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Tuesday, October 6, 2020

Pathological Liar, Delusional Whackjob, Fraud, Busybody, Gatecrasher Penny Shepard Strikes Again! Injurious Exploitation & Defamation of Barbara Hartwell & Colleagues


I had never heard of this delusional whackjob, Penny Shepard, a former inmate of an insane asylum, until 2019, when I was outraged and horrified to find the name of Barbara Hartwell plastered all over her social media, on Facebook and Twitter.

This sleazy character was engaging in wild speculation about me, members of my family, and former professional colleagues, including FBI chief Ted Gunderson, none of whom she ever knew. This woman does not know me, nor anything about me, but her profound ignorance did not stop her from her malicious gossip with the mob of her fellow wannabes and intelligence groupies, all desperately seeking attention at the expense of legitimate journalists, whistleblowers and activists.

Penny Shepard has been publicly warned, more than once, to CEASE AND DESIST her snooping, gatecrashing, monstrous invasions of privacy, exploitation and defamation. But as is always the case with these aggressive crazies, she has instead dug in and doubled down, compulsively promoting her fraudulent and sensationalist claims in pursuit of the fame she seeks.

I recently discovered that she has continued with her exploitation and defamation of my name, also dragging in the names of some of my friends and colleagues, including Dr. Len Horowitz, Sherri Kane and Ramola D.

She includes a section on Ted Gunderson, whom she never knew, and whom, it will become clear, she knows absolutely nothing about. She merely poaches material from other sources, adding her own usual idiotic speculation to the mix.

Here are some excerpts from her trash website, in what she calls a “chapter” from a book.


Chapter 27: CIA Rose McGowan; Jennifer Syme Blood Sacrifice; Ted Gunderson rises from the Grave Just in time for Halloween


Penny Shepard on Ted Gunderson:

"Ted was an attorney and PI after his retirement from the FBI."

No, no, usual she has got it all wrong. Ted Gunderson was never an attorney. This is just one glaring example of the ignorance and stupidity of Penny Shepard.

Next, she gives a source I have never heard of, who appears to have plagiarized this material from other sources, mixed it up, and embellished it. The spelling is atrocious, as usual, from these characters.


Penny Shepard writes: 

"In an article posted on facebook Authored by Siwinowe Kesibweit: The Shawnee Sun: Siwinowe states the following:"

Gunderson lamely addressed pedophiia, sex slavery and the “Franklin Cover Up” involving Nebraska Senator John DeCamp, politicians and Catholic Priests. As FIB Division 5 Director Gunderson gathered intelligence on the satanic network that involved members of the Church of Satan, Temple of Set, CIA, FBI, judges, prosecutors, politicians and other clients acquiring sex slaves which he ailed to disclose publicly, or pursue through internal affairs... Gunderson repeatedly denied allegations of his marriage to the Church of Satan heiress, sorceress and high priestess Diana Rively aka Diana Hegarty. The revelation would have devastated his career and generated domestic outrage and possibly risked National Security.” Hence the LIE that Diana had become Christian circulated amongst many other lies and truths which were withheld and perpetrated upon the unsuspecting public.

Imagine the public learning that their presidents and CIA heads acquired kidnapped satanically trained sex slaves through the FBI and CIA

Gunderson’s marriage to Rively was taboo since she edited the Satanic bible, Satanic Rituals, The Complete Witch and The Devil’s Notebook while married to Anton LaVey. Since the Rively-Gunderson annulment, Gunderson has had a team of agents working to discredit anyone ho dated mention his relationship with Rively or Temple of Set founder Michael Aquino..... The CIA agents involved with Gunderson coverin up his marriage, filtering government corruption stories and harassing, threatening ad discrediting our assets investigating his links to the satanic network include convicted felon Timothy Patrick White, “Dr. True Ott” Greg Szymanski, Eric John Pelphs Craig Oxley Doug Millar, Don Nicolof, Ken Adachi, Todd Fahey and Anthony Hilder."

Just a hodgepodge of inaccurate information from this bogus “source”. I won't bother commenting on most of it.


But I should say, to correct just some of the false information, that none of the individuals named here were ever “CIA agents”. It was through my investigations, beginning in the late 90s, that these individuals were exposed. These individuals were not agents, but merely government stooges, liars-for-hire, recruited by Gunderson in his COINTELPRO, to spread false information about legitimate government whistleblowers, former military and intelligence professionals, including myself. Some were career criminals who made a deal with feds for a get-out-of-jail-free card, most notably Timothy Patrick White.


