone. One conversation with Holtslaw was all I needed. I didn't like the vibes from Holtslaw and refused to speak to him again. And considering the fact that Tim White calls him a "friend" and has told many lies about me being "CIA" to Holtslaw and other corrupt FBI agents in Denver, it seems it was a judicious move on my part.

But I have called the FBI myself, in attempts to have them investigate criminals whom I have "information" about. Including your friend, Tim White. But what's wrong with that? True, they did nothing about it, but they will be held accountable, for obstruction of justice, that is.

The only honest FBI agent I've ever known, as a matter of fact, is my friend Geral Sosbee. Who was forced to resign from the FBI because of that very honesty; and because he defended the Constitution. Most of these corrupt Feds in Denver have never even read the Constitution, much less would defend it. No, they're using it for toilet paper and if they had their d'ruthers would flush away everyone's Constitutional rights. Tim White was making harassing phone calls to Geral, as well. What a coincidence.

And what about the fact that Stew Webb was designated a "Federal Whistleblower" so that he could (supposedly) expose crimes without worry of retaliation? That didn't work out too well for him, did it? Considering he had false arrests and SWAT teams deployed against him.]


You claim that Jackie McGauley, my former girl friend during the McMartin investigation, is the primary "whistle-blower" of the McMartin pre-school child abuse atrocities and not me. I never claimed I was.

[BH: Well, maybe you did not make that claim, not in those exact words. Are we back to the fine-toothed comb, the minutiae, again? But you did represent yourself as if you were the primary whistle-blower, to me and others, many times. In fact, I never once heard you mention Jackie's name in your public talks. I never heard of Jackie until she contacted me herself in 2002. The McMartin case is listed on your resume, which I still have copies of. Ken Adachi aggressively promotes you as the McMartin Hero as well. At the time, I had no reason not to believe you. But since I have to make a determination, upon information and belief, as to who is telling the truth, I believe Jackie, since she has provided me with hard evidence, whereas you have not.]

You claim that McGauley raised the money for the archaeological McMartin tunnel dig. Quite an accomplishment for someone who was destitute at the time;

[BH: Jackie told me she and other parents of the abused children raised the money through soliciting public contributions for the dig. She has documentation for that, as well as the other parents, for witnesses.

Jackie has also tesitified that she was not "destitute" at the time when the money was being raised. In fact, she was employed at the time at a brokerage company. She was an entry writer at LAX Airport, who worked in conjunction with U.S. Customs. She was even offered a position working directly for Customs, which she delcined to accept. The "destitution" came later, as she testified, after you had been living in her house.]

You claim McGauley threw me out of "her" house; (you mean the 'house' that I was paying the rent on?)

[BH: I published Jackie McGauley's direct personal testimony in my letter to Noreen Gosch. I personally made no such claims. Again, I have no evidence that you were paying her rent or other bills. But Jackie has evidence, credit card statements, etc. to substantiate her claims. I have seen some of the evidence and in fact, some is actually posted on For anyone who wants to see it. ]

You claim that I left her in debt $30,000; (she was destitute when I met her); and that I stole $30,000 from her (she never had $30,000 in her life).

[BH: Again, Jackie tells a different story. When she first met you, she was in fact earning a salary that allowed her to make trips to Europe every year. Jackie has said you left her $30,000 in debt. She states that these bills were run up by you on her credit card (because you yourself had no credit) and has the documentation to prove it. She declared bankruptcy and has evidence of that too.]

The truth is that I left McGauley because she was untruthful and unfaithful to me. I supported her and her two children for more that 4 years (this included rent, food, and ALL other expenses including clothes, electricity, water, and even an automobile) McGauley couldn't hold down a job because she couldn't get along with her employers. She was never employed while I was with her except for two jobs, which she couldn't hold down for more than 4 or 5 weeks and she never had money from any other source, except child support for her kids. I provided more than 90% of all support for her and her kids. After we broke up, she refused to return to me a number of costly items in the house that I had paid for and was the rightful owner of.

