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Friday, October 9, 2020

CONSIDER THE SOURCE: Purveyors of Fraud, Falsehoods & INJUSTICE Promoted by "Targeted Justice"


This report exposes various individuals who are, in one way or another, associated with an organization called Targeted Justice.

According to the website, it was formed in 2017.


Targeted Justice

Targeted Justice Inc.
P.O. Box 15990
Houston, TX 77220-5991

We Represent Targeted Individuals

Targeted Justice is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.

Our Goal:

To stop the global use of Directed Energy Weapons against civilians, including illegal surveillance, and organized stalking.



I should begin this report with a disclaimer of sorts, some background, and information regarding what has become a popularly used term, “targeted individual”. As always, I speak strictly for myself, based on my own experience, observations and investigations.

I first heard the term used by groups of people in the mid 90s, who were documenting the use of electromagnetic weapons (directed energy weapons or DEW) to harass and assault certain persons. Some were journalists, but most of the ones I knew referred to themselves as “victims”, or “targeted individuals”. From my observations, they adopted the term as a way to identify themselves to others in their particular network of associates. But as you might see, as you read on, the term can be vague, overly broad, and thus, misleading.

I never joined their groups, nor was involved in their activities, but did interview/debrief some of them who were seeking assistance for their plight. These were people who contacted me after reading my reports, or hearing me speak on radio/video interviews, about being a Target of retaliatory persecution by the government, this weaponry being only one component of their counterintelligence operations against me.

Among those calling themselves “targeted individuals” a few were former military or intelligence professionals, but most were not. The greater number of former military/intelligence people had usually contacted me on other issues, including black operations, including MK Ultra, Operation Phoenix or Gladio, in which CIA programming of operatives was used. And although there is some convergence in these subjects, for the purposes of this report, I am focusing on those who identify themselves as “targeted individuals”, or “TIs”.

As for the weapons, I knew about the existence of them from the mid-80s, only because I myself had been assaulted with them, and so I began investigating them. My background is not in science, nor technology, so I did not take much interest in the nut-and-bolts of the weaponry. I did, however, take great interest in finding evidence of WHO was using them, and WHY.

I began speaking publicly about this weaponry as a journalist (radio, TV and in public lectures) in 1995, one year after I left CIA operations. This weaponry has not been a particular focus of my work, it was only ancillary in my case, but at that time it was largely unknown by the general public. Even today (strange as it seems, at least to me) I meet people who have never heard anything about it.

The field investigations I conducted, with the assistance of colleagues (experts in surveillance and military technology), who had the equipment to locate devices and to identify signals, etc. provided me with the documentation I needed as evidence. But those documents are long gone, a result of theft via home/office invasions by government agents.

Most important to state is that in my case, I have never been a random victim of what some call “non-consensual experimentation” in the use of these weapons, but rather a designated political Target of the intelligence community, by virtue of being a CIA defector/whistleblower. That is an important distinction.

Moving forward in time, and to the subject of this report, I long ago ceased having any contact with people who referred to themselves as “targeted individuals”. I had taken e-mail contact info off my website in 2003, a result of receiving a deluge of e-mail from the readers and listeners to my radio interviews. Most of it was benign, but I did not have time to even read most of them, much less answer them. Unfortunately, many of them were curiosity seekers, salesmen, and busybodies, doling out unsolicited opinions or worse, unsolicited advice, on issues that were the subject of my reports. Some requested professional services such as investigations, private consultations or counseling, even though I had made it clear in NOTICES on my site, that I do not offer such services to the public. Worst of all were the harassing e-mails from government agents and their minions/stooges, which included threats, such as of doing harm, even of death. All of which I published to expose the perps, and reported to the appropriate authorities.

As I have stated many times, for the record, my website is NOT interactive. I do not solicit contact with the public, nor do I provide a platform for their use, as many do. I am not seeking sympathy, advice or any form of assistance from the general public. My site is an archive of my published work, going back to 1995 (on the Internet) and previously to print media in newspapers/periodicals, terrestrial radio and cabal TV. I cover those issues that are important to me and that is where it ends. I am the sole editor and administrator of my site. As I have stated in many NOTICES, the readers may make of my reports what they will.

And yet, to this day, having no public e-mail address, I continue to receive letters by post from readers, asking questions, requesting professional services, or advice, which I simply ignore. These people have evidently not bothered to read and honor these notices, but have simply disregarded them. There are also people who mistakenly think they can use my known associates (those whose websites or radio programs have featured my work) as intermediaries to bypass taking the time to contact me directly, by post, which information has always been openly published on my website. Again, I ignore them, unless they become aggressive in harassing my colleagues, and/or publicly exploiting/defaming my name, in which case I publicly expose them and direct them to cease and desist.