Now, Penny Shepard drags in the names of my friends and colleagues, Len Horowitz, Sherri Kane and Ramola D.

Penny Shepard writes:

"The following is a reprint of an article re Ted Gunderson Double Agent COINEL Pro written by Sherri Kane. Sherri is friends with Barbara Hartwell, whom I do not like. When I was researching Ted a few years ago I stumbled upon Hartwell’s blog. Also Hartwell’s pal Ramola D contacted me to ask me if I wanted to interview on her show. I did not. Ramola disappeared and then contacted me again about 8 months later, saying that she was in India and that her father was sick."

Penny Shepard, as always, lies. It was she who contacted Ramola, attempting to extract information about Barbara Hartwell. This gatecrasher was harassing Ramola, saying “I need to talk to Barbara”, AS IF Ramola is an intermediary for me, which she is not. And how dare she call me by my Christian name? But she does that all the time, in a pretense of familiarity with people she does not know. Very low class, as usual.

Her efforts failed. I had absolutely no interest in talking to this whackjob. My only concern was in stopping her from her aggression against me and exploiting my name.

Ramola of course gave her nothing, no information, and finally told her publicly to stop the harassment and intrusions. At which point Penny Shepard began promoting defamatory falsehoods about Barbara Hartwell on her social media and website. These are the FACTS.

And for the record, Ramola did not “disappear”, nor did she contact Penny Shepard, asking her to be on her show. That is a baldfaced lie! By that time, Ramola had already issued a cease and desist notice, publicly, demanding that Penny Shepard stop exploiting her name in connection with mine.

More idiocy from Penny Shepard:

"I never watched Ramola’s podcast. I went to Hartwell’s page, to retrieve intel regarding Gunderson. When I was trying to find out whether he married Anton LaVey’s widow I came upon a posting on her blog that promoted a Lucinda Furnice, aka Luci Fer. Luci Fur was from the Church of Satan in Modesto."

I have never “promoted” this woman, Lucinda Furnice, as Shepard claims. I posted something about her, a statement she made about Ted Gunderson, in connection with my reports on satanism. And that was it. Being an ignoramus and a low-grade moron, Penny Shepard interpreted it to mean that I was endorsing this woman, which I most certainly was not.

Then, she proceeded to promote this hellish lie all over her social media, claiming that Barbara Hartwell is a "satanist", based apparently only on her own stupidity. She also contacted others, including ex-NSA Karen Stewart, spreading her malicious lies and gossip about me and Ramola. Interesting that Karen Stewart parroted these very lies, posted on her 'Perps and Nutcases' Facebook page, as well as on her fraudulent Twitter account, hiding behind the name of “Robert Sau”, dedicated only to libeling me and Ramola.

Stewart used hashtags: “Barbara Hartwell Church of Satan Lucifer...”...repeated obsessively. And these two cowards, Stewart (hiding behind the false name) and Shepard, tried to cover up the actual source of this piece of defamation, which was Penny Shepard. In several posts, Stewart even blocked out Shepard's name with red marker, falsely thinking she could conceal the source.


More ignorant speculation, exploitation and defamatory falsehoods from Penny Shepard:

"When I asked Ramola D why Hartwell was supporting the lies of the Church of Satan, she refused to answer me and Hartwell wrote a scathing hit piece on her blog about me. I do not know Hartwell, and I do not want to know her. She worked with Gunderson and claims that he maliciously attacked her. I am certain that he did attack her, but she had no provocation to attack me. Satan is as Satan does. Hartwell’s best friend is a Priest in the Catholic Church. She is also devout Catholic. The Catholic Church is the pedo Priests and the Satanic pedo Pope and the evil Vatican which starts all wars."

Where in the bloody hell is this whackjob getting these outrageous lies?

Firstly, as stated, I never heard of Penny Shepard until I saw my name plastered all over her social media. When I find some such aggressive idiot (and there is no shortage of them on social media) exploiting my name, promoting wild speculation and falsehoods, I will EXPOSE that idiot and PUBLICLY demand that she cease and desist, which I have every right to do.