[BH: Again, it comes down to her word against yours. I'm sorry, Ted, but I don't believe you, especially after all the falsehoods you have told about me personally, as well as others, such as Stew Webb. I don't know exactly what went on between you and Jackie. I wasn't there. But I do have more reason to believe her and if I publish her testimony, that is why. She also has the hard evidence to substantiate her claims.]

You and McGauley claim I had nothing to do with the McMartin case.

I arranged for and coordinated the McMartin tunnel dig. This was the very dig that produced the 186 pages of documented evidence, authored by archaeologist Dr. Gary Stickel of UCLA, that proved the existence of the tunnels under the McMartin preschool. These were the tunnels that the children from McMartin had repeatedly referred to in their testimony to therapists and investigators. Proving the existence of the tunnels under the McMartin school proved that the children were telling the truth all along and that they were not making up stories in response to 'leading questions' from their therapists, as falsely reported in the media and in the courtroom.

Review the McGauley and Dr. Gary Stickel Tunnel Report which was written after I left McGauley. Even though I spent $17,000 of my own money on the tunnel dig, signed the contract with the property owner, and assumed the entire liability; McGauley did list me in one place in that 186 page report as the "coordinator" (Thank you Jackie). Ask McGauley to furnish you a copy of the contract that I signed with the property owner and you will see that it doesn't have McGauley's name on it. The truth is that McGauley sold this report, made hundreds of dollars from its sale, and never sent any of the profits from the report to any of the other victim's families- the families who had funded the balance of the cost for the dig which ended up costing somewhere between $55,000 to $60,000. Jackie McGauley, for your information, did not contribute one dime to the cost of the dig.

[BH: Re the dig: once again, I know that Jackie has documented evidence in a report. If you could furnish hard evidence which supports your claims, and which disproves Jackie's claims, then please, by all means, publish it. Otherwise, at least for me, it's just a baseless argument on your part, which leads nowhere. Your word against Jackie's. I certainly have never claimed to be an expert on the case. I haven't investigated it myself, I wasn't involved. But that does not mean I cannot come to a conclusion, based on Jackie's testimony and the evidence she has furnished, which supports her claims.]

You state Art Bell contacted you to be a witness against me in his lawsuit against me. Bell claimed I accused him of being a child molester (another lie). I have never said nor have I ever called Art Bell a child molester- on the radio or anywhere else.

[BH: No, Ted, I did NOT state that Art Bell himself contacted me. I stated that I was contacted by his attorneys, through another witness. I won't name the witness. And I at no time stated that you called Art Bell a child molester. Let's be fair, shall we? Go back and read what I actually wrote and you'll see for yourself. Maybe just one more thing you don't remember, but you called me on the day that you received the legal notice about Bell's lawsuit, in the spring of 1998. You were very agitated about it, at least you sounded that way on the phone. At the time, we were friends and I sympathized with you. I also believed you when you said you had not called Art Bell a child molester.

I also stated that I DECLINED to testify because I had no evidence that directly related to the case. Despite what you may believe about me, I am not a liar and I had no wish to become a witness against you. The case had nothing to do with me. And in any case, I would have no reason to want to help Art Bell. I do not support what he does and I do not believe him to be legitimate. In my opinion, he's just another propagandist for the NWO.]

Art Bell sued me for the purpose of destroying my reputation as you are attempting to do now and for the money which was given to him by my insurance company in an out-of-court settlement (that I did not want and was not a party to its agreement) rather than finance an expensive trial. (Didn't you notice that Bell retired after receiving the money?) The most ludicrous lie of all is your claim that I said John De Camp is a child molester. You just opened yourself up for a lawsuit.

[BH: Art Bell may have retired then, but he's back on the air now, isn't he? I know about the insurance settlement and have no reason to dispute that.


But now we come to the real Pandora's Box: the part about John DeCamp being a child molester. I am going to tell the truth now, just as I have done before. Not only will I tell the truth, but I will provide a much more detailed explanation and I will outline some things which upon information and belief, are connected to this issue.