The nature of the Internet is such that it has become a free-for-all, where anything goes, a hotbed of busybodies, opportunists, shills, social engineers, grifters, and people seeking attention for any number of agendas, especially on social media. I take no part in this culture. I am a recluse by nature and by intent, which I have made very clear in my published writings.

Which brings me back to the subject of “targeted individuals”. I have found my name being grossly exploited on the Internet, by those promoting false information, for self-serving ends. Among the false information is the unwarranted assumption that I identify myself as a “targeted individual”, or that I am part of the so-called “TI Community”. For the record, I do not identify as such, and I am not involved with these groups in any way.

My name has been falsely lumped in with any number of individuals and groups, people I do not know and with whom I have no contact or dealings.

And the most outrageous false accusation against me, for more than two decades, is that I am CIA, or a CIA handler, including among these so-called “targeted individuals”. “Once CIA, always CIA”, they proclaim, motivated only by ignorance and malice.

One such group is the subject of this report, Targeted Justice.

In August, 2019, I published a report which included a letter written by Jack Christiana, a former member and Legal Director of Targeted Justice. Here, some excerpts from my report.

An Open Letter to the Global Targeted Individual Community


This open letter was written in February, 2019, by Jack Christiana, former Legal Director of a group called Targeted Justice. I received a copy of the letter courtesy of human rights activists/journalists Ramola D and Cassandra, two of the original recipients.

I am posting this letter because the issues covered here are of great concern to me personally, and because I stand in agreement with Mr. Christiana's position, on principle.

I should make it clear that I am not personally acquainted with any members of Targeted Justice (former or current), nor have ever been involved in their activities.

However, the false information being promoted by certain members of the current group, Targeted Justice, as well as their followers, has been damaging to me personally, as well as to others with whom I am acquainted, my allies, friends and colleagues.

Among the current board members of TJ, are Midge Mathis, Owen Calvert, using the pseudonym Richard Lighthouse, Katherine Horton, and Kerry Cassidy, all of whom have promoted blatant disinformation (some of a patently absurd nature) on various issues. Katherine Horton is running a defamation campaign against Ramola D, Barbara Hartwell (whom she claims is a “CIA plant”, a “bitch”, and other epithets), and others. Horton, like Mr. “Lighthouse”, flagrantly advocates for unlawful activities, including monstrous invasions of privacy, what amounts to stalking. Horton has actually issued statements which are solicitation of MURDER, as well as inciting violence and terrorism.

In summary, I should make it clear that in my opinion, anyone who is promoting, supporting or endorsing the group Targeted Justice (and/or the above named individuals) is an accomplice to their wrongful and injurious actions, and should be shunned by reasonable, honorable, sincere and law-abiding activists who stand on principle, for REAL JUSTICE.

Barbara Hartwell

August 27, 2019

EXCERPTS from Jack Christiana's letter

"...over the last several months, one of the team members, Winter Owen Calvert (also known as “Richard Lighthouse”) has drifted into criminality and is recommending that TIs do the same. This endangers and discredits Targeted Justice, Targeted Individuals who follow his recommendations, and all TIs generally."

"Owen Calvert (Richard Lighthouse) has written eBooks that are currently available on publicly accessible websites. In the first two, he publishes in intimidating fashion personal information about Air Force and Department of Homeland Security employees he accuses of involvement with targeting. The information includes the names of their children and spouses and their home addresses. Although we didn’t realize it initially, by “doxing” federal employees who hold sensitive positions in this way, Mr. Calvert potentially commits multiple felony counts. We warned the Targeted Justice Board about this when we discovered it but they inexplicably gave it no weight, which is when the rift and impasse began. In another eBook, Mr. Calvert recommends that TIs submit false information (federal crime) falsely representing themselves (federal crime) for the purpose to abuse the current FBI terrorist watchlist until it is overwhelmed and useless, and becomes a joke (federal crime)."

Subsequent to the publication of this letter, a lawsuit was filed against Targeted Justice by Jack Christiana. See this notice on the TJ website.

Christiana vs. Targeted Justice

Since I am not involved, and do not know anything about this lawsuit (except what has been made public on the TJ website, from the defendants, which in any case I do not consider a credible source), I will not presume to comment further. I only find it significant that a lawsuit has been filed.