So much for the “scathing hit piece”. If she does not want to be exposed, then she should learn to mind her own damn business, and stop sticking her obnoxious nose where it does not belong.

And ironically, she says she does not want to know me. Well then, why did she harass Ramola relentlessly, trying to get in touch with me, claiming she “needed” to speak to me?

When I made it clear, publicly, that I had no interest in speaking with her, she started on her rampage of defamation against me.

And as usual with these gatecrashers/busybodies, she claims I “attacked” her, with “no provocation”. No, I EXPOSED her, after her EXTREME provocations of exploiting and defaming my name.

Next item:

"Hartwell’s best friend is a Priest in the Catholic Church. She is also devout Catholic."

I have no idea where this whackjob came up with this falsehood. She probably read it on one of the many other whackjobs' social media, and believed it. For the record: I do not have a “best friend” who is a Catholic priest. And I have never stated anywhere that I am a “devout Catholic”. And, just so it's clear, I have nothing whatsoever against Catholics, just in case the next time she decides to come up with some wild story, she accuses me of hating Catholics.


For the record: I have been a minister of the Gospel of Jesus Christ (ordained in 1979) for more than 40 years, and for her edification, the Catholic church does not ordain women as priests.


And while we're on the subject, I also saw where she was speculating (falsely) that I was part of some church she claimed was connected to CIA and Hollywood. This woman really needs to learn to MIND HER OWN BUSINESS, and stop the malicious gossip using my name. Unless, of course she enjoys being exposed for the moronic wannabe, gatecrasher and busybody she is.

Now, she shoots off her mouth with more speculation:

"CIA COINTEL eat their own, perhaps this is why Hartwell was attacked. Hartwell toured with Gunderson. Remember COINTEL does tell a lot of truth, but its the lies and discrediting of others that is the issue."

How would she know? She doesn't. Penny Shepard was never involved in any way with CIA. She is a loudmouth fraud and liar, seeking attention for her delusional fantasies.

Now, she adds material from an article by Sherri Kane, in an effort to further exploit my name. Why she would do this, I don't know. Perhaps she just wants to attempt to weave her own fraudulent “story” in, as she has done before, to make it appear as if she herself knows about any of this, or was involved, which I can guarantee, she does not and was not.

And since Penny Shepard has repeatedly accused me of being CIA (in addition to many other false claims) why would she want to promote a legitimate source like Sherri Kane, who knows me, has worked with me for more than 10 years, and who KNOWS I am not a satanist, or CIA.

Penny Shepard writes:

"That being said, below is the article written by Sherri Kane in which she addresses Ted Gunderson, Aquino and COINTEL pro."

Here, some excerpts from Sherri Kane's article.

Hartwell is a "Black Ops Survivor," formerly with the CIA. She toured with Gunderson for more than a year, and appears with Gunderson on old YouTube clips. According to Hartwell, Gunderson's workmate, White, was the man packing the drugs into the "plastic bags in body cavities of dead GIs."

As these agents attempted to discredit me with lies and manufactured evidence, they did the same with Barbara Hartwell. Read the postings by the Bible Believers, and then Barbara Hartwell's online investigation reports. They describe her persecution as a target of these men, exactly like I became when I started to investigate Dr. Horowitz's attackers.

To make matters most confusing, many agents for The Company discredit themselves purposefully. Linked here, for instance, is another example of the silly, ridiculously unprofessional, effort to discredit Hartwell. The production discredits the source rather than Hartwell. Why? This is part of the "mix-it-all-up" COINTELPRO agenda, as further detailed below.


Hartwell reported on Gunderson's little known activities and alliances within the child trafficking network that Gunderson attributes to the Church of Satan. According to many Gunderson observers, he acts as a team leader, filtering and spinning FBI intelligence on missing children to conceal and secure the entire operation.


In an open letter to Gunderson, Hartwell responded to his claims that she is working with the CIA against him. According to Gunderson, White, Millar, and other agent-provocateurs, Hartwell attempts to discredit Gunderson for the CIA, and foil his influence in raising awareness about child trafficking and Satanism. But Hartwell does not operate with international collaborators, and challenged Gunderson with his failures, and his personal links to Satanists. She wrote:


"And by the way, Ted, how many of these vile rapists and assailants of children have you ever personally arrested and brought to justice, while you were in the FBI, or in over three decades, since you retired? Are there any of them behind bars now, as a direct result of your efforts? If so, I'm sure we'd all love to hear about it. We could then celebrate your victories in the cause of justice.”