As I mentioned earlier, what made me suspicious of DeCamp to begin with started in August 1999, when Mike Levine invited me to be a guest on his radio program, The Expert Witness Show, on WBAI in New York City. Not only was I invited as a guest, but Levine asked me to co-produce a series of programs on CIA mind control and MK Ultra. He asked me to help for two reasons (or so he said at the time): One was that he knew I had a background in radio going back to the 1970s (I was on WBAI many times in the 70s and 80s). I also produced and hosted several radio programs of my own on WGCH while living in Greenwich, CT, between 1987-1991. The second reason Mike asked me to help him was that he said he did not know anyone and had no connections/contacts with the CIA mind control issue. So he asked me to help him line up the guests.

Now, here's an interesting twist: I had asked Mike Ruppert to be a guest on the program, knowing he had done his own investigations on some (CIA) related issues. Mike Levine claimed that Ruppert was "not credible". I disagreed, certainly knowing far more about the subject at hand (CIA mind control operations) which Levine admitted he knew virtually nothing about. I stood up for Mike Ruppert, but Levine stubbornly stuck to his claim of Ruppert's "lack of credibility". When I asked for evidence to substantiate his claims, Levine offered none. I am not in contact with either Mike Levine or Mike Ruppert and haven't been for years. I don't know if they have resolved their differences.

But I do know that some time later, you, Ted, named Mike Ruppert as part of a "smear campaign" against you, in your Response to Barbara Hartwell, published by Educate Yourself. Mike Ruppert never smeared you, he only told you off after he found his name listed in your report. And Ken Adachi continues his own smear campaigns against Mike Ruppert to this day. For this reason, I can only assume that Mike Ruppert knows the truth about some things that are very incriminating on you, Ted Gunderson. Why else would Adachi be attacking him?

As you know (if you remember?) I asked you to be a guest on The Expert Witness Show with me, along with Susan Ford. I was the only person to go into the studio for the interviews, since I lived in New York State, about 90 minutes from the city. Jim Keith was also lined up to be a guest on that day. But Jim never called and we could not reach him from the studio. (Jim died a month later, under suspicious circumstances, in September 1999.)

When we could not reach Jim Keith (we never found out why and never heard from him again) you suggested that John DeCamp (not a scheduled guest for the program) replace Jim Keith for that particular show. That is when I heard DeCamp defending Henry Kissinger, after Sue Ford named Kissinger as one of the perps in CIA mind control operations.

In fact, I first found out about Jim Keith's death from Mike Levine. He called me in September 1999 and told me about it. He asked if I could find out any further information through my sources and I said I would try. Mike Levine seemed very disturbed about Jim's death; also again suspicious about why it was that he had never called, as promised, and that we could not reach him the day of the taping, one month before. Levine told me that Jim had made a solid committment to do the show; how he was looking forward to being on with Barbara Hartwell, talking about CIA mind control. It is my belief, based on my own investigations, that Jim Keith was getting too close to something very incriminating in his research. Many people will agree that Jim Keith was a crack investigator and that he had exposed certain operations which were previously well-covered up. Was the Franklin case among those operations? Maybe I will never know for sure, but then again, maybe I will.

But one thing was clear to me: Someone did not want Jim Keith on that radio show, not with me anyway.


But back to John DeCamp. As I stated in my letter to Noreen Gosch; as I have stated elsewhere, in print, in public reports and on radio, you, Ted Gunderson, certainly did admit to me that DeCamp was a pedophile and had been involved in sexual abuse of children. You deny this; you claim it is "ludicrous" for me to say this. And you then say I'm setting myself up for a lawsuit. So go ahead, sue me. If you'd like to risk perjuring yourself in a court of law, perhaps then evidence will surface, at least in regard to DeCamp himself. If you wonder if I know about such evidence, the answer is yes, I do. But I'm not the only one who knows and furthermore, it is not in my possession. (I'd really rather not have a SWAT team or other unsavory people invading my home.)

Now, let me explain something else, about how I first found out about DeCamp's involvement in the Franklin case. I've only told a few people and I don't care who believes me or who doesn't. In September 1999, after I heard of Jim Keith's untimely and suspicious death, I was very disturbed about it. Very, very disturbed. Especially after the radio interviews on MK Ultra. I was also disturbed that John DeCamp had been a champion of Henry Kissinger on the Expert Witness Show. Even Sue Ford was upset about that, as she told both of us. (Perhaps both you and Sue will deny that too? Just like Sue later denied that she knew Don Stacey was a "Fed"? That is, after she admitted to me she knew this in August, 1999, after I warned her about him. Will there be no end to the lies and denial?)

So one night, I was saying my prayers. I asked God to reveal the truth to me about John DeCamp. The Holy Spirit would not answer me, but instead told me to go downstairs to my bookshelf and look at the picture of John DeCamp on the back of his book, The Franklin Coverup, the one you had given me.

When I looked at the photo of DeCamp (which I had never noticed before, as I had not read the book yet) the truth was revealed to me, just as the Holy Spirit said it would be. In case you doubt my capabilities in the spiritual realm, you may want to recall (if you can) that one of the ways I was utilized by CIA, as well as many law enforcement agencies, DA's offices, etc. was for my gifts of the spirit, specifically, for lack of a better term, clairvoyance. Many murder cases were solved and missing persons located, over a period of more than two decades, in which my talents as an investigator, an intelligence analyst (as well as a psychic) were instrumental.

Two months later, at your son Michael's home in New Jersey, I asked to speak to you privately, as there were other people present, including your son, your daughter-in-law, Sue, her father and my bodyguard, Mario. You and I went out on the veranda to have a private conversation. I told you then that I KNEW about John DeCamp being involved in sexual abuse of children. I did not reveal my source, only assured you that the source was absolutely trustworthy (can't get more trustworthy than the Holy Spirit) and I asked you to corroborate the truth, if you knew it. At that point, since you knew that I was in possession of this knowledge, you admitted to me that you also knew about it and that it was true. You also tried to make excuses for DeCamp, claiming that he had still "done a lot of good" for the children. Not by my way of thinking, as I told you then. As God is my witness, this is the truth. If you file a lawsuit against me, will you perjure yourself, in a court of law?]

It makes sense that you, Webb, Art Bell, and others would jointly defame those of us who are exposing the New World Order criminal conspiracy enterprise. You, Barbara, are an obvious CIA MK-ULTRA victim; Webb is an FBI informant; Bell is a liar and disinformation specialist for the dark side (which he clearly demonstrated in his recent radio interview with Ben Chertoff, the 911 conspiracy debunker), and Jackie McGauley, a 'wannabe' looking for attention and recognition. What a motley crew. You admit you were once in the CIA. There are no alumni in the CIA. Once a CIA agent, always a CIA agent. If you attempt to get out or expose them, you either go to jail or you die.

[BH: No, Ted, I am not an "MK Ultra victim". Not anymore, and it's been a long, long time since I was. That serves as a convenient excuse for you to try to discredit me, doesn't it? Yes, I admitted I was once in CIA. There was no reason for me to lie about that. But I have news for you, Ted: I'm out of it and have been since 1994. Your claim that anyone who gets out or exposes them goes to jail or dies, is the same old facile argument that so many people make. Even stooges like Ken Adachi, Todd Fahey or Tim White, who don't know what the hell they're talking about. But you Ted, should know better than that. I believe you do know better, because just like me, you're a professional. There are exceptions, not many, but there certainly are. And I am one of them, thanks to the grace of God.

It's not as if they haven't tried; attempts have been made on my life, using drugs, poison, exotic weaponry. They arranged car "accidents". I've had cars explode and even dodged some bullets. To this day, they deny I ever worked for them. I can't get disability benefits, nor even social security, since I have no official employment history. I'm destitute, flat broke and up against these government rat bastards alone, still fighting them.

But I DO NOT work for CIA. I DO NOT support or endorse their activities. I am not dead, nor in jail. Only God knows when my time is up, not you, not CIA. Not Porter Goss, not John Negroponte. Not Dick Cheney. Not George W. Bush. So maybe you people, who all claim I am still being handled by CIA, need to open up your minds to the possibility that there are exceptions to every rule. And more importantly, that With God, All Things Are Possible.

As for Stew Webb, he is my good friend and a legitimate whistle-blower and your claim that he can be defined as an "FBI Informant" does not hold water. Jackie McGauley is not a "wannabe". She is the mother of a victim of child abuse who has been put through a living hell, and who has done more for the cause of exposing these crimes against children than you have ever done, or will ever do. She also, is my friend and she is a courageous woman for standing up to you and others like you and for telling the truth. Risking her life to do so, just as Stew and I have done.]

In summary, the world shall discover that you are part of a genuine evil conspiracy. The tactic that you are using is a 100% communist style smear campaign to take up the time of those who are devoted to investigating and discovering the truth with no or very little compensation. You and your criminal associates are pretenders. I'll give you credit for one thing -- you are very good with your campaign propaganda efforts. This is the first and last time that I shall rebut your lies as my time is valuable and I have more important things to do. Ultimately, truth shall triumph. I have always stood on truth. I refuse any further arguments with programmed propaganda idiots like you!

[BH: You, Ted Gunderson, are truly amazing the way you have twisted the truth to place the blame on me, Stew Webb, Jackie McGauley and others, for the very tactics and crimes that you yourself are guilty of. But the difference is, we have solid evidence. Where's yours?

If you'd like to talk about a "motley crew", here's one for you: Tim White, Ken Adachi, Todd Fahey, Brenda Negri, Larry Lawson, James Choron, Dennis Bossack, Doug Millar, Pam Schuffert...just to name a number of y'all. But I'm no "programmed propaganda idiot". You've made a grave mistake if you have underestimated me, my intelligence or my training. But then, I'd have to say, so did CIA. Tough.

And I want no further arguments with you and your little gaggle of flunkies, provocateurs, porno-mongers, blackmailers, extortionists, nutcases, drug-dealers and pathological liars, either. I have nothing further to say to them and aside from presenting my evidence against them in court, won't waste much more of my time on them.

My time is valauble too. So I'm through talking. If this were the Old West, we could have a shoot-out at the OK Corral. But times have changed and we're more civilized now, aren't we? So let's have it out in court, shall we? Let the scales of justice balance as they will. Let the chips fall where they may.]

Your actions (lies) speak for themselves. Our accomplishments speak for us. Aside from your propaganda efforts, what have you, Webb, who shoots off his mouth with absolutely no documentation, Art Bell, and Jackie McGauley accomplished? Absolutely nothing, except give aid and comfort to the satanic One World Government traitors who would enslave us.

[BH: Well, sorry to burst your bubble, Ted, but there is plenty of documentation, especially from Stew Webb, whom you claim has none. You, and the readers of this report, may find it at:

Especially, see the section dedicated to you, Ted L. Gunderson. It's easy to find, there's a swastika, an FBI medallion and a photo of George W. Bush, raising his middle finger to America.  BUSH NAZI GOONS.

As for myself, I have given no "aid and comfort" to any "evil conspiracy" or satanic New World Order. That, I truly believe, with much sadness, is your province. But just how long do you think this charade can go on? And I think I've done quite a credible job of outlining the "accomplishments" of the criminal element you defend. People (more like maggots, than human beings) like Tim White, for instance. Their "accomplishments" --mark my words-- will land them in jail, doing hard time, right where they belong.]

As the old Wendy's commercial used to state: "where's the beef?"

Shame on all of you. Do the righteous people of the world a service and, like other slimy creatures, slither back into the hole from which you came.

Ted L Gunderson, FBI-SAC(Ret)

[BH: Time to wrap it up. See how many of the readers think the "beef" is in this report. Your credentials are impressive Ted, no doubt about it. I guess your lackeys think so too, since they have none of their own. But, as God would tell you, assuming you were listening, it is what is in your heart that counts. That, and what your actions prove.

By their fruits shall you know them.

I'm very sorry for you, Ted Gunderson, that you have turned away from God. I don't know how long ago that happened, or why. Or even if you ever knew God to begin with. But if you ever decide to come clean, I'm sure He will be listening.

Barbara Hartwell
Believer in the Gospel of Jesus Christ
Enemy of the New World Order Police State
Defender of the United States Constitution

April 17, 2005