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Independent Investigator, Intelligence Analyst, Journalist. Former CIA (NOC, Psychological Operations) Black Ops Survivor. Sovereign Child of God. Minister of the Gospel of Jesus Christ (Ordained 1979, D.Div.) Exposing Government Lies, Crimes, Corruption, Conspiracies and Cover-ups.

Sunday, April 24, 2022












I can't state strongly enough my loathing for the promotion of false information, regardless of the reasons. There is simply NO EXCUSE.

False information does great harm, on a spectrum from the individual, to groups, to society at large. It is an injurious act of aggression against others.

False information destroys lives, it breaks up families, it starts wars, it topples governments.

So why is false information so rampant?

Most false information is spawned by those in positions of power (whether or not they have lawful authority), in service to an agenda. For any agenda, CONTROL is the key word. In order to control a society, a country, a religion, or in most cases, the populace at large, they must control the flow of information. They must control what people believe, what they support, endorse and promote.

There are various categories of false information. There is misinformation, disinformation, sensationalism, lying by omission, lying by misdirection, by promoting a side show, a distraction to divert attention, and most insidious, there is propaganda.

Propaganda is carefully crafted and disseminated through psychological operations by those seeking control. It usually begins in the Intelligence Community and is then filtered down through the media. Mainstream media, for more than seven (7) decades, has been owned, lock, stock and barrel, by CIA, the masters of propaganda and deception. But unfortunately, it has also taken over in what is known as “alternative media”.

Most of these media operations are no better than the mainstream. Some call themselves “truthers”, and claim they are part of a so-called “Truth Movement”. The actual truth is that this “movement” was created by counterintelligence factions of CIA, and to a lesser extent, FBI. It is rife with government shills, propagandists, charlatans and salesmen, seeking to make a buck off a credulous public.

But most of those comprising “alternative media” are simply poachers and parrots, promoting any information which is “trending”, regardless of the veracity, or lack thereof. They are seeking attention and/or material gain. “Truth” is their last concern, as made clear by the lack of legitimacy which abounds.

Worst of all is social media. Facebook, Twitter and on and on...

The truth is, social media was engineered by the government as a surveillance system, a data extraction and collection operation. It was meant to expunge privacy and personal boundaries, while creating a mindset of collectivism, socialism, communism.

Social media has created an environment of free-for-all, where anything goes, driven by peer pressure, approval seeking, utterly lacking in respect for God-given unalienable rights, including privacy and personal boundaries of the Individual.

It is a hotbed of busybodies and gossips, and thus a perfect vehicle for spreading propaganda. Just consider the term “influencer”. How many people boast of being social media “influencers”? AS IF this were something to aspire to.

I do not use social media and never have done, never will do. It is egregious how my own name and work have been exploited, poached and/or defamed by these mobs of busybodies and gossips. Since I am “locked out” of most social media sites, not being a member of any, I have seen only a fraction of the false information that is out there in connection with the name of Barbara Hartwell. But I am well aware of the extensive damages.


Here is a list I have compiled, based on my observations and analysis, of some of the tactics and methods by which false information is promoted.

Most important, as a caution, I would say, in all cases, CONSIDER THE SOURCE. Don't believe anything you read or hear, and then indiscriminately pass it on to others. By doing so, you become part of the problem and your own credibility will be damaged when the information is revealed as being false.

1. Operating on speculation, making unwarranted assumptions, rather than searching out and presenting facts.

2. Operating via subjective opinions, not based on facts.

3. Projecting one's own views, feelings, opinions on others, thus drawing false conclusions.

4. Employing terminology simply because it is a “trend” or popular, when it is not accurate for the subject matter.

5. Making accusations, labeling people CIA, FBI, NSA, COINTELPRO, etc. with no evidence to support the claim.

6. Lumping disparate individuals with no connections/commonalities into one general category.

7. Indiscriminately using the term “ALL” when reporting on a particular issue.

8. Making a claim that he/she is the “ONLY” or “primary” journalist covering a particular issue.

9. Stolen valor: Making grandiose claims of being a victim/target and/or “whistleblower” of persecution/government crimes, lacking evidence to support the claim.


10. Using hyperbole, sensationalism, exaggeration, rather than sticking to facts, backed by evidence.

11. Promoting “stories” based merely on trends/popular opinion.

12. Parroting and disseminating “news stories” without doing research/investigations.

13. Lack of discernment/discretion by promoting individuals/groups, at the same time promoting contradictory information by opposing or unrelated individuals/groups.

14. Embracing/supporting/endorsing contradictory viewpoints on issues.

15. Claiming title of “whistleblower”, “expert”, or unmerited credentials for oneself or others when unqualified for such a status.

16. Exploiting the names/work of legitimate individuals in attempts to make a name for oneself.

17. Invading privacy of individuals by publicly promoting information (true or false) which is injurious to the individual and/or discussing privileged information with others (includes gossip).

18. Defamation of individuals, false accusations, for the purpose of self-glorification, material gain or motivated by malice.

19. Compromising the security and/or endangering the safety of individuals by publicizing private phone numbers and/or street addresses.


20. Loyalty to persons (right or wrong) over principles (always right).


21. Situational ethics and moral relativism over moral absolutes.

22. Lying for any agenda.



Do your own research. Take the time to establish the veracity of information before publicly promoting it.

If you see false information, expose it and set the record straight, with the truth and the facts.

Furnish evidence which corroborates the facts.

Don't be a participant in spreading false information, for any reason. Don't be a busybody, meddling in the affairs of others. Don't be a gossip, a talebearer.


If you don't KNOW it to be true, don't disseminate it as truth.


Don't allow yourself to be influenced by "influencers".


Make it a priority to be a part of the COUNTERSTRIKE against false information.

Lastly, consider the consequences to others of promoting false information, and consider how YOU would be affected if false information were promoted against you.

Barbara Hartwell

April 24, 2022