"But maybe you were just too busy running the COINTELPRO operations against 'dissidents' and civil rights activists to give much thought to hunting down the real criminals such as child abusers. And for the past thirty-some odd years, I can only surmise that
investigating Satanism has taken up most of your time. Which brings me to some other questions: How many Satanists are now cooling their heels in a jail cell because of your investigations? (And why did you marry the widow of one of the most villainous Satanists of all time, Anton LaVey?)"

Although Gunderson has denied this marriage to LaVey's widow, Hartwell claims to hold evidence of the marriage, and I believe her because: 1) her intelligence checks out, and 2) Gunderson's activities and associations, including his close ties with The Company's venomous barking dog, Timothy Patrick White, are highly incriminating. White's misdeeds are plastered all over the Internet.

Gunderson reportedly married Church of Satan member Diana Rively, whose daughter, Zeena La Vey, joined U.S. Military Psychological Operations and propaganda chief, Michael Aquino, in founding the currently growing Church of Satan/Temple of Set. This Satanic community bases its teachings on Aleister Crowley's anti-God and self-judgment theology, as practiced by the Bible Believers.

As mentioned, Gunderson joined Aquino on national television (See this YouTube clip.) The mainstream media presents both men's claims, pro and con, about the Church of Satan's involvement in missing and murdered children. COINTELPRO programming for "Controlled Opposition" would broadcast precisely this way, with two members of The Company representing opposing views.




Penny Shepard has again grossly exploited my name, using all this material from other sources (some legitimate, some not), and in the process entangled it with completely irrelevant “stories” involving her and her fraudulent claims; lurid gossip about “celebrities”, and the devil knows what all else.

Anyone who is interested in factual information, including about Ted Gunderson, may find it on this website, in numerous reports, going back more than two decades. 


I, Barbara Hartwell, have NOTHING to do with this whackjob, Penny Shepard. She does not know me. She does not know my family, nor has any mutual acquaintances, and certainly not friends.

Moreover, there are not, nor ever have been, any commonalities whatsoever, regarding her life, or her sleazy, fabricated “background”.


And once again: 



Get the hell off my case, post haste, you low-grade moron, or face the consequences.

Barbara Hartwell

Target of Aggression, Harassment, Exploitation & Defamation by Penny Shepard

October 6, 2020


















When posting this report yesterday, I forgot to add the links to related reports exposing Penny Shepard. (Find them below.)

Also, I contacted my friend Dr. Len Horowitz, whom I have known since 1997 (when we were on the same lecture circuit), and with whom I have worked, along with his partner, Sherri Kane, since 2010. At that time Len and Sherri contacted me in reference to my reports on COINTELPRO Kingpin, Ted Gunderson, and his network of minions.

Len had also known Ted Gunderson through the same lecture circuit of conferences around the country where we all appeared as speakers. Len had considered him a friend, until that is, he later discovered that Gunderson had also targeted him for neutralization, using the same network of paid shills and liars to destroy his good name, just as they had done to me.

When I told Len about this whackjob, Penny Shepard, and her continued exploitation and defamation of my name, and that she was poaching old reports by Sherri Kane, and exploiting their names as well, he said he had never heard of Penny Shepard (just as I had not). He was outraged when he read my report of October 6, and made it clear that he also finds Shepard deserving of condemnation for her lies and exploitation of our names, for her self-serving ends.

Ramola D, another person mentioned in Penny Shepard's defamatory article, also was outraged and thanked me for setting the record straight with the FACTS, refuting Shepard's outrageous lies and delusional fantasies.

Frauds like Penny Shepard are a serious problem, mostly because of their extreme aggression and their exploitation of the names of legitimate people, which is why I take the time (tiresome as it is) to expose them. A warning needs to be issued against such interlopers, wannabes and pretentious poseurs, as their false stories are extremely damaging to the factual and truthful sources of information, genuine government whistleblowers and journalists.



Penny Shepard, Gate-Crasher, Name-Dropper, Intelligence Groupie, CIA-Wannabe: Continued Exploitation & Defamation of Barbara Hartwell

Penny Shepard aka “Agent X” Targets Barbara Hartwell for Exploitation, Misrepresentation & Promotion of False Information

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