Now, here is a list of persons, copied from the TJ website on October 8, 2020.

Board of Directors

Susan F. Olsen 

Board Member and Medical Director

James Hargrove

Board Member

Catherine Austin Fitts

Advisory Board Member

Dr Robert Middlebrook, PhD, former Professor

Advisory Board Member

Kerry Cassidy

Advisory Board Member

Richard Lighthouse

Advisory Board Member

I do not know any of these individuals, but am only documenting their names for the public record.

And here, a list of individuals who have been involved (one way or another) in publicly supporting, promoting, endorsing TJ.

Midge Mathis aka Doris Clause

Richard Lighthouse aka Winter Owen Calvert

Susan Olsen aka “Miss Boston”

Frank Allen of Targeted Massachusetts, hosting a program on RBN

Deborah Tavares of STOP THE CRIME website

Janet Phelan

Karen Melton Stewart

Katherine Horton

Each of these individuals has engaged in some form of exploitation (or attempts at same) of the name of Barbara Hartwell and/or defamation and/or attempts at interference, for self-serving ends.

There is not one of them that I consider credible or legitimate, based on my own observations and/or experience and/or research. Some have been previously exposed in reports on this site.

Midge Mathis aka Doris Clause has a Twitter account

which displays this heading:

Targeted Justice With Midge Mathis

This Is The Official Twitter Page Of Midge Mathis. No affiliation with Targeted Justice.

This is a confusing statement, at least to me. Why name the page “Targeted Justice With Midge Mathis” and then claim “no affiliation” with Targeted Justice? It sounds like an effort to deceive the public, for what purpose I don't know. But I find it suspect.

Deborah Tavares, a big promoter of “Richard Lighthouse” (aka Owen Calvert) and the fraud that is NASA, along with other shills and false information, has this website:


One article is titled:


Richard Lighthouse (using a false name, why?) is not any kind of whistleblower. He promotes all kinds of false information, about satellites from “space” being used to “target” people, when in fact the only “satellites” are balloons, which can only go so high above the stable, flat earth, which is covered by a dome (the Firmament). Most of the technology/weaponry is in actuality ground-based, or from towers or undersea cables. Some is used from planes or drones, but certainly not satellites from deep space, as many claim. Deep space does not exist, plain and simple.

Anyone who has taken the time and trouble to do their own investigations or research (as I have) will know by now that the earth is a stable plane, not a planet, not a spinning ball revolving around the sun, or flying through space. NASA is well aware of this fact (as are other government agencies, such as CIA) and is running a huge deception on the world, stealing billions of dollars to run their hoaxes (such as the “moon landing” and International Space Station), just as have the satanists and occultists (Illuminati and Masonic lodges) posing as “scientists”, over the past 500 years. Before that, every society, every culture knew the earth was not a spinning ball flying through space, but was a stable plane crafted by the Creator.

No Big Bang. No evolution. No human beings who came from some primordial soup, or whose great, great grandparents were monkeys. No, we are from God Almighty, Creator of Heaven and Earth.

Don't take it from me, read the Bible (especially if you are a Christian) and see for yourself how God's Creation is described in great and beautiful detail. It's all there, for anyone willing to search for the truth.

For those who do not understand this, or don't believe in the truth of the Bible, they can find the government documents which are evidence, right from the sources.

Add to this the REAL science, provable and repeatable experiments which can be found by those willing to take the time to actually study the issue.

So much for the NASA “whistleblower”, Richard Lighthouse.

But my question is, how many unsuspecting, hapless people, who may in fact have been targeted with these directed energy weapons, are listening to this guy, believing everything he says, and allowing their actions to be determined by these lies?

Add that to his unscrupulous solicitations for stalking government officials AND THEIR FAMILIES, and telling people they should LIE to the FBI and other government officials, making false reports (a federal crime). Could anyone find this man legitimate or credible? It is clear to me he is dishonest and that his agenda is NOT the truth.

Midge Mathis has many times been effusively praising him, and has come to his defense, when anyone told the truth in exposing him, and has repeatedly called him “brilliant.” The same goes for the gaggle of stooges, promoting themselves as “targeted individuals”, the regular guests on Frank Allen's Targeted Massachusetts on RBN radio. Susan Olsen, Janet Phelan and Mr. “Lighthouse” himself.

Now, we come to a list of individuals on the Targeted Justice website, promoted as “Credible Sources”.

I do not know any of them personally. Some I have never heard of. Some I have heard of, but know nothing, or not much, about them.

Some are those, based on my own observations and research, I consider anything BUT credible.

And there are some who have actually targeted me and/or my friends and colleagues for some form of exploitation, defamation, harassment, threats, or worse.

As I move down the list (in the order they were listed on Targeted Justice website), I will give a brief notation on each name, in parentheses.

For those I don't know much, or anything about, I will say No Comment.



Credible Sources:

This list shows 33 Medical Doctors, PhD Scientists, and former government agents that agree with our claim, that the U.S. government is using an illegal program of microwave targeting against civilians. We encourage and support all Whistleblowers to come forward with their information. Some of us are proud Whistleblowers and Political Activists, and would gladly do it again,

Dr John Hall, M.D. and author

(No comment)

Dr Katherine Horton, PhD Oxford Univ. Scientist

(Horton has ZERO credibility, based on her many lies, false representations, solicitations of violence and terrorism, even MURDER. She has been running a smear campaign against Barbara Hartwell, Ramola D and others since 2019. She accuses Barbara Hartwell of being a “CIA Plant” and has made many false and defamatory comments on her social media and website. I consider her a charlatan, grifter and provocateur of the lowest order.)

Dr Robert Middlebrook, PhD Professor

(No Comment)

Dr Harold Mandel, M.D.

(No Comment)

Dr Daniel Lebowitz, M.D. X

(Lebowitz is a promoter of COINTELPRO Kingpin Ted Gunderson, as are many who claim to be “targeted individuals”. That's enough for me to know he is not credible, at least in my book.)

Dr Max Williams, PhD, Professor & State Dept

(No Comment)

Dr Barrie Trower, PhD government Scientist

(No Comment)

Dr Michael Hoffer, M.D., Univ of Miami

(No Comment)

Dr Colin Ross, M.D.

(No Comment)

Dr Ed Spencer, M.D.

(No Comment)

Dr Sue Arrigo, M.D.


(I had read a few of her articles on Conspiracy Planet, where long ago, I used to be listed on their Whistleblower Channel, and was a somewhat regular contributor. I have heard through mutual acquaintances that she made some negative comments about me, though she does not know me. I was not impressed by her work, and she seemed a sensationalist, and somewhat hysterical. Not credible, in my book.)

Dr Douglas Smith, M.D., Univ of Penn.

(No Comment)

Dr Terry Robertson, M.D.

(No Comment)

Dr Robert Duncan, PhD former CIA engineer

(I have seen indications of some shady dealings, which I won't elaborate on here. But he is not someone I would trust to promote the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the the truth.)

Dr Doug Rokke, PhD government Scientist

(No Comment)

Dr Eric Karlstrom, PhD Professor

(Karlstrom is a rabid Jew-hater, with connections to a network of his fellow Jew-haters, such as Deanna Spingola (who promotes the “greatness” of Adolf Hitler) et al. He has a notice on his website, “JEW WORLD ORDER”. That alone would be enough for me to find him despicable. He has also exploited my name on his website, without my knowledge or permission, and has misrepresented me in the process, even claiming that I “do not know” about “the Jews”. No, I vehemently DISAGREE with him, which he fails to recognize. He also published some material from an old site I had, failed to cite the actual author (it was not me), and changed the title. And worst of all, he treated my friend Ramola D abusively, calling her vile names, simply because she politely informed him that she had decided to discontinue a series of videos she was doing with him. Good for you, Ramola! This guy is a creep. ZERO credibility.)

Dr Nick Begich, Scientist

(From what I have seen from his videos and books, he is a credible source of information.)

Dr Paul Batcho, PhD government scientist

(No Comment)

Dr Paul Marko, PhD Psychologist

(No Comment)

Dr Robert Steele, former CIA analyst

(Steele promotes ridiculous, bizarre conspiracy theories, such as that there is a “slave colony” for children on Mars. He is involved with organizations which promote New Age ideology, and has also publicly defamed people I consider to be decent, honorable and credible. He seems like a charlatan to me. No credibility in my book.)

Dr Ben Colodzin, PhD Psychologist

(No Comment)

Dr Curtis Bennett, Professor

(No Comment)

Dr Corkin Cherubini, author

(No Comment)

Dr Sean Andrews, Scientist

(No Comment)

Willam Binney, NSA Whistleblower

(At one time I found him credible. However, two things changed my mind. One was his insistence about “The Hammer” being legitimate, when it was clear to me from my own research, and the professional analysis of others, that Dennis Montgomery is a criminal and hoaxer. The second thing is his association with charlatan Katherine Horton. That alone would be enough for me. What a shame, as otherwise I think he has done good work.)

Kirk Weibe, NSA Whistleblower

(No Comment)

Karen Stewart, NSA Whistleblower

(Karen Stewart has proven herself to be a malicious liar with a totally self-serving agenda. She has gone after me with a vengeance, based on nothing I could see, except that I am a friend of her former colleague, Ramola D, whom she clearly hates, and that I am hated by a number of her associates (including, but not limited to, Katherine Horton and Janet Phelan). She began a defamation campaign against me in 2019, on her social media, Facebook and Twitter, and falsely accuses me of being a CIA agent and CIA handler, including of Ramola, as well as people I do not know, with whom I have never had any contact. She also assaulted Ramola with obscene and depraved images, and called me a satanist, while hiding behind a false identity on a Twitter account. I no longer believe her to be a legitimate whistleblower, or a Christian, based on her utterly despicable behavior. ZERO credibility, since she has discredited herself by this outrageous behavior.)

Carl Clark, CIA Whistleblower

(No Comment)

Kevin Shipp, CIA Whistleblower

(Here is someone for whom I have nothing but admiration and respect. There is no question in my mind that Mr. Shipp is a credible source of information. I have read his book, From the Company of Shadows, and have seen many of his videos and interviews. It is clear to me that he is honorable, and dedicated to defending Liberty and the Constitution; that he is a genuine Christian and patriot. I also consider him the greatest CIA whistleblower ever to come forward in all the history of this nation. I thank him, from the bottom of my heart, for all he has done.)

Mark Phillips, CIA Whistleblower

(Mark Phillips, in my opinion, was never a legitimate whistleblower. When I first went public with my case, during the 90s, he actually began harassing me by e-mail, attempting to draw me in to his little circle of MK Ultra survivors, a containment operation he was running. He was also a friend of Ted Gunderson. At first, I ignored his e-mails, but he kept at it. Finally, I wrote one e-mail back to him, telling him in no uncertain terms that I did not want or need his “help” and that he should mind his own damn business and leave me alone. Years later, he plotted to set me up on a radio show with his, pal, Clay Douglas (a Jew-hater extraordinaire), who invited me on his radio show, only to treat me in a hostile manner, and then accused me of being a “CIA disinfo agent”, on the air. At which point, I gave him hell and told him that I would be hanging up the phone, which I did. ZERO credibility for the late Mark Phillips.)

John DeCamp, Army intelligence Whistleblower

(John DeCamp, a longtime crony of Ted Gunderson, and author of The Franklin Coverup, was in actuality a pedophile. I first exposed him in 2003, after years of investigation, on a radio program on GCN. Alex Jones pulled the plug on the show, threatening the host, Jeremy Floyd, to never speak to me again. Jeremy quit his job the next day, and went to another network, since Jones had no right to censor his guest, Barbara Hartwell. After I exposed The Franklin Coverup as a double coverup, in 2005, DeCamp threatened to sue me for libel, and mounted a major media campaign against me, slandering me on all the “patriot” networks. But he never did sue me, as I knew he would not. He knew he was guilty as charged, but did not know what evidence I had against him. So no, he was certainly NOT any kind of credible source or whistleblower.)

Lastly, I will go back to Midge Mathis, the founder of Targeted Justice.

Here is a statement she posted recently on Twitter:

"I am a whistleblower, persecuted since 2014."

A whistleblower? On what? Coming from what agency or organization? If she had any legitimate credentials, I've no doubt she would have presented them by now. She hasn't.

She actually thinks that just because she has started some group, Targeted Justice, in association with some shady characters, frauds such as Mr. “Lighthouse”, and told some stories about being a “targeted individual”, THAT makes her a whistleblower?

No, it most certainly does not – not by a longshot.

Gossiping on Twitter and promoting malicious smears against others (as she has done, against me, Ramola D and others) only shows a lack of integrity, a characteristic not found in a genuine whistleblower. A whistleblower defends TRUTH and will fight to the death for justice.

There are actual whistleblowers, who have shed blood, sweat and tears, for decades, fighting for Liberty and Justice, against all odds, no matter the consequences to themselves. Most have lost everything they had, including their beloved family, because they refused to back down, or compromise their principles.


But I can guaran-damn-tee, real whistleblowers don't join groups like Targeted Justice.

I can only say, in closing, if you are looking for JUSTICE, first take a closer look, and seriously consider the credibility of the source. 

By their fruits shall you know them.

Barbara Hartwell

October 9, 2020