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Saturday, November 25, 2006


Open Letter to Charles Stewart from Barbara Hartwell

NOTE added November 25, 2006: 
I wrote this letter to Charles Bruce Stewart, of a "Christian Coalition" based in Oregon, in November, 2002 as a response to his unwarranted attack on my friend Geral Sosbee. Mr. Stewart subsequently wrote libelous "attack posts" against Barbara Hartwell; and also teamed up with other government minions and stooges, including Tim White, Shirley Anderson, Brenda Negri and Larry Lawson. Thus, Mr. Stewart became a regular contributor to the smear campaign against Barbara Hartwell and Geral Sosbee.

At the end of the original article (Hartwell's letter to Stewart; Stewart's letter to Sosbee) I have included one such attack, in which Mr. Stewart accuses Barbara Hartwell of being a "subversive Judas goat", among other false allegations.

If nothing else, taking a look at the smear tactics --based on the false assumptions of the ignorant; and the sabotage and fabrications of government operatives hell-bent on discrediting legitimate government whistle-blowers-- provides a typical example of how disinformation is disseminated.

Great spirits have always encountered violent opposition from mediocre minds.
--Albert Einstein

Mr. Stewart:

Your recent message to ex-FBI agent Geral Sosbee (below) which can only be considered an attack on Geral's character, professional reputation and credibility, was forwarded to me. Geral asked for my analysis of your letter; and because Geral is a dear friend and a respected colleague of mine; and since my name was also mentioned, I feel it is important to state my position on this matter.

Firstly, your attitude to Geral is disrespectful, judgmental and extremely presumptuous. Your comments reveal an attempt to impugn his sanity and show an unconscionable lack of respect for his personal boundaries. I find such an attitude highly inappropriate and intrusive; and as such, unacceptable in anyone claiming himself to be a supporter or friend as you had previously done. Before this unprecedented attack, you publicly referred to Geral as "FBI Hero".

Secondly, it is clear to me by your remarks that you are lacking in any real knowledge and understanding of the CIA's MK Ultra program; as well as the nature of the Psychological Operations run by the military and intelligence agencies.

You make the unfounded assumption that Geral has been "mind controlled and traumatized from birth". This is an outrageous statement with absolutely no basis in fact.

In point of fact, Geral is a targeted individual, NOT a "mind controlled slave". He has been targeted because he is a whistleblower exposing a network of criminals within the highest levels of government agencies. Psy Ops are routinely perpetrated on most high-level and high-profile whistleblowers.

Psy Ops and MK Ultra-style mind control programming are two disparate methodologies, which one cannot possibly understand without years of comprehensive research and/or having been subjected to one or both.

I have personally investigated Geral's case; have spent many hours, over roughly the course of a year, discussing these issues with him and have publicized much of Geral's testimony and reports along with my editorial comments, on many websites, message boards and news wires on the Internet. I know him to be a truthful, reliable and credible source of information.

It is emblematic of Geral's courage and dedication that he has exposed not only pervasive corruption within the FBI and CIA --which made him a target in the first place; but also that he is willing to go public with detailed descriptions of the terrorist tactics and Psy Ops used on him by his criminal adversaries. Testifying as to the specific harassment tactics of political persecution is the only way to expose the perpetrators of these crimes against humanity.

Unfortunately, it is very typical for these targeted individuals to be viewed by uninformed 'outsiders' (including the public at large) as mentally unstable or to be ridiculed for their open discussion of these operations. After all, that is one of the primary objectives of the perps: To attempt to discredit the target; to make him look 'crazy' so that the public will not believe his truthful testimony, which exposes the atrocities he has witnessed and/or been the victim of.

I am a survivor of MK Ultra programming and CIA black operations; as well as a former intelligence operative who was utilized in Psy Ops, specializing in profiling and debriefing of military personnel in Special Operations, most particularly Manchurian Candidates (mind controlled operatives.) I come from a family with deep roots in the intelligence community going back three generations, including G-2, CIA and OSS.

I am also trained in various forms of psychotherapy including Jungian analysis and hypnotherapy. I was ordained and licensed as a minister in 1979, and specialized in pastoral counseling, although I am no longer affiliated with any church and do not ascribe to any organized religion. The point I am making is that my training in these various disciplines, as well as many years of research and experience practicing in these capacities, qualifies me to offer a considered professional opinion, nothing less, on these matters.

On the other hand, the opinions you offer appear to me to be uninformed speculation at best. Such erroneous suppositions, clearly based on nothing more than a cursory examination of complex issues, offer no useful contribution or support to those whose lives have been seriously affected and often irreparably damaged by the illegal covert operations run by corrupt agencies of the government.

You mention Cisco Wheeler, in conjunction with myself. For the record, to my knowledge, based on her writings and public talks, Cisco Wheeler's background is very different from my own. And in my considered professional opinion, the man using the name Fritz Springmeier (whose real name is Victor Schoof aka Arthur Alexander Jr.) who co-authored several books with Wheeler, is a charlatan. My opinion is shared by quite a few professional researchers on mind control and its survivors.

In any case, since Geral Sosbee is in fact an individual targeted for political persecution and NOT a survivor of MK Ultra or similar programs, I can't imagine why you insist that he "needs" to be placed in contact with Wheeler, as her writings and experiences have no real bearing on Geral's situation. It is not my intent to denigrate Ms. Wheeler in any way, these are merely my observations.

I also find your adherence to, and apparent support of, a rigid hierarchical structure of operations disturbing, as well as your presumption that Geral lacks the capacity to function effectively as an individual, outside the strictures and limitations of a pyramidal chain of command.

On the contrary, it is precisely BECAUSE Geral has the rare abilities to think critically FOR HIMSELF--and to operate independently of such a hierarchical model-- and because he does NOT conform to the consensus mode of thought and behavior, that he is able to clearly perceive truths which elude those with the conformist/ 'good soldier' mentality.

INDIVIDUAL rights and INDIVIDUAL freedoms are what people such as Geral Sosbee are fighting to defend and preserve. Throughout the course of history, it has been the INDIVIDUALS whose vision has been untainted by a restrictive 'herd mentality'; religious indoctrination; and party-line politics, who have made the greatest contributions which have served to uplift humanity, and nearly always, at great personal sacrifice.

Shame on you, Mr. Stewart, for your narrow-minded and pretentious attitude. You are part of the problem, not the solution.

Geral Sosbee has earned the respect of all those who truly understand his work, by standing up for what is right, even if at times he stands alone. For this, at the very least, he deserves the appreciation and support of all those who love freedom and who serve the interests of justice.

Barbara Hartwell
November 11, 2002

Note: I have left Mr. Stewart's letter in its original form. All typographical errors, all misspellings, etc. are his.


Cheez. You need someone less mind-traumatized directing your energies, sir.

You seem to have been trained to operate as a man taking orders from a superior. Your not designed to work at the top of the pyramid.

You are designed to take orders from the top of the pyramid. You need to find someone, some-wherere; who you can trust to take ortders from. Your incompetent to work by your-self, sir.

You sound as tho you were probably mk-ultra mind-control traumatized from birth.

If you trust me, call me and work closer with me. Work with me to develop better strategy than merely "Making Noise".

Place me in phone contact with Barbra. I need to place you in cointact with Cisco Wheeler. She has experience in mkultra mind-control slaves.

There are a number of things we can do. Together our power is significant. Seperated we are vulnerable.

Brother chuck.


Not long after I wrote this public letter to Mr. Stewart in defense of my friend Geral Sosbee, Stewart posted the following on several public message boards.

Charles Stewart wrote:


Barbrah Hartwell is acting as a a Leader in the movement to bring Accountability to the Corrupt DeFacto US Government.

She has much insight on the CIA, & the MK-Ultra Mind-Control Programs which Satanists in the CIA used to Torture, Break, & Control Many Honorable Americans.

Her web site is very informative, & it is located at:

Many who study this very imporant filed (so closely related to the all-important religious/spiritual side of politics), have had strong suspicions that Ms Hartwell was merely "Posturing" as an Honorable American Patriot.

And further, that in reality she was Purpousefully Acting to Subvert the activities of others who were addressing many more pressing & critical issues facing America.

The flame-wars have been flying back & forth for months, perhpas years.

Recent insight has surfaced which damages Ms Hartwell's credibility, as follows:

First, one needs to go to a website for searching for background information on internet "domains".

That web site is:

Then enter the following web page info linked to Ms Hartwell.

Then one comes up with the following back-ground data on Ms Hartwell's web site:
Registrant: Legal Defense and Research Fund
PO Box 832
New York, NY 12498

Administrative Contact:
Pepper, Alex
Galaxy 105
Joseph's Well
Hanover Walk
LEEDS, West Yorkshire LS3 1AB
GB +4407092206040 Fax: +4407092206040

Technical Contact:
Tronic, Stormy
1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW Washington
Washington DC, DC 2050
202-456-2461 Fax: 202-456-2461

Registration Service Provider:
+44 1452 541252
+44 1452 538485 (fax)

Registrar of Record: TUCOWS, INC.
Record last updated on 09-May-2002.
Record expires on 07-May-2003.
Record Created on 07-May-2002.

Domain servers in listed order:

This above information clearly shows Ms Hartwell's many links to the so-called "United Kingdom" of "Great Britian". Although that in it-self does not seem seriously incriminating please note the following:

"Technical Contact: Tronic, Stormy
1600 Pennsylvania Avenue
NW Washington
Washington DC, DC 2050"

This info clearly shows that Ms Hartwell's so-called "webmaster" is operating out of "1600 Pennsylvania Avenue", in "Washington DC".

That is the address of the "White House", folks. I am of the understanding that the so-called "National Security Administration" operates out of the basement of that same "White-House", & that they use this precise same address.

I dare say that this Evidence clearly indicates that those who are looking to Ms Hartwell to lead them in our efforts to reffect a return to Constitutuonal Government in America, are following a Judas-Goat Subversive, of the darkest kind.

I did not discover this info by my-self. It was droped in my hands by others who prefer to remian unnamed, but who also study these things very closely.

This "whois" web site is very valuable. We should research others who purport to be government accountablility activist/patriots.

Charles Bruce Stewart
Sandy Oregon


Firstly, let me address the "allwhois" listing. I do not know who, precisley, hacked into the search engine and placed the false listing: "1600 Pennsylvania Avenue" as being connected to my former website,

But I do know that it had to be either 1) the person who bought and donated my domain name (the owner of the 9-11 UK site, whose real name I never learned; known to me only as "Stormy"); or 2) some government hackers unconnected to this individual.

Either way, it was clearly done to discredit Barbara Hartwell by making it seem as if I were working for the White House. So I will state for the record that my website was never at any time "sponsored" by the White House; nor by any government agency.

Furthermore, the individual in the U.K. whom Mr. Stewart falsely assumes to be the "webmaster" was never my webmaster. He simply DONATED the domain name, nothing more. In fact, I had another person who lives in Canada as a webmaster and the website was hosted on a Canadian server. The website was simply REDIRECTED to the domain name,

And in fact, the main reason I decided to take my site offline in August 2004 was BECAUSE of this false listing. Not owning the domain name myself, I had no power over my own website, and that was unacceptable to me. Needless to say, I was outraged about this dishonest tactic of sabotage perpetrated against me.

Mr. Stewart also makes the false assumption that I am a "leader" in activism in defending the Constitution or exposing government corruption.

In point of fact, I am nobody's "leader". Nor have I ever aspired to such leadership; nor have I ever made such a claim. On the contrary, I have always been a "lone gun"; never a leader; never a follower; never a team player.

Most of the time, I work alone. That is my preference and my prerogative. I am an independent investigator, intelligence analyst, and activist. And as a journalist, I simply write reports based on my own experiences and investigations.

If others who feel the need for leadership decide they want me for a "leader", they are most certainly barking up the wrong tree! I'm as reclusive and asocial as anyone could possibly be.

Mr. Stewart, by his numerous false assumptions, about both myself and Geral Sosbee, is making things a whole lot more complicated than they are. He is also painting a completely false picture of Barbara Hartwell and Geral Sosbee. It seems he could benefit from checking his "facts" before he runs off at the mouth with his wild and totally unwarranted conclusions.

Personally, I think Mr. Stewart's problem is stupidity, pure and simple. I consider him a 'Mental Dwarf', as my friend Geral describes such individuals. However, Mr. Stewart would do well, despite his apparent congenital stupidity, to invest in a dictionary --or at the very least, make use of the "spellcheck" function on his computer.

Barbara Hartwell
November 25, 